Wednesday Night, 2-16-22

Reader quilts:

Isn’t this just so wonderful?

This “barn quilt” is made of a very lightweight metal material – we used to have them made and sold them when we were in business. We took the fabric to the manufacturer who then created the quilt block which was sold in 24” x 24” or 48” x 48”. They were next to impossible to ship – the cost to ship all those years ago was almost more than the barn block and no, we no longer sell them. When we closed we asked our manufacturer if they’d like to keep making and selling them but they declined.

My golf cart is old – 30 years ago I accepted it as final payment of a loan and it was old then! What a great investment! I will never get rid of Old Faithful and since it’s nothing to look at the kids who visit all get to drive it and have fun with it!


So many of you loved Barb Onnen’s Christmas tree quilt and had many questions about it. Barb answered those questions in the comments so please go back and read.

How do you feel about the Russians being allowed to compete in the figure skating? Just curious.

Our big sale has been scheduled for April 1-2 – fabric, quilts, kits, furniture, primitives, home decor, antiques, and more! This will be held at Connie’s house in the town of Garner. I will post a map closer to that time. Hours will be 9-6 on Friday and 9-noon on Saturday.

Some of you are waiting to see what the $5 pattern will be this Friday. Believe it or not, Connie is working on it as we speak – in Florida!!! I can’t wait to see it myself!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

45 thoughts on “Wednesday Night, 2-16-22

  1. Carol Eberhardt

    I think the gold for team ice skating should be rescinded, she should not be allowed in the free skate, and Russians (aka ROC) should be banned from the next two Olympics. Not only that, but the rule violation everyone is ignoring should not go unnoticed. They are currently barred from displaying in any format the Russian flag, and bold as brass, they are wearing their flag on their jackets, and wasn’t Putin just smirking in the audience as the team strolled into the arena opening night with all those Russian flags on their outfits.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    It is hard to imagine, but another great group of quilts. Isn’t it great to see all their ideas? And the miniatures are so much fun. Kind of neat to see how small we can make something. I just love them.
    Mary, we will all be thinking about you next week while you are in Mayo. Do they consider scheduling appointments when people don’t live close? They probably don’t. Hope the weather cooperates. And don’t forget to ask questions. The doctors might even appreciate your interest, especially when you are taking care of the patient at home. Frank always thought I asked too many questions, but that didn’t stop me! Knowledge is a good thing. And inquiring minds want to know?
    Take care. We will all be waiting for your updates.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      Betty, I always look forward to your responses. Common sense and caring are a great combination😺
      The quilts this time are great. My blue and pink hearts are not the colors shown and it’s not Mary’s fault. It has to be my phone. The other colors are fine so….. I love the bunk beds with their beautiful little quilts. Antiques? I think so. The other quilts are so varied and so neat. That is another thing I love about this Blog. There are so many different quilts and projects to look at. I remember the metal quilt blocks. We never had a big enough spot. Now we do and they are no more. RAIN here. The 3” of ice allll over is mostly gone, but we will get flooding. We live on top of a hill so all ok. Others are not so lucky.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, Please make a written list of your questions for the doctor/nurses ahead of time. This way you are more likely to get all your questions answered. ❤️😉❤️

  4. patti leal

    i had never seen a bunk bed for dolls. how cute is that. thanks for sharing. all the quilts are lovely also.

    i’m disgusted with the olympic people who are allowing this poor girl to skate. she is expected to win. if so, there will be no medal ceremonies until this issue is resolved. i’m been glad to hear the skaters voicing their opinions, including the past champions. it is not fair. i feel badly for the girl because it is probably not her fault. but she is put in a horrendous position. we expect the olympics to abide by the rules – all is equal and all is fair – no exceptions. an american was banned from going to a spring meeting because she had smoked marijuana on the day of her grandfather’s death. she is livid. marijuana is not on their banned list. the olympic top people need to make the decision that she cannot skate. it’s making a mockery of the ice skating competition. sorry, you hit a sore spot with me. patti in florida

    1. Launa

      Remember the various Olympians who were disqualified last week BECAUSE THEIR SKIING UNIFORMS WERE TOO LOOSE? The 15 year old ice skater should have been disqualified immediately for DOPING …taking her grandfather’s blood enhancement medication BY MISTAKE…at least that’s the excuse the public was told.
      I agree with you Patti!

    2. Diane et Al in Central Ohio

      There is too much politics and corruption in the Olympics. It is sad because there are so many GREAT athletes from many countries. We haven’t watched much.

  5. Cheryl from down south 65 degrees

    Remember the old days when you couldn’t compete in the Olympics if you were pro? I go back a ways! I’m all for the days when the athletes were amateurs. Kids who got up at 4:30 every day to practice were……now there are pro golfers, basketball, and people who have been there countless times because their sport is their living $$. So between the above rant and the whole world cheating we didn’t watch any of the Olympics. And NBC coverage in the past is so staged. Sorry, you hit a sore spot with me too.

    1. Janet of MN

      The Olympics should be amateurs and rules should be the same for all. It’s so corrupt just like politics so we haven’t been watching. It’s a shame that we can’t enjoy the simple things in life and on tv.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl – I’m happy you left your comment and opinion – you have many on your side!

  6. Sandra Goddard

    Wow what amazing reader quilts in this post. That doll bunk bed is amazing. The pieces in those 2 quilts must be so small. What amazing piecing. My feelings on the figure skater doping she should of been banded for these games and future competitions for years. I guess it depends on who you are what rules you follow.

  7. Janet of MN

    The quilts are too great. I have a doll bed for American Girl Kirsten so I guess I better get at it.

  8. Carla

    I haven’t watched a single event in this year’s games. I don’t think China should have been rewarded with hosting. You know, since the regime actively commits genocide and persecution. I’m not surprised that Russia is up to something nefarious either. I expected things in the world and this country to go downhill overall, and sadly it would appear my expectations are being met. That may sound harsh, but you did ask…Thankfully nothing prevents me from trying to be a light in my own little corner of the earth!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – love your “trying to be a light in my own little corner of the earth!”

  9. Connie R

    The skater should not have been allowed to skate. Otherwise, you open up a Pandora’s box .

  10. Jill Klop

    I heard some of the past Olympic figure skaters saying that a positive test is a positive test. The gal shouldn’t be allowed to skate.

  11. Debby Krzyston

    Hi Mary, Thank you so much for sharing your info on the quilt block hanging on your outbuilding. I think it’s beautiful! It’s to bad the company that was making them for you declined on making more for their own business. I know shipping large awkward items is difficult and expensive.
    Thanks again for sharing your photos and info.
    Have a nice day
    Debby, Wisconsin

  12. Brenda in SC

    The readees quilts are just lovely and that bed is so cute! Now on to the Olympics…in no way should she have been allowed to skate!! A positive test is just that! End of discussion! And I miss the old days as well, where the participants were amateurs that had worked hard to go to the Olympics, not these people that are already in the big leagues. But that just goes to show, that the kids today are not doing anything. And did you see that the next great thing to be entered into the Olympics is PILLOW FIGHTING!!! Yes! You heard me right!! What an embarrassment! Is that what the Oympics has come down to?!? Well, there is a reason I do not care to watch it anymore, this being another one added to the list!!

  13. Bonny

    Great reader quilts; always inspiring and motivating!
    Olympics: rules or laws, always flaunted by rich or powerful, seem to exist to keep the masses in line. Commentary builds hype, then try to sound sympathetic when the person falls short. A very glum assessment. I’m not watching. I used to watch hopeful that each competitor had their best day and was judged fairly. Anyone remember log rolling and barrel jumping?!

  14. Margaret

    Loved seeing all the precious creations of readers. Each and everyone a treasure. So glad you have Old Faithful, we need all the help we can get as we age. Wish you could have a video of the sale day for those of us that wish we could be there but a few pics would be nice. Praying for Rick. During my lifetime the Olympics have changed so much and in my opinion not for the best, But what can we do? Pray for all those kids that have worked so hard all their young lives.
    Love pics of all the animals and so you still have any goats.. love seeing them too
    Margaret, Illinois

  15. Rita in Iowa

    Beautiful quilts ladies and gents? We never hear if the gents are quilting also so don’t want to leave them out.
    Not watching the Olympics because of the issues with all that China stands for. They come to the US companies and watch how things are built and made, then take that technology and build their own factories. We are at fought also by letting it happen. I hope we bring more of our industry back to the US sooner.

  16. Deb

    Rules are there to make sure that everyone has an equal chance to win in their field. She should not have been allowed to participate, period…NO exceptions. The next time this comes up there will likely be lawsuits and picketing & everything else because they ruled that way. This world is like that now, though, isn’t it? The ‘rules’ no longer apply and can be twisted by bribery, by public pressure or whatever….we all see it everyday now. If people raise cain about something they nearly always rescind their decisions — it would appear we have people who have no backbone or desire to do the right thing. Why should anyone watch the Olympics anymore if they don’t follow through on their ‘rules’ so that everyone has a level field as far as fairness is concerned? I also agree that the Olympics should never have been allowed to go to China due to their human rights violations, and that would also extend to Russia and a number of other countries, but then that’s just me. There are loads of other countries who would just go along with it to avoid confrontation with countries much bigger than they are. I don’t watch it anymore because of that, but I seriously doubt that there are very many people like me — standing up for what is right isn’t popular or important anymore. I feel very sorry for all those young people who have spent many years training in their sport to make it into the Olympics only to have it twisted by those people ‘in charge’ when they get there.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Lovely quilts once again shared by your fantastic readers!!! Sewing gives us so much happiness.
    We have not watched the Olympics. We caught the opening ceremony and both of us gasped when we saw the Russian President. That did it for us seeing another power trip.
    I hope all will be okay during this next storm coming. I woke to 50 degree weather and raining. Ice expected later tonight so glad to have some good books and my sewing to keep me occupied.

  18. Diane in Maryland

    Yes, well said Deb! It’s a shame that a 15 yr old should pay the price. She is a beautiful skater and probably could win without any drugs. Perhaps Russian officials said “take this”…what choice would she have? This is Russia! Russia got caught…again…and nothing will happen to them…again.

  19. Deb Bayne

    Oh my goodness. Those quilts were all wonderful. Almost (notice I said almost) makes me want to go sew something. How tiny were those pieces in the doll bed quilts??

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    Yes, the quilt show today is more exciting than the Olympics.
    “Fair”…is where you take your pig.
    “Right”(Write)….is what goes on stationary
    When the games were in Salt Lake City, I had the opportunity to work there. Even with the corporate sponsor discount the tickets were phenomenally expensive. Our room and board would have been reimbursed, but none of us could afford a ticket so why bother.
    I agree, they should not be professional athletes. I’m not buying all the excuses they are giving for her doping test, or the reasons she should be allowed to skate.

  21. Jan Hebert

    I love this barn quilt Mary! That company did a great job interpreting fabric into whatever materials they used! Are they tin? Aluminum? It’s held up well apparently, whatever it’s made from. And the reader quilts are lovely, as always. So much inspiration! I am so relieved to read so many comments from people who feel the way we do. I really was thinking I was the only one here that refused to watch the Olympics due to the way China treats people. They never should have been allowed to host. I fear for our country – so many young politicians pushing for socialism, And look at what Trudeau is doing! He’s having banks seize the bank accounts of those truckers. Think about that…how long before our government decides that some of us are domestic terrorists? Sorry, I’ll stop now. I think I’m cranky because my knee is acting up again. I don’t want to rely on knee injections but wow, they do help. My last one is wearing off. It’s beautiful out today, It’s 60 degrees! Really windy but so nice. The only negative is the MUD! So much mud and my poor chickens are knee deep in it! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan Hebert – I think the material was called Dibond – I’ll see if I still have a flyer about it. No, you’re not the only one who is cranky. I approach it in a completely opposite way – I don’t listen and I pretend/assume it’s never going to affect my life here on the farm. I’m 71 years old – I intend to live out the rest of my life in concentrating on those things I love.

  22. Kristine F.

    Allowing an athlete to compete in Olympics after being found using performance enhancing drugs is like locking the gate after the cows have already got out. It should not be allowed and any performance that has already taken place disqualified. What is the point having the competition if it’s not an even playing field to start with. I really enjoy the winter Olympics.

  23. Kelli

    Don’t be afraid to speak up at the doctor! After caring for three ages parents over 15 years I learned not very many doctors are forth coming! You have to ask and push and keep on asking. You are strong! You can do this and we all are backing you!!

    On the skating issue, I am very disgusted. A drug test is there for a reason! It is unfair to all the participants to allow her to skate – I don’t care about her age, the IOC should have booted the entire team of ROC athletes – all sports – as soon as the test results came in. Russia is performing under the ROC name for a reason – former doping restrictions! One and done. Why is it even taking the IOC time to “think” about this???? Terrible!/

  24. Betty Bush

    I have followed figure skating all of my adult life–am currently 71 yrs old. I remember the really good ones–Peggy Fleming, Dorothy Hamil, Kristi Yamagucci, Michelle Kwan, Scott Hamilton, Torvil and Dean and so many others. The commentary back then from Dick Button was superb–and he would tell it like it was. Allowing this Russian to skate in the face of the doping charge is a SLAP IN THE FACE to every kid from all the other countries who have worked so hard to excel at their sport legitimately. It makes me angry–sad and so disgusted that no one in a position of authority has the b___ls to take a stand and do the right thing.
    It is symptomatic of what is happening in the world today. Every one is “afraid” to take a position that might “offend” someone–so everything gets watered down. If someone takes a “tough” stand and does the right thing, they are chastised for being too harsh. I guess I have a hard, unbending attitude about this. I feel sure that this 15 yr old did not do this on her own. She is surrounded by coaches and advisers and handlers of all kinds. And maybe the truly saddest part of this is the world has virtually lost this young woman and what she might have done in the future to amaze us with her wonderful skating skills as she will be forever marked as the skater who cheated at the 2022 Olympics. She should be sent back to Russia with no medals!

    1. Denise

      I agree with what you said about the Russian girl not getting the medal. But a part of me feels sorry that the coaches are not held more responsible. Someone among them must have given her the banned drug. Did they tell her it was banned. At 15 she is young to go against what they are telling her to do. They should be banned from entering future skaters. She is in the spotlight and is learning a very hard lesson. It is her future that is now tarnished. She is a very good skater and should have been left to win on her own merits without drugs. I agree no medal. The other thing they say no medal ceremony for everyone else until this is settled. How long will that take? They are all being punished. Not fair for the others that skated clean.

  25. Candy

    I’m sure the Russian skater’s ‘handlers’ gave her drugs knowing full well that as a 15 year-old she is considered a “protected person” and there won’t be any consequences. And don’t even let me get started on the money spent on opening & closing ceremonies … millions/billions! I never watch those, but I have watched some of the sports (skiing & curling mostly). Oh, is this a quilting blog … LOL?!
    I love the doll bunk beds with quilts, and your barn quilt, Mary!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – I feel sorry for the 15 year old being at the center of this controversy- she probably ate what her trainers gave her and took whatever they put in front of her. I think she is probably devastated.

  26. Norma Gebhardt

    Loved the miniature pictures. I have a miniature quilt shop set up in an old cupboard. Perhaps if my daughter helps I can send a picture. I will be 80 this summer and for my birthday early I would love to come to your garage sale in Garner. I am going to write the dates down and see what happens.
    I always fall in love with the most difficult quilts. Started Sea Glass stars from Scrap School book. It has taken me a week, but I have finally completed one star block. Any pointers would be appreciated. I worried about the outer star points but had most trouble with inner points. Probably all about seam allowances. Think trimming is also a bit challenging. Would that original quilt ever be for sale? Thanks for listening.

  27. Theresa in Illinois

    Hi Mary
    It’s snowing again ….yesterday it was all melted. looks pretty but I am ready for spring. The little doll quilts are so cute. I am barely watching the Olympics this year as there is so much controversy around so many events. I am so done with the politics of it all. Gone are the days of just watching it for the pure amazement of what these athletes have accomplished. Sometimes I watch with the sound turned off so I can’t hear the commentary! Thank you for reader quilts – always a treat.

  28. Pam

    Love, love the doll bunk beds and the quilts! What a treat to see. Have a few of my own and have gifted a couple to friends and family. Guess I will never outgrow loving dolls and doll stuff and doll quilts.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Me either Pam! I have several around my house. I even bought a replica Thumbelina doll many years ago as it reminded me of when I was a little girl and played with that doll till it was in shreds. I guess all I wanted then was to be a mommy and play house.

  29. Barb Onnen

    The 15 year old should not be allowed to compete! The IOC made the wrong call!
    The story that was made up is just that. I don’t believe anything that comes out of Russia.
    Tonite I am watching her and she has fallen several times.She is not very happy about it.
    She has placed 4th, thank goodness! Now the top 3 can receive their honest and well earned efforts.
    The IOC is penalizing the clean athletes by not allowing a medal if the 15 year old places in the top 3.
    Love,love ,love the bunk bed quilts. Such talent by everyone.

  30. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The bunk beds and doll quilts are adorable! I also love the barn quilt; actually, I loved them all. 🤗
    Thanks again for all your hard work, Mary.

  31. patti leal

    mary, i watched the young skater tonight. she knew everyone was staring at her and hating her. she was almost in tears when she got on the ice. i don’t blame her – i blame the handlers. you know the ones that are so lovely dovely when she does what they want and were so cold to her tonight. she looked so alone. i think she may have thrown the competition. if not she was so rattled, that she couldn’t skate well. we have seen her skate skillfully. and even at the kiss and cry area they wanted her to hold her head high. she couldn’t. i can only imagine the trauma she is feeling and will probably never skate professionally again. she will be discarded. it makes me angry and more so because there is nothing we can do. on a high note i really enjoyed shawn white and his snowboarding. he is the one who made that sport and look how interesting it has become. off to bed for me. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I agree with you – the poor girl – she’s a child! She just did what her coaches told her to do – what will happen to her now.

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