They’re Back!

Connie and Mary Baker got home yesterday afternoon and we quickly unloaded the truck into the garage. Guess what we’re doing today- putting stuff away which means our inventory just improved. They brought back what didn’t sell at the fair. I wonder how many people we told that we were out of Goat Sampler kits and Tessie fabric packs. If you were one of them, call the shop today because we have several. Back to work!!

One thought on “They’re Back!

  1. Holly

    My daughter and I had such a fun trip to Country Threads today. We bought lots of fun things and I came away with filled with inspiration and great ideas for new projects. (More UFOs in the making.) The weather was perfect, the flowers were beautiful and we had such fun with your pets. (My daughter, Autumn, put a selfie of her and Jackie as her new Facebook profile picture.) Thanks for the great hospitality, help with questions, and re-energizing my quilting spirit. You all do such a great job and we have so appreciated your being there. I will think of you enjoying retirement and smile for your happiness. Only six and a half weeks to go!

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