Where Do I Start?

The “fix” is just a bandaid to get me back on the blog WITH pictures. I’m reminded of the song “Ioway–that’s where the tall corn grows!” It’s about 8 ft. tall right now!

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Before I do anything else, let me list the book winners. I honestly can hardly remember which books I was giving away. Would these people please send me their mailing addresses:

Linda Baker

Nancy Wines

Nikki M

Nancy Finch

The next very important announcement is the introduction of Frank! He’s a handsome fellow and you have plenty of time to get him ordered and sewed up in time to hang for Halloween.

Here’s a closeup of his face with some embroidered details.

To order the pattern for Frank who measures 12″ x 38″ send $5.00 to County Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. Please be so kind as to send a SASE, a self addressed stamped envelope to keep our costs down.

We did have other Halloween patterns at one time but they are not available now. Let’s just get Frank made at the moment.

Don’t forget Connie’s fall Gameboard quilt. It is also $5.00 to Country Threads.

And if not a fall quilt, think ahead to Christmas!

August’s Dirty Dozen is Number 3 – you may already know that but I’m trying to catch us all up. All these problems started 2 weeks ago this morning. It’s a good thing I didn’t know at the time that I would still be dealing with it today because I absolutely would have thrown in the towel. As it is both Denise and I are somewhat addicted to finding the solution which I’m betting is a flip of a switch somewhere deep in the settings.

I will stop here and hopefully post the Dirty Dozen finishes from last month this afternoon — all these wonderful #8 completed projects. What a thrill for me so see finished quilts and know how happy they make you. When I get this setting problem resolved I am going back to sewing big time. I can’t wait. Look for another post this afternoon.

And last but certainly not least, thank you for not giving up on me and Country Threads Chicken Scratch! Here’s to moving onward!

64 thoughts on “Where Do I Start?

  1. Becki pender

    I really missed your daily blogs. So glad that you did not “throw in the towel”.

  2. Jennie

    Very glad to have you back. Will be ordering Frank. Very cute. All this time I believe everyone has closed a bunch of adds. Blessing Jennie

  3. Mary R.

    Mary, I am happy to see your posts again. Your pictures are always entertaining. Question – How do I close the ads on your site? Just click on them to close or open them and then close? I know that this sounds like a stupid question but if I open the ad and close, it takes me out of your site. Thanks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary R – just click on the x to close the ad and thank you in advance!

  4. Jan from TN

    Glad the temporary fix is allowing you to post & us to see/read! 👏👏👍🤞

  5. Nancy

    That is the MOST AWSOME corn I have ever seen!!! You have upstate New York beat and they grow great corn. Love that picture!🌽

  6. ChristieB

    Welcome back! Good to see your photos again! Love following your blog and all the inspiration you give us! HUGS… and stitches

  7. Marsha from Kansas

    So glad to hear from you today! I always look for an e-mail from you and my Mom in the mornings! I’m pretty sure I NEED Frank to join my Halloween decorations! Welcome back!

  8. Sue in Duluth MN

    Mary you are one awesome OCD woman, is wonderful for us that you are!!!

  9. Sue in Oregon

    Oh, that beautiful corn photo!! Did the storm miss you or is it still out there?
    Sending my check for Frank today.
    Also, will email my photo of my finished #8.

  10. the other Angie

    Thanks, Mary … and helpers!!! It is so good to see this post! I know how frustrating these things can be and how they seem to take over your life, but I hope you know how much your continued efforts are appreciated! Hopefully, the complete resolution of all the crazy, messy tech stuff will come quickly and easily.

  11. Micky

    Thanks for hanging in there. To Janice Herbert in Ma. did you belong to Quilt Sitters in Rockford, Il in the 1990’s. We may have in together. Peace Micky Rockford, Il

  12. Diane from TN

    Everyone has expressed it so well already, but we all enjoy your blog..,and we are alll so thankful you haven’t given up. Do you have a favorite way to cook your fresh corn? We have been fortunate to have a local farm sell produce in our little gated community each week. They brought the best fresh corn last week. I could have eaten a dozen ears all by myself (instead I ate just two, haha).

    1. Pat Williams

      Diane from TN—our favorite way to cook this wonderful Iowa sweet corn is to wrap each ear in waxed paper and cook in microwave for 5 minutes, 2 ears. Always tastes so good. Pat in Iowa City

      1. Diane from TN

        I will need to try that. I typically microwave it and husk it after it’s been cooked.

  13. Patricia Bradford

    Yea! Glad you are back and up and running. Sorry for all of your aggravations. We sure missed you and your wonderful pictures. Always love to hear your stories of your farm and all of your farm babies. Stay cool. We’re in for at least another week of 100 degree days here. I’m ready for Fall!

  14. Jessica in FL

    I can’t imagine giving up on you and/or Country Threads Chicken Scratch! You never give up on us, either. I’ve missed your photos…it’s my bright spot during the day. Frank certainly is a handsome guy!

  15. Janet R

    It’s so annoying when tech doesn’t work. Especially when it’s been working just fine all along and one day decides to take a vacation.

    I recently made a photo book for my granddaughter’s graduation. Photos were uploaded, added to the book, etc. Until I wanted a certain group of photos and I just couldn’t seem to get those. Turned out I had saved them from Facebook and the photo book company didn’t recognize that type. Grrr!

    I can only imagine how frustrated you’ve been but hang in there. We’d miss you!

  16. Ellie

    Hooray for Mary and Denise! Isn’t it a good thing we can’t see into the future, especially for the troublesome things. I’m so glad you didn’t give up because that would have made me very sad. Your blog and the pictures are a day brightener!

  17. Diane Bauer

    Oh, my goodness!!! So good to see a normal looking blog post!!! Thank you for your persistence in getting it fixed!! Your blog is a highlight for many of us!!

    I love Frank and will be sending my order immediately! I sure don’t need another project with 11 UFO’s waiting in the wings, but knowing they will be getting finished month-by-month gives me the freedom to do some new things too! I showed Jenica the post and she says she loves the fabric you used for his suit! Since I’ve got a couple of months to get them done, she wants one too!

    Have a great afternoon! I hope you’re celebrating!!

  18. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    We would never give up on you, Mary. Only 4 ads this time, but they’re closed. I love Frank so will order soon. I am so happy I could see him since I don’t do Facebook. Thanks, Mary. 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane, Squeak’s mom – you do realize you could just look at the post on FB without subscribing, don’t you?

  19. Jo in Wyoming

    Cheers to Mary and Denise🍾
    Looks like the storm you were expecting didn’t do much damage to the corn…it’s beautiful.

  20. Kim J LeMere

    The corn looks great and I love Frank, need to send in my order. If it helps I tired to get on Jo’s Country Junction blog this morning and it kept locking up…..hope they aren’t going to have problems. Thanks for hanging in there for all of us who love your blog.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    I am sure you will have some stories to tell US about this computer adventure knowing most of us are as clueless as you were going into this. What you have probably learned through it. We will always be here so , nope, you can’t lose us over this.

  22. Debra Miller

    Way to go Mary and Denise! I am the same way-I will work on something until I figure it out. Came through great-just no way to close any of the ads.

  23. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,
    Oh happy day!
    Thanks for sticking with this blog! It is truly a bright spot in our day ❤️
    Bonnie In Oregon…just one of your many fans!

  24. Amy M

    YEAH!!! If if a bandaid I’m sure it feels good to be able to post again. The corn looks great. I’m sure you can’t wait to start eating some good Iowa corn.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy M – we’ve been eating it for about a week and this morning Rick froze 2 big batches – I didn’t even have to help!

  25. Kate Schrot

    I made Frank years ago and it’s still a favorite. Try to get it out every year.

  26. Jean

    What a joy to see your blog WITH pictures! THANKS for not giving big up. Technology. Uff.

  27. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thanks for hanging in there Mary. I would truly miss your blog.
    Carolyn b VA

  28. Janice Hebert

    So happy to see this post! You deserve some sewing time for sure! I’m happy that the Gameboard quilt pattern is still available. Check will be in the mail this week. Working on a little pin cushion. I really need to perfect my sewing skills… Jan in MA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan In MA – I’m betting your sewing skills are better than most!

  29. Jeanine

    So happy to see pictures again! Thank you Mary and Denise for persevering. There were only 2 ads on this entry, and they did not have an x to click on. But I have been clicking away on your other entries……more than once a day. I hope the problem is solved for good soon! I just love your blog and seeing your pictures of the farm and quilts.

    1. Sunflower from Michigan

      That Frank is a handsome fellow! Thanks for posting the picture of Connie’s Halloween table topper, I’m hoping to work on that in addition to my #3 this month. So glad your site is back and hope it stays that way. Take care!

  30. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Yea, you’re back in business! Can’t wait to see what’s coming our way next!
    Western New York has a corn festival, I think some people here think they invented corn. Then again, we have chicken wing festivals (they WERE invented here, don’t anyone believe otherwise!), a chocolate festival in February, an Italian Festival, a Polish Festival, an Irish Festival, a Greek Festival and so many more… so you might just say we celebrate food year round!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at P O Quilting – what’s more fun to celebrate than food? Ha!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Ah Carol, you forgot the German festival we have going on this weekend…..but I have been to it before and after awhile I just can’t take that music anymore! But lots of different beers. Ha!

        1. Diane, Squeak's Mom

          There is also a Garlic Festival in Cuba, NY even though it’s more well known for its cheese:)

  31. Nikki M in Tx

    Have emailed you my address, I am beyond speechless as I have never won anything!!! Thank you ever so much.
    Hopefully for your sanity and your loyal followers all will be resolved with blog problems shortly.
    #3 is my 9 patch /heart quilt, red & white..need to quilt & bind. Will get it done, will get it done, will get it done.. my motto for the next 21 days. Hopefully September will be one of my smaller project as have scheduled eye surgery for Sept 24 & Oct 14,cataract surgeries. Will be glad to get that behind me.

  32. Carolyn In Kansas Now

    Oh I love Frank! Will he be available in the smaller size like Uncle Sam? Regardless I will be send money and an envelope. Keep up the good work, never give up! Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn in Kansas Now – this is original size and won’t be offered bigger or smaller.

  33. Annette F.

    I feel that you have the best, most entertaining blog that I follow. My only regret is that I didn’t discover it sooner! Thanks to you for hanging in there. Onward we go………..

  34. Chris H. in Washington

    Thanks so much for persevering, Mary. I love receiving Chicken Scratch in my email each day(usually). It always makes me smile and I feel like I have a friend in Iowa.

  35. Brenda archambault

    Wonderful, Mary. Will keep my fingers (and toes too) crossed that you have made the fix and will go forward with all your news and encouragement to and for us. Thanks to wonderful Denise for working with you and hopefully finding the problem and making the fix.

  36. Terri

    You make my day! I look Forward to hearing about you and seeing your delightful pictures.

  37. mary jane

    See we all knew you could do it…What a pleasure for us to see your photos and words. Congrats to you Mary and again thanks … My # 8 is at the quilters and my #3 is a lot simpler.

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