Good Morning! 4-10-24

I got involved in my current Netflix series, Six Feet Under, and literally forgot to write my post. So here’s a short one.

Glad you enjoyed Becky’s song – she sings and p,Amy’s guitar, I just play the piano.

Remember Darlene Swanson we send cards to? Please use this address and correct on your records:

Darlene Swanson

750 W. Lyons

Garner, IA 50438

Darlene and I have known each other my entire life – she grew up just across the field from me and was my babysitter all those years ago. We both went to our neighborhood church, Upper Flat Evangelical Free, which was located at the intersection between us. I can remember being 3-5 years old when I went with my parents to their wedding shivaree – I do not know how to spell that but it’s the surprise party for newlyweds and was popular in the 50s. Remember short sheeting a bed? They did that to the newlyweds in my day.

I just looked up shivaree – yes, that’s correct spelling and here’s the definition:

A Midwestern welcome to marriage, a mock serenade with kettles, pans, horns, and other noisemakers given for a newly married couple.

Yup, that’s it all right!

And here’s Farmer Tim’s field across the road which will soon be abuzz with farming.

And here’s my happy news –


44 thoughts on “Good Morning! 4-10-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Praise the Lord…you are giving yourself a gift. For all you do for others…you deserve a wonderful gift.
    Welcome spring.

  2. Diane in Maryland

    So happy that you found a cleaning lady! They can get so much done because they don’t stop to answer the phone, fix meals, do laundry, put stuff away and all the stuff we do. I have had one a time or two but don’t right now. Wish I did!

    Loved Becky’s singing and playing the guitar. You girls are so very lalented!

    A hummingbird was spotted by a neighbor yesterday so I will hang a feeder today. I really enjoy them and a sure sign that spring is here! I actually like winter but by April I am ready for warmer weather. Then July and August come and I begin hoping for cooler temperatures. Haha

    1. Sandy

      Hi Diane, l would love to see humming birds! The colour of feathers amazes me, and so tiny!

  3. lorraine bujnowski

    Yay for all the cleaning ladies that make our lives so much easier!

  4. Fran Dixon

    It’s greening up in SW Iowa. Cant wait to see the fields in green too. Low 70s today.

    Congrats on a cleaning lady.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – my last cleaning lady got pregnant and I haven’t had one for about 18 months. I already feel the relief of her coming at the time of year when I need to work outside.

  5. DebMac

    Hurrah for a cleaning lady! I do remember shivarees. My parents took me to one and I remember they short sheeting the bed and putting Glad wrap over the toilet. Can’t remember who’s shivaree it would have been and both my parents are gone now so can’t ask. The practice died out in the early 60’s around where I grew up.
    Of course, short sheeting beds was still a practice during my college years (1974-1978) along with covering people’s doors with newspapers or string just to show you cared. We had a tradition when a woman got engaged, a lit candle would be passed around a circle until the bride blew out the candle. It was more fun for the groom, he got stripped and wrapped in a sheet by his friends and tied to the lamp post in the center of the women’s dorms. Much yelling ensued until his fiancee went and untied him. I saw one candle lighting ceremony (there may have been more on other dorm floors that I didn’t know about) and 2 lamp posts (everyone on campus knew about them!) so more dying customs. My college shall remain nameless but if you went there; you know which college it is.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      You reminded me of my candle ‘engagement’ ceremony when I was in college! This was in the mid ’70s and it was fun. The groom was a couple of hundred miles away, so he was spared any part of a ceremony.

  6. JeanneH in the Finger Lakes of New York

    Good for you finding a cleaning lady, Mary! I envy you.

    Lovely sky in the photo. Really cool how the clouds seem to have flat bottoms.

    After a lovely warm sunny day yesterday reaching 79, today is overcast and cooler. It had been sunny the day before and the day after the eclipse, but overcast the day of which was very annoying when living in the path of totality. During totality, the overcast sky got as dark as night which was very strange. The clouds didn’t start to clear until almost sunset when the sun came out on the horizon.

  7. Kathy Rayhons

    I’m glad you found a cleaning lady! I am looking for one once we get home from Texas. May I ask who you got?

    1. Cynthia from SW MN

      Hello! Mary and blog followers! I was a ‘cleaning lady’ for about 10 years, people get into a routine and took care of their undercurrent stuff while I cleaned surfaces! (A lot of surfaces!) one of my mottos which I use yet today, is..’Look up!’ That takes care of cobwebs that might occur, but especially with ceiling fans which I cleaned regularly as well.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        I’ll just be relieved to have the bathrooms, sinks, appliances cleaned. I do not expect her to do all the dusting that’s needed around here. I can keep things picked up but not clean.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      I honestly do not know how to spell her last name – Jessica Fluer? I had another call, too, so I
      will get their names and addresses to you. Maybe I should text them rather than put their numbers here.

  8. Launa

    Lucky you Mary with a cleaning lady!

    No new snow yet up here this morning! Sun has been melting it!!

    Guess I’ll send another note to Darlene soon!

    Enjoy the 🧹 cleaning….more quilting time???


  9. Alice in SW Ohio

    Loved listening to Becky sing & play! You both are very talented! So happy you’ve found a cleaning lady!! That was my first job after my last child started school & I did that for 15 yrs off & on. I’ve had lots of jobs during my working career. Last one was as a receptionist for an alterations shop. I’m happily retired now! Having a cleaning lady will make life so much easier for you!

  10. Janice Shock

    I have one who comes every other week and she does so much that I increased her pay even though she told me no. Can’t let good help go unrewarded.

    Janice Shock

  11. Carrolyn v

    Such fun memories. I participated in all those……and carried on the traditions…..I was guilty of short sheeting my children’s beds a time or two…

  12. Gail in Ohio

    Thanks for sharing the music – wonderful!
    We had shivarees when I grew up in NE Ohio, but we called them “bellings” and did pretty much the same thing – lots of noise and pranks. When I was very small, my parents got me out of bed late one night and we all got in the car and went to my uncle’s house to “bell” him and his new wife. After some high-jinks, someone else got the couple into a car and drove them to a neighboring town that had a town square; then they had my uncle push his wife around the square in a wheelbarrow. He took off down a side road to a local beer joint, thinking none of his more staid friends and relatives would dare enter the establishment – but most everyone went in! Thus I had my first trip into a beer joint (in my pajamas) at about age 3 or 4…
    Good for you for hiring someone to clean – enjoy!!

  13. Joyce

    Yahoo..!! A cleaning lady 🥰 I’m the type who’d clean before the cleaning lady arrived …

  14. Pat Smith

    I don’t believe there’s any greater feeling than having the whole house clean all at the same time instead of in pieces. Great news indeed!

  15. Becky Rose

    Thanks so very much for all the kind words about my singing and guitar playing. Very sweet and fun to read! No, I did not write this song. It is a Pete Seeger song from the 60s — makes sense, but is so significant yet today! Thanks again! More to come soon!❤️🌹🙋‍♀️

  16. Betty Klosterman

    My husband told with great fun of all the things the guys did to the newly weds. The stories they would tell. It was probably the 40’s – 50’s s. In this country there wasn’t a lot of money, but everybody was always ready for a good time. Kind of like: It’s Thursday, lets have a dance. The street? Summer? Winter? Each little town had a town hall (4 walls and a roof plus an outhouse) for meetings, etc. In the winter they’d pile the coats in a corner. EVERYBODY danced, kids on up. When the kids would get tired, they would crawl into the pile of coats to sleep and parents would sort out the kids when they were ready to go home. They were all neighbors, relatives, friends, etc. In fact, everybody was kidding Frank about getting even with him and the shivaree’s, that he was a bit worried what they might do to us. He was relieved when we just got the preacher to marry us!!! No wedding!

    The good old days? They worked hard, helped others thru the good and bad. And they had tons of fun. It is a different world now, but the spirit of that time is still there.

    We’ve got wind warnings out for today. I’ll get groceries this afternoon and then stay inside. Did picking up outside and other stuff yesterday. Maybe I’ll even plug in my new vacuum. Discovered I’d been using my old vacuum, but the bag was empty….. It wasn’t working for I don’t know how long!!

    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I’m so lucky that I can remember the things we did in the 50 and 60s! I even went to country school on a horse, played 6 on 6 girls basketball, saw outdoor movies in town on Saturday night and lived in a neighborhood who threw shivarees! Haha!!!

  17. Kim from Wi

    So glad you found a cleaning lady, its the not easy to do when you live a rural life. More time in your yard with spring coming and more time to sew, Yea!! I really enjoyed the picture of ELton but I enjoyed Becky playing more. You two are so talented. I look forward to seeing Tims field this season, thanks for sharing it with us all.
    Spent the weekend in Milwaukee, going to the art museum and seeing Andrea Bocelli preform, it was wonderful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – you got to hear Bocelli in person???? OMG! What a dream that would be and I’m not a concert goer normally but I love his voice and have several cds that I forget to play. Art museum? What kind of art? Something an ordinary person like me could appreciate?

      1. Kim from Wi

        The Milwaukee Art Muesum is quite nice and not super big, easy to do in a few hours (4-5). Upstairs is lots of American artists, from furniture, statues and paintings. (shaker furniture, Remington statues, Georgia O’ Keefe paintings) There was lots of folkart, whirligigs, homemade canes etc.
        Andrea Boccelli was amazing and our first concert in Milwaukee. His voice is impressive and amazing all at once. He sat on a chair and played his guitar while he sang with his 11-year-old daughter, so sweet. He sings most of his songs in Italian, but he did sing Amazing Grace in English. It was so worth seeing him in person. He did have some guest artists so they did songs and they also sang with him. Very impressive concert.

  18. Candy

    Friends of ours have cleaning ladies, but they’re not allowed to clean the bathrooms … the husband insists on doing it himself! He’s former military, so maybe that explains it, but it’s pretty anal if you ask me! LOL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – well, bathrooms are at the top of my list for her to clean! Fine, if the husband wants to do it but that would never happen here.

  19. Joyce from NY

    So glad you got a cleaning lady, I’m jealous!
    We used to call what you call shivarees we called a horning & did the same type of things, took all the labels off the canned goods & lots of other fun stuff!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – oh yes!! I forgot about taking the labels off – too fun!

  20. Jeanie S, Central IL

    I loved hearing about the shivaree custom. I remember the wheelbarrow ride thru our small town business district and the removal of can labels. I seem to remember lots of noise during the trip thru downtown; maybe beating on pots/pans, etc. Gail’s memories (age 3 or 4) abt the party moving into the bar was hilarious.
    When Betty was talking about getting together and having fun gatherings; I think tv caused people to stay home more.
    It’s so cool you found a cleaning lady, Mary. My knees are telling me we should start looking.
    Thanks, 🥰

  21. Sandy

    Hi Mary, we used to do things like short sheeting the bed etc in the 70,s after a wedding! One friend weput condys crystals in the hot water tank, and confetti hidden everywhere, even in umbrellas and gumboots!l am going to work on decluttering the shelves with paperwork etc in the6 weeks before I go on my cruise, wish ,e luck to keep on track!2 more blocks to make for the improved 9 patch, then finish sewing all the melon shapes to get the quilt together. I hope your cleaning lady is a great fit for you and gives you more sewing time!
    Take care everyone ,best wishes from Sandy

  22. Donna Jo

    I learned something new today. I had never heard of a shivaree until today! Sounds like it would be fun to do! Glad you found a cleaning lady Mary!

  23. Roslyn Cosgriff

    Here in Australia we called a Shivaree a Tin Kettling and I remember going to one when I was about 9 years old (Ian now 71) but it was so exciting, all the people from the local farming families parked their cars down the road and we quietly walked up to their gateway and then the signal was given to start. Banging tins, kettles, drums, the noise was deafening and the surprise on the newly wed’s faces was priceless. I childhood memory I will never forget. Cheers Ros

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roslyn – yes, that’s right! We didn’t drive in their yard. Parked and turned off the lights and the noise began. Oh, what a great memory!! Traditions in Iowa are not all that different from Australia!

  24. Agatha

    Mary so glad you found a cleaning lady. I hope she is everything you want.
    I remember when they shivareed me and my husband. The did fire crackers, short sheeted the bed and put rice in it. Also syrup on the stool seat and tore all the papers off the cans in the pantry.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Agatha – SYRUP ON THE STOOL?????!!!!!! That’s a new one to me – I hope nobody sat on it by mistake.

  25. Gwendolyn Minshall

    My parents were married in1939 in Iowa and my mother would talk about their shivaree. That is the only time I remember ever hearing that word. I was born in1949 and don’t remember that from my childhood.

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