Three Weeks Old

The chicks are three weeks old today.  On March 23 they arrived looking like this.

I’ve been increasing their space a little every week.

But now they have gotten so big they’re trying to fly so that means they will want to roost soon.  I decided to give them the whole little room which meant clearing out all the feed bags, garbage bags, etc. and hanging a feeder.  

They all huddled in the corner for awhile but pretty soon here they came!  Look how big they are and how many feathers they have!

Remember all those suggestions about feeding green beans to dogs?  I was skeptical but thought it couldn’t hurt to try.  Here’s the bowl of green beans and here’s Faye who hasn’t eaten well in weeks, actually eating dog food when given the choice between that and beans.  I’m with her – I’d eat the dog food, too!  

I bought this planter for my niece, Jenny, who loves dachshunds.  I found it in the thrift store for only $1.00!


Book Review- I loved the book “Me Before You” and I had to find out what happened to Louisa in the sequel “After You”.   I don’t want to ruin this for anybody but I was disappointed.  I still would recommend it but my hopes were too high after the first book.  After you read it, tell me what you thought.
Today is Connie’s day to be with Ben so tomorrow maybe we’ll have a short Ben report.  I’m going back to my cutting.  I took a break last night and played with this fun cat fabric.

Emma once again says “hey!”


34 thoughts on “Three Weeks Old

  1. Tanya Quilts in CO

    After You was a disappointment! It did not have the heart that the first on did–it felt contrived…

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I love the cat fabric, it is so whimsical. Not everybody likes green beans, myself included, but I know that they are good for me. Hope Faye is doing better. Felicia

  3. Becky in TX

    I can’t geT over how big the chickS have gotten….just amazing!!! Have you tried doing frozen green beans? Kasa Kola loves them that way. I keep an open bag in the freezer and just give her a couple 3 at a time. She thinks that she is getting a special treat!!! And i alway eat a couple 3 at the same time to corneract the chocolate that I eat though out the day. HA!! Love the cat fabric!!!!

  4. Diane

    How is the blind chicken doing? I forget who has her. My husband said the other chickens will attack it if they figure out she’s disabled. Chickens are very Cannalbalistic he said.

  5. Diane Deibler

    Just got done reading Me Before You. Didn’t know there was a sequel. Guess I won’t bother to read it. I grew up taking care of laying hens and I can say I do not miss them one bit! Glad there are people like you out there who enjoy taking care of those flighty hens!

  6. Carol

    Darn, I recently gave lots of doxie doo-dads to GoodWill! We used to have two, for many years, but now we have our kitty who is a twin of yours!

  7. Ginny

    My Rusty dog that the vet told us we should have him put down the same day as you got the bad news about Faye loves asparagus! He shared a big bowl full with us last night. He like Faye will be with us until he can’t go down to the barn or go for a ride.

  8. Paula S.

    Love reading all your blog posts. Glad Faye is eating and the chicks are doing well. Anxiously waiting to hear about little Ben.

  9. Paula

    went back and looked better at the gray quilt. Love it and the lines. Paula in KY

  10. Launa

    Great to read Chicken Scratch news and see the variety of pictures…..glad Faye is eating well again.
    Hope for good news from grandma Connie about Ben.
    Anne Sutton has a darling Doxie quilt pattern and I like the running Doxie block the best. I’m working on some UFO’s and a couple sew a longs.
    Hey Emma…. you’re like some of us older gals; your chin needs a wax!! Just kidding!

  11. Karen

    Are you going to name those chicks? Wonder what you’d call those 2 turkey necked ones — “Nekkid” and “Bare”? hey will probably be the sweetest in the whole bunch.

  12. PJ

    So happy Faye is eating dog food, ICK on the green beans👎🏻👎🏻😂😂…N Hey to you sweet Emma!!!! Adorable chicks!!!!! Thanks again for your blog!!!!!

  13. K

    Love the kitty fabric! Do you remember the name of the fabric line? Would love to find some of this to make a quilt for my cat with this.

  14. Diane

    Look at that Emma; she even smiles!! Braces might help, but hey, she’s cute:) And, those chicks are getting sooooo big. Eggs soon? Of course, Millie is adorable on the quilt; Squeak says hi to her long distance “sister”. I have that same kitty fabric!! As I said in the last blog, “Kids eat what we like so no wonder Faye doesn’t like green beans.” It’ll be good to have another update on Ben. Mary, thanks for keeping us informed on all of your “doings” as my Nana used to say:)

  15. Rickie

    I too am waiting for After You from the library. Sorry you found it disappointing. That sometimes happens when the first book is so good. I loved it, too, and didn’t want it to end. I kept checking to see how many pages were left and rationed them out to stretch the book!!! My, but the chicks are big now! How is sweet Faye doing? does she still enjoy going to the barn?

    Every time I see one of your quilts in a picture, I vow to try straight line quilting next time.They are beautiful.
    Hi back to you, Emma.

  16. Dixie

    I was disappointed with the sequel too, but didn’t want to mention in case you liked it. The daughter was so difficult and I lost patience with how much time was devoted to her bratty character!

  17. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love your pictures once again. I made a cat quilt for my granddaughter several years ago. I spent all summer going to quilt shops buying fat quarters of cats. It is a simple quilt but she loves it. These cat pieces are completely different and cute that you are working up. Can’t wait to see the finish quilt.
    Carolyn B

  18. bernadette

    There’s that gray quilt with colorful, snowballed corners that I like so much. Will have to add it to my list of quilts to make. I love shopping thrift stores, too, and there is an awesome one close by, thankfully. Mary, we’re all of your chicks females? I suspect they weren’t able to tell until they hatched, so I wonder what you do with the males who won’t be producing any eggs. Also wondering if you still have a barn cat which, I thonk, you said couldn’t see well???? Love the goat. They are so full of antics.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bernadette – I do not buy straight run chicks because I don’t want all those mean roosters. I pay a little more but mine were sexed at hatching and are all girls. I buy from a great hatchery called Murray McMurray in Webster City, IA. All the celebrities buy their chicks from them, too, including Martha Stewart.

  19. Martha Engstler

    I LOVE the cat fabric. I haven’t thought of looking for cat fabric (haven’t been sewing) but after I finish the Christmas quilt cats might inspire me. It’s fun to see how the chicks are growing. Thanks for the update.

  20. Diana W

    I went to DM Feed and Seed this morning for bird seed. Their chickens are a little bigger than yours, but still so cool! Little chirps here and there, different colors and apparently they found me quite interesting! Followed me from side to side of the cage just to watch me. Can’t wait to see them get bigger.

  21. Gail Lockington

    Hey back to you and Emma. I think you must sleep well at night – you do a lot in the daytime!

  22. Cathy

    I loved Me Before You also and have After You on hold at the library. I’ve also heard of people being disappointed in it…I’ll let you know. I love the dachshund planter since I have 3 of them!! Good find. The chicks have really grown. Looking forward to hearing how Ben is doing.

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