Thrift Store Treasures

Honestly, I have come to love thrift stores!  My treasures never need to be perfect specimans nor very valuable in the antique world.  These pieces totalled under $10 and are a pottery made in the 1880’s by a company in  France called Brown Westhead Moore and Co. and the pattern is called Neil.  The makers mark is on the bottom so I learned all of that online.  Here is a piece of transferware that cost $1.50 c. 1885.  Where has it been all those years and what tales could it tell?  I wish it could talk!  Isn’t it beautiful?


And the quilt on the table is the one I made with the collection of Japanese fabrics.  I love this muted palette which looks typical Country Threads, doesn’t it?

And here is what I’m going to work on next, I think.  This is a men’s shirt project that I started months and months ago.  I like to mix it up a lot  – I guess I am easily bored.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow is going to be a music day!  My cousin, Jill from California, is home to see her mom who is my mom’s sister and she is a professional pianist.  We are going to play duets for her mom on my piano and Becky is coming, too, with her guitar.   It will be a fun day!

17 thoughts on “Thrift Store Treasures

  1. Jeanie

    You found some pretty cool thrift store treasures. Mary, I love the quilt on the table, both the muted colors and the pattern. I am feeling some inspiration, so maybe when I get back home to sw Illinois this fall, I will dig around in my stash and come up with a project. Thanks.

  2. Launa

    Happy day Mary, You really found some lovely treasures and I hope you use them. Enjoy your cousin’s playing and the music get together. Thanks for sharing your men’s shirts’ quilt project.

  3. Diane

    Oh, Mary, you are always spreading joy:). The concert sounds great. My husband and I miss going to the assisted living where my mom and his dad were and listening to the music. Love the treasures and the quilt.

  4. Katherine Schloemer

    I also live thrift stores. Some days there are just so many treasures.
    Love the muted Japanese fabric also.
    Hope you enjoyed your music day. .

  5. Michele

    LOVE the transferware!!! I so would love to use that and look at it daily!!
    I guess I also need to get on the bus with those joining you for a day of thrift shopping.

  6. Carol

    You are such an inspiration. I never would have thought to make a quilt from men’s old shirts. How did you get such perfect circles? We need a little tutorial on this quilt. So excited to see the end result. Thank you for sharing your days with us!!

  7. Joan

    The quilt on the table is really lovely! I enjoy that muted palette also. I enjoy your posts and all your ideas are inspiring me to get to busy on my projects.

  8. Carolyn Worthington

    You are an awesome example of what can be accomplished in any given day. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  9. Ann Barlament

    Yes, your thrift store treasures are delightful!! I think I would enjoy “junk shopping” with you!!!

    Have a wonderful day of playing duets!!!

  10. Twyla

    I love brown transfer ware!! I own one piece a dessert plate, I love it, hubby thinks I’m crazy because I always tell him to be careful with it!! I love the men’s shirt project can’t wait to see what you end up with. I have a bunch all cut up, meaning I’ve taken the buttons, cuffs, collars, and placket so off. Now to decide on a pattern!! So enjoy your blog posts!! We’re off to gold rush days for the weekend!!

  11. Angie Rowland

    Sharing your day, makes mine. Thank you for sharing. Having actually meeting you a few times when the fireworks group was in Mason City just makes the stories more special. I feel like we are sharing them over a cup of tea or now a glass of tea. Some of us are going through struggles and reading your blog has made me smile. Please keep them up.

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