Weedy August, 8-31-2020

During our hot dry patch of weather, mowing came to a halt but today it was time to mow. I always forget how weedy August gets so tomorrow it’s just me and the trimmer!

Tomorrow morning I will announce the Dirty Dozen number for September – this is exciting! I didn’t do well with my August project but started and finished two gift quilts during the month and I can’t show them until after the birthdays.

This is what I’m working on with my new fabrics.

My orioles are still hanging around – sometimes there are 6 or more at the feeders at the same time!

I bought this pattern last week and am very disappointed. Fabric designers should stick to fabric.

What are the possibilities of anybody finding all of these original fabrics? Slim to none! And anybody who has spelling errors in their pattern should not be in the publishing business.



Here are the Dirty Dozen quilts for today.

Did I forget to add this picture from last week In Minneapolis? We met our friend Susan at Millie P’s.

Finished reading this book – again! It is a touching story! I’d highly recommend it.

I’ll be posting again tomorrow morning with our Dirty Dozen number for September!

48 thoughts on “Weedy August, 8-31-2020

  1. Debbie Miller

    I can’t wait to see your “Sock It To Me” quilt top! It reminds me of the stripes around the tops of tube socks or athletic socks. That was my favorite pattern from your haul. It might even get me motivated to sew something!

  2. Diane and Squeak

    Oh, Mary. You made this retired English teacher smile😃. You catch spelling and grammar errors, too! I don’t purposely look or listen for them, but after 30 years, they just jump out! I agree, a professional should be more careful. I wish, too, that the designers would have a fairly new quilter make their project before they publish. Some patterns can be hard to follow. We had two orioles as they headed north in the Spring. I wish we had them longer, but we learned from you to feed them the grape jelly and oranges so they stayed a few days. Beautiful.

  3. Rosalie

    I usually catch those errors too in books and other publications. I always say I should have been a copy editor- but loved being a nurse! My English teachers would be proud.

  4. Li

    My, my, my. I stand corrected as well. I think that I am well read, but you are correct. “Laid out is a verb phrase that means arranged or sprawled.” Thanks for the insight.

  5. Cheryl

    It makes a huge difference when the pattern is well written. I recently bought a bag pattern that has color pictures in each step of the directions. It was higher priced, but worth every penny.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Well, I for one can’t spell…but my English teacher couldn’t quilt. We all have gifts and we all have flaws!
    The orioles are a pretty bird. Today I saw Canada geese flying and honking , soon the skies will be filled with them. I heard on NPR today, baby bats are called pups, isn’t that interesting?
    I love the sock quilt. It would be great in flannel too.
    Thanks for all the dd pictures today.

    1. Sue in Marion, IN

      Hi Jo…I heard that bat story too. Not only are baby bats called pups, their mamas talk bat baby talk to them! Who knew?

  7. Ann D

    Unfortunately, some patterns are created solely to use a particular fabric line and designers need to tailor their patterns to use the various fabrics in that line. If I am able to read the fabric requirements for a pattern and see the all the sku numbers listed, I just pass on the pattern unless I can figure out how to use my own stash.
    Thanks for all your posts. I enjoy reading them here in California.

  8. Sandy

    I am so glad you showed an oriole at your feeder. What a gorgeous sight! I seldom buy patterns because so many have spelling errors, measurement errors, and confusing instructions. No need to waste my time and money on that. (Your patterns are delightful to use.) Can’t wait to see your two August gift projects. Thanks for sharing photos and farm life.

  9. Diane Bauer

    After 25 years of proofing catalogs and 3 years in grad school, I’m a stickler for spelling, grammar, and APA format!! I’m always stunned when a glaring error shows up, but realize, too, how easy those things are to miss if you have written the copy. If you write it, your brain knows what it is ‘supposed’ to say, making it very difficult to see the errors.

    I failed on August’s Dirty Dozen, but will shortly send what I’ve been working on. Maybe September will be better!!

    1. Linda in Estherville

      I agree totally. I hated it when a boss guy would come in for a last minute hurry up two minutes before the board meeting! And, as for final proofing your own work for a student handbook, that should be illegal, sadly most do not understand this! Good for you!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I love what you’re working on! And yes, when you’ve written the actual pattern, you always “know” what it’s supposed to say making it hard to proofread except for common misspelled words. I would consider “triangle” a common word. I also understand that some people just can’t spell – I can’t do algebra and got the only D in my life the first semester I took it.

      1. Diane and Squeak

        Mary and Diane B., My sister and my dad’s law partner are non–spellers. They are both very smart, but can’t spell. I, like you Mary, am not good in Algebra, but can do Geometry. I think every person has some kind of “brain damage” or whatever you want to call it that they have to overcome or do the best they can with it. It doesn’t make anyone any less , it just is. Of course, now that we have spell check, triangles should not have appeared as misspelled!!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane and Squeak – you’re so right, spell check should have caught that misspelling of triangle.

      2. Kathy in western NY

        Ha Mary! I would have taken the D over going to summer school for Algebra which I had to do!

  10. Charlotte Shira

    That oriole is just gorgeous! Glad you got that picture. Can’t wait to see the Sock It To Me quilt. Hope the instructions are better than the Farmhouse one. Lots of quilts today….great job everyone!

  11. Katie

    Hola, is the sock it to Me, quilt pattern , a newer patter, how could I get pattern PLEASE
    Thanks, Katie in Gilbert,Az.

    1. Mary in Indiana

      I went to the Purple Pineapple Studio website (purplepineapplestudio.com) and ordered both patterns Mary bought. $3.50 each, no shipping charge, no tax.

  12. Carla

    Lovely quilts today! I did a double take at Liz’s quilt made for Flynn. I have made some things out of the whale fabric. The fact that she in Texas and I in Michigan have used the same fabric amused me… I’m really easily amused!

  13. Kim J LeMere

    I have a friend who designs quilt patterns and some tool and she always gives ask for some volunteers to make the pattern before its released. It helps her to write the direction more clearly, offer pictures for difficult steps etc. Her offer goes out to experienced quilters and to newbies, its such a great way to get it right for publication. My hummingbird feeder is quite a busy place these past few days, they must be headed south. I miss seeing orioles, your picture is so appreciated. Love the string finish from Gloria, I need to try and make one of them with all my bits and pieces.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim – your designer friend sounds like a conscientious designer if she has several people proof her patterns!

  14. patti leal

    all the editors we have here. me too. it drives me crazy. as i have gotten older, my typos drive me crazy, too. especially when i miss them. i tested a pattern for a designer and was asked for an honest critique. i did and it totally made the designer mad. i was honest. i wouldn’t have bought the pattern as written. that’s why major publications (i worked for the saturday evening post, setting type – very interesting job), have two or more proof readers on staff.

    my dd3 is almost ready, needs last border. hope to finish by this weekend. life has gotten in the way. i enjoy your posts and your shopping trips and farm stories so much. hugs to both of you, patti in florida

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – I hate auto correct because I know what I want to say and can spell it besides – and sometimes I get in a hurry and hit send before I should!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – Saturday Evening Post? Wow!!! Did the designer change her publishing process after she got mad at you? I won’t ask who it is but is she publishing yet today?
      We have written extensively about our approach to controlled scrap quilting and the pattern i was referring to should have followed some similar guidelines. But I get it – they want to sell fabric, too. Not many stores buy complete fabric lines anymore however.

  15. Susan Boyd

    I put the book “Finding Zobi” on hold at my local library. I’ll pick it up later today. I know I must have been living under a rock during his life, but have you read the book “Dewey” about the library cat in Spencer, Iowa? I’d be very surprised if you haven’t! I just finished it. I had never heard of him, even though he was well-known the world over! Great book and a wonderful cat. Knowing you, you probably got the chance to go meet him! I’ve almost finished my DD for August. First one I’ve actually worked on! Needed a piece of solid black Kona Cotton and just got to a quilt shop a couple days ago to get it. I’ll try to get it finished this week and send it to you.

  16. Kathy in western NY

    Lovely post to read this sunny morning as we turn over another month. Yup I am still old fashioned and hang a nice visual calendar in my kitchen!
    I didn’t finish my DD as we had good outdoor weather to enjoy so I did. I I have enjoyed Sewing it so I am determined to finish it.
    I think you will Come up with something using your fabrics to make that disliked pattern look entirely different than the picture on the cover. It has possibilities and you do have a good color sense.

  17. Kendra Maclean

    I also find it interesting that Ms. Pickens says she used a fat quarter bundle when in fabric requirements it calls for 2/3 yard???? (sometimes more, sometimes less but, you know)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kendra Maclean – I didn’t even catch that – good grief, I will never try to make this. A friend made it and found a layout mistake posted online!

  18. Karen

    Mary, which model of Bernina sewing machine is in the picture? Thanks!

    Also I love seeing all the finished projects from everyone.

  19. Diana in Des Moines

    I haven’t seen many orioles since spring, but the hummingbirds are visiting in droves!
    I agree about the pattern instructions. I made a sample for my friends quilt shop, and the designer made it so hard. I ended up doing it my way (read easy) and it turned out just fine. Less is more, people!
    So glad September is here – my favorite time of the year. Got a queen size quilt from the longarmer Saturday, now ready for binding. My favorite part of a quilt!
    /sure hope we get some rain soon!

  20. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I’m adding “Finding Gobi” to my reading list, thanks for the recommendation; if anyone reads a book TWICE I know it must be a great one. Spelling errors and publishing– oh, yeah; I’m with you there. 🙁 Where have all the proofreaders gone? ‘Sock It To Me’ looks great, I remember those skits on “Laugh In”~ how old am I?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I remember Laugh In and those skits as well! Yes, I’m old! Gobi also has an Instagram page and she and Dion answer or comment promptly when someone asks a question. Makes me so happy that Gobi is alive and well – that in itself is a miracle.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Does anybody remember TWTWTW? I don’t think I have that right, but it stood for “That Was The Week That Was?” For short they called it TW3. It was a take-off from a British program and was a pre-runner of Laugh In. It was only 1/2 hour, but didn’t have a dull moment. I think it would have been in 1964?

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Betty K – no, I do not remember that show. Hmmmm….I wonder why. I would have been in high school in 1964 – just asked Rick if he remembered and neither of us do. Just Ed Sullivan and Lawrence Welk. Guess we were too busy in those years. Rick said he was “pitching shit” – his words – on Saturday. Would come in for supper and some tv.

  21. Jane Boyer

    I took a class from an author who talked about how frustrating proofreading was. She had to proofread the entire manuscript she’d already submitted each time the publisher sent her things to proofread. Mistakes would appear in previously correct chapters. I’m ready to break out my red pencil many times but realize not all mistakes are the author’s. My biggest pet peeve is magazines who call an 8 sided pattern a “snowflake”. I call it part of the dumbing of America.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane Boyer – I hated proofreading our own patterns because I’d KNOW how it should read and therefore could miss something easily.

  22. Signe in Virginia

    I have found that fabric designers who also design patterns want you to purchase their fabric line in order to create the exact quilt as shown. That is fine if you have to have the quilt look exactly like the pattern. You are a quilter that can imagine a quilt in scraps or your own choice of coordinating fabrics. Be unique! You are right about the spelling errors…..no excuse in this day and age! I do know that publishing companies don’t always make it easy for the author or designer. I am looking forward to checking out the book, Finding Gobi.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Signa – I just told another reader than Gobi has an Instagram account, too!

  23. Roxanne

    My interpretation of the last paragraph of the pattern is different. She is offering a different, scrappy version on page 7-8 that uses a FQ bundle and is a different coloration of the pattern. The fabrics listed are for exactly what is seen in the photograph.
    Very happy to have finished DD#3 and will send a photo later. On to #12!

  24. Carol Garverick

    I just had to read Finding Gobi after you showed us you were reading it. Luckily our library had a digital copy available. What a heartwarming story!

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