Fun on a Cold January Day

What could cheer anybody up more than hanging new quilts?  I put up my very favorite quilt of all time, Wear Warm Clothes because it was such an appropriate day.  I love this quilt more than any I have ever made!  And I know that many of you have also made this very fun quilt because I’ve seen them.

And now Gypsy Wife will probably rank close to my second favorite quilt.  Here it is hanging on the porch – Millie is overseeing its new home.  I tell everybody that this quilt was my exercise in personal growth – ha!

And a correction – Connie went to Utah skiing, not Colorado.  Danny is the one going to Colorado skiing.  My addled brain at work – too many meds!

18 thoughts on “Fun on a Cold January Day

  1. Kathy

    Your “Millie” looks so much like my “Oscar” who is always wanted to sit on anything I’m working on in terms of craft. He also will sit atop my book if it is on my lap. I think he wants all the attention I can give. Your quilts are outstanding. I have a yen to quilt but must get permission of my nosy feline as he seems to deny my creative endeavors! Get well soon so you can start anew on your creative projects like your braided rugs.

  2. Carol

    My Kitty’s twin! I LOVE YOUR GYPSY’S WIFE! Do you hear me screaming that from Western New York? My husband loves it, too!

  3. Sheryl Austin

    Wish I had gotten the Wear Warm Clothes pattern when your shop was open. By any chance do you know where I could get now?

  4. Mary C.

    Your Gypsy Wife is gorgeous and inspiring, it turned out beautifully! And I’ve always loved Wear Warm Clothes. Not much to do here in frigid Wisconsin either but stay indoors and sew…our 3 Schnauzers don’t even want to go outside and that’s saying something! You take it easy and take care of yourself so you get over this for good.

  5. Carol

    I love these! You should turn the second one, with that sweet cat, into notecards. Perfect composition and color! Thank you always for lifting up my day😊

  6. Paula S.

    Love both of these quilts. Hope your new meds work quickly and you are feeling better soon. Stay warm!

  7. Launa

    Your newly hung quilts are so fun and colorful. I’ve made a few from the Wear Warm Clothes book..and have a few scraps of the fabric line, too. Who could resist buying it? Nice to see your pin cushion collection showcase, too. We awakened to a good rain shower here in the central valley and possibility of another tomorrow. Sidewalks and streets are dry already. A good day to do some sewing.

  8. Diane

    Your quilts look great:) Of course, Millie adds to them!! Before my very first trip to a quilt store in 1994, my friends were talking about “wear warm clothes” so I asked if it would be cold in the store!! A true “newbie” to the quilting world:) That’s one I still want to make in flannels.

  9. Nancy Hess

    Is the ‘Wear Warm Clothes’ pattern still available? I don’t know how I missed it as a BOM. I’ve been a big fan for years.

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Absolutely love all the colors and shapes. A pure joy in see. You can be so proud of your efforts. Sorry to hear of your husband’s fall. Ribs are bad. My husband will give him sympathy. Isn’t much can be done except grin and bear it. Oh, I rubbed Extra Strength Ben Gay on him and it did help. You will get better, it will seem to take forever.

  11. San

    Both quilts look great. So cheerful on this bitterly cold day. Sure hope you get to feeling better. Have you tried fresh squeezed orange juice? It will give a faster boost to your immune system. Do take care.

  12. Diane

    For Sheryl Austin. I found it on Amazon today, but Mary’s last name was Tendall then. Does that help? Diane PS Cold still in Central Ohio!!

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