This is my life!


You cat owners will identify with this blog post. Last night the cats knocked my iron off and it broke into 3 pieces! In the pouring rain at 10:30 pm I went to the barn haymow and robbed an iron from the camp equipment. I was binding 3 quilts and didn’t finish until after midnight. When I got up this morning, I was faced with cat vomit on my cutting board and down the side of the cupboard. If it’s not one thing, it’s another! Ugh!

19 thoughts on “This is my life!

  1. Cindy J

    I hear you about the cats! I just had to put one down this past Saturday and Buster the last cat seems to be making up for the one I put down! But, we love them anyway! and somehow, they just love our sewing rooms!

  2. Jacque

    Oh boy. I can definitely relate! At this very moment I have one cat laying on thefabric I’m trying to cut for a border and another who just came in from being outside and eating grass. You know what coming next!

    1. Cindy J

      Don’t you just hate it when they eat grass and then must come back in the house to toss it back up! I am mean and make mine stay outside until I know he is done!

  3. Susan McCabe

    oh boy can I relate….and if there’s a hairball on the floor in the middle of the night I always seem to step in it barefoot. Sigh.

  4. Julie Eekhoff

    Ever wonder why we love them soooo much when they create soooo much extra work for us?????

  5. Anna G

    This is why my crafting room is off limits to all of our animals. It gets a bit lonely without my cats in there with me while I’m crafting, but is well worth it not to have to deal with this sort of hassle. That being said, I’m klutzy enough to make up for it and dropped my old iron not once but twice, after which it still worked but was missing all of the face plates that would have allowed me to change the temperature and sure.

  6. Val Donovan

    I can so relate to this!!! I have 2 cats and they never vomit on the floor, they will alway hit the rug or my soft chair in the familyroom. Gutta love them 🙂

  7. Diane E

    Well the other night I woke up to go to bathroom and stepped in Doggie pooop. It squished through my toes!!!! Not a happy moment.

  8. Kathy Koehler Holm

    I too can relate! I love my daughter ‘s cats, but trying to piece a quilt, while being allergic to them is really getting hard..I can’t see the pattern pieces too well because my eyes keep watering !plus their is no where to land..with 4dogs and 20 caneries..But I love it..the Quilting must go on!

  9. Tina

    I am laughing out loud! How funny!! Of course, I’m sure it wasn’t at all funny for you last night or this morning either but yup! those are cats for you. I love my two dearly but they sure can be irritating at times! 🙂

  10. Cheryl

    Oh my stars! Yes, I can relate! In fact, I bumped into my ironing board last Thursday, and the iron went flying! Now it won’t hold distilled water – just lets the water spill all over the board.

    My sweet 16 year old cat is with me in my “sewing corner”; as I write this. He loves to nap amongst Mommy’s fabrics! Love the comments here. I also make my cat stay out until I think the grass episode is over! What can I say Mary – they are our toddlers!

  11. Monica Massanyi

    Definitely understand. I always have to keep a watchful eye, because you never know where you will find cat vomit. Also, mine seems to always do a circle puke on my carpet right after it’s been cleaned. The other day I laid a quilt top on the floor so that I could take a photo and she immediately had to frantically run in circles all over the quilt like it was her new playmat. Gotta love them. But she is my best bud, just like a dog, follows me around all day.

  12. Beryl

    I can so relate…I don’t have cats but 2 Shit Szu’s (sp), a brother and sister. What one doesn’t do the other will. I don’t think they will ever grow up…the chewing stage has never left them. I went to get my floor model Ott light…the cord had been chewed so the plug in was nearly off and other parts of the cord are chewed also. I’m not even sure who to go to for a new cord. I love my ‘babies’ dearly but some days are more than a challenge!

  13. Rita

    I’m laughing out loud at the person who stepped on the dog poop! I know it is not funny, but I can relate. I just finished a quilt and put it up in a “safe” spot and the next day when I came down it had cat hair all over it and vomit…really??? And it is a gift so I had to make sure it was nice and clean…oh well I still love them to bits….

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