Wear Warm Clothes

This is pretty unbelievable but I found 3complete Block of Month pattern sets for Wear Warm Clothes in the quilt shop.  They are marked $24.95, first come, first served, free shipping.  If they don’t sell, we will lower the price until they do sell.  We do not have any books left which had the original quilt in it.  Connie changed the quilt just a bit to the one you saw hanging on my wall which is also the BOM quilt. The very first quilt in the book by the same name is just a bit different.

The first three people to reserve these patterns and send their checks will get them.  If nobody speaks for them, we’ll  lower the price – it just seems like the fair way to handle it.

And here is Rhonda’s rug with her sweet Great Dane named Sheba looking on.


I am feeling much better today – it’s about time, wouldn’t you agree?  But I’m almost afraid to get my hopes up in case tomorrow feels like a nap day again.  Connie and I are taking Ina out for lunch – I would hate to miss that!

24 thoughts on “Wear Warm Clothes

  1. Deb Black

    If one of the first three change their mind, I will definitely take one. Made the original years ago, as well as the smaller version, and they have both been a favorite of mine as well!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    I feel so lucky. I’ve got the whole book and a couple of individual patterns for the snowman. But I haven’t had the time to make it yet…… I did make a couple snowmen. Also have “In the Company of Chickens” which is really wonderful. Guess I’ve always loved your books with all the wonderful patterns and of course, all the individual patterns. I have enough of them to last maybe 3 lifetimes?? What a way to go.
    Glad to see that you are feeling better. That sure does make life easier. Keep it up and give all the cats and dogs a hug. Take it easy when you can and don’t push it too hard. Some things can wait. Get the critters fed and taken care of and rest.

  3. Sheryl Austin

    Reserve 1 for me, if you can & I will get a check in the mail tomorrow. Let me know who to make the check out to & address.

  4. Lorraine

    I would love the pattern but I see that there are several people ahead of me. If for some reason, there
    Are are mor patterns or

  5. Lorraine

    I would love one of the patterns but it looks like I may be too late. If for some reason, there is another pattern to be found I will take it.

  6. Rose Mikulski

    Rhonda’s rug is so pretty, now I want to make another one with the vintage Moda/Robyn Randolph stash that I have. It’s a good thing that Sheba lets Rhonda twine!

  7. Mary

    I’d be happy to go on the waiting list for the fabrics. I have the book. If my number is reached for the set, that’s ok, I’ll donate the book to my guild’s library. Thanks.

  8. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, so glad that you are feeling better. The crud hangs on forever, if you need to take a nap go ahead. That’s Nature’s way of mending your body.

    Take care, Felicia

  9. SuzKuhns

    I recently found the book for this and a few pieces I had started working on (mostly the coffee mugs). I started this in the late 80s, early 90s? and I think it’s probably time to get’r done! I still love this pattern!

  10. Jane dumler

    Wear warm clothes is a classic and the other one is Use it up, Wear it out . . . I love that quilt too–very clever and fun to make–might have to do a class on that one.

  11. Launa

    So glad I have the book and also Use It Up, Wear It Out. The tall snowman is hanging inside my front door as after Christmas I switch to winter snowmen and snowladies quilts, table toppers and wallhangings until early February.
    Nice to see Rhonda’s rug progress and her Great Dane, Sheba.
    Mary, enjoy your lunch date with Connie and Ina. So happy to hear you are feeling better.

  12. Moe Baly

    Tell Ina I said Hi! She quilted many of my quilts! Glad your cold is getting over. Ill have to send you a photo of my WWC and my rug in the making.

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