Time Heals

It’s true, isn’t it?  Time heals what reason cannot.  I am feeling better – not less sad nor loving Faye less but accepting the fact that she’s gone and looking ahead instead of back.  And to those of you who wrote that you have also recently lost a family pet, all I can say is “I am so very sorry!” and you know that just barely makes a dent.  I appreciated all the kind words, don’t get me wrong, but grief has to be handled from within, one step and one hour at a time by yourself.  I have tried to let life take over again and little by little it will.  I have taken in my first boarder for the week after cancelling everyone when Faye was so sick.  Ezra is here for the week and honestly she is a good distraction for me.

Remember the king size quilt made from 6″ squares?  Here it is – finished.

And while I was cutting up that odd fabric into squares, I cut the remainder into 2-3″ strips and made this Crazy Mom scrap quilt, also finished.

Have  you picked up the new Quilt Sampler?  

We visited the Calico Hutch in Hayward, Minnesota yesterday featured on page 124.  They’ve got a great selection of fabric, a helpful staff, an on-site owner and they are a Bernina dealer.

Look what came home in my van – actually 2 of these babies came home with us!  We’re calling them our retirement bonus.  I’ve been pretty sad for what feels like a very long time.  Wouldn’t this put a smile on just about anyone’s face?

More details to come.

34 thoughts on “Time Heals

  1. Anita K

    At least you know, so sorry for the lose of your beloved Faye, my Scotter is just missing, since April 20 2015. The not knowing is horrible, I look for him everyday hoping and praying he will just out of the blue show up at my front door. A severe storm with winds came up that night and blew my front door wide open without me knowing and one dog was there the next morning and Scooter was not. I’m still grieving for my baby and guess I always will. You are right grief is a one man show, I always say grief is a consequence of great love!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Anita! How horrible! You are so right – it’s better to know – I just hope he’s at the Rainbow Bridge and he’ll be able to tell you some day what happened.

      1. Anita K

        Rainbow Bridge, I love It!! Thank You, I’m smiling a huge smile, you’ve made my day.

  2. Lois Palmisano

    Yes, Mary, it gets better, but memories linger.
    Others have to hear our stories of yesterday and yester-years.
    Grandchildren and little people need to hear stories of their parents’ young lives.

    I LOVE MY BERNINA (Bernie, thank you). I knew my Husband had wanted me to have my EQ440.
    Bye for now, Lois, Omaha

  3. Kathy

    Time heals our grief and brings us into acceptance of loss. It is an individual process that may take some longer than others. In the meantime, hold on to God’s love and grace. Your creativity will offer comfort to you as you quilt and design with fabric. Praying you will soon find joy capturing your moments from the sorrow that currently has its hold.

  4. Luci

    Oooooh, I love my Berninas, too. I never traded mine in, because I figured I would not get even a tiny bit of my money back, so I have sort of a collection. That means I can sew with friends. I would love to know which one grabbed your heart and came home with you. My Bernina itch strikes up every once in awhile, and I think I would like a current machine, with maybe a bigger area for bulk to sit comfortably, without restricting stitches. I don’t know…………

  5. Emily

    Hi there, Carol,

    Your quilts are, as usual, beautiful! I know you will always miss that wonderful sweet dog. You give so much to the ones who come to visit and stay with you. Glad to see you begin to let life begin again.
    You betcha that would put a smile on anyone’s face! It sure did mine. What a nice retirement bonus. You deserve it!
    BTW, I love my (one) little Bernina!

    Take care.

    You take care

  6. Diane

    It looks like quilting has helped with your healing process. That’s good and yes, it’ll take time. Love seeing Ezra visiting, too. Is she a Golden or an Irish? We had Arsenic, Irish Setter, for 15 years. What a joy he was except when he ate half of my husband’s bday cake and we had invited the whole softball team back for cake–lol. Enjoy every minute with your new Bernina. I love my new and old ones:)

  7. Angie Rowland

    That would put a smile on any retiree’s face. Good for you both. Love the quilts.

  8. Jane Krepela

    Soooooo exciting to have a new Bernina! Good for you!! I’ve had mine since the mid 1970’s and was told the last time I brought it in that it soon needs a new motor. Hmmmm, maybe it’s time for a new one. Can’t wait to see and hear about yours. Such fabulous quilts you made! The colors are amazing. It’s wonderful that you can be productive even though you’re hurting. I think of it as something good coming from something bad. I am inspired by your resilience. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us.

  9. Jan (Mozzie's Grandma)

    Nothing like a new sewing machine and a cute dog to help you feel better.
    Love the quilts. So bright and cheery.

  10. Ann from NC

    I want to make both quilts! Soooo Lovely.

    I lost my “Jumper” kitty at the age of 19 Years and 3 Mos. last Oct. I held him in my arms
    as the vet gave him the “shot”. He was in Kidney failure and I cried the whole day. But
    I gave him a funeral and I knew he was out of his suffering. That is the only thing
    that helped me to move on. You published his picture many years ago in your “Goat
    Gazette”. He was laying in a bird bath sleeping!!!! What a fine boy! It is true that time
    heals, but the hole in your heart doesn’t go away. God bless you.

  11. Paula S.

    Love the COLORFUL quilts! Those bright colors always make me smile when I’m down. Good therapy!

  12. Rose Mikulski

    Another Mary Made Me Do It, Bill’s not going to let me read your posts anymore. We just got home from the store, I’ve been eyeing the Janome 8900 QVP and it’s way cheaper than your Bernina so that’s going to be in my favor. I’ll keep you posted. Hee Hee. BTW, I love my Juki 2010, just doesn’t straight line quilt very well.

  13. Claudia Voorhees

    You are so busy sewing !!……..LOVE all the quilts you are getting done.

  14. Judy Brennan

    Calico Hutch is my FAVORITE quilt shop, and I’ve been to hundreds!! I live in the KC area and we travel to Hayward, MN to shop. GREAT staff! WONDERFUL owner (Carolyn)! GREAT kits! GREAT samples! GREAT fabrics! GREAT classes! LOVE LOVE LOVE this store!!!!

  15. Holly

    I especially love the Crazy Mom quilt! Enjoy your Bernina. I sure love mine! It’s just a quilter’s edition, but does everything I need it to do and does it very well. There’s nothing like being in tune with your machine. If you aren’t, it seems that nothing goes right.

  16. Becky from IA

    I love the king sized quilt….love the colors in it. I like the Crazy Mom quilt also but the king is my favorite. I just love that little quilt shop in Hayward. I used to go to it a lot when my mom was still living. Now that she’s gone I haven’t been there for a few years. That would make a good road trip for me & my quilting buddies from Des Moines. Glad that you are doing better. Ezra and the new Bernina make for great distractions. HUGS STILL COMING YOUR WAY!

  17. Ann Barlament

    A Good friend of mine told me that they will always be as close as a whisper, a smile and a song away. it’s so true…there is soothing music that I played when giving our Black Lab, Buck, some dooga…it’s a relaxation massage to the back that relaxed him to laying on the floor for tummy massages.

    I’ve tried the back massage on other dogs that I don’t know and it calms them down, then they won’t leave me alone because it felt so good. LOL

    We put Buck down because of hip issues and he quilting eating when he went blind. Wayne died 9 months later and I’ve dreamed of them both together. it took about seven months for me to get through the initial shock.

    I have my moments but then I will hear a song, smile and all is right with the world.

  18. Ann Barlament

    During my grief…. I couldn’t sew. Instead I crocheted baby blankets and hats, then donated 260 baby hats to Newborns in Need. The blankets have gone to new babies of people I know.

    It provided me with a good feeling to help others, as I dealt with my grief. Then one day I sat in front of my machine and said..HELLO old friend. And I’m now working on itty bitty pieces. The last queen quilt has over 3,000 pieces in it. Ahhhhh… Most people would throw away the pieces I stitch with. lol

  19. Carol

    Oooh, a Bernina box! Excited to see the unveiling!

    I’m glad you’re feeling a little better; your furry friends who come and go will be giving you a lot of love. Take care of your self.

  20. Linda Everett

    I think there is a saying that “When you are sad, shop!” What models did you get? That would make me happy even when I am not sad!

  21. Pamela Blessman

    Mary, glad to hear you feel like moving forward! A new machine should give you something to think about and explore for some time. I’m guessing if I asked you “babylock or Bernina?” what you would say. I started with a Janome as I didn’t know if this quilting would be a lifetime thing or not. At this stage it is a definite YES so am thinking about another machine-one especially with a bigger throat. I’m anxious to see what you decided on!

    Have fun and I always look forward to your posts either happy, sad, funny or not!

    Best regards, Pam

  22. Launa

    QUILTING SOOTHS THE SOUL. Good to hear you are adjusting and feeling better. Really nice to see all you’ve finished recently Mary. My Bernina has so many miles on her. I’m looking forward to seeing what you unpack from the Bernina box. I’m sewing on the wee Bow Ties from MAKE IT MINI magazine; limiting myself to 36 of those tiny things during the “HEAT WAVE” here in CA.

  23. Paula

    So glad to hear from you, I was hoping you would be back on today…..thoughts are still with you.
    Glad you felt like getting out and roaming around a little. Love the Crazy Mom quilt and your horizontal lines. I made a King size one and a Christmas one and both will get the horizontal lines. Paula in KY

  24. Carole S.

    I don’t care what anyone says. Sometimes a little retail therapy does help. And you are so right – everyone has to deal with grief in his/her own time. We still grieve over our lost kitties. Only a true pet lover understands.

  25. mary margaret

    Happy dance for you on new machine!!! Awh! 2! Lucky u! I have Bernie, Q440. Got it when International Quilt show in Cincinnati Ohio. Just loved it. My husband roll over in his grave if he found out got another machine! He always thought one machine only! Not! Have fun! Grieving it’s on individual pace. Been there with fur babies 4, dog I grew up with as well. Humans, parents n hubby. I move slow with grieving. Hugs.

  26. Katie

    ❤️The scrap quilt, reminds me of quilts made long ago..use your new Bernina in good Health..katie in Gilbert,az
    Going to quilt show in Prescott Valley, AZ. On Friday the 3rd..taking two lady friends☺️

  27. Karen

    It is good to read that you’re not feeling the hurt of losing Faye quilt as much. Yes, it will be with you for a while yet but will lessen with time. Then only the good memories will remain. Meanwhile, you’ll have your new Bernina to take your mind off your sadness. Enjoy!

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