Thursday afternoon


We are so pleased to hear from Amy Jett who is making the Convent Quilt for Quilts of Valor. Thank you, Amy!

I have made real progress cleaning off the lily garden. I even have part of the fence up again–I’m so glad spring came at last!

Today I was at Target and in my quest to eat healthier, I bought a honey crisp apple to eat on the way home. That one apple cost $2.35!!! I could have had a burger at McDonald’s for $1.00. It’s expensive to eat healthy, isn’t it?

8 thoughts on “Thursday afternoon

  1. Launa

    I was thinking the same thing! We buy it by the case as a soda size can of V-8 is refreshing during a round of golf.

  2. Louise

    You need to plant some apple trees! My friend who is from Minnesota says there are great honeycrisp apples there. I’m sure some trees would grow in Iowa.

  3. Lee

    I was at Target and one variety of apples was over $4.00 a lb. Yellow delicious looked real good! But, there is a difference in apples…some are “healthier” than others.
    I just applaud you for being so healthy…ya coulda’ got a candy bar, although some chocolate is probably healthier than the regular cheap apple. Food for thought. Lee

  4. donna j

    Yes, but the Honey Crisp is the Cadillac of apples! My store is out of them now and won’t be back until the fall. Maybe I will go to Target (next to my grocery) and see if they have any. I love Honey Crisps!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, my favorite apple is honey crisp with Haralson running a close 2nd. I was surprised to see a honey crisp in the spring – we don’t usually get them until fall so I was determined to have one.
      Pictures can be sent to and Mandy will post it on our Pinterest board.

  5. Ann Barlament

    We had a Haralson Apple tree in our backyard ~ nothing like a tart apple to start out the day! They only show up in the fall and not many orchards grow them (sigh).

    That’s the problem…unless you are able to winterize fruit & veggies, they are expensive out-of-season.

  6. LMK

    that is just way too much for an apple, by the way, we like the onion cheese burger at mcdonald’s for $1.00, kind of new. just wondered, why would some apples be better for you than others??? a apple is an apple, they all have fiber in, right??

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