Two New Quilt Patterns, 3-21-23

These two patterns are now available by mail :

The Couch Quilt and Don’t Break Bread Into Your Soup which is a charm quilt.

Don’t Break Bread Into Your Soup, 27” x 27”
The Couch Quilt, 48” x 63”

The original pattern for The Couch Quilt says 64” x 80” but since I had only one yard of the signature fabric, I had to adjust all my strips. The pattern will be only a guideline – I cut all my strips to the exact size but if you’re very careful you could just sew strips on, round after round and trim at the end of each strip. That would be more fun and I’ve included a couple examples at the end of this post. I might start one today!

Each pattern is $5.00 and I can fit both into one self addressed stamped envelope which I would ask you to include.

Reader quilts:

Have YOU sent me pictures of your quilts yet?

Someone asked about Hazel’s teeth which I said were now squared off and here’s why – this is the feed room door which she grabs before I can even get in the barn!

Here’s this nice big bird feeder that Rick built – it sits on a small table in our yard.

Ok, now follow along.

Take it off the table, Mom!
I think I can smell a mouse!
Come on, you guys, help me!

Oh, OK!
I like to get my teeth into this old soft wood and pull the board off. Mom has to put it back on every time.

One time – ONE TIME – I lifted the bird feeder off and there was actually a mouse under it and she has not forgotten. We do this every single day – sometimes twice a day. And there you have the reason that Hazel’s teeth are squared off.

A side note – don’t ever get tied up with Orkin!!! And Xerox continues to charge us $10.70 per month because our copier is NOT hooked up to the internet! I cannot get them to understand that this is a farm building basically and there is no internet connection – yes, there was one when we were open but no more. They must think I’m not recording our usage correctly which couldn’t be more wrong. I cannot reason with either of these companies – I have spent hours trying to get them to listen to no avail.

Remember when we could tell spring was on its way because Emma’s winter coat started coming out in bunches? Well, now it’s Pudge who has that late winter look.

I plan to write about the March Madness Quilt in detail later this week. Aren’t we all so glad that Richard helped put us back together? I am just so relieved – I made many mistakes 2 weeks ago that nearly took us down permanently and cost a lot of money that he even got mostly refunded! Can you say ROCK STAR?

No ballgames to watch today but I have a quilt to bind and several more to finish – I want all these loose ends tied up before spring work begins.

Love this – a free form improv version of The Couch Quilt.
Another relative of The Couch Quilt

That’s all from me today – what are YOU doing this afternoon?

62 thoughts on “Two New Quilt Patterns, 3-21-23

  1. Jan from Blue Earth

    I’m taking my 55+ driving course on-line. Not sure if the insurance savings is worth the b-o-r-e-d-o-m.

  2. Jan Hebert

    Love the way Telly is just watching, waiting to see what will happen! Will there be a mouse?? Aw, not this time… they are so fun to watch. That’s a great bird feeder that Rick built! Love the quilts, the last two are really fun looking! Maybe I could finish one like that! I have to go food shopping today. My sister and her daughter arrive tonight and tomorrow from a wedding they went to in CA. Got to have something for them to eat! My niece flies in with her boyfriend and will be here around 9 o’clock tonight and then my sister, her mom, will arrive around 8 tomorrow morning. This is the most company we have had in a long time! They were here overnight last week to fly out early in the morning – it was amazing to see that they actually could get an Uber ride from here at 5 am! Jan in MA

  3. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    Love all the quilts.

    I am going to the Hallmark Store and then to my stitching group.

    Thanks Mary for all you do.

  4. Montana Kathy

    Hi Mary, so sorry you are/were having so many problems with the computer. Thank goodness there are those who understand technology and can fix things! Loved the newsletter today especially the “follow along” dog section with Hazel and her pals! So cute! And the quilts were great. We had snow overnight and had to cancel errands today as we were snowed in. Will winter never end?!?? Take care and enjoy your day (and pet all the critters for me!).

  5. Montana Kathy

    Hi Mary, it’s me again…I’ve been wanting to ask you if we should still be cancelling the ads in the newsletter? I do every most of the time, but not sure if you still need us to. Thanks.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – every time an ad is closed, it produces income for the blog and I so appreciate anyone who helps me out in this way. I hate to harp on it however and so don’t mention it in a blog post. Maybe I should because every little bit helps. Thank you for clicking those ads, Kathy!!

  6. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, we all really do love your blog! We appreciate the work Richard did more than he realizes. Thank you, Richard! Love the quilts and the narrative with Hazel!

    Going to our local high school girls lacrosse game in about an hour. Granddaughter Kimberly used to play for them but now at 28 years old she is the coach! At one of last year’s games a parent in the bleachers asked us which girl was ours. We said “the coach is our granddaughter”. We were so proud! We could read his mind asking – how old are you people? Haha

  7. Kathy in western NY

    I’ve been making dinner for two old friends from our childhood so will be fun reminiscing over Asian dishes and plum wine. Have cheese board ready for our cocktail hour! She’s a good dessert maker so looking forward to that tonight. I’d rather cook a whole turkey dinner than make a pie.
    I always say word of mouth is still the best advertisement and you spelled it out why getting into monthly payments can be a headache when trying to cancel.
    The quilts today are very pretty with their colors for spring. I am so happy Richard came to your rescue so we can still see what others are making. And share a few laughs over the doggies. Your three babies are a hoot together. Now I gotta show that wonderful bird feeder to my husband to make me one too. The cardinals and doves are here everyday to my little feeder.

  8. Launa

    A sunny noon here Mary! 36o

    Have you noticed I can post to CT’s once again! They decided I wasn’t a Robot!


    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – and I am sooo glad! What do you suppose that was all about? We’re in the 40’s today which means the snow is melting but it’s really ugly around here – brown lawn, twigs all over the yard, and dog poop to pick up!

  9. Brenda in Iowa

    Hi Mary and Everyone,

    I’m finishing up grading papers for the class I teach online. It’s a 5-week course so it goes very quickly. Grades must be submitted by midnight tonight. I had to take a break and look at something different so I am reading your blog! What a nice break.
    However, no sewing for me today. I am SOOO looking forward to Thursday – Sunday. My quilt guild is having its spring retreat at Nelson’s Pioneer Farm in Oskaloosa. 4 full days of quilting, eating, laughing, and especially making memories with friends.
    Tell me about your experience with Orkin. We just had them visit yesterday for the second time due to a rodent problem. I hope we haven’t gotten ourselves into a mess.
    Have a great afternoon.

    1. Marilyn in Southern Iowa

      Brenda, I would be interested in more info about your retreat. I’m in southern Iowa and our guild is going to Newton for a retreat later this spring.

  10. Carla along Lake Michigan in the mitten

    This afternoon I have trimmed and laid out the 2nd graduation quilt needed for a graduation from high school this May. Apple cake is in the oven,
    Baseball tonight USA vs. Japan In championship game of World Baseball Classic.
    Making spring trip plans for 4 out of state multi-day excursions which include family x two, quilters and a new puppy pickup. Somewhere in there is the spring house and gardening chores too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – are you getting a new puppy? Glad you mentioned the baseball game because I want to watch it tonight.

      1. Carla

        Yes, we are. Hubby commented last fall that he wanted a male English Setter for his next dog. I said I’d rather have one sooner than later. I don’t want to be house breaking a pup when I was over 70 and how much bird hunting is he going to be doing at 75?
        So we contacted Miss Belle’s breeder and added our names to the list for a male orange belton. Thinking it may be a year or so. Instead looks like next month.
        So Miss Belle and Mr Blue will be joined by Master Tig of Orange.

  11. Susie

    Thanks to Richard,for coming to your rescue! Computers are a great tool, but when they don’t work or get glitches they are just another problem in our day. Hazel is quite the character,isn’t she? I await spring-hopefully soon,we still have a lot of snow here in MN.We need a slow melt. Take care, Susie

  12. Gloria from CC

    Here’s my comeback to any company that is giving me trouble (and I know I’m right) is “the next call you’re going to receive regarding this matter will be my lawyer.” Works every time.
    Beautiful quilts!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Thanks, Gloria! Next month is the last month on my “agreement” with Orkin – I am so glad!

  13. Vicki Ibarra

    Today I was in the yard, doing some easy work since it is 56 degrees in Iowa City this afternoon. Time to pick up sticks/branches from under the trees that broke off during all the wind this winter. Also time to trim coneflowers we left standing for the birds to eat from over the winter. Daffodils are coming up and I have one small area of crocus that are blooming. Harbingers of spring. I love it!

  14. Marsha in MI

    Love the improv couch quilt and the first reader quilt is so cheery! I unsewed today. Took the waistband off a Matilda Jane twirly skirt so I can put a larger waistband on. I lengthened it with a wide bias strip but now it’s too tight in the waist and she loves it so . . . That’s what grandma’s do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – twirly skirts must have been invented by Grammas for their little girls!! You’re very inventive because she loves it so.

  15. Rita in Iowa

    Mary thanks for the story of the dogs and the antics they are up to.
    The quilts are wonderful. You ladies all do a bang up job.
    Went into town today ,got the all clear from the foot doctor. Do whatever I want and no return visits.
    Then went to my sister’s and made a Costco run in Iowa City and then lunch at Red Lobster. Had the lobster and shrimp tacos.
    Now home icing the knee. Too much walking!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – lobster and shrimp tacos!!! Wish we had a Red Lobster around us. No more doctor visits! Oh happy day – yes, too much walking makes it very clear what you need to do – icing! I also wish we had a Costco!

  16. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    We are eating leftovers from our Card Club dinner for 17 on Sat. Last year for dessert I made your Almond Bars which were a big hit. This year I made Reese’s peanut butter stuffed brownies. Good, but it will be Almond bars next year. I also added a binding to a big table runner and cleaned more of the sewing room. Thanks for a great blog. The pups are so cute and no, they never forget😹. The quilt show is always wonderful. I forgot my name again🙀. It is 60* here😀

  17. Sue Hoover

    Took Mom to P/T this afternoon and will finish the laundry load now. Fun & exciting times in southern IL. Will do some sewing tonight. Yay!

  18. Robin in kelso wa

    Just listening to my mom moaning and groaning about things that are beyond her scope of trying to do. She just turned 90 last month and she lives in her own house. I can’t help her with any of theses things and after the fifth phone call I just can’t do it anymore.
    I have returned bed to my sewing room to sew squares together. Something I don’t have to think about…I think I’m going crazy today

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin – oh, Robin, I am so sorry – I will be that 90 year old but who will I call? Will your mom not move into an assisted living facility? At age 90 she probably should especially if she can’t do those “things” anymore. I dread the day I have to face the fact that I can no longer do the things I need to do. Is there anyone she could hire to help her? I’m always looking for someone to hire and there just isn’t anyone. I have no good advice except to take a deep breath and go sew some squares. And write to me any time – email is more private if you prefer.

  19. Colleen in Oregon

    Met up with my craft group friends for lunch at a local restaurant like we do once a month to celebrate that month’s birthdays. This time it was my turn and it was so much fun! I am very blessed and thankful to have such a loving group of people in my life! They are also very inspiring and cover all sorts of crafts.

  20. joy in NW Iowa

    I went out for Mexican with a couple gals. We chatted for a couple hours! Fun!
    I came home and sewed for a little while.
    Kind of getting gray and dismal looking.
    I enjoyed all the quilts, etc.
    take care!

  21. Jeanine from Iowa

    I sewed with my church ladies this afternoon. I received word yesterday that my 78 year old brother in AZ passed away. It wasn’t a big surprise, but he is my first sibling to pass. He’s had diabetes since his early 20’s, and other issues with sores that don’t heal etc. We will have a memorial service back in MN later, as that is where his first wife is buried. She died from breast cancer at age 49. I fell sad, but know he is with Jesus and has a new body.
    Thanks for the blog. I was surprised to see my quilt today. Also, thanks to Richard for keeping you going. It was a beautiful day in Oskaloosa today. I hope spring is here to stay!

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Jeanine, it’s so sad to have a sibling pass. I’m sending you sympathy and a hug.

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Jeanine, it is so sad to lose one of our siblings. I am sending you sincere sympathy and a hug.

  22. Deb E

    Just a suggestion with the companies that ignore your requests, calls, etc. All you have to do is let them know (preferably in writing, but verbally is ok, too, and hopefully you keep careful notes when you deal with companies and people, anyway) that unless they CEASE and DESIST immediately (whatever it is they are doing) you will be contacting the consumer liason officer with the governors office. So far every state seems to have one (could be called something different but it still works). NO company wants the governors office involved (especially when you make it clear that 1) you are a seniors, 2) you have a farm you take care of by yourself as Rick has health issues, 3) you have a HUGE blog that you’ve run for many years with LOTS of followers that will want to know what is going on. It’s worked for every person I’ve assisted in my work life (including visa issues, social security issues and consumer complaints) and for people I know (crooked solar companies, etc). Give it a try and then follow through if they still ignore you. Once they get a call from the governors office they usually fall right in line & do what they are supposed to. If you have any hassles after that (which I’ve never seen) THEN you go to local news channels (the nearest ones to you) and explain what has happened, and state that the governors office has been contacted — guaranteed results every time! Please let me know how it goes for you! The elected people are working FOR US (even if they have to be reminded occasionally). Best wishes to you

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – wow! I have kept good records of my Orkin visits, etc. so that’s the first step, I guess.

  23. Jeanie S, Central IL

    it was sunny and 54 here for part of the afternoon.
    I am still working on a large denim quilt for my grandson.

  24. Arliene Zeigler

    Nice quilts! I am going to Florida to visit my son and family. I texted my grand daughter and asked her if she would go swimming with dolphins with me. Her text back: I don’t want to go swimming with dolphins. Just go to the zoo! I thought that was funny! We don’t realize what good memories dogs have. Especially with finding something like a mouse.

  25. Pamela Dempsey

    Miss Hazel is a hoot. What a memory! I love Jeanine s strip quilt! I’m still waiting on spca about adopting. I still think to say “I’m home “ to Emily and remember she’s gone 🐈‍⬛. God will send some kitties into our lives soon❤️. A big thanks to Richard!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – honestly, what is the hold up? You would think with all the homeless cats at shelters across the country that you would be able to adopt two!! And just think of the poor cats waiting in a cage instead of living in your home! Oh, this is not right, Pamela.

  26. Susan K in Texas

    Jeanine I like your scrappy quilt. It makes me want to start a scrappy one.
    I quilted some on an embroidery/pieced quilt. Then started pulling fabric for a third Iowa grandson due the end of June. I’ll need to go shopping for some fabrics for it (oh darn!).
    Tonight was a Dallas Stars hockey game. While there we kept tabs on the UNT/OSU game. Our alma mater UNT won!

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      Thank you Susan. I’m still working on strips but a different pattern.

  27. Susan K in Texas

    By the way I just love the Hazel and friends stories. She is such a hoot. I know she keeps you on your toes.
    I really like the big bird feeder. We don’t put bird seed out due to rats but we do have bird baths which are very popular in our Texas summers and really all year round.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – if you have rats you need to borrow Hazel – she’d take care of them in no time. In fact she’s disappointed they’re gone in the barn!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        No rats currently but they do love it when we put out birdseed. In the winter they shelter in the greenhouses and eat acorns. Sometimes they’ll eat my succulents which ticks me off. I would love to have a Hazel but my husband doesn’t really like dogs. 🙁 The cats have caught some of the rats but they just want to play with them.

  28. Kim from TN

    It looks like the snow is almost gone on the farm, how nice. I hope spring is quickly upon you. I like the couch quilt and think adding a few more borders with another charm pack would be the ticket. I tell myself not to start another project and then you show me something new that I really like. We are still on the road in Florida, but the weather hasn’t been the best for capris or sandals. Super windy here in Daytona Beach. I think we will head home today, I’m ready.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – how long have you been away from home? Glad you can still be inspired by the blog – I’ve done my job then.

  29. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    I could look at animal pictures all day! Love your pups! I follow a sanctuary, Ashers, and it warms my heart every time he brings back a rescue. The other day it was 8 Huskey puppies! So cute! His place is HUGE and the dogs run around freely and are so happy. Some are so skinny, matted and just filthy. They seem so scared the first day but them you see them wag their tails, give kisses, run around with all his pack and you just thank goodness for kind hearts.
    Love the Couch quilts. Always thought it was a great way to use leftover strips and bindings. And a nice quilt to work on here and there.
    I did some yardwork yesterday also. What a beautiful day and boy, did it feel nice to be out in just a sweatshirt. Going to the library and lunch with a friend today. Need a couple new books to read. Any suggestions?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl – I follow Asher, too, and love to see the dogs begin to realize they’re free and loved. I wonder how he keeps this going financially. I haven’t found a good book in so long – going to library this morning to take back the book I read 20 pages of and hate it. Guess we should start up the “blog book club” again – ????

    2. Kathy in western NY

      Cheryl, I just finished Lessons in Chemistry which is still #1 on bestseller list and as much as it wasn’t one of those books you can’t put down, it did enlighten me on how professional women in the 60’s were regarded versus careers now. I have a scientist GD so made me appreciate and thankful she is respected in todays day and age. It has a dog in it that just is so loveable and steals the book as far as I felt. The sanctuary you mention sounds like a wonderful haven to give puppies a good life.

  30. Diane in WI

    Thanks to Richard for helping you. I love the expressions on the dogs’ faces. It would be interesting to be able to read their minds. Very grey and foggy here. Our quilt guild met last night at a local quilt shop. We were able to shop and hear about what’s new. It’s a nice way to spend the evening. have a good sewong day.

  31. Pat in Michigan

    I enjoyed the recent quilts and as always the animal antics. Your dogs really know how to entertain us!
    Today I went to a local needlework shop (cross stitch and needle punch) that is closing because of the owners retirement. The owner was unable to secure a buyer and so the store will be closed permanently. So sad to see a long time business gone from our area.
    We are still holding on to winter with a promise of spring.

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