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Yard work has begun and I have made a promise to myself that I will work 2-3 hours outside a day and no more.  It’s so tempting to keep working when it’s a nice day and there’s so much to clean up but chances are I will have a back ache that evening if I do.  So here is where I started – the lily garden piled thick with leaves.  I’ve been taking off a layer or two every day so it will dry out and by tomorrow I think I can finish in this area.

Flower Bed 1  Flower Bed 2  Flower Bed 3

I am hoping to see lily bulbs popping out of the ground soon and if I don’t, I’ll know that the bitter winter has killed them.   As you can see in this photo, Telly is helping.

Telly helping

Yesterday I had a meeting at church at 5 pm and returned home about 6:20 to see Mary Baker and Ina sitting in Mary’s car in the parking lot….with a flat tire.  Mary called a friend who came and changed the tire.  Mary read the manual while Larry changed the tire.  Teamwork!

Mary & Friend  Teamwork

Ina is having a birthday on April 19 and we are having treats in the store April 15, 16, and 17 to celebrate her birthday and 20+ years working for us.  Machine quilting is hard work and many of you probably own a quilt that Ina has quilted.  If you’d like to send her a birthday card, address it to Ina at Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave., Garner, IA 50438.  She doesn’t really want anyone to know her age but I’m going to tell you anyway.  She will be 85 years old and still works 3 days a week at the quilting machine!  Unbelievable!  Happy Birthday, Ina!  And many more!  Please stop and wish her Happy Birthday next week.

Last Saturday I went to an exotic animal sale at the sale barn in Forest City, 12 miles north of here.  My friend warned me that it was quite run down and not in the best shape.  When I walked in, it looked and smelled just like I remembered it as a kid when we’d go to the horse sales there.  I was looking for pygmy goats to buy but I guess they sell last and I wasn’t interested in buying any poultry, just goats.  There were several in the back that would be coming out for bidding but Rick was babysitting the grand dogs and I just couldn’t stay any longer.  So I’m still looking for goats.  Here’s a picture of Rick and Boo, Eric and Nikki’s puppy and Eric holding both Bella and Boo.

Sale barn Rick and Boo Erick with Boo and Bailey

If you’ve been reading the blog, you know the Goat Sampler pattern and kit is now available online and all fabrics at this time are identical to the original quilt.  As soon as those fabrics are gone however, we will be forced to substitute so if you want an original kit, don’t delay your order.  Kit and pattern are $69.95.

Goat Sampler

When I do chores after 5 pm, I like to allow Susannah, Emma and Baby Moo into the yard to look around.  As I was leaving for choir practice tonight, I took this photo of Emma on the steps to the haymow – a first.

Emma on steps

I’m having basketball withdrawal since UConn won both the men’s and women’s national championships.  Guess I’ll start watching Breaking Bad  – I bought the entire series.

Guess that’s all for this week – thanks for reading.  Spring is here – hallelujah!


Just for a laugh…

Sign on a plumber’s truck…”We repair what your husband fixed.”

On another plumber’s truck…”Don’t sleep with a drip.  Call your plumber.”

On an electrician’s truck…”Let us remove your shorts.”

Sign at an electric company…”We would be delighted if you send in your payment.  However, if you don’t, you will.”

3 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. LMK

    my pictures were sideways at first then when i clicked on comments and looked at them again, they were okay.go figure. the quilt show in mason city yesterday was real nice, lots of people there also lots of pretty quilts. snow on the way????? sure hope not, i’m sure this chilly weather will put a hold on the yard work. i’m trying to get ready for a garage sale, osage city wide is may 2 & 3, it’s cold out in the garage so doubt i’ll spend much time out there this week, guess i can look for some things in the house for now. listening to some real good oldies on the radio, every sunday night. enjoy reading about all your goings on over there on the farm. with you and your 4 legged critters. keep warm the next couple of days, then hope warm weather comes back and stays.

  2. Bev

    Hello! Love your comments! For some reason the photos are sideways. Is there some setting I need to do to make them be upright? Thanks!


    1. Pat

      I have to laugh at the sayings on the sides of the trucks. We have a friend that does septic tanks. His saying on the side of his truck is “You dump it, We’ll pump it!”.
      Also, love your animal stories. We have chickens, only 11, but I would love a couple goats. Haven’t talked the hubby into it yet. I’d like a couple of those fainting goats.

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