Tuesday On the Farm, 3-24-2020

So far this morning I’ve made soup, pasta salad and brownies from a mix that I’ve had in my pantry since 2014! I am determined to get all my stored food used up! What was I saving it for? I’m also reposting something I read on FB –

After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.

Hahahaha! This is so me and so true! How did somebody read my mind and put it on Facebook – I’m laughing again now as I write this!!!

The chickens are outside in the wind today – I’ve been trying to get some good pictures of the Tribe but I have not succeeded. I’ll post some anyway – but this morning I cleaned out the popcorn machine and fed it to the chickens and the goats who all love popcorn.

This guy is my favorite young rooster – he moved so it’s blurry.

And this guy is the biggest rooster of them all! I wish he lived somewhere else.

Hazel claims a lot of my time to play – today it was her favorite monkey.

I didn’t play fast enough…..

so it finally turned into a high pitched barking spasm!!!

Good grief! She is spoiled for sure!

I’ve been posting Hazel pictures on Instagram every day – feel free to follow me, Mary Etherington, if you want to see photos from the farm.

And here’s a good deed you can do if you feel so inclined. A lady in CA is turning 100 years old on March 27 and of course her party has been cancelled. My cousin, Jill, sent this info in a comment but I wasn’t sure you read it. The lady is not a quilter but she LOVES Bingo. Would you send her a card? Tell her you read about her in a blog written in Iowa. Here’s the name and address:

Jean Faris

24868 Carbon Lane

Valencia, CA 91354

Thanks so much!

I love keeping in touch with all of you – I hope you’re well and making the best of this stressful time. Our church family is going to pray together tonite at 8 pm if you’d like to join us.

Be still.

42 thoughts on “Tuesday On the Farm, 3-24-2020

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, the rooster is beautiful, such colors! And Hazel is such spoiled child, I would love to see her when that is happening. Enjoyed seen all the animals. I will send a card too, that is quite a milestone! Everybody stay safe, we only have one life.

  2. Christina

    What ??? Am I reading this right ? A party ? Come on people . As Forrest Gump once said , “As Stupid is , Stupid does . “ I’m staying home . We’re trying to dig out from a very wet snowstorm , and it’s still snowing as I write this . But I’ll take
    the snow over 88 degrees! That sounds dreadful ! It feels warm here at 30 degrees!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christina – you can’t fix stupid! And anybody having a party is really stupid!

  3. Nikki M in Tx

    It is Wednesday 3/35/2020 6pm & 88 degrees outside.
    Read about the stupidity of people…in Kentucky a coronavirus party…really ( & these people breed).!!!
    Think before you go out or have contact, even distancing, most people are contagious for 14 days before they even feel symptoms themselves. Taking supplies to someone..leave at door. Think you have been exposed…self quarantine.
    Now that I have gotten off my soap box… have learned why some ( not all) of my UFOs are such… those I have placed in a box that I will take to my guild meeting when the world returns to normal.
    Please be safe everyone.. my alarm is set for 8pm tonight again if any wants to join in at prayer.

  4. Kate

    I love reading about all you animals and seeing their pictures here. Hazel is so funny. Will pray with you tonight.

  5. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    A card will go out to Jean, it may be late though. Here in south central Pennsylvania there aren’t a lot of cases of the virus (6 in our county) which is still to many. Everything is closed except drug and food stores. Many restaurants have delivery or we can pick up which helps them stay alive and gives me something to look forward to that I don’t have to cook. I don’t do this often but it’s good for all. I’d like to follow you on Instagram also when you post the link. I really miss news of Reed and wonder how he is. Did he out grow his relationship with you? Love the rooster pictures.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – I’ve been so busy today I haven’t had a chance to work on Instagram! Yes, Reed outgrew my interests and I miss him.

  6. Brenda archambault

    Good morning Mary and all the bloggers. I did a little, very little, death cleaning and decided I’d die if I ate any of the stuff With expiration dates … the product or me. Unfortunately, some of the dates appear to be ancient hieroglyphs and I can’t figure them out. Maybe we should be all egyptologists and read this old stuff. I did make some taziki sauce so we can have gyros tonight. So much for my culinary skills. Have been very slowly whittling down piles in my sewing room. All the odds and ends of fabric, too small to be of much use, are being cut into strips of various widths.
    All indoor, and most all outdoor, activities are cancelled until further notice in Sun City West, AZ and the doctors offices are moving appointment dates into the future, so we’re sheltering in place. Those of us lucky enough to have hobbies have no problems being house bound, but some of us are going nuts.
    I hope you’re able to cope with the weather to get some outside chores done before the next shoe drops.
    Take care everyone, this too shall pass. Be patient, be still, be productive with your UFOs.

  7. Wendy P

    Will send a card from Canada. The 27th is also my husband’s birthday. Thanks for the chuckle about housework.

  8. Marilyn

    Mary I will delighted to send her a birthday card. Loved all the pictures of the animals.
    We have rain tonight… we have had quite a lot but I still love to hear it and smell it.
    Really love “The be still.

  9. Billie

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who has things in there pantry with 2014 dates!!!!

  10. Lori

    I will send Jean a birthday card. Birthday’s are a big deal. Hope she gets hundreds of cards.

  11. Jan from TN

    Thanks for telling us your’re on Instagram. I logged on & immediately found & followed you. But it says you’ve made no posts so maybe I’m not following you. Hmm……….Love Hazel’s antics. Must have been a decent day as the chickens & goats seem to be enjoying the outdoors.
    Stay home & stay safe.
    I’m sure we’ll all have Quarantine Weight Gain to complain about the longer this goes on! Lol!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – there can’t be many maryetheringtons could there? I’ll try to figure this out and let you know.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I made a baked rice pudding recipe from the blog of author/ quilter Marie Bostwick tonight and it was delicious with some aerosol can whipped cream left from Christmas. In our western county way far away from NYC we are over 115 cases and just 11 alone confirmed this afternoon. 15 are in ICU And 3 deaths. And not good hearing from those recovering how hard this is to breathe with, thus why ventilators are needed. Not like the flu. So I continue to follow guidelines to stay inside away from people so we can stop the spread. I am content to do things I said I wanted to take time to do and I am sleeping so well at night with no traffic noise. Oh it’s almost 8 pm. I am praying with you.

  13. Paula Philpot

    I am choosing the oldest too from the pantry. Yesterday I made a white cake from 2017 with 4th of July sprinkles in it and it was good. lol Paula in KY

  14. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Mary, that comment from FB is priceless. Thanks. I sent Jean’s card out this AM. I hope she receives 100 or more. Mary, what Hazel is doing is called a doggie melt down! LOL. I love seeing the chickens and goats. We are all in lockdown in Ohio, but if it helps keep the virus at bay, it’s ok. By the time they let me out, I’ll weigh 5,000lbs after all the comfort food I’m making. I do try to get my 10,000 steps in every day. Enjoy all your Cleaning, cooking, and crafting.

  15. ary

    It’s great to see and read your blog. I feel lucky to have internet to help me learn and pass time now that we are told to stay home. Patience to all and keep the sewing machine humming. Your patterns are great. Thanks for making them available. Going to take a walk to clear my mind and think of good things.

  16. Christina

    I’d love to follow you on Instagram but there are lots of Mary Etherington’s! Is it all one word ? I found Country Threads but there were no posts !?
    I will sent the birthday girl a card from Alaska, if I can ever get to the post office . We’ve been dumped on by lots of snow , and warm temps (30 degrees) are causing roof avalanches . Of course the snow dumps right where you just cleared it 😳. Stay inside and quilt is my mantra . My quilting group is in need of fire quilts ( lots of house fires in winter due to wood burning stoves in homes 🙁 ) we donate a quilt for every adult when theyve lost their home due to fire.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Christina – hmmm, I will try to figure out Instagram – I’ll post a link if I can figure out how to do it!

  17. Dee Winter

    I too am sending a card, but I love your animal pictures. I met up with one of my friends and picked a couple things for me and another friend, so then I went to the bookstore to say Hi and then to the other friends house, to the quilt shop to work on masks and came home! It was so nice to get out, very few people out there. At the bookstore they said not as many people, but the ones they have a buyers! Take care. I’m in Shell Rock. Found a “puddle” of light gray hair from the horse the other morning. A bird flew into the barn, lit on her back and pulled hairs and flew off. Comet didn’t mind a bit, she wants to get rid of the excess stuff.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Your area must not be hit as hard as most. No way does Governor Hogan want Md. citizens going to visit and popping in and out of stores. That is why all non essential businesses have been ordered closed as well as restaurants and bars. Be safe.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Diane in MD – two cases in our county, one in each county east and west of us. We’re so rural that people still get groceries. Gas is cheap but nobody’s using any because where would I go?

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee winter – I like to collect nests when I find them and I, too, find goat hair woven in – just another case of we all need each other! Right?

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee winter – why are you out shopping and visiting a friend? Why is the bookstore open? Quilt shop? I know we’re in rural Iowa but shouldn’t you be staying home like the rest of us? The unfortunate aspect of this virus is that many can have it and pass it on and not even realize they’re infected. What if YOU’RE the one infected and you’ve just passed it on to everyone you chatted with on your shopping trip? I personally think you should rethink this.

  18. Charlotte Shira

    Just got the birthday card ready. Hope she gets lots of them. 100th birthday should be special.
    It’s raining here today. Love the chickens, goats and Hazel. Be Still….

  19. Sue in Oregon

    Your favorite young rooster is adorable. Your older rooster is beautiful, but he has a kind of scary look in his eye. I only have hens. 9 of them right now and we are swimming in eggs. My sister called and said they had NO eggs in their area. So, now I am rich with eggs. Soon I am going to make a pasta salad too and use some hardboiled eggs in it.
    Yes, I am feeling better but still very weak. I do a little then rest a little. They ran out of the kind of inhaler the doctor prescribed, so I am hoping they get them in tonight or tomorrow. And, tonight will be my last big yellow pill. This pneumonia thing can be tricky, I guess.
    I want to send you two photos of projects I started before I got sick and have finished the last stitches during rest times. Alas, they are not dirty dozens.
    I am sending along a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to Jean and to say Congratulations on 100 years young. Maybe someone will read this wish to her.

  20. Nikki M in Tx

    Set alarm so will be praying @ 8 pm along with ya’ll…passed info on so can have a strong prayer chain going..
    Did the brownies rise?
    I love pasta salad of any type…….ok now I know what will make in morning for tomorrow…no 2 pasta salads alike..depends on what is in hand.
    Have everything out to make a dump cake..but know I don’t need it & would eat the entire thing myself… ah what the hell… I ‘m making a cherry/pineapple dump cake..,
    You & Rick stay safe.. be healthy.

    1. Diane in Maryland

      A friend told me that they are going to be 15 or 20 lbs heavier by the time this is over! I know what they mean!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – the brownies were ok but certainly not like my homemade ones that I haven’t dared make for years! Thanks for joining in prayer!

  21. Cheryl

    So funny! Love that Hazel ♥️ We have been doing things we never have done. Like washing windows, digging food out from the back of the freezer to either use or throw away. My husband cleaned the screens!! I’ve made soup and No Knead Breast almost every day. I’ve been making masks to order for our sons pediatric clinic, and finishing some overdue WIP. Take care. BE STILL. HE has this!

    1. Diane and Squeak

      Gotta love that auto-correct, Cheryl. LOL. Thanks for the laugh even though it was unintended:)

      1. Janice Hebert

        Hahaha! Love Cheryl’s auto corrected sentence! Diane caught it! Too funny. And I just burst out laughing at Mary’s comment that she wished that handsome rooster lived somewhere else. I know how you feel Mary. We’ve had roosters that I wished lived somewhere else! Jan in MA

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl – wish we had screen washing weather! Your husband cleaned the screens??? It’s a miracle if that happened here. Yes, be still – HE does have this!

  22. Kim J LeMere

    A Birthday card is going out in the mail, hope she enjoys them all. I sure enjoy seeing the goats and chickens outside. Hope your getting around better since the surgery.

  23. Angie from Baltimore

    I made no knead bread to go with my soups. Such an easy recipe. Google it.
    Sent off the birthday card and hope we all can do it to brighten someone’s day. When uonn in love to be 100 something special should happen.
    Stay safe.

  24. Diane in Maryland

    A card is going in the mail to Jean Faris first thing tomorrow. I hope she gets at least 100! Mary, I just love your posts and the pictures. Hazel is a riot. I am laughing with you about having time to clean! That is so very funny. Yep, true!
    Yes, I will stop at 8 and say prayers for the many who are sick, for the health care individuals, the ones who are working in businesses that cannot stop, for our country to have a quick recovery from this and for the ones who don’t have good sense to realize that this is serious! Another person died in Md. today from the Coronavirus. So sad.
    Take good care of yourself.

  25. Connie R.

    Your rooster photo looks like it could be an oil painting. The colors are beautiful.

    Here in far Northeastern Wisconsin, weather predictions are for 5 inches of snow tomorrow evening. We still have over a foot of snow still on the ground from winter. No yard cleaning or planting going on here for a while.

    I will be happy to send a card to Jean for her 100th birthday. Covid19 or not, we can’t let her birthday go by without some fanfare!

  26. Jo in Wyoming

    Those chickens are so colorful and unusual, I just love seeing them.
    I just checked on a friend, making sure she has everything she needs. She found tp in the camping section of wal mart.
    All is good here, I love my new coffee maker. The coffee is again fabulous.
    I’ll have to watch the show you are laughing about…can anything be funnier than Hazel?

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