What a wonderful day!


7 am and these gals from Chicago pulled up to the gate on one of the prettiest early summer mornings I’ve ever seen!  Oh my but there is power in prayer.  I kept waking up during the night to listen for possible raindrops and when I got up at 5 there wasn’t even any wind much less rain.  It made me so thankful.

People started lining up in earnest about 8:30.  Here is the line of customers from a couple of different angles.


And here are the greeters – Vivian, Becky and Chase. Vivian pointed the way to the parking and  Becky and Chase picked customers up in 2 golf carts until one of the golf carts died in transit.  Later on they returned customers with their purchases back to their cars.

Connie and I before we opened.

Quilts for sale in the classroom.


Let the shopping begin!


3 hours later—

Our fabulous crew of workers—

More before and after pictures—

We are all exhausted tonight as you might imagine.  Thanks for all your personal messages of best wishes for a successful day – every one was read and appreciated.  It was simply a wonderful day!  More pictures tomorrow.  Time for bed. 

20 thoughts on “What a wonderful day!

  1. Sylvia/LittleTreasures

    Thank you for such a great post of the wonderful event you shared with all of us. We will truly miss you and that quaint little place. Enjoy your time…it flies by quickly and have fun with the memories. You are special people. And a true asset to our area. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all these fun years. I love all the little treasures I was able to salvage…..that last day.

  2. Kathy N

    The picture of Connie/Mary is adorable! Happy/sad post. Enjoy life ladies, we will always have Survivor..Garner, Iowa (from Kathy in Atlanta) xoxo

  3. Moe Baly

    Mary and Connie, I’m so happy for You! The weather looks perfect and you had a great turn out! Best wishes, Love Moe

  4. Beverly

    I can relate to the 2 ladies lining up early – they would be my kindred spirit! Wish I could be part of the crowd, but just too far from Texas! Pray the next days will dawn with good weather.

  5. Launa

    Mary, The pictures are almost, but not nearly as much fun as being there, visiting and shopping would be! So pleased you had wonderful weather!! Thanks for sharing with those of us who couldn’t travel the distance and shop. Looking forward to more pics.

  6. Amy M.

    Oh seeing everyone lined up and in a shopping frenzy reminds me of Big Event Days! I kept checking the radar all day yesterday to see if you were having clear skies! You and Connie have worked so hard to get this ready and it looks like it paid off! Good luck with the rest of the sale.

  7. Nikki Mahaffey

    Glad everything went so well………..may the next 2 days also be successful…………..Happy Quilting

  8. MartyCae

    I had more fun yesterday than one person should be allowed! I talked to a wonderful lady from Illinois and three friends from Forest City. Then on to two friends from Mason City. I got to see the dogs and geese and best of all both Mary and Connie and their wonderful staff. My dear sister-in-law was with me and we left with our wallets much lighter! 🙂 Thanks for a perfect day!

  9. Diane

    What a bitter sweet day!! Sooo happy the weather was perfect. There are many items there that would have looked great in my house:) Have two more great days. Sorry I wasn’t there–too far from Central Ohio.

  10. Mareen

    Sorry I was unable to come until after work (could not afford to take vacation) was glad for you tho as the quilts left were few!! Glad you had such a beautiful day – God was looking out for you for sure…..maybe pumpkin days!! I’ll stop out tomorrow and again congrats on retirement – but you are on the go just as much but blessed that you are doing it your way…….and on your time not someone elses….I will have to bring Gracie out again too!

  11. Gayle Lacey

    Wish I could have been there to enjoy the excitement and all the wonderful goodies you had on display! Sad, also, that Country Threads is only a wonderful memory, but I totally understand needing some time for yourselves. Quilting brings together such awesome, wonderful people. So glad I met you several years ago. Love your books and patterns. Farmers Daughter is still on my bucket list!!! Thanks for the memories! Gayle in Salina, KS

  12. Julie

    I’m glad I was able to come yesterday! Great to see both of you! And yes it was a beautiful day outside! I was able to pick up a few treasures, especially your quilts which will be a wonderful remembrance to me of the “Best Quilt Shop in Iowa!” Yesterday was bittersweet knowing that I won’t be coming back to see what’s new in quilting, but also happy for you and Connie that you can enjoy exactly what YOU want to do everyday from now on!!!!! Enjoy your last two days! I am so excited to follow this blog to still be able to have a connection to you, your creativity and your love for animals!!! Julie

  13. Martha

    I loved seeing your sale day #1 photos and imagining how much the quilts you’ve made through the years will now be treasured by their new owners and displayed in their new homes. What gifts going out into the Universe!!

    Wishing you treasured moments in the rest of your sale!!

    Blessings from Maine,

  14. Angie Rowland

    Cannot blame them for lining up early. It looks like it was a very successful day and the customers were the most successful. I want to see a picture of you and Connie at the end of the sale. I am so glad the weather cooperated. It is a wonderful day that God has brought to wonderful people I might add.

  15. Maryjane

    What a lot of work to get ready for this but looks like it was worth it all. Looks like great fun. Sorry I live so far away – CA. Your property is so beautiful. So grateful your weather was so nice. Have fun the next 2 days and hope you sell it all.

  16. Ann Leadley

    Wow, how great. I have enjoyed all of your up dates. My plan of being part of that 8:30 crowd was not possible after my shoulder surgery. I’m totally happy for your successful day. Totally disappointed with the facts of not able of being able to get there. . I’m going to miss you not being around because I made a point when I was in the Navy to stop in to see what was new. Best of luck and enjoy your days ahead.

  17. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, Thank you. I was hoping that you would have pictures of your sale. It looks like the most fun. And such a beautiful day. It just had to be wonderful. And there are 2 more days.
    Hope the ladies show us what they have bought.

    Betty in Rapid City

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