Two New Quilts, 4-11-2020

For spring we are introducing two new quilt patterns – Polka Dot Stars and Blue Shirts! Not only did Connie make the coffee cups quilt and pincushions, she gathered her polka dot fabrics and made this cute little spring quilt for the table. She is on a roll!

It is an easy to piece 8″ star block and the cost of the pattern will be $3.00.

Here’s the quilt hung out straight.

Then with her leftover 2-1/2″ strips she made this little table topper.

And the Blue Shirts Quilt is also now available for $5.00.

If you’re ordering both patterns, only one SASE is necessary. We try to mail patterns as inexpensively as possible.

PLEASE print off your own photo because we have no way to provide the photo for you.

Sometime next week I’ll try to post all currently available patterns and books.

Please save this blog post for future use.

I am very sleep deprived tonight so I’ll just close with a couple pictures of the babes.

One of the puppies someone else is fostering died this morning and I’m having lots of trouble with my bigger puppy. He is crying incessantly and I do not have any idea what’s wrong. He has eaten, pottied and slept but he might be allergic to the milk replacer or all the puppies might have gotten sick nursing from their sick Momma. The possibilities are endless. I really do need to get some sleep tonight.

Easter Sunday will be marred by a snowstorm in our area – we might be just on the very edge of the heavy snowfall if we’re lucky. I’ll let you know tomorrow!

28 thoughts on “Two New Quilts, 4-11-2020

  1. Diane Bauer

    So sad to hear several of the puppies are struggling!! I sure get your sleep deprivation—take gentle care!! I hope your two do well!!

    Easter here is to be snowy, too. 3-6” is what we are predicted to get. I will be up early for online services. Then I will dive back into mask making. I have 125 cut and ready to go but am waiting on elastic. I will sort through scraps tomorrow to see what i can find for ties.

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      Diane, I use 1 3/4″ strips for the ties. 2 per mask. I cut them the WOF. We cut out enough for 60 masks, we have turned in 18 at the VA center in Marshalltown, IA. I have 6 more made and will probably work on some more tomorrow. I am the only one sewing. Would like to get them done. I was able to find some fabric at WM, it shrunk a little bit but washed nice. I was in there again Friday to get some more fabric for ties…I miscalculated, the entire area where they display their FQ was empty, not one left. I was surprised to say the least. Have fun making them.

    2. Pam forsling

      Oh my certainly have done a wonderful job w making masks. I have tried a few but have problems w the pleats. What is your pattern? There are so many videos out there I’m overwhelmed. Thanks.

  2. Beryl in Owatonna

    I love those patterns!! I will need to get some envelopes…I didn’t bring any with when I came down here to Liscomb.
    Those puppies are so cute. What kind are they? I missed that if you posted that in the last post. I am sorry the little one didn’t make it. Maybe the one you have left is lonesome, do you have a stuffed animal it can cuddle with or will Telle snuggle with it. Hope he makes it. Try to get some rest!
    We celebrated Easter today when my brother came down from MN to check on his elderly relatives!! LOL! We all had a nice visit. They are to get 5-8″ of snow tomorrow. My Montana friends got anywhere from 4″ on up and it is to go down to 8 tonight. I am glad I am here!!
    Happy Easter!! He is risen!!

  3. Rhoda Ebersole

    Prayers for your pups and for you as Easter approaches. Is the puppy cold?
    You get gold stars for stepping up and doing this Mary.
    I love you❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Rhoda from Las Vegas

  4. Jeri

    You might try gruel. Grind up kibble and make it into a very runny mixture with goat’s milk.

  5. Debbie Miller

    Adorable puppies and you are a blessing to foster them. Maybe a heating pad or hot water bottle and a clock that ticks pretty loud? We had a St. Bernard that had too many puppies 40 years ago and we had to rotate fostering and feeding several of them. That is what we used. Love the new little quilts! Happy Easter!

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Debbie, I was about to suggest the hot water pack wrapped in some soft flannel and a clock too. Friends who have had Labrador puppies play soft music which they like. Good luck, Mary! They surely are cute!

  6. Felicia Hamlin

    Love the polka dot quilt, but I don’t have polka dot material and I shouldn’t buy any more. I will offer prayers for those sweet little guys, they are God’s creatures and He loves us all. Hugs, Mary. Wish we could visit you and the little ones.

  7. Barb

    Crying pup may need extra heat. I use goat’s milk with my pups as it is much easier on their tummies, he sounds as if he may be cold and have a tummy ache. Good luck with the babies and Happy Easter.

  8. Sandi

    Happy Easter! I hope the little puppy starts to do better. I love both the patterns you showed. Hugs,

  9. Carol Nichols

    So sorry about your sick puppies and sleep deprivation!
    I love your new quilts! I will be watching for your pattern and books update next week.
    Hope you have Happy Easter in spite of all the changes this year. We have our service on Zoom. We are not having snow, but a cooler day.
    Carol in Spokane

  10. Bea knight

    Hi Mary!
    Happy Easter! I love the puppies! They are so cute!!! You are doing such a wonderful thing to raise them! Back in October someone found 2 guinea pigs in a garbage dumpster and brought them to my pet store. I adopted them. 2 very loving girls that give kisses.
    Prayers for the puppies and a speedy recovery for you😊
    Bea knight in south florida

  11. Sandy in Indiana

    The quilts are so pretty! Such talent 🙂
    Thanks for what you are doing for the 2 puppies…..they are so sweet!
    Hope you get some sleep…..I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep
    Happy Easter!

  12. Martha

    Hopefully the Mama to these pups did not have CovonaVirus and the puppies being fostered passing it around! Be well, dear Mary and little ones.

  13. Wendy T.

    Happy Easter Mary. What beautiful quilts Connie is whipping up. I do so hope your puppies are going to be okay. You certainly have your hands full.

  14. Connie R.

    HAPPY EASTER. If anyone can get the puppies through this hard time for them, you can. They are in the best possible hands. Did you name the puppies? We are predicted to get 8-14″ of snow . It bothered me at first but, nowhere to go anyway so, let it snow. Love the quilts and will be sending out my request in tomorrow’s mail. Have a Blessed Easter. I will be praying for your puppies’ health and for you to be able to get some sleep.

  15. Jan from TN

    Love both of your quilts!
    Poor puppies. Lots of good suggestions here. I like the alarm clock wrapped in a soft blanket suggestion. That often does help soothe them. Hope neither of them got something from mama. After all, you have your own dogs to think about too. What did the mama dog have wrong with her? It wasn’t parvo, I hope, since that is deadly & needs immediate treatment. Also, heartworms need immediate treatment. I wish I knew more about taking care of such tiny puppies. I just know about these two really serious conditions from the puppies in our rescues in TN often have these ailments (or the mama dog did/does). Caught early enough, the puppies can survive but its a crap shoot most of the time. Sorry, just reality. I feel bad you’re sleep-deprived but puppies do need a lot of attention., especially if one is not happy. Good luck, take care & Happy Easter from rainy, stormy TN — again!

  16. Barbara Powers

    you should try a heating pad or hot water bottle and a stuffed animal. This always worked for us. We used to raise Golden Retrievers.

  17. Luci in Georgia

    Years ago, we had a litter of nine puppies, and one runt of the litter. Mama dog could no longer feed them, so everyone was on a bottle. The runt was failing, so the vet had us feed the baby formula one hour, and give honey the next hour for extra calories. I can’t remember if it was 1/2 a tsp. or 1/4 tsp., for such a little fellow, but that baby made it just fine. Don’t know if this will help you with the crying of the bigger one. Maybe he just needs more calories, too.

    Good luck. Wish I was close enough to help.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      My Gramma fed her baby bunnies milk with honey added. Don’t know the amount. She said it would keep the bunny from getting constipated. Don’t ask me if it worked, but her bunnies lived????? Maybe old Grammas didn’t really know, but they were trying.
      We got about 6″ of snow last night starting with rain to make ice, but the sunshine has melted the snow except for the drifts. We’ll survive. This staying in quarantine is beginning to get old.
      Take care, Betty

  18. Nikki M in Tx

    Mary, bless you for fostering the babies… try rice water/milk for puppy. Cook long grain white rice per directions using 1 cup rice & extra 1/2 cup water… after cooked should be on soupy side…..blend in blender until liquid… have used this with baby kittens & puppies with good luck.
    Try to get rest.
    Happy Easter .

  19. Kathy Hanson

    I hope you get some sleep and that your puppies continue to do ok. So sorry one of their siblings has died, hopefully the ones you have will do ok! You do need to take care of YOU too! The snow here is really piling up. We watched church on the computer this morning – different but it felt good getting to celebrate Christ’s resurrection!

  20. Donna

    Love your little quilts, I need to buckle down and get some made. Best of luck with the puppies! It’s hard to replace the real deal. Kudos for stepping up for them. Crazy to get snow today, ready to have spring arrive and the virus gone!

    Blessings to ladies this Easter! 🐣

  21. Gail Celeste

    I love the Polka Dot Stars quilt. I made a Polka Dot quilt a few years ago — I call it Polka Dotty – and I have loads of leftover polka dot fabrics so this is the perfect pattern for that. I also love the Blue Shirts pattern.
    I will have to start looking for blue shirts at thrift shops.
    When I include a SASE for 2 patterns, is one First Class stamp enough?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail Celeste – we’re quite sure one stamp will cover it. Thanks, Gail!

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