Another Stormy Night, 5-9-24

The wind just brought down another limb on the roof and it’s raining again but at least it’s not a tornado. Hazel is once again petrified and has been on my lap so it’s 12:05 am and I’m just now writing this – as if I had anything important to say.

I’ve lost my sewing mojo again, I think. Tonight I watched The Judge – no sewing, just Netflix. Very good movie although I have some questions.

All the series people mentioned are on Prime which I pay for but all of these I have to pay an additional fee. Huh? I’ve tried to find the answer to this but have not been successful.

Reader photos

Protecting the car from stormy weather
So sweet
Sadly I found this rose breasted grosbeak dead by the fence – this is such a beautiful bird! Right now he’s in the freezer with the owl.
Here is Mr. Green Jeans – $5 and SASE

And hats off to Bomgaars – I have always wanted to do this with my curved railing and this year is the time. All of these geraniums were purchased at Bomgaars in Forest City and they are beautiful. I just have to remember to fertilize them throughout the summer. And then I’d love to move them to the inside next fall and enjoy them all winter – if I can keep them looking good through what could be a very hot summer.

And this is the extent of my gardening except for moving the houseplants outdoors for the summer and my pretend grandkids are coming to help me with that.

If you’ve asked me a question and I fail to answer, by all means ask again.

It’s definitely time for bed.

77 thoughts on “Another Stormy Night, 5-9-24

  1. brendalynne1

    OhI will be so grateful if you pass on the info re Prime and added fees when it is already being paid for. We keep getting reminders that we need to use all of the features we are entitled to BUT when we check there doesn’t seem to be anything that does not require added fees.

    The lovely young lady must be holding a chocolate Lab. friends names all of theirs Hershey type names. They are so gorgeous at all ages.

  2. Barbara Yarnell

    I have been missing your blog for the past few days. I knew you said you wouldn’t be posting every day at this busy time of year but tonight I went to the website and I’d missed 4 days of posts! Stupid AOL put your blog in my Spam folder along with all the junk. Oh, it makes me so mad! And there were other newsletters and such that I read regularly too! Wth??
    Well, I’m caught up now and will check Spam next time I don’t see your blog. Anyway I love Glory Star and Mr. Green Jeans. I know that my mother made Glory Star so now I need that pattern too. We’ve also had scary weather here in southern MO. Storm sirens went off again tonight. Lots of rain and thunder and hail but no damage here as far as I know. My poor Molly suffers just like Hazel which is why I’m awake at this hour….

  3. Montana Kathy

    Mary, in answer to your question regarding Prime, I checked with my husband (who is addicted to it) and he said they charge for Prime through Amazon once yearly but some of their movie offerings are charged separately – most are not but some do require a fee. Also, he thinks there is a Prime offered with commercials at a lower charge (but we didn’t sign up for that as we hate commercials), but he’s not too sure if it’s still offered. Hope this helps.

  4. Charlotte in No. California

    I love the geraniums on your rail. They look beautiful!! Your home is lovely!! Diane’s snowman runner is so cute. 💗🧡🧡
    It’s past my bedtime too.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the entrance to your house looks so inviting! I love the stone finish too. Cool weather today and rain, l feed sparrows on our driveway each day, but fed them in the carport to keep them out of the rain today.Got the winter sheets out ,now washing them to freshen them up.l use the carport for line drying, not a fan of dryers!Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – you mentioned the stone finish on the house – did you know those are real field rocks that I hauled home by myself? Several tons of them.

  6. Janet S

    Another night of not being able to sleep – geez, I hate this. It used to be I went to bed and got a good 8 hours sleep but not anymore. The good news is I got another cortisone shot in my knee yesterday. It is so much more comfortable. The idea of knee replacement is just something I will put off as long as possible. My husband has plenty of medical issues, (including macular degeneration so he can’t drive) so I need to be mobile. So, I’ll get the binding cut for a project, get another quilt trimmed so it can be bided and maybe then I can sleep.
    Good night everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – eventually I put them in the trash which hurts me to my core. I save them in the freezer in the garage for awhile so I can show the kids and anyone else who is interested. It’s fun to examine a beautiful bird in your hand.

      1. Shirley F

        I had a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at my feeder this morning. I haven’t seen one in years!

  7. Lollie

    We do Hulu and Disney Plus via Roku. There are some offers made, especially the series ones, for you to watch the first episode, then pay once you are hooked IMHO. That is probably what prime does as well. Netflix has it’s own fee as does Paramount and Paramount plus and all the new ones and ones I haven’t heard of yet.. You could buy them all but I usually find enough variety in what we have. We did have Netflix once upon a time and it seems to advertise via talk shows more than when we had it. (Looking for new customers) Like my son says “You pay for what you get. The internet is not free.

  8. Susan Franke

    Hi Mary. A while back I asked you about your grand piano because I was thinking about buying one. Your recommendation included Yamaha pianos and I’m happy to say I just bought a used Yamaha baby grand. It’s wonderful. And big! The dining room is a dining room no more! Thanks for your suggestion.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – oh, fabulous! Yamaha and Kawai are both just wonderful!! Mine used to live in my dining room, too.

  9. Lynette in Orlando

    These storms have definitely been intense. Stay safe! and anyone reading this that’s also in the midst of this, I hope you stay safe as well. I share your frustration with Prime. I have it also and it now seems that everything I want to watch costs…. I’m not happy and considering cancelling it. Do you have Netflix? If you do, Lincoln Lawyer (the series) is really good. So is the movie btw. Entrapped was excellent – from Iceland with subtitles. Virgin River is good. You had mentioned Derek — that’s on Netflix also. I have the Britbox and Acorn apps – great British shows to watch. Seriously considering cancelling my Prime membership — poor choices in what to watch and very little “next day with Prime” deliveries.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette – it was Dexter that was recommended to me, not Derek. I, too, am considering dropping Prime. I do order lots from Amazon but don’t need next day shipping, only free shipping and I almost always order more than $49 worth so if there aren’t any good prime movies, I could be done with it. I checked out the free prime movies and it was all old junk, nothing recent.

  10. Carmen M.

    Love your flower railing with the flag on the barn in the background with a very blue sky, it’s picture perfect! The snowman runner is adorable and so is Hank with that lovely young lady!

  11. Marilyn Miller

    The geraniums are GORGEOUS. I love the curved rail they hand from, too. Poor Hazel! Our 15 y/o pups used to have to sleep with us during storms as they feared thunder. They are deaf now, poor babies. Your ‘bonus’ grands must just love to spend time with you on the farm. Always something to do and things to explore. As a kid I loved to visit my aunt and uncle’s farm west of Garner in Hartley. Favorite memories! Be well!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn – I do love having my pretend grandkids visit! They are definitely a bonus in my life.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for finding the pattern. Will be getting my order in for that one.
    It’s just awful looking at the destruction these storms are leaving throughout our country. Hard to think of rebuilding after wildfires, floods, tornados and hurricanes. The geraniums are going to be so much easier for you this summer to water.

  13. Donna Jo

    Your geraniums and curved railing are beautiful! We had a pop up storm yesterday morning but it’s been quiet thank goodness.

  14. Gail in Ohio

    LOVE that curved ramp/walkway and the railing – those geraniums will be gorgeous!!
    So sorry to see the grosbeak – we’ve had 3 at a time here at the feeders. We are having an issue with cowbirds this spring – one of them keeps pecking away at the front window or “fighting” with its reflection.
    Fun pictures this morning – thanks!

  15. Bobby Sutton

    Mary, your geraniums are beautiful. I just bought one hanging basket so know how costly that whole vision on your curved bannister is… but oh my, its well worth it.
    So glad the tornadoes didn’t hit your area. Its been very scary. Weather across the country the last few days. Our mutual friend Leslie needs prayers and virtual hugs… her kitten died last night frOM FIP. She and Finn fought so hard. Bobby in Md

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobby – it was expensive and that’s why I’ve never done it but once again I’m faced with “you’re almost 76 years old! What are you waiting for??? Oh, poor Les! I’ll send her a note.

  16. Lynn h

    I watched The Judge this week also. I thought it was good. I liked the cast.

  17. NancyTD

    Mary your railing is perfect. It is the best curb appeal to welcome someone. Wish I had a railing. Rain missed us last night.
    Diane your snowman runner is so cute.
    Not sure I would use my quilts to protect my car from a storm. Cars can be fixed.
    Enjoy your pretend grandkids. They help you and you do something special for them too!

  18. Valerie Shull

    Prime has recently started charging an additional fee for many of the shows. You have the option of paying an additional monthly fee to get them for “free” again. I don’t think this is right but that is your only option.

  19. Bernadette in NE Iowa

    Mary, Your geraniums will do beautifully on the rail. Part of the day they will be shaded and not be burnt from the hot sun. I keep my geraniums over winter and have them in my south window to get full sun. They do well. Enjoy your blog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bernadette – I have several geraniums in my basement gro light area. Don’t you think I’ll need to cut them way back at some point? I think they’d be so beautiful in front of all those windows thru the winter – I’ll see if I can pull that off.

  20. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    I love your geraniums on your rail….so pretty. I am wondering how they do when you have high winds? We have had so much wind this year, and it’s hard to keep things outside safe! I loved all the pictures today. Nor rain or storms here last night.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – last night during the evening it was so stormy/windy I did put the baskets on the ground in front of the walkway where they’d be protected. The wind is so exhausting, isn’t it?

      1. Jeanine from SE Iowa

        Yes it is, and we have had so much this year. And it is always way worse on our farm than in town. We don’t have a lot of trees around us, so we really get it. Whenever anyone comes to visit, they can’t believe how much more strong the wind is here. I bought one hanging plant, but it is protected pretty well by the house. I want to get one more to hang with it.

  21. Fran

    Stay safe. This is a stormy spring.

    I love what you did on that curved railing and geraniums are one of my favs. Think I will go buy some today. I need to get started with some flowers.

    Quilt and pet pics I love to see. So sad about the bird. But it happens. I can’t stop the feral cats from stalking my bird feeder. No hummingbirds here at mt feeder yet.

    Fran in SW Iowa.

    1. Pat in AZ

      Fran, I had problems with the free range cats in my neighborhood stalking my feeders. I got one of those big Super Soaker squirt guns and nailed them every time they showed up. The gun shoots a stream of water for about 6 feet so you can totally surprise the cats. Only took a few times and they quit coming around!

  22. Sheryl Harrison

    The quilts covering the car brought back a memory of when my son’s family was moving. I was picking up the kids, a small child and a toddler at the time. My son was loading a trailer and told me how handy the quilts were protecting the furniture. By that time in their lives, I had made a lot of quilts for everyone in the family. I was pretty sure my son and daughter-in-law would never use the quilts that way but I have to admit, I looked in the trailer. My son got a good laugh.

    Your flowers on the rail are beautiful!

    1. Jan Hebert

      Sheryl Harrison, I would have looked in the trailer as well! I’m sure he thought that was funny! Jan in MA

  23. Marsha in Michigan

    The flowers on the rail is a beautiful welcome to your home!

  24. Linda in NC

    Wow! So many geraniums and so lovely! Thanks for sharing the picture of my granddaughter and puppy. I will treasure that picture forever! Had a bad storm come through late yesterday afternoon in Charlotte. Thankfully no damage for us but so many lost power and trees.

  25. Marie C

    Beautiful geraniums. The orioles came back a few days ago they are really hungry. They fight each other for the jelly. We’ve got both Baltimore and orchard. There were eight around the feeder at one time. We’ve only seen one hummingbird. I’m in east central Iowa.

  26. Dee from Shell Rock

    When you posted this originally, the storm was raging here and the internet was out! So I went to bed. I was worried the lights would go out. Love the animal pictures and the geraniums are beautiful.

  27. LaurenM

    The geraniums are so beautiful on the railing. That takes me back to my Grandmother’s house. She had a long porch that ALWAYS had geraniums between each post during the summer. I’m so glad you finally got to put them on the railing.

  28. Sue in Or

    I think geraniums are the most beautiful in late summer and early fall. You are going to have a fantastic show by then. Hope you will give us lots of photos. I always cut mine back hard when I put them away in the greenhouse. Then, by late winter they are blooming again in there and cheer me up. Has anyone started geraniums from seed? I have and they sprout easily and grow fast. Lots of fun to do that.
    About your sewing mojo…It will return. It always does. I get that too now and then.

  29. Susie Lenz

    Your railing looks beautiful,I love geraniums! I too,lose my quilting mojo once in a while-no problem,take a break with gardening, reading,other hobbies, and you quilt mojo with come back.You may just need extra inspiration! My mojo always returns it just needs to simmer a bit. In MN our grossbeaks have returned in the past week-I love to see them,so sad about the one you found. Enjoy the sunshine!

  30. patti

    your geraniums are beautiful on the railing. glad you treated yourself. i love diane’s snowman runner also. such a great idea. that chocolate lab is gonna be big like hank. great picture. greta – i was thinking about her the other day. she looks like she is saying ‘it’s about time you remembered to take my picture.’ cats are so funny. we don’t have the crazy wind right now. i’m concerned about the hurricane season though as they expect it to be crazy this year. yesterday the heat index was 101, heat was 97 at my house. is supposed to be 97-98 again today. whew! it’s awfully early to be this hot. the beautiful tree i got free from my city (a florida bald cypress) has been given to my homeowners assn and is being planted at the community pool. it was really too big for my property. already 6-7′ tall and can grow 20′ a year. beautiful canopy though. at least i can go visit it. they do provide lots of protection for our local birds and water fowl and the great blue herons. i really like living on my small pond. sewing is going slow right now but that will ebb and flow like always. then one day i’ll decide to put all the blocks into tops and it will look like i’m prolific. haha. patti in florida

  31. Jan in AZ

    Mary, LOVE the geraniums along your walkway. My mom was a green thumb with geraniums. I will always have a geranium at my house, However, the Arizona heat in summertime usually does them in no matter what I do. But, last year I was determined to save one, so inside it came. I wasn’t sure for awhile there, but ultimately I was successful. This year I’ll have four to show TLC inside during the heat – not sure where I’m going to put them, yet. Your motto of “What am I waiting for?” regarding the investment in the flowers along your walkway struck a chord with me. I’ve begun to approach things more with that mantra.
    Thank you all for the comments regarding Amazon Prime. I’ve never gotten it as I can wait a few days for the free shipping to arrive. You’ve also confirmed that I don’t need their streaming channel.
    Enjoy all the conversations!
    Jan in Az

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – yes, I’ve determined that I will be cancelling Prime – if I still have to pay for the movies, why would I pay that monthly fee???? Yes, what am I waiting for? That row of hanging geraniums has been in my mind for years – let’s see, is the money all that important anymore? Nope. I also bought two new sets of sheets and I’m going to make a quilt in those colors – that sounds fun to me. Too bad I don’t want a new van – mine has only 74,000 miles on it – seems silly to buy a new one especially since I’ve got Red for fun. And if I had a new van I’d have to worry about keeping it clean – the dogs are the only ones who ride with me really and what do they care? Haha!!

  32. Jo in rainy Wyoming

    I love the geraniums on parade. I’m only doing baskets this year, so much easier to take care of.
    We are getting some rain. After wind for 3 weeks we need lots of it.
    Three weeks ago the wind was 90 mph, Tuesday it was only 83 mph!!!

    I must say, the computer on my quilting machine is a joy when it works…when it acts up, it makes me very cranky. I no longer have my computer geek, so figuring it out is quite challenging. Even help lines use language I don’t understand. My life now.

  33. Li

    “Protecting the car from stormy weather”. So now they have two soggy quilts AND a wet car? Maybe a tree was about to fall and they didn’t want the car scratched.

    Grand display for the geraniums.

    1. Susan in AL

      I can totally understand covering the car with something, but maybe not gorgeous quilts. The soggy quilts are a real problem unless you have a porch railing or a Really Strong Clothesline! We lived in Louisiana ( we have lived almost everywhere it seems LOL ) for a couple of years, and the house did not have a useful garage. The garage was detached and on the antique side of old, with a narrow opening. When large hail was forecast, we used moving pads, which are similar to quilts, to absorb the hail hits and protect the car. Hail damage is very expensive to repair and rarely looks good even after it is finished.

  34. Connie in NV

    Mary you might want to try a Thunder Shirt for Hazel during stormy weather. Our prior Havanese were scared of thunder and lightning & would hide in the closet behind the clothes until we bought Thunder Shirts for them on Amazon. Our current Havanese doesn’t care about storms thankfully, it is upsetting when our fur babies are in distress.
    Love your geraniums, one of my favorite flowers, they should make it thru the winter in your basement. I’ve given up on trying to have them because the hot dry days cook them.
    I saw a Country Threads pattern yesterday, if I remember correctly it was called
    Devils Thorn and was a 700 number. Do you still have it available.
    Love all the pictures and thank you for sharing your blog!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      I’d have to know the number or the exact name to check on that pattern for you.

  35. Kim from Wi

    The railing looks marvelous and who doesn’t love geraniums, they come in some wonderful colors.
    Good idea to set them on the ground when the wind blows across Iowa, they could end up who knows where? We have had lots of rain the past 2 days and today its windy and overcast. We are busy arranging our move for the end of May. Today is the day to start on all the wall hanging items, and patching holes and using touch up paint. The more we can pack before the movers come, the more we can save on labor.

  36. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Love your geraniums. They are so beautiful. Planning to put more hostas out front in my gravel/stone flower bed.Have given up with the mulch because I couldn’t keep up with the thistles. I should put a geranium in a pot out front for color. We’ve had the sirens going off here on May 7. The Worst tornado damage was in Greenville, about 25 miles west of me. Thankful it wasn’t too bad. I’ve been watching China Beach on DVD after reading The Women by Kristin Hannah.

  37. Connie R. in Wis.

    I’m thinking the person who is using the quilts to protect the car is not the same person who MADE the quilts. Just my guess….
    Your geraniums on the rail are so beautiful. You’ll have a colorful display to enjoy all summer.
    I understand the frustration with paying extra for popular movies and shows . I have Directv, basically our only choice in a rural area, and all the popular shows we used to get for free are moving to a separate channel that you have to pay extra for. The bill is high enough already so, I’ll do without.
    Jo, I feel your pain about trying to figure out computer problems and, customer service speaks a language I don’t know.

  38. Diane Moffett

    Your geraniums are so pretty! I use a diluted Bloom Booster every time I water a hanging pot or plant in a pot in the summer and they grow and flower beautifully. A horticulturist told me that otherwise each time you water the food your plant needs is washed away. Great idea to have the help of the pretend grandchildren. That job is always one you dread with all those trips up and down the stairs. It will be done quickly this year!
    I love your pets’ pictures! Keeper is just relaxing in the sunshine while he waits for Mom to take him for a ride!

  39. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Connie R, WI
    You are correct, Connie. I forgot to put my name on the car/quilts picture. I am the Mama/Nana who made the denim quilts for my son/grandson. I laughed when my son sent me this photo; I guess they think those quilts have super powers. Actually, the quilt over the back window was made when my son was in college back in the 90’s-it has history.😳 I did mend it a couple years ago and replaced the binding.
    Southwestern IL had major hail a few weeks ago, so this car has minor hail damage from that storm. There were only two garage spaces for three cars during yesterday’s storm.

    1. Connie

      Jeanie – Than your quilts definitely served a purpose and were put to good use! Your Grandson must have known you would appreciate the picture. Well loved in a multitude of ways!

  40. Sally

    I love the idea of the geraniums hanging from your rail. Very pretty.

  41. polly perkins

    Love your geraniums – they look so beautiful. We bring in our geraniums over the winter and they do very well but need to be trimmed back as they continue to grow out of their containers.

    I am working – slowly on Mr. Green Jeans. I made one years ago and have a stash of old jeans to use up. I am thinking of adding sashing so I do not have to line up the X’s and have less seam layers of blue jeans. Not decided for sure yet. Am about half way done with squares.

  42. Connie R. in Wis.

    I’ve made the Mr. Green Jeans pattern several times. I’ve done a couple with recycled jeans from the thrift store but, if you want the same look that’s not so heavy, you get the same effect using chambray fabrics. I’ve made a couple of the quilts using recycled fabrics from those chambray jumpers that were so popular in the 90’s. The pattern is a real winner with whatever fabric you use along with colorful scraps. Fun to make too.

  43. Betty Klosterman

    Reading about starting geranium’s from seed made me remember about 35 years ago when I was reading the plant books. The soil in our yards is horrible, so I was planting stuff in big pots. I’d get a beautiful plant and after the next strong wind, it was a short stem. So I’d buy the shortest, squaty thing and it would grow up with the wind. I had a grow light on the drier in the entry way and managed to have 17 of the geranium’s start from seed. I was thrilled! Then, in May, my mother died and back to Iowa. I took the 17 little plants to my next door neighbor to baby. Then her husband had to go to Denver to the hospital, so she passed the 17 plants to her next door neighbor who promptly decided they really needed some sun. They got so sunburned all the leaves dropped off….. They did survive and looked pretty puny for awhile, but managed to live and look good. I even had success trying to grow maidenhair ferns from spores!!
    Now it is fabric, quilts and patterns and tons of imagination of what I could make. And I was looking thru my pile of your patterns last night. Now if things work out right, I will send my pile of your patterns to Country Threads before I die!!! Your inheritance? I just finished the sled like Dad made for me when I was small. It is your pattern #603 The Christmas Sled. My niece asked for that quilt and she got the first one. We didn’t have any hills and sliding into the road ditch was all I could do.

    The wind. Guess we aclimate to it? Oh, it’s better today only blowing 50 mph. Yesterday was 60 mph?? I always remember my aunt in Iowa who always said ‘you have to be strong to live in Iowa!’ She was 94.

    Take care. We will survive, I think. Betty in Rapid City

  44. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Your new geraniums are beautiful and perfect for the railing. I think I need to plant a geranium pot for my front porch.
    The chocolate lab puppy and its mistress are both adorable,; that puppy has huge feet, too. 😳
    I was happy to see beautiful Greta, who seemed quite comfy. She must be so grateful having been rescued by you.
    Thanks and Take Care, 🥰

  45. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Your Geraniums are beautiful and will continue during the summer. Great idea.
    Cool and cloudy here today. I am working on DD’s now that I have a little more time. The pet pics are always fun.
    Thanks to everyone who commented on the snowman runner. 😃😃 think it was my January DD—a little late— LOL. Hubby’s surgery and “ stuff” slowed me down. Hoping to quilt more now.

  46. Linda in Central Iowa

    For under $75, you can get a portable DVD player with the HDMI plug. If your TV also has the HDMI, hook up the DVD player to the TV for the big screen experience. If you have a laptop with a CD/DVD player you can do the same thing.
    Did you know that in Iowa, prove you are a resident of the state with your Driver’s license and a utility bill and you can get a library card from ANY library in the state? Maybe most other states are the same. You might be surprised by the number of newer movies that may be available.
    So, wander over to the public library and check out all their movies that you can check out for free. You can even do Interlibrary requests where your library borrows a movie from another library and you check it out like any other movie – or books.
    I also subscribe to Acorn TV for all the British TV series.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Linda, our library system now lets you automatically renew your books as you check them out. I got three and they were due back in 3 weeks. I asked about their new policy they implemented and the clerk said, “ do you want me to renew them now for another additional 3 or 6 weeks?” I did renew one for the extended time but the others have people now waiting for them as they were new books so I couldn’t renew them now ….one is the new one by Jennifer Chiaverini The Museum of Lost Quilts. I love utilizing our libraries for copies and movies and books. I’m such a book geek I got a library card for the library near our new campsite which is in another county and it’s a beautiful stately building.

  47. Joyce from NY

    I love your geraniums, I never have good luck with them!! Your railing is just the right place for them.

  48. Debra L Reber

    The geraniums on the curved railing are beautiful!! And the picture of that precious little chocolate lab puppy, so adorable!! I had to laugh about the birds in your freezer– my neighbor is a biologist who studies how animals move. We often save dead animals in our freezer for him!!! Hope all the readers of your blog are safe from all the bad storms all over the country.

  49. Tina W in OR

    I agree with Diane Moffett about using a diluted amount of fertilizer every time you water. I use half the amount of Miracle Grow recommended and the plants usually stay beautiful all summer. It was a beautiful 80° day today and all of the plants and veggies I bought are now in the ground. I feel so accomplished! Great pictures and comments. Hope your sewing mojo comes back soon.

  50. Marie McDonald

    I have 36 Country Threads patterns. Would you like me to make a list of the names and numbers on them? I would be glad to send them to you to copy, or i could copy and send them to you of ones you do not have.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie McDonald – please hold on to them until I’ve done a full inventory. With spring yard work I had to stop working on them but when I’m finished I’ll post a list of those I need. Thank you so much first for being such a loyal Country Threads customer over the years and for being willing to help me.

  51. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love all the geraniums along your fence. Neat idea.Carolyn b shenandoah Valley Va

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