Wedding Quilt

The wedding quilt is finished!  Not quilted yet, mind you, but the top is done.  Because the bride and groom might be reading this blog, I can only show you a small corner but since you’re quilters you will understand.

Improv piecing is really fun – I love it!  But for a large quilt it becomes tedious.  In my retirement I can admit to not enjoying bed size quilts any more.  I can’t wait to sit and make a small quilt with random fabrics.  I was tickled with this color scheme at first and I still think it’s just lovely but after working with only 3 colors, I’m ready for a change.  It is the springiest quilt I’ve ever seen!  I love how it turned out and I so hope they will use it and not put it in a closet.  I know you readers understand.

Remember I told you I ordered some new fabric from Country Sampler?  It’s from Jeanne Horton’s new fabric line for Windham called Riverbend.  Jeanne is known throughout the quilt industry for PRESENTATION.  When you buy a kit from Country Sampler, it is wrapped so beautifully that you don’t want to take it apart to sew with it.  Here is how my kit looked when I took it out of the box.

It is wrapped in coordinating tissue paper and tied up with matching ribbon.

Here it is after I removed the tissue paper.

It is beautiful and I don’t want to open it either.  I’m gong to enjoy it as is until I’m absolutely ready to start sewing and then I’ll show it to you again.

The kittens are doing well in their safe pen.  I fed Mama some canned food yesterday and it’s gone this morning.  I have never seen her away from the kittens.  I try to walk quietly through the barn to get a glimpse of her out of the box maybe but I’ve never witnessed it.

I was able to clean up all the green, yellow and white in both sewing rooms – Hazel helped.  Jackie is not thrilled.

Hazel wanted to be on the table where the action was – look at this perfect little butt!

I think every part of her is perfect, of course — ha!

The sun is out today and hopefully that rainy cold weather is behind us.  I’m ready to work outside!  We’re off to town to buy a new lawn mower and hopefully use it within the next few days!

28 thoughts on “Wedding Quilt

  1. MartyCae

    Wedding quilt lovely. Can’t wait to see completed. I’m sure the bride and groom will love it.

  2. Emily Pittenger

    I can’t handle the cuteness of HAZEL!! Seriously! She is so cute and perky!

    And Jackie’s expressions are hilarious!!

  3. Kathy

    I love how all your pets intermingle into your daily routine. It’s so cute to see. I enjoyed my newest little rescue dog in my sewing room with me earlier this morning and thought how fun this is because it’s usually the cat wanting to play with anything in there. I am sure they like your room too. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your new quilt and fabric acquisition. Gorgeous presentation in how they mail it to you.

  4. Karen L Chaudoin

    Like kitten faces and a ducks walk, there is nothing cuter than a dogs hiney butt!

  5. Carolyn Van Petten

    Spot on with the fabric presentation–too pretty to use–maybe. Love your blog!

  6. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi Mary, my daughter lives in Mineral Point, WI, just south of Spring Green. I agree with you..their presentation makes every kit package wonderful. I have several of their kits and hardly bear the thought of taking them apart.

    Hazel is so darned cute….and could, I believe, be a little mischievous. 🙀

  7. Diana Weirich

    Thank you so much for sharing Hazel with us! I feel like she is part of our family!

  8. Karla

    Hello Mary! I know JUST what you mean about the Country Sampler packaging!!– I have 2 or 3 of them in my cupboard on “display” waiting to make them! Hazel is adorable– I love how you keep her entertained and busy–(I noticed the chewed up adding machine paper roll–maybe that was an unintentional toy, but i prefer to think you gave it to her to play with–lol) Jackie is adorable too, her expression makes me laugh– I can’t wait to see more pics of the kittens– you DO have such a way with animals and their behavior–

  9. Marilyn

    Love Jackie’s laid back ears – they tell everything about her attitude! My Lindy thinks she
    owns every scrap of material and is offended when I need a piece! No one can compete
    with Hazel for cute.

  10. Marilyn K Hooton

    you always amaze me with your wonderful blog. thank you Marilyn

  11. Maryann Lohmann

    I had JR’s for a few years They are a big dog in a little dog’s body. Such fun! I tagged you in a post on a facebook video. Hope you enjoy it.

  12. Ellie

    Beautiful wedding quilt! Can’t wait to see it finished!
    Hazel is too cute!

  13. Donna McCormack

    I look forward t o your chicken scratch blog every day. Read it with my morning coffee.

  14. Joyce Cook

    I just want to smooch on Hazel!! She’s a doll! I’m guessing barn kitty has 4 kittens. I remember growing up on our farm… our farm cats always had 4 kittens! Lol

  15. Becky from IA

    Hazel is just so sweet! Almost makes me want a new puppies…..oh no I didn’t say that did I??? I love the look on Jackie’s face……

  16. Becky from IA

    After my husband saw Hazel, he said ” I bet that’s one spoiled dog and I want to be the dog!” HAHA

  17. Ann Barlament

    From the bits and pieces of the wedding quilt, you’ve shown us. I know the recipients will absolutely love it!!

    I totally understand getting bored with limited number of colors. Storm-at-sea is my most favorite pattern. I’ve done them in several colorways, but the most boring was one in only 3 colors…It took forever!

  18. Barbara Russell

    Hazel is about as cute as they come. She is a lucky girl to have been adopted by you! I am going to check out Country Sampler, I loved their packaging.

  19. Jane

    Hazel is so tiny! She is going to be a perfect size.
    Please tell us what kind of mower you get. We are in the market and can’t decide – except we want a zero turn.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Our new zero turn is a Toro – I practiced driving it today

  20. Diane

    I need my “Hazel fix” everyday so if you miss a day, I just go back and look at the last one:) She’s a doll. The wedding quilt is beautiful; I can’t wait to see the whole thing. Jackie is a hoot!!

  21. Paula

    I love the wedding quilt and I agree I love playing in my scraps…..Paula in KY

  22. Sharon B.

    Yes! Everything from Country Sampler is always a real treat! I’d love to visit that shop… though, I’m pretty certain I’ll never make out to WI from NJ. It’s always good to have something to dream about though, right? 🙂
    Hazel is a sweetie! Would love to know what animals think about all day… lol! 🙂

  23. Felicia Hamlin

    Sharon, I wonder about animals’ thinking too. I wonder about my well loved little rescue, she is so loving with us and seems so happy when she goes out. Mary, Hazel is so cute, how much does she weight? She seems to have the run of the house and seems to get along with all your other pets.

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