Trimming, 12-5-21

Who likes this part?

I do not. But I’m watching Yellowstone at the same time so it isn’t so bad. Ha!

28 thoughts on “Trimming, 12-5-21

  1. Donna O

    Looks like a good project on this frigid night. The wind is really howling up here south of St Paul. I hope all homeless and pets/animals have shelter. It’s only going to get worse so I pray all humans and animals have shelter.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    I’m glad you can trim during Yellowstone. I’m glued to the tube and have to keep turning up the sound!
    Good night to stay in with the winds blowing so hard tonight!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I have to turn up the sound on Yellowstone, too. Glad it isn’t just me. Then the commercials come on and knock me out of my chair. But I’m not going to stop watching it.
      The thermometer says 21 degrees and the wind is still blowing a gale. We got a skif of snow this morning and I haven’t heard what the hills got.
      Take care everybody, winter is still around. In 16 days our days will start getting longer.
      Betty in Rapid City

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    I don’t like that part, but…I love your colors.
    My kids are fostering a dog. She’s 11months old. They are working with her on leash training, no jumping and is learning sign language. Well, doggie sign language. One more sweet animal that doesn’t have to spend nights in a kennel all alone.
    Blessed are the foster parents of this world.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wy – isn’t that just the truth!!! Hallelujah for foster homes!

  4. Deb E

    I don’t either – its tedious, but necessary! Having a good program on makes a big difference. I’ll have to start watching that one. I’m hooked on the Netflix and Acorn programs — Midsomer Murders, Murdoch Mysteries, Call the Midwife, Virgin River….I haven’t watched regular TV in ages. I’ve watched all the seasons of Midsomer Murders so many times I know each actors lines, except for the most current episodes. I always notice something new each time in the scenery, the homes being so different from ours, etc. I’ve got one more Grandmothers Flower Garden block to hand sew & I’ll have 81 of those & can start sewing the 4 low volume charm squares (all different) together. I’m going to center each flower on those 4 blocks & may add some appliqued leaves if it adds to the quilt. I’ll have a lovely quilt shortly for our guest room bed — 9 blocks by 9 blocks, plus borders (and possibly sashings – will decide once I’ve got the blocks assembled). I’ve been quilting pretty close to 46 years now & it never gets old for me.

    1. Sandi

      I love those show too!! I love British programs. I like seeing the homes and small villages. Sandi

  5. Sherrill

    I have to really concentrate on what’s going on while I’m watching Yellowstone so no way could I be cutting or trimming anything!! LOL

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Trimming blocks is not my favorite part of sewing a quilt, but boy am I glad I took the time when I sew the blocks together and points match up nicely. Watching KC Chiefs football. Worked on Part 2 of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt today.

  7. Sherry Whalen

    I trimmed blocks while watching tv tonight too. They look so nice all trimmed and stacked, and they go together so nicely. And if I trim while watching tv – 1) I feel like I’ve accomplished something and 2) I am less likely to fall asleep while watching lol. And yes, the wind is howling here too!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – isn’t that wind something else? Howling is the right word!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Boy howdy – we just went for our 2 mile walk. I believe we’ve walked on nicer days in the middle of January when the actual temperature is -20 degrees. It was brutal!

  8. Lynette W

    I know it’s not my favorite part either. I call it “a necessary evil”. LOL. Don’t think I could trim and watch Yellowstone…….. I’d be too distracted by John or Rip and probably cut off my finger…… :-).

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Just got up, took Penny out…. Brrrrr! Darn cold and windy out there!! I don’t like the trimming either but makes putting things together so much better! Haven’t checked out Yellowstone yet, maybe I should!

  10. Kim J LeMere

    I don’t mind trimming but not sure I could do it while watching Yellowstone, its such an intense show. We are getting rain in Middle Tennessee, and we do need it. We dont get much snow here but ice can be an issue. Glad you can stay in while the wind blows and temps drop.

  11. Rita in Iowa

    I try and trim during the commercials. A few of them are pretty long, gives you time to go to the bathroom!
    Supposed to get new outside doors today, no sure that is going to work in this wind. Things are still somewhat backed up because of the Duracho last year.

  12. Paula M Philpot

    I wouldn’t like that one either. I like the Creative Grids since they have grips on the bottom. I also like the yellow Omnigrid. Paula in KY

  13. Michele

    I actually love trimming. It’s mindless work I can do in the evening after a long day at work. Plus no one is asking me what they should do? 🙂

  14. Kathy in western NY

    We are getting the ferocious winds coming here today so I am going to use it to trim the tree and not have my sewing machine on. I struggle more with trimming cause my grip with the hand arthritis is making it hurt so I bought one of those suction handles to use on my smaller quilter select rulers as I like them for holding blocks in place. I hope that will help.

  15. Janice Hebert

    Pretty colors Mary! Can’t wait to see this one done. It’s warm here in MA today, raining off and on. No wind yet but it’s supposed to get windy later. They say we may have snow on Wednesday but we will see. Jan in MA

  16. Launa

    What pattern are the blocks used to make? I like Blue Emu on my hands, knees n left wrist to calm arthritis pain! Just another feature of growing older in cold weather!, but better than the alternative! Tis 20o out up here in Idaho this morning.
    Have same opinion about Yellowstone’s sound…TURN IT UP! Been viewing YELLOWSTONE since it started. The Chief Joseph Ranch is near me! Beautiful scenery.

  17. NancyTD

    Trimming makes a big difference when putting it all together. Hate doing it too.
    The wind is very strong again this morning. 52 mph gusts!
    Finishing my decorating today. A lot of treasures I have collected through the years. Many Country Thread designs that are special to me.
    Stay warm and don’t blow away.

  18. Dorothy

    Yes watching Yellowstone should help get through the tedious work. Stay warm all you folks up north. It’s windy and cold here in Chicago but definitely not as cold as you folks are experiencing. Thank God for heat!

  19. Janet Gluesenkamp

    Trimming is simply painful! I tell new quilters that when they say they don’t do it. But it’s so essential. BLessed season to all out there, so grateful for your posts!

  20. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I like to have them done, too, and I do them all at once. We are saving Yellowstone for the cold, winter weather, but last night could have qualified! We have never had rain cover the whole back porch, but it was sooo windy, it did. The wind did howl. We are happy we adopted Buddy or he would have been out in it. He is a sweetheart. We like all the PBS shows, too. My sister in FL. had 75 today. We went from 52 to 32 and very windy.

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