Wednesday, 4-10-24

Slow boring day today with not much exciting going on. Tomorrow I have a hair appt and will go get chick starter for the chicks I’m picking up on Friday. Just 11 of them – I’m praying I can keep them safe.

Reader photos

An eclipse quilt!
Planting can’t be far behind

Here is Axle, a mastiff/black mouth cur mix dog looking for a home without cats. Two years old, vetted and a sweetheart who needs a home.

And then there’s Hank who just keeps growing like a weed – as you say about all kids.

And did you know there is now Caitlin Clark fabric?

There was a big welcome home party tonight in Iowa City for the basketball team which was televised . Caitlyn’s #22 will be retired and the jersey will hang from the rafters.

Time to walk the dogs – good night!

32 thoughts on “Wednesday, 4-10-24

    1. Hank’s Mom

      Thank you 🤣 we also anticipate calling our pup Hank the Tank in the future. Right now he’s Hank or The Hankster, sometimes Hanker.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – it’s a special blend of feed for newly hatched chicks – with medication and extra protein. Comes as a crumbly hard textured feed that chicks can peck. They get a good start when they get that little bit of extra protein.

      1. Gloria from CC

        That’s really neat. I didn’t know there was such a thing for baby chicks.
        Hank the Tank is adorable!

  1. Brenda in Iowa

    Where did you find the Caitlin Clark Iowa fabric? It doesn’t seem to appear in a Google search.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – the shop in Waverly has it – I was hoping they’d mail it to me

  2. Barbara Yarnell

    Beautiful quilts by Jan in AZ. Lovely color combos and designs. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Laurie in NC

    Mary you have to get some of that CC fabric and make a quilt or wall hanging!
    Lovely piecing by Jan in AZ!

  4. Fran Dixon

    Nice quilts. Loved them all.

    Hope your chickens do well.

    Wow did not know about the Caitlin Clark fabric. What an honor in the eyes of quilters!

  5. Vicki Ibarra

    Jan’s Harvest Bounty quilt is gorgeous. I like all the quilts. I remember one blog writer saying she was planning on making an eclipse quilt. What a thing to get it done in one day! Good luck with the chicks.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Well Vicki I didn’t get the eclipse quilt done in one day but over the weekend and finished on Eclipse Day. The selvage for the blue star background read Natures Wonder so I will incorporate that into the label. It was fun to make with another friend’s encouragement ( Moe). Can you imagine generations from now reading what we were lucky to have experienced.
      Sharon, I was happy to read your update and hope both moves go smoothly. How nice to be back where you want to be and have church to look forward to every Sunday. I miss mine when I don’t go. And you will have many good moments ahead with the quilt group. Thanks for the update.

  6. Sue in Oregon

    That fabric! Wow. How did they make it so fast? Hope you get some, Mary. It might be hard to cut up, though.
    The quilts are great today…Actually, they always are and I love seeing them. Thanks again for posting photos of our quilts.
    Like Gloria said…Hank the Tank is adorable. He looks as though he will be immense. Those paws!!
    I can’t wait to see the baby chicks. I always spend time looking at the little chicks in feed stores this time of year. They will love their new home in the barn.

  7. Jan in AZ

    Mary’s monthly Dirty Dozen has really got me digging into projects with the aim to finish and enjoy, not languish in my stash. Thank you, Mary! I appreciate all the photos shared to enjoy, which also inspire. Mary, thank you for compiling all of these photos in your blog. Thank you to this quilting group.

  8. Sharon G.

    Mary – You’re not boring nor is your blog.
    Here’s the update on my journey: My new house closes the 15th. I move the 17th. The house I’m selling goes on the market the 26th. It’s been a madhouse. Packing it all by myself. But I did hire a reputable moving company. I’m moving back to my hometown where I grew up and lived for 33 years. I was married in the Lutheran church there. The quilting group at the church has a place for me already. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and joining the group.
    And getting back to going to church every Sunday.
    It has been a pleasure to read your blog.
    I hope to be back with you once I get Wi-Fi and a new e-mail set up.
    Take care everyone.

  9. Linda Carpenter

    Mary, I’m looking forward to watching the progress with the chicks. My dad raised banty chickens, it’s a nice memory for me. He was always on the hunt for the beautiful roosters with all the colors. Back in those days you could drive around and find people with bantys and then trade or barter for them I would dearly love to have chickens, but cannot. So I will enjoy watching yours. Linda in Colorado

  10. Pat in AZ

    Jan in AZ, your quilts are beautiful, especially the DD. For some reason soft colors are appealing to me lately.
    Baby chicks! Love love love. I grew up on a family farm and that was one of my favorite things to do, spring trip to the farm bureau.
    It’s a good thing I don’t live anywhere near you. Axle and/or Fluffbun would have to come live with me.
    Thank you Mary for your blog about nothing

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful to send FB home with you! I’ll be posting pics of the chicks. I got their pen ready today.

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    Nothing boring about today’s post. The reader quilts are enjoyable. Farmer Tim’s fields are getting ready.
    We’re having lots of sunshine and a slight breeze.
    Spring is a comin!

  12. Launa

    Have golf on now! Tiger just teeing off!
    Good selection of #22’s fabric; won’t last long!
    Sunny up here with 50o near 2pm!
    Hank certainly is growing; what paws on the cutie!
    Quilt pics are a treat!
    Good luck with your chicks!

  13. Joy in NW Iowa

    On chilly northwest wind here in NW Iowa, actually very windy! We went to SFalls to pay taxes and run errands a went out for lunch!!
    Came home and took a nap! Then I sewed for a bit. Really dull, right!
    Sure love all the quilts and especially Hank! He will probably be Hank the Prankster! 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – your day sounds like mine – pretty boring. Nothing to write about! Oh, how I love that Hank!

  14. Charlotte in No. California

    Love the quilts! And Hank is adorable. I love the way he sits and poses! So cute!! Looking forward to watching the chicks grow.

  15. Diane, Squeak,& Buddy in Central Ohio

    Someday soon Hank will grow into those adorable big paws. He’s so cute. What are you going to make with CC’s fabric, Mary? I love the quilts and the Eclipse quilt is striking and a neat idea.
    Cool and rainy here today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – IF I get any I’ll just make something small as a memory of these past few years of entertaining basketball.

    2. Kathy in western NY

      Thanks Diane for liking the eclipse quilt that I forgot to add my name to. It was a Villa Rosa pattern and best part was I used 25 fat quarters up from my stash! Cold rainy day here too.

  16. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Good morning! I can’t wait to see your chicks. My chickens are starting to lay more eggs, they seemed to take a break for a few months in the cold.
    The eclipse quilt is so cool!! And Jan, your quilts are beautiful. I agree that Mary and the blog are great motivators.
    Hank is growing and so cute. I hope Axle gets a good home.
    That Caitlin Clark fabric is terrific! What an honor. If only she knew a bunch of quilt lovers are among her biggest fans.
    Take care and have a great day everyone!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Thanks Sunflower. It will be a nice quilt for local family members to look back at knowing I made it to remember an extraordinary, awesome , serene moment in my lifetime. Clouds moved in two hours before thus blocking our eclipse but the sun came out afterwards. The moment it all became pitch dark and no birds flew around or chirped after we had just admired them fluttering and no traffic on our busy road, was like time stood still. I understand why there are eclipse chasers.

  17. Teresa in Indiana

    All the quilts today are fabulous! Great job! Hank is more than adorable I want one…

  18. Susy Boyer from San Diego

    Hi Mary,
    I received my Pot O’ Tulips today! Thanks so much. I love it.
    Hank is going to be huge but so adorable. He looks like such a sweet personality.
    Keep writing your great blog… I love it too.

  19. San

    There’s Hank the Hunk! What a cutie.

    Sure hope Axle finds a loving home.

    Sunny and windy today. High around 50 degrees. The trees are really starting to pop.

    San / Murphy, NC

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