Visit to Verizon

This is a test – I’m going to experiment because I want my new pencil to work on this site.

39 thoughts on “Visit to Verizon

  1. Carla J

    Yeah, writing came through. Good Job! Colors are great, even the yellow isn’t too much.
    Looking forward to Bulls Eye sewing after the first of the year. I remember working on one, have no idea if I finished it or if it is in a tote put away for later… After or on Dec 31st I will look. Too much going on to figure it our be celebrations begin.
    2019 sewing days: Bulls Eye, Baskets, Broken Dishes seem to be in my future, with a bit of applique thrown it just to change it up a bit.
    Book list recommendation “Cottage By the Sea” Debbie Macomber and Sensible Shoes series by Sharon Garlough Brown

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    BINGO! You nailed it.
    After I post my comments, I can go back and tap the ads and I won’t lose you.
    Yeah, I learned something too!

  3. Jenny Sullivan

    I was collecting polka dot fabrics for this quilt several years ago. Maybe I still have them! I’d love to do this quilt!

  4. Martha Engstler

    I’m impressed with your ability to learn new stuff. I’ll be on the dumb side of tech I’m afraid. Congratulations on you new knowledge. It worked great.

  5. Marian Stever

    Coming through loud and clear! A new TOOL! Go at it, Mary!
    I so look forward to your postings–my go to when I check my emails!
    Nice weather here in Minnesota! Kinda spring-like!

  6. Brenda archambault

    It came thru loud and clear. Did you have to study for the test? I had a blood test yesterday and didn’t study for it at all. My doctor will be sure to tell me if I passed!

  7. Tanya

    It works! We just got new iphones with Verizon. I thought for a minute that I must have dialed you or something!!

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