A New Week, 3-20 – 23

You may not have noticed but the blog was still having issues. Peggy’s grandson, Richard, has fixed them all this afternoon and I feel like celebrating! Honestly I can write this blog with no problem at all but if something goes wrong I am lost. This is a new week with a clean slate in front of me. We ALL thank you, Richard!

Reader quilts:

Bullseye from men’s shirts
What a line up!

This is my March Madness Quilt – I made 500 blocks last year and this year I’m putting them together.

Found these blocks in my cupboard and I know I made them but does anybody know the name of the pattern? Can’t remember!!!

This is Linda’s grandson’s Jeep – in California!

I pulled all the silk mens shirts – I’m going to do something with them. I’m thinking.

On the longarm…..

Enough for tonight – more pictures tomorrow. Ballgames tonight!

50 thoughts on “A New Week, 3-20 – 23

  1. Sue in Marion, IN

    Hi Mary! Your mystery blocks are Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain. The free pattern is on her website. It also ran in Quiltmaker and is in her Addicted to Scraps book. Glad your blog problems seem to be solved. I’m the same—I only know how to do what I do on the computer. If something doesn’t work, I’m up the creek!

  2. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I think it is a free Bonnie Hunter block called Carolina Chain. Check out her web site.
    Nice quilt show and pet pictures. Thanks everyone for sharing!

    Had my last Physical Therapy appt. today for my knee replacement. It has been 9 weeks today that I had surgery. Now it’s up to me to keep the healing going. Made a spreadsheet to mark off my exercises as I do them each day. Tomorrow I have a Dr. Appt to have my foot rechecked. Sure glad I had the foot surgery first. I hate to think if it was the other way around. Spring is today!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – thank you – I know I made her quilt and these are the leftovers. Hmmmm, I wonder where the actual quilt is.

  3. Pat

    The 500 squares from March Madness last year are amazing
    I love reading your daily posts and seeing all the quilts…..
    Plus the animals.
    Have a good week.

  4. Deb in Idaho

    I’m so happy you got the blog working, it’s would stress me out. Thank you Richard. Beautiful quilts.

  5. Lynn Hassebroek

    I really like the bullseye quilt with men’s shirts, I just bought some.

  6. Linda in North Carolina

    My grandsons Jeep is in Dublin New Hampshire They had 36” of snow Monday and Tuesday last week. Spring does not happen in NH. Love all the quilts. You ladies are so talented. I don’t quilt much anymore My hands are very arthritic. Will resume sewing in Heaven!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – oh, I’m so sorry!!!! I got so many photos from CA that I got yours mixed up with them – oh, that’s an awful lot of snow – for any location!!!

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for showing my charity top with Bella sitting on it. The Carolina quilt looks great with light centre’s going one way and dark centre’s going in the opposite direction. I’m interested to see your quilt on the longer, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  8. Betty Klosterman

    I think we each should send you $1 for Richard. We really do appreciate him!!! Thank you.

    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Peggy S

      Oh, my goodness. . .Richie wouldn’t want any $$ from everyone. He is just happy to help out. But thank you.
      Peggy S. (Richie’s grandma.)

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Peggy – but you see how grateful we all are to Richard? He’s a rock star as far as I’m concerned!

        1. Betty Klosterman

          He just doesn’t realize how happy it makes us old ladies and you to get your blog. We have all these great friends who share their lives on your blog. It would be a very lonesome world without it. Thank you.

          1. Kathy in NY

            I agree Betty. We feel all so connected in each others well being. To me it’s pretty darn special but hearing from everyone here, no matter what or where they are, is what keeps our love of one another. Caring is sharing.

  9. Diane in Colorado

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Richard!!!!! We so appreciate you helping keep the blog up!!!!

    I always love seeing the Bullseye quilts!! Mine is my most favorite quilt—so wonderfully scrappy and fun. And the perfect way to use fabrics from your stash.

  10. Linda In Colorado

    Glad the blog is working again! Mary H – I love your Two Step quilt. I just finished a Two Step top that is multi colored scrappy, but I like the idea of controlled scrappy!

  11. Gloria B.

    Especially love the 100 wishes quilt in neutrals with the animals marching across the bottom. My dream trip is a safari and that quilt would complement my dream. Great creative work everyone!

  12. DebMac

    Mary, I think your mystery blocks are the same as the photo I sent you last week of my brother’s quilt. My pattern is by Pacific Patchwork and is called “Scrappy Squares”. 8″ finished blocks.

  13. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, thanks for persevering through the blog issues and a big thank you to Richard for helping you! Wonderful quilts again today and I love your March Madness quilt. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  14. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, you made 500 blocks last year during March Madness? Wow! I love them and can’t wait to see them In a quilt ( or two?). The OSU women held on. Whew! The quilt show is great and thanks to Richard for helping with the blog. I see you added Christine’s Bullseye to the quilt parade-love that you did😀. How old is JB? He is looking older to me, but I love his colors. Working on my flannel rug and two quilts. Helping hubby recuperate. Just not his usual self yet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – tell your hubby hi from all of us! I thinkJB is 17-18. I’m sure he isn’t long for this world – he doesn’t look good and is totally deaf. I watch out for him when I can. Those 500 blocks were charms so that eliminated a lot of cutting – just mindless sewing and some pressing. You know how much basketball I watch!!!

  15. Terri s

    Yes, thank you, Richard! We would be lost, or more than lost without Mary’s blog!

  16. Susan

    Mary I love the quilt you have on your long arm!
    I really enjoy reading your blog it is stupendous no one writes like you do!

  17. Char

    Thanks, Richard! It’s really tough managing technology these days! Thanks for all your efforts and patience Mary!
    Wow! Everyone has been so busy making pretties! Love them all!
    Hoping that the storms subside real soon for everyone. It’s been a winter for the record books for sure!

  18. Susan K in Texas

    Oh how I love this blog! Seeing what everyone is working on, getting pictures of pets and quilts, hearing what Mary is up to., and reading the comments. A highlight of my day!

  19. Agatha

    You and my husband both are so crazy about basketball and he loves March madness. But you put together 500 blocks him nothing. Haha Plus him watching hours of basketball gives me more time for me in my quilting room.
    Win win!!!!!

  20. Pat Smith

    Thanks to Richard. I’ve heard my friends talk about their grandchildren in first grade helping them get things straightened out. I just remind myself that I’m an immigrant in that land and they are natives. My Richard is my husband who knows quite a bit more about how this technology works than I do. I loved seeing all the quilts today. My bullseye is in pieces, and seeing the finishes makes me want to finish the one I started some time ago. Love this blog about quilts, animals, and people’s lives. So many interesting stories!

  21. Kathy in western NY

    The quilts are so fun for me to see each time. Everyone makes something different, even Bullseyes. The pets and just seeing what life is like that day in your part of the country and how everyone else’s day is going keeps us all connected. A special thanks of gratitude to Richard for allowing this to happen.
    Oh Mary I had clothes hanging outside to dry on my clothesline. They smelled so good when I hung them in my closet tonight. Love these longer sunny days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – oh, I want to hang my sheets out on the line very soon!

  22. Connie R.

    I really like your March Madness quilt and look forward to seeing it finished. Beautiful quilt show again today. No matter how the Bullseye quilts are put together, they all turn out so special. What a versatile pattern you and Connie created!

  23. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Love the Bullseye quilt with men’s shirts. So different! Love, love March Madness, particularly now that Xavier is in the Sweet 16. Yahoo!

  24. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Thanks to Richard for his expertise. How wonderful the blog is up and running; we would be so lost without it. Thanks for your patience and perseverance , Mary.
    I just finished two baby boy quilts; they are basic four-patches, but the fabric made them cute. Now I am putting together 12” denim blocks for my grandson’s car quilt, which I will back with heavy flannel. Then, I will be free to make something just for fun, my choice. I always enjoy seeing all the quilts on the blog and want to make so many. 🤗 Thanks again, Mary.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I am smiling this morning Jeanie over your comment with making the denim squares quilt for your grandsons car. I wonder how many other kids have car quilts made by someone who cares they are kept warm if ever stranded. We just do it second nature here in the northeast to make sure a quilt is in the car and many years it was my first queen size bedspread from early marriage. With smaller cars and not much space in some of them, I do hope it still happens.

  25. Sharon Eshlaman

    Thank you Richard! I really need my daily posts from “the blog about nothing”……it makes my day complete!
    Animals and quilts, it couldn’t get better than this! Thank you Mary for being persistent and not throwing your hands up in the air and walking away with this technology scrap….ha ha, I mean crap

  26. Janet S

    Great quilts today everyone. It makes me guilty for not doing more. The 100 Wishes with the zoo parade is really creative – beautifully done.

  27. Beth Haynes

    JB reminds me so much of my 18 year old, Tremont, who died many years ago. Those orange tabbies are, well, the tops in my book.
    Yes in NH we have 5 seasons with Mud being in between winter and spring taking part of our spring. Spring is here but really fast. 😊 We are going through Mud right now, which is also part of our sugaring season.
    I too like the pinwheel quilt with the animals on the bottom. Calming bit interesting for a child.

  28. Sue in Oregon

    Thanks from me, too, Richard. I love when young people come along and help us oldies with techie problems. You are all just so smart!
    I love so many of the quilts in this post. Seeing the Men’s Shirt Bullseye makes me want to make one with my husband’s old shirts. Not sure I have enough cotton ones, though. It’s kind of hard to make one with flannel.
    We have sun this morning. We have seen so little of it these past months that I had forgotten how bright it is. Keep on coming, Spring.

  29. Robin in Kelso, Wa

    The pattern is called scrappy squares. From pacific patchwork. Hope that helps you Mary

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