Update on Sally

I had such a panic attack about Sally that I called the vet from the Des Moines airport. He will drive down to check on her tomorrow or as soon as possible. If he determines she is in pain and not likely to recover, he will put her down. I will then need to contact someone with a backhoe to come and bury her–all long distance from Ohio!

13 thoughts on “Update on Sally

  1. Patti Wiggs

    Will keep Sally and you in my heart. It has to be especially difficult for you from so far away. Thinking of you both.

  2. LMK

    yes, if she is pain and won’t get better, it’s best to let her go, it’s hard, i know but you kind of know that going in when you have pets. hope you have good weather, etc. while your out there, sounds like a lot of fun. we’re heading over east tomorrow into wisconsin, time for a day trip. a quilt show sunday in webster city, not big but nice. will be hoping for the best for sally. enjoy your trip……………..

  3. Deedee

    I hope the best for Sally . As an owner of sheep and goats, it seems that once they decline, it is difficult for them to recover. I hope that is not the case for Sally but my prayers go to you and her. We all know you will do what is best for her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Deedee-if you have sheep and goats, do you have any ideas for me? She won’t eat and simply has no strength-just lays around. Do you think I should have her posted after death so I’ll know what happened with her? Here’s my email — marye@ ncn.net

  4. Pat

    So sad to hear that Sally isn’t doing well. I know this is difficult being away from her. My thoughts are with you and Sally.

  5. MartyCae Klein

    I am thinking about you and your four legged family. Poor Sally – hope it works well for her whatever the direction it goes. Goats are the best!

  6. Phyllis

    Will hope the very best for Sally, n if it is her time to go to pet Heaven maybe it is okay for her to go n be in no more pain, sending her lots of Hugs…

  7. Marian

    Sending hugs to you and Sally……hoping the vet can help….apparently people who love fabric also love goats:) Good luck Sally, we’re all pulling for you!

  8. Kathleen O'Grady

    I hope the vet can give you some good news. Will send a little prayer your way. It has to be so hard being away at a time like this.

  9. maryjane

    this is the difficult thing about relationships with people or pets..when they leave us..that is where memories and photos come in. We have had to do that with our cats and a bird..I found it helped me if I could bury them in a lovely box or container..bright towels in a cheese box for a cat, a small plastic box lined with cotton and colored leaves for the bird to lay on..marked gravesites, for the cat, seeded cat nip around..they are never forgotten..

  10. Gloria

    Mary your care just radiates. You will do the best for Sally based on the best information and your heart and compassion. Cheering you both on from Illinois.

  11. Vicki Harwood

    My heart is aching for you and Sally, I have goats myself and know how loving they are. I’m sure she knows her life is in good hands and the best decisions are being made for her.

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