My New Job, 4-11-2020

Late yesterday afternoon I answered an emergency plea for foster homes for 10 day old puppies whose mama died earlier in the day. It’s a 6 week commitment to two puppies, weighing about 1.4 lbs. each, who need to be fed every two hours. Hahaha! Am I crazy, you ask? Probably, but I have the time and I had applied to be a foster home several weeks ago and when asked if I would accept puppies, I said I didn’t know – I had thought an older dog possibly but I saw the plea on Facebook and texted immediately and was told all puppies had fosters. About 30 minutes later I got the call, “I need you – can you come?” I said I’d be there in 20 minutes.

Telly was interested in guarding the puppies from the cats and Hazel simply wasn’t interested.

Puppy A, the bigger of the two, on the left. B, the runt of the litter, is on the right. Here’s how the first feeding went.

The nipple on the bottle is just too big and too stiff for tiny puppies. I will try to get a small one – on checking my drawer, I have gotten rid of all nursing bottles. Wouldn’t you know?

These puppies came from my favorite shelter, Patriots For Pets, in Clear Lake, IA. They find homes for dogs constantly – and do a great job of it.

It’s 2:55 am and the puppies were so restless and whiney that I was sure they were ready to eat but they’ve gone back to sleep now and I’m guessing that about the time I get to sleep, they’ll be ready to eat again.

I’m going to try to post the last of the Dirty Dozen finishes that I have right now.

Here’s the one photo many of you didn’t get yesterday.

Daddio and the mama of the Tribe are “couple” now – they have decided to live together in the goat pen.

Ok – they’re still asleep – guess I’ll sit in the recliner and doze until they whine loud enough to wake me.

67 thoughts on “My New Job, 4-11-2020

  1. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Happy Easter, Mary. You are the perfect foster mom for A and B—you have such a kind heart. We both loved the story abt Daddio and Mama Tribe. 😂
    I am having church with you tomorrow. Sleep when you can. 🥰

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    What a big surprise! And you didn’t mention anything about those babies. Of course you would say yes, all you need is to see them once and they melt your heart. Such a job, I hope you will take time to sleep. God bless you by letting these babies thrive! Happy Easter, Mary, to you and Rick. That Daddio is quite the guy.

  3. Diane in WI

    What wonderful bundles of Easter joy! I know the puppies will thrive under your care. I really liked the photo of Telly. I hope you and Rick have a blessed Easter.

  4. Connie

    Bless you, Mary. We don’t need to see your wings to know that you have them!

    Happy Easter.

  5. Jan

    Mary those puppies are so cute. HEard on the news the closest large city’s Humane Society is over run with folks turning in their dogs. I pray I never have to make a decision like that! To feed my children or my dogs. Just heart breaking. Bless You Have a Joy Filled Easter.
    Jan in Texas

  6. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Aww, Mary. Of course you said yes. You are a giver to all. I found Squeak in the Big Lots parking lot—4 weeks and 20 ounces and hand fed her for several weeks. They will imprint on you; Squeak thinks I am her kitty mom even after 8 1/2 years! I love sweet Telly being so caring and protective. The puppies are very cute. If I lived closer, I’d come help. Bless you Mary and Happy Easter puppies🐶🐶instead of bunnies🐰🐰.

  7. Candy

    Puppy A (Axel?) and Puppy B (Bruno?) are just the sweetest! I won’t be surprised if we see pictures of Telly cuddling and mothering them .. taking turns with you! How lucky that you ‘found’ each other. Have a joyous Easter!

  8. Sandy

    God bless you Mary, I’m coming round to polish you halo! Have a happy, safe Easter with Rick and all the animals, best wishes, sandy

  9. Margaret

    Hi Mary, I know you have heard the saying many times”Don’t sweat the small stuff”. I’m sure most others agree–in the long term scheme of “things” it amounts to nothing–the few missing pictures! We appreciate your stories and all the wonderful deeds you do SO —Have a BLESSED EASTER. Excited to hear the Blue Plaid quilt instructions are written!! We expect rain in North Texas on Sunday.

  10. Jan Smith

    I admire what a champion you are for animals. God bless you, and Patriots for Pets.

  11. Wendy P

    What a wonderful distraction during this unsettling time. Have fun and enjoy. Thanks for taking care of them.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, when I started reading your blog this morning, I just started laughing because I knew what was coming. Of course, you wouldn’t say no. These little critters will change your attitude as they grow. Also the other cats and dogs will also change, too. Seems like they should come with a kit for feeding to get started, but necessity is the mother of invention? The feedings will be tough but you’ll have to take a few naps. Will there be a bit of extra help from others with the feedings? You might as well name them so they will learn when you need to get their attention. We will all be watching and enjoying your trials and tribulations with “small children.” The new entertainment committee!!
    Oh, our rain just turned to snow but the wind isn’t blowing yet. Supposed to get worse today and really get the snow tonight into tomorrow. Won’t matter much as we are home bound. My snow shovel is in the house so I can shovel my way outside. In the meantime, I’ll keep making the face masks. Happy Easter. Betty

  13. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    New babies and new romance in the farm! Daddio is sporting white the ‘do, no wonder the Queen of the hen house took notice!
    Puppy photo ops coming our way soon! Yea!

    Happy Easter, Mary! May all your eggs be chocolate! (We know they won’t be, but it sounds good)!

  14. Susan Sundermeyer

    Oh Mary, what a wonderful story for Easter! I would be laid back in that recliner with one on each side of my chest with a blanket over all of us as they slept! Daddio and his “Lady” are a hoot. Happy Easter to you!

  15. mary jane Hudson WI

    Oh wow look what you got in your Easter Basket, puppies. How wonderful is that and such cute ones. What a gift to give and receive, tender care. Are you going to name them just for yourself? Thanks for sharing with all of us Mary and have a enjoyable and Blessed Easter Sunday..

  16. Charlotte Shira

    The puppies are adorable!! And you are such a wonderful person to take on being a foster to these beautiful puppies.
    Loved all the pictures. Can’t wait to watch the “Easter” puppies grow!

  17. Gloria Y.

    Thank you for being willing to take two puppies…you are a saint! I’d have difficulty giving them up when the time comes.

    Vickie L…from Davidson, NC, Is there pattern for the second baby quilt? The one with stars? I need something for a friend.

  18. Mary Says Sew!

    That’s so wonderful you’re fostering those two little puppies! And the timing on Easter weekend, too.

    Thank you for taking in the puppies. Not everyone is able to foster, even if they want to. Bless you for it.

    And I’m glad Telly and Hazel are O.K. with the puppies – what a relief!

  19. Mary Says Sew!

    That’s so wonderful you’re fostering those two little puppies! And the timing on Easter weekend, too.

    Thank you for taking in the puppies. Not everyone is able to foster, even if they want to. Bless you for it.

    And I’m glad Telly and Hazel are O.K. with the puppies – what a relief!

  20. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Daddio and his lady are such a smile. He is beautiful. It wouldn’t surprise me if pup A and pup B ended up with names. They are so sweet and God has special places for people like you. Blessed safe Easter.

  21. Jan from TN

    Love the puppies! Love the puppies! Love the puppies!
    All pics came through fine today! Maybe the trick is sending them really early in the morning! LOL!
    Daddio is such a cool dude!
    Quilts shows are all very nice!
    But, did I mention I LOVE THE PUPPIES! Oh, go ahead & name them! Just think how they feel with no real names, just A & B. Sad, that’s how they feel! They are so tiny & so adorable. Does the shelter have any idea what type of mix they are or how large they’ll be as adults?
    We have a place in TN called “Safe Haven Puppy Sanctuary”. They are always taking in puppies from places throughout TN. Sometimes they have 30+ puppies that they have fosters tending to. Once old enough, they are either put up for adoption here in TN or more than likely they are transported “north” for adoptions. North most often is Chicago, PA, CT, etc. Apparently those cities have great, respected shelters that are able to find really good homes. Yay!
    Can’t wait to see more pics as “your” puppies grow! Did I mention I love puppies?

  22. Arrowhead Gramma

    Oh Mary, what a heart of gold you have to take on the two pups. What a good start for the pups having you as their Guardian Angel to give them a good start in life.

    Happy Easter to you and Rick!

  23. the other Angie

    Bless you, Mary!! Those little pups just don’t know what a sweet spot they have landed in. I think Telly wants to help. That kind of curiosity is usually a good sign. Good that you have already prepared the music for tomorrow so you can stay close to the pups. Great picture of Daddio!! Have a wonderful day. Sleep when you can.
    Have a happy and blessed Easter!

    Just FYI, my foster failure was a wonderful thing!

  24. Teresa

    I wish you much luck in saving the puppies. We’ve done that many times with newborn kittens and were never successful. It’s always heartbreaking after all the time and care but these guys should stand a better chance at 10 days old. They look healthy so mama did well.

  25. Janet

    I will enjoy seeing pictures of the puppies growing and changing. Are you allowed to name them? Ow will they be pup A and pup B? What do you feed them, regular milk or is there a puppy formula? Do you know the bread the mother dog was?
    Thank you for sharing the quilt pictures and you animals. Daddio is beautiful. It would make a great framed photo.

  26. Vickie Devore

    I always felt your were a very special person — I’m surpised we can’t see your wings! love you, vickie

  27. Mrs. Goodneedle

    What a lovely and courageous (sleep? what’s that??) thing to volunteer for. Is there anything more precious than puppies– not one thing that I can think of! Good luck, Mary! Daddio is one gorgeous, photogenic bird– he and the tribe mama living together is a riot. Congrats on all the DD finishes, bravo!! Happy Easter~

  28. Charlotte

    Mary, your love and faithfulness to all creatures are a constant inspiration to me. God bless you and Rick and all on the Farm, this Easter and always. xoxoxo

  29. Diane Bauer

    What a wonderful thing you are doing—and two puppies!! I bet they will thrive under your excellent care and so good for them both to have a litter mate to feel more secure. I’m not sure about the foster thing though. Thinking those lucky puppies may have found their furever home at the farm!!! I predict you are going to fall in love very quickly!!! I just adore puppies!!

    1. Wonda Myers

      Enjoy your blog so much! We are city folk so love to read about the farm, animals and quilts.
      We were Corgi owners for 25 years. Loved our corgis.
      Thank you for taking in the puppies. Enjoy watching them grow.

  30. Sue in Marion, IN

    Oh, they’re adorable! My sister in Ypsilanti, MI fosters cats for an all-cat vet practice in Ann Arbor. 4-5 years ago she got a tiny abandoned kitten whose eyes were so infected, they had to be removed. She ended up keeping him, as he was black as well as blind, and a lot of people are superstitious. She very patiently taught him how to jump up on things, navigate stairs…she used a baby gate to teach him a few steps at a time…playing with toys, etc. He’s a doll and very affectionate. The only thing he doesn’t like is being picked up as it disorients him. Good luck with those darling puppies!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Marion, IN – she was very kind to take in that poor kitten – black, too, and sometimes black cats are very abused- teaching him all those skills – wow!

  31. PJ

    Bless you for fostering the puppy’s!!! Such a wonderful thing to do!!! Again thanks for your blog so enjoy it! Don’t always comment but love it!!! Thanks PJ

  32. Gayle Lacey

    Thank you for taking care of the babies, Mary. Precious little lives.

  33. Donna Sproston

    Mama Mary will be kept busy with those two cuties. They are lucky. Happy Easter!

  34. Lois Ann Johnson

    What a beautiful thing you are doing, Mary! I hope you are able to catch some rest/sleep in between the feedings and your regular daily chores! I enjoyed all of the photos today! Such precious puppies and such beautiful quilting. Bailey and I are all ready for Easter! She is looking out the window for the Easter bunny. Church (for me) will be on the computer tomorrow morning at 10:30 with my pastor. Easter Blessings to you and yours!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lois Ann – it will be a very different Easter, won’t it? Since I’ve already recorded the music for the service, I won’t have to go out in the SNOW!

  35. NancyTD

    It is National Pet Day. Thanks for being a foster mom. All the pics came through. Great finishes.

  36. Kathy Hanson

    What sweet little puppies, kudos to you for taking them in and giving them a good home! Glad you can get a little sleep between feedings! Telly is such a good helper! Not too surprising that Hazel doesn’t find them interesting, probably will when they are a little bigger. You are an amazing woman, Mary! Take care of YOU too! Blessings this Easter!

  37. Diane in Maryland

    Loved the comment that they are Easter puppies! How adorable! When I was 8 yrs old my mom raised a two day old Boxer when the momma dog died. We loved Sandy so much and Sandy loved my mother! Lucky little puppies. So cute how Telly was looking at them. Quilts are lovely. So many talented quilters.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  38. Judy

    All pics came through!

    Ready for some puppy love!!!!

    Daddio makes me laugh out loud!

    Easter Blessings to All Y’ll,
    Judy in Texas

  39. Kathy in western NY

    Bless your sweet heart Mary for being a foster mom!! I use to say there is a special place in heaven for people like you who take good care of animals in need but now I think there is a star in heaven with just your name on it! Telly is so precious guarding them. That could be a poster for fostering. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s adventure. What an Easter joy! And lovely lovely quilts and creations you shared. Thank you for all you give us in each blog post. It makes me feel connected to all your readers.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in NY – makes me feel very connected, too, when I hear from readers. Thank you!

  40. Joyce from NY

    What a wonderful thing you are doing Mary, they are just a bundle of joy.

  41. Susan

    You are wonderful! Those puppies are so lucky to have you. Our “Lady” was a rescue. She was found in a ditch on the side of the road in brambles and her ears were covered in ticks. The couple who found her thought at first sight she was a kitten, but when they retrieved her she was a tri-color beagle. They couldn’t get her to eat or drink. They had her with them at a bee-supply shop we used to frequent when we kept bees and my husband ran into them the day they found her. He commented that we had just talked about getting a beagle — they asked the owner of the shop if he knew us and would we be good people to offer her to. He had known us for years and emphatically said yes! He says he was our adoption agent! That was almost 11 years ago. The vet said she was probably 5-6 weeks old. I don’t think she’d been weaned, but my then 9-year old daughter got her to drink with a small play baby bottle and we got her eating canned food not long after that. She’s been one of the best dogs we’ve ever had!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan – what a wonderful endearing story about Lady! I love stories like yours – they make rescue so attractive to others which is a good thing!

      1. Susan

        After you said in yesterday’s post that you weren’t getting replies, I went back to check and see if you had commented on any of my comments — and you had! I definitely believe in rescues. I think they actually make the best pets most of the time. Lady is still a relatively healthy dog. She’ll be 11 on June 1 (the birthday we picked for her!) I’m hoping she’ll have many more years. I’ve heard of beagles living 16+ years. Since she seems to be “mostly” beagle, hopefully she’ll go that long!

  42. Linda Schluchter

    If I lived close to you I would come and do at least half the feedings so you can rest. God bless you for loving those babies and all your critters. We raised Leader Dogs for the Blind and it was rewarding but I was a sobbing mess when I had to turn my babies back to the organization. Those are beautiful babies, maybe they will end up having a forever home on the farm?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda Schluchter- I sincerely hope I’m not a foster failure! I won’t even name these guys because I’m going to try very hard to let them go.

  43. Sylvia

    You are certainly someone special. Hope you get at least a little sleep in the next few days.

    1. Marilyn

      Mary all pictures came through and I really enjoyed them.
      Little puppies how adorable. So hopefully not to many sleepless nights for you.
      I am looking forward to hearing your church service tomorrow.
      Happy Easter

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Marilyn – since we prerecorded the music, I’m hoping the sound quality is better than last week.

  44. Jean

    OMGosh! It’s SO exciting! I just know we are going to be entertained with some wonderful pics going forward. God bless you mary for doing this! Have a blessed and happy Easter.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean – yes, you’ll be very familiar with these little boys in 6 weeks, won’t you?

  45. Carole

    What a wonderful thing you’re doing. I could never foster sweet babies like that – I’d be broken-hearted to have to let them go when they were old enough to be adopted. I admire anyone who can foster. It takes a special strength and love to do that.

    I’m loving all the quilt pictures you’ve been showing. I know it’s a pain to worry about your blog, but your efforts are so appreciated.

    Happy Easter!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carole – I have taken a great leap of faith taking in these puppies! I always felt I’d be a foster failure!

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