More About Hazel, 3-18-23

I forgot to explain why Hazel came to us from Colorado. An online friend showed this picture of her puppy named Mojo.

I fell instantly in love and found out he came from Rancho Fiasco in Elizabeth, CO and yes, they would have one litter the following winter. I was told male dogs are much calmer but I wanted a girl to be named for my mom Hazel. Here are the two girls from that litter.

Hazel is on the right.

She is the only purchased purebred dog I’ve ever had and will always be the only one, I’m sure. Yesterday my hairdresser told me she was buying a very expensive puppy because shelter dogs were undesirable. I do not agree and I am offended by her comment. She has never owned a dog and I can’t imagine this will turn out well. Maybe I need a new hairdresser?

Last week was a huge blog week – first the 35th anniversary of the wonderful Des Moines Register article. (And btw, how could you read it? I had trouble reading those blurry words once I enlarged it!). Then came Connie’s 70th birthday and then Hazel’s Gotcha Day. Whew! I have loved reading your comments! Keeps us all connected, you know. Please don’t be afraid to leave a comment!

I watched so much basketball yesterday I had dreams about basketball last night. And today will be another day of games – my favorite two weeks of the year! Iowa teams all fell out yesterday – all except Iowa women and Caitlin Clark, one the the nation’s top players.

Reader quilts


Off to do chores and get ready for the games!

78 thoughts on “More About Hazel, 3-18-23

  1. Lois Ann Johnson

    I sure do not agree with your hairdresser about shelter dogs being undesirable! Most of the dogs I have adopted have come from the shelter and they were/are blessings in my life! Hazel is so adorable! We all love hearing and reading about her antics. I am ready for some warm, spring-like weather, aren’t you? Soon and very soon!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois – she is wrong! And I don’t think I can stand to hear about this dog’s life with a spoiled adolescent daughter who is supposed to be taking care of the dog. Kids have no idea and this daughter is at home doing online school. I see problems with this plan as I’m sure you do, too. Margaret and I should play “Soon and Very Soon” again – I love this song!

  2. Kim

    Love to hear about Hazel!! I rescued a dog from a puppy mill. They didn’t want her anymore as her last litter was a c-section & the vet took out her uterus. She had no idea how to play or what a ball was. She was sweet & our family loved her & treated her like a queen. I was not looking for a dog at this time. After hearing about her story I offered to take her knowing she would have a better life with a family & 2 kids. We took her everywhere with us & even on vacation.!!!! Love the daily quilt show & Harvey pics too,

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – I HATE PUPPY MILLS! And I hate that Iowa has the second largest number of them in all the US. Our legislature should be ashamed and I’ve called several of them.

  3. Sue in Oregon

    Amazing quilts today. Sew much fun to see. Hope everyone had a great St. Paddy’s Day. We actually planted strawberries and potatoes yesterday.

  4. Sheryl Austin

    I agree with you about your hairdresser, our local rescue facility has had some awesome looking pups/dogs & actually some of them have not been mutts. I am aging & already have 2 dogs, so am not up to getting any more dogs….

  5. Jo in Michigan

    I picked Hazel out right away with her sister! She’s a cutie♥️ Obviously your hairdresser didn’t know you or she would have kept that comment to herself! I totally disagree with her! There are wonderful shelter dogs out there. They end up in the shelter for all different reasons. All they need is a good home.
    Enjoy your day Mary!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in MI – and she told me because she knows I’m a dog lover. Obviously she doesn’t know how I feel about shelters and rescue dogs or she wouldn’t have said that to me.

  6. Jeanne H in the Finger Lakes of New York

    Perhaps what your hairdresser meant is that some shelter dogs can have strange quirks if they were surrendered by or taken from someone who was not a good pet owner. If the dog was traumatized in any way, that could cause a behavioral problem that another person might not want to deal with.

    Perhaps your hairdresser wants a particular breed of dog? Getting a puppy from a reputable breeder would have some sort of guarantee. I am a bit concerned though about her not having had a dog before.

  7. Frances E

    The chicken and art quilts are amazing. I’ve known people who found purebred dogs at the pound. They may be there because their owner passed away or couldn’t care for them anymore, or they were a breed that needed more activity than the owner could handle. That said, I believe that mutts are likely to be a better dog than the purebreds! Many breeders over breed their dogs and the result is likely to be a dog with more health problems. I know I’m preaching to the choir. Love to all.

  8. Diane in Maryland

    Every shelter dog and mixed we’ve ever had, and we have had many, were wonderful! It’s the same with all the feral cats that have found their way to our door. It’s like they appreciate the love and wonderful home we give them. Don’t know why your hairdresser thinks this but she is totally wrong.

    I loved all the quilts today and I have enjoyed all the different Harvey’s. I think I’ve got to make one! My money will be on it’s way to you.

  9. Jane from St Marys Ia

    It has been fun watching all the games as this the best time of the year for me. I love basketball. I didn’t like how any of the Iowa teams played but I’m now going to cheer for Fairleigh Dickinson. Turns out their coach is from Truro IA which is just down the road from us! He went to the I-35 school system & it’s a rival school for our little school! It’s fun to have such a connection as I’m sure no has heard of either the town or the school!
    We’ve had purebred & shelter dogs here on the farm. Both have worked well for us but I always have a special spot in my heart for the ones who came from the shelter. And that Hazel is too cute!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jane – I heard about Anderson last night after the game – a great Iowa connection! Wasn’t that a game? Like everybody else I was glued to the screen and couldn’t believe what i was seeing. The score was at 53-54 for many many minutes!

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    Ow! Hazel’s story brought back so many memories of how we got our dogs. All 5 have been rescued one way or another. Some from the animal shelter, some from ads in the paper, some from people who “have had enough”. All wonderful, loving, additions to our family.
    There are no bad dogs…just bad owners.
    The quilt show is festive, thanks to all.

  11. Lorraine McGeough

    Hazel is soooo cute and so loved. Thank you for the quilt show of pictures. Love them all and there are so many talented and creative people out there. So inspiring.

  12. DebMac

    A good hairdresser is hard to find so I wouldn’t drop your current for her opinion on shelter dogs. Just don’t talk dogs. There are reasons for going each way. We know a couple of families that went the shelter route and ended up with dogs that had issues due to abuse. The families didn’t know ahead of time there was abuse and the dogs ended up back at the shelters. But we’ve also known families that had good results. We had 2 English Setters; one was laid back and the other was just Darcey. Even the vet said she was “just Darcey”. Not bad in any way, just a little anxious with major allergies and a personality more like a cat than a dog. Our rescue dog was supposed to be a lab and ended up being a lab/chow mix. We had no problems with her but all we read were horror stories when we looked for another lab/chow mix after she died. I guess dogs are like scrap quilts, you never know what you’re going to get until you get one.

  13. Linda in Nortwest

    Mary, just to catch you up on local Basketball, sorta local to you….iowa Lakes Community College plays Wednesday night in the NjCBB on Wednesday.. I will watch the website…I had to search thru many of the pages on the ILCC homepage to find it even posted. Some news articles must have gone to press early and said Kirkwood won over Iowa Lakes….and, our local paper had still not caught on!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – yes, please let me know – it is very hard to keep schedules straight and see who’s playing when! Your local paper needs to get a clue!!!

  14. Billie in Henderson, NV

    Love hearing about Hazel, would love a dog like her!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  15. Montana Kathy

    Time for a new hairdresser! She couldn’t be more wrong about shelter dogs. Aside from our 3 labs, all of our animals have been rescues, and each one has been an absolute joy. They bring so much to our lives. Your Heidi looks like my kitty, Cleo. So pretty. And it goes without saying, Hazel is adorable! Loved today’s quilts – so fun. I’ve been de-cluttering my sewing room for two months now 😕, so have not had time to sew. Unfortunately, I think I now have a bigger mess than when I started, and I’m suffering from sewing withdrawals! It’s amazing how much fabric and sewing “necessities” one can accumulate in over 50 years quilting! Wish me luck – I’m thoroughly depressed and don’t think I’ll ever get through it all! And Spring can’t come soon enough!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – why don’t you just clear a spot and make a little 9 patch quilt – something that’s easy, fun and quickly finished! Your mess will still be there but you’ll feel more likely to finish it.

      1. Montana Kathy

        Thanks for the suggestion, Mary. As soon as I can unearth my machine, I’ll do that! It might spur me on to get this mess cleared up!

  16. Jamie in Phoenix

    I can see why you fell in love with Mojo, how adorable! I would change hairdressers, too many wonderful pets are in need of a good home.

    Great quilt show today. To whoever posted the one with the rubber ducky: Is that part of the quilt or just added for the picture?

    1. Linda in Northwest Iowa

      Carol, what time? Is IPTV doing the televising? Or did they play in the first round?

  17. Vicki Ibarra

    I haven’t had a rescue dog, but did have a rescue cat that was a precious family member for many years. She was timid at first, but ended up taking naps with me and sitting on my husband’s lap and computer when he did computer work. She was special. My youngest son and daughter-in-law have 6 rescue cats. They do have different personalities and I think one of them will never us let pet her. But the other 5 love ear and neck scratches. They just take time to warm to us when we visit.

    Love the quilts and fell in love with the color contrast of the chicken quilt. What a delight!

  18. Cindy

    You need a new hairdresser. We have been loved by many dogs, all different breeds that we bought from breeders. They were all wonderful, but the fur baby we have now is a rescue and the best thing my husband and I have ever done after our human children. 🙂 She is the most loving and sweet dog and super smart! You can tell how happy she is having her own family and home. Shame on your hairdresser. There are so many loving fur babies in shelters that would be so grateful for a loving, forever home. I just wish we could adopt all of them!

  19. Jeanine from Iowa

    I really enjoyed all the pictures and comments today. I especially love the chicken quilt since I used to have chickens😒. Something got all of them but two, so I gave those to a friend who had chickens, and they are doing fine with her flock. That happened about a year ago. We haven’t had a dog in years, only two barn cats, and we love them. We were sad about the Iowa losses yesterday as well. Lots of upsets so far.

  20. Janice

    Understand your liking shelter dogs as I have had shelter, those who have wandered in and breeder dogs. The one we have now is a “designer dog” as I wanted one that was assured to be hypo allergenic because of making baby quilts for charity and having a lot of grands. Also, with having Bichon Freise means she is sturdy enough to be around kids and seniors and the Yorkie side gives her spunky personality. Technically she is called a Yoichien or a Borke. She is great to travel with too which is why I wanted a small dog. Have loved them all.

  21. Pam in NC

    Thanks Mary for all the time you spend on the blog! Those baby pictures of Hazel just made me smile! She’s such a little pickle! I too, loved the pet parade!!! OMG!! So many beloved pets! And can’t forget the quilt parade-if I ever get that stack bound, I’ll send my share of photos! HA! Thanks again and hope spring is kind to all the farm family!

  22. Ann in PA

    Hazel’s puppy photos are absolutely adorable….she still is adorable! I understand that older, abused rescue dogs can present a problem if there are other pets, small children or grandchildren. I know of a scared, shy, abused older dog who was rescued by a couple who surrounded him with love and patience. Although he never was as free spirited as Hazel or your other pups, he lived out his life a contented, happy dog. I worry more about that hairdresser getting ANY dog, purebred or not, if there is no understanding of dog behavior and proper training. The problems are because of people, not the dog.
    Speaking of dogs, the “underdogs” are crushing March Madness! Wow, how crazy is it that the top seeds are OUT! I’m rooting for another underdog, Penn Stat who came close to beating #1 Purdue. However, Purdue is now OUT! My oldest granddaughter is a senior at PSU and three family members graduated from Happy Valley. GO NITTANY LIONS!

  23. Donna Sproston

    Watching the Iowa women play yesterday was amazing. Our daughters were division 3 athletes and it was such h fun to follow their games and meets for so many years. The younger one is still running races after 36 years.

    I find your hairdresser’s comment bewildering. Purebred dogs often have issues because of too much inbreeding!

    Happy national quilting day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – you’re right about purebred dogs ! Doesn’t your daughter run marathons

  24. Sandi

    Mojo is adorable! Hazel is the best little dog. She’s so cute. Her puppy pictures are adorable.I’m wondering if the maker of the appliqué quilt withe green flower center could tell us the name of the pattern? It’s so pretty. I love all the pictures. Thank you. Hugs,

  25. Jan Hebert

    I love your story about getting Hazel. She really is a special little dog! And the quilts are just great. Love the baby quilt with the little ducky! I don’t know what I would do about your hairdresser. Was going to suggest just not talking dogs (like politics!) but you just know that you will hear all about the problems they are having with the puppy! Then she will be looking to get rid of the “problem”… but, hopefully we’re wrong and things will go well. Will pray that is the case. Jan in MA

  26. Alice in SW Ohio

    I have to admit I’m concerned about your hairdresser as well! There’s a lot to know about having a dog or cat. I’m wondering if this pure bred puppy is going to be another going to a shelter when they tire of it. Puppies have to be housebroken & they chew on things! Just to name a few! I’ve had a number of pure bred Cocker Spaniels. My mother raised them. So I grew up loving dogs, knew how to trim them & had my own set of clippers & scissors. My first rescue was a little poodle named Buddy. His owner had to go into a nursing home & couldn’t take him. Sweetest little guy & loved to play ball. My little Bentley had been so mistreated he bit everyone, including me! It took me a year to turn him into a sweet little dog. Lots of treats, back & neck scratches & walks. I’ve had him 4.5 yrs now. He was 9 when I got him. Older dogs/cats need loving home to live out their golden years, too. I think because my kids were raised with always having animals it’s made them animal lovers & both own dogs. Love the pictures of Hazel ❤️

  27. Chris in Alaska

    Yes ,I think you do need a new hairdresser!! Our Bailey was a rescue and in a shelter ,because he was left in an abandoned home with a few other animals, also rescued . He was the sweetest dog ever. I’m sure purebreds can be wonderful too! Love the pictures and the story of Hazel !

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Chris – Keeper was a shelter dog and he’s the most loving dog I’ve ever had! Yes, there are some dogs in shelters that have behavior problems and the gal who owns the shelter I got Keeper from says she would euthanize an aggressive dog before she’d ever let it be adopted.

  28. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    All the dogs and cats in need of happy homes makes me so sad. Especially the senior ones. Seems everyone wants a kitten or puppy. Puppy mills make me cry. We have had many animals also and although I like the new freedom of retirement and the go whenever we want to lifestyle, I would absolutely adopt a senior one now, They bring such love into our homes. Our two stray kitties were the sweetest things ever as well as our cocker spaniel that hubby surprised me with when we were first married. He came from a local family who breed cocker spaniels and were very sweet and kind. My daughter just adopted her second rescued greyhound and it breaks my heart when I think of the secluded, crated life they led. Such sweet dogs breed just as money makers. If they are not good racers they are just cast aside. I follow a couple of rescue sanctuary blogs and it is so sweet to see what love and patience will do for a scared, abused animal.

    I love reading about sweet Hazel and all your furry friends!

  29. Colleen in Oregon

    Amazing quilts! Amazing Hazel! Too bad about your hairdresser, she spoke in ignorance.
    I’ve had the most wonderful week! Monday was my daughter’s birthday, Tuesday was my grandson’s birthday, Wednesday was my birthday and Thursday, our first great-grandbaby was born! A darling little girl!! I am on cloud nine!

  30. Diana Thompson

    And this is why I have trouble commenting…… my arthritis gets in my way when typing. I love reading your blog and daily posts. It’s a bright spot in my day. Loved the animal pictures! I have a 17 year old Maine Coon female, Lucy, and I adore her, so I can relate to “animal love”. Another highlight is the pictures of all the quilts, whether yours or readers. I do a lot of saying, “I know that pattern” or “I made that quilt”. If you could share your email again, so that I could send you a picture or two, that would be appreciated. Keep up your wonderful, good works. Yes, we are reading and if not commenting often, I am in my head. Love your jokes too!
    Diana from Wisconsin.

  31. Marian Stever

    Oh Mary, you are so good at keeping us informed. Love the story about Hazel. She is so special and so cute! I I agree with you about shelter dogs and cats. I know a lot of people could tell you about their successes with them. They are so wanted and loved.
    All the Harveys are so fun to look at. And, the rest of the quilts. Certainly gets all of us a push to do one or two of them. Happy Birthday to Connie!
    It’s freezing in Minnesota. It was 5 degrees in Rochester this morning. Spring, where are you?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marian – cold here, too. Last night at 10 when I went to the barn the wind chill was 19 below!!!! This has been the longest winter, hasn’t it? Or is it just me?

  32. Connie

    Hazel is adorable and I could tell which one she was before reading your comment under the picture of the two girls. I can’t imagine my life without a dog.
    How do I send pictures to you to post?

  33. Kathy Hanson

    I did read the clippings, loved it! If
    We aren’t at a basketball game we are watching basketball on TV! It will soon be over and don’t know what we will do then! I guess just wait for next year’s basketball games! A friend’s daughter plays Lacrosse starting next month so we will go to her home games when we can and just wait for basketball again I guess!!

  34. Charlotte S in northern California

    Great quilt show today! So much talent in this group!! I love Hazel. She’s adorable. Thanks for sharing her stories and all of your pets.

  35. Sharon G.

    Hazel is so cute!
    And the quilts…wow! Some talent on display there. Thank you for sharing.
    It’s 60 degrees and sunny in the Pacific Northwest where I live. I should be working outside in the yard today, but I’m going to a barbecue with friends instead. 😂

  36. Kathy in western NY

    Happy National Quilting Day to the bestest and coolest quilters I can relate to!!!
    Such gorgeous quilts today to see. Thank you for inspiring us all with your photos.
    Well I am one who owns rescues and believe most shelters and transport people have better compassion on caring for pets than some vets offices do. I have a really nice vet but sometimes I feel a wall of “seen one, seen them all” on some of their assistants when I need guidance.
    Our shelter volunteers have you sit with the animals, mingle with your other pets brought in, take a walk along a path and see how they act with you. I do worry about how the hairdresser will handle a puppy and I would leave her so I wouldn’t hear any grumbling that would upset me just because I chose to stay there for a haircut. Clearly she said it knowing full well your value in helping animals. I left a very good hairdresser in a popular spa salon cause she said she wouldn’t mind being fondled by a sexy president. I came away thinking she has a warped mind of how to be treated and did not return as it showed to me a lack of her compassion or scope of what some women have endured. Words matter. I have a wonderful hairdresser in a small shop who really can use the money to keep afloat so I found it a blessing.

  37. Deb in Idaho

    I love the story about Hazel, got ta live dogs. They are so entertaining, I’ve been starting seeds today,hope all seeds come up

  38. MN Jo

    Aren’t the Hawkeyes women’s basketball team fun to watch?! Just got home from the St. Patrick Day Parade. They estimate over 20,000 people come to our small town to celebrate. It’s supposed to be the largest in the state of Minnesota. It’s fun to watch all the craziness. It was the coldest St Patrick day in 30 years, with 20+ inches of snow on the ground, and people still came. Ha!

  39. Jean Slater

    Mary this is my very first comment I have followed you since we used to visit your shop during Winnebago GNR days. I have always had shelter dogs except for one. They have all been excellent dogs except for one that ended up biting two people the first week. We did have to return him because of grandkids and being very active in going on weekends camping. Love your post and miss going to your store in July.

  40. Ginny

    You and I both bought a one-and-done purebred puppy about the same time. I got my English Lab and you got your JRT. How many rescue dogs have we had and fostered in our lifetime? My rescue dogs are the best, your hairdresser needs to do some research. So many purebred dogs are puppy mill dogs and we know how they are bred. Adopt don’t shop!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ginny – yes, we did and I wouldn’t trade Hazel for anything but I won’t do it again. I won’t need to – Hazel might even outlive me!! I wish I could adopt a couple more rescues but Rick would kill me!

  41. Brenda

    You need a new hairdresser. Every pet I have ever had was a rescue although only one came from a shelter. We have a feral cat that a neighbor was going to take to the pound as a kitten. The only person she would let near her was my son. It took 7 years for her to become social. But in her old age she is very much a lap cat. I will always have rescue pets.
    I love seeing everyone’s quilts. Need to get the pattern for Harvey. He is very cute.

  42. Pat Smith

    Our Sonny is from the shelter and because of our love for golden retrievers and our years of having them,, he is our first shelter dog. He was adopted with his father, both given up by a breeder. Sickening, I know. It could have been a puppy mill, but I’ll never know. Sonny is the best dog we’ve ever had and is now 10 years old. Your hairdresser is wrong, but I’m sure you had something to say to her about shelter dogs. I would never get a dog from a breeder again because my experience has shown me that breed doesn’t matter. We showed Sonny a lot of love and he has returned it 10 fold.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – Sonny is a fabulous dog! No, I did not say anything to her since she was cutting my hair at the time but I don’t think I’ll go back. There’s no way I could go back and not talk to her – and she will be so anxious to tell me about the puppy.

  43. Debra L Reber

    Happy Gotcha Day to Hazel! All my dogs have been rescue dogs of some sort. And they have almost all been great dogs!!

  44. Kim from TN

    What wonderful quilts today, I do so enjoy seeing what everyone is making. The super cute duck, all those chickens and the lovely sunset. I feel inspired. Hazel is a keeper and I wouldn’t give up on your hairdresser just yet. I hope that you can gently change her mind about shelter pets and what great dogs they have been for you over the years. We have been traveling the past few weeks enjoying some wonderful weather. Dauphin Island, Alabama for 4 nights, Pensacola, Fl or 2 nights, Tampa, Fl or 4 nights, St Augustine, Fl for 5 nights and will head to Daytona Beach, Fl in the morning for 4 nights. Learning a lot about different areas of Florida and those who settled here. Beautiful beaches, wonderful seafoods and warm weather. I tried frozen hot chocolate twice and I will go home and try to make some.

  45. Carla

    Love the Hazel pics and the lovely quilts! I don’t like basketball personally (gasp), but it sure seems like you enjoy it which makes me happy for you. As to your hairdresser, maybe she just needs some gentle education about the benefits of dogs from shelters. I think you’d be a good educator. Otherwise, if she wasn’t being rude about it, maybe she just gets to have her opinion and you just get to have a haircut. Blessings!

  46. MaureenHP

    Beautiful quilts this week, some wonderful inspiration!
    How sad that your hairdresser thinks so poorly about rescue dogs. So often, once they are out of the shelter, they calm done and are fine. Many shelters use foster homes and that is a bonus because the foster can give valuable information to the adopter.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maureen – and that’s why foster homes are so important!!!

  47. Linda Schluchter

    Heidi is adorable and Hazel, well she was more than worth the trip and being a purebred. The only dog I have ever purchased was my first golden and Maude was worth every penny, although it wasn’t much because she didn’t come with papers. Papers have never meant anything to me, it’s the sweet soul of the dog that matters. Who doesn’t melt at puppy dog eyes and little puppy breath? I would buy a Hazel but after losing my Elliott I don’t think I have enough heart left to give to a new dog and I don’t want a dog to out live me! I’m hoping I have many more years because something has to be done with all this fabric, but I don’t want to stap any of my children with babies of mine.

    Love seeing the adventures of Hazel and the pack! Keep up the good work Mary, the quilt show today was wonderful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I understand how you feel about leaving a dog here if you die. I have told my family that I would prefer them to be euthanized instead of put in a shelter! I’ve seen too many pictures and sad stories of dogs left at shelters when their owner dies. Becky would take Hazel and Telly is pretty old now. That leaves Keeper to figure out.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        My daughter was telling me of a couple she knows who are older. They love dogs but know a puppy would most likely outlive them. So, this couple goes to our local humane society and adopts only much older dogs. The lady told Cindy that it is sad for them when the dog passes on but they know they have given the dog a loving home and they have received so much love in return! Then they go get another one who needs them. What a beautiful act of love!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I have kept a magazine article for over 25 years about the same thing and now I’m already old!!! Late to start but would adopt several more dogs if Rick didn’t already forbid it. Telly is getting old and when she’s gone I will adopt a senior dog from the shelter – without a doubt. Keeper is really too much energy for me!!!

  48. Sally J.

    Very inspiring Quilt show today!!
    Whoever made the quilt in the bedroom with “Love You More” on the wall…..please share name of quilt and info. Thank you. Would love to make!!

  49. Cheryl Regan

    I’m traveling and really looking forward to today so I can watch a few of the games. Amazing talent!

  50. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Ahhh, Hazel. Too cute for words😃 I think a new hairdresser is a good idea, too. She must know you have rescued and/ or fostered so many that came from the shelter. It is kind of like saying only “ natural” children are good enough. Ugh. Would anyone know the pattern for the chickens? My husband who grew up on the chicken farm loves it. Thanks! Cold here— it was 15, but minus 6* wind chill. Brrr. It makes Buddy very happy we took him in as our own. He is adorable😺

  51. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary! Love the extra info about Hazel! She was so adorable as a puppy (and still pretty sweet)! I’ve only had one shelter dog and I’d get another in a heartbeat if the hubby was agreeable. Some great reader quilts today. My two picks for the final game are still in the hunt – Gonzaga and Kentucky! Go Zags!!

  52. Susan K in Texas

    Happy gotcha day to Hazel and you!
    Happy belated birthday to Connie!
    The quilts are beautiful and the Harvey quilts have been fun to see.
    And a pretty kitty Heidi too.
    The hairdresser doesn’t sound like she’s done her research on dog ownership. I can see why you don’t want to hear her issues with the new puppy.
    We’ve been in Oklahoma visiting my oldest son. It was cold and windy. I don’t like being cold or being in the wind but we had a great time visiting him.

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