We are ready!

Last minute signs, instructions, job assignments, credit card trials and cash boxes — I think we’ve thought of everything!  Now that all the work is done, I am really looking foward to seeing everyone tomorrow.  This will be fun! 


And there’s big news from Farm Chick Quilts!  Mandy will open her store on the north end of main street tomorrow at 12:30.  Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?  We’ve got a quilt shop in Garner again and Connie and I will be frequent customers.  As an incentive to stop by the store, Mandy is giving out 2 charm squares and a block pattern to everyone who comes to see her during our sale.  The block is a square within a square block that will need an two additional 4″ squares of your fabric to finish.   The All Iowa Shop Hop is also taking place the month of June so Mandy is opening at a great time.  Please take time to stop in after you leave the farm.   Turn right at the stoplight and park by the red elevator approx. one block south.


The dogs are not interested in sale preparations but they will of course be here during the sale.  Cats are also around so just be aware that they’re here – in case you’re allergic or terrified of cats.

Gate opens at 9 am tomorrow morning – please park in the field south of the barn.  I am anxious to see all of you again!  Now – this will be fun!  The work is done and it’s time to enjoy the sale.

17 thoughts on “We are ready!

  1. Marilyn Morley

    Wish I could be there, Mary – I know you will have a wonderful crowd though so enjoy every minute. What are the kitties going to do when they don’t have a shop to mind? I came across a picture of you with my friend, Martha, when we visited several years ago. I’ll send it sometime when life slows down a bit for you. Have fun. M

  2. Becky

    Have a great sale! We can’t be there so I am hoping you post lots of pictures!

  3. Angie Rowland

    I wish you well. Glad to hear about the quilt shop opening. When the fireworks guild returns to Mason City we will be sure to visit. We look forward to Farm Chick Quilts being as friendly and welcoming as we have always found your shop. (she had a great mentor)

  4. Becky Rose

    Oh, Telly! I’m sure that’s how all of you are feeling right now!!

  5. Beryl Hoff

    So wish I were closer…it would quite a commute from Montana! I am sorry you are closing, I enjoyed my visit when I was in Northern Iowa. Have fun sewing and the best for tomorrow and the rest of the sale days!

  6. Karen in Maryland

    Have a fabulous sale (in glorious weather, I hope)! I wish I could be there to buy one of each of your patterns.
    I always loved my time at your place. I’d get the weirdest looks when I’d tell someone that I was spending my vacation sewing in Iowa. They had no idea how much fun it was.

  7. Carol

    Another Carol with you in spirit! I live hundreds and hundreds of miles away, so, since I can’t attend the Sale of the Century, I am consoling myself with a four day quilt retreat!
    I see everything is ready, including the snacks! Stacey’s Chils…yum!

  8. anita fetzer

    I’m just so sad I can’t be there. It would be wonderful I’m sure. Best wishes.

  9. Cindy Jantti

    I had this on my bucket list to visit your shop….but everyone bailed on me to make the trip from Kansas City. I will be there in spirit and hope someday to pass thru your town. Hope you have a very successful sale. Sew wish I could be there!

  10. Amy M.

    Good Luck with the sale. I hope everyone finds lots of treasures and the weather cooperates! I’ll be thinking about you-wish I could be there also 🙂

  11. Gwen Herbert

    Enjoy the week end to the max!! & I’m sure you will be super tired when it is over!! Im from SW Iowa & so wish I could be there! Enjoy!!

  12. Nikki Mahaffey

    Sorry cannot be in Iowa for your sale or Mandys shop opening..did order your book from her owever. Best of Luck to both of ya’ll.

  13. Launa

    Telly looks quite calm about the entire prep process.
    Love those pita chips.
    Wish I was there all weekend.

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