Working On Number 8

Reed was here working on his next project so I worked on my Dirty Dozen #8. I made quite a bit of progress but I’m missing some pieces and now will have to plan and regroup.

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Do you see the difference between my pile and Reed’s “pile”? Haha! He is very organized!

Hazel absolutely LOVES Reed!

His mom and siblings came to pick him up and Vera and June were enthralled with Hazel – lucky little dog! Myra looks on.

Here is Connie’s #8 – she is wondering where to start, too, and what happened to the navy fabric that she was using in this project. Ha! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

I actually have this same pattern on my want – to – do list but haven’t started yet.

I told Reed yesterday that I have not found all the eggs for almost 2 weeks now and I have searched every corner in the barn. No little eggs. Maybe they”re actually molting and not just hiding the eggs? BUT yesterday when I was mowing I happened to spy this little path into the pampas grass. Guess what I found in further inspection – a golden camping sitting on a nest of more eggs than she can cover! Oh, good grief!

So – baby chicks will soon be present on the farm once again. Remember the 5 that hatched last January? Is it possible that they’re all hens? Honestly I search for rooster signs and sounds and still there are none. If they’re all hens God is surely answering prayers!

Don’t forget to send in your book titles. And speaking of books – tomorrow I’m going to give away 3 – yes, 3 books from the generous folks at Martingale!

Remember the 3 baby raccoons? Tom and Kathy are now taking them outside so they learn climbing trees and running – soon they will be released through a wildlife rehabilitation group.

My rug progress – I have missed 2 full days of progress so I’m determined to catch up before I get any further behind. If anyone living in North Iowa would like to purchase a rug frame and pick it up in Mason City, please contact me and I will put you in contact with a woodworker who can make you a frame. You can save all the shipping costs which are pretty high.

I have a long list today and it’s going to be hot – mowing is always on my list the same as weeding for those of you who have gardens. I do have bags of mulch to put down but everything needs weeding first. Yuck.

I have really enjoyed hearing what you are working on for #8 – it’s making yourself pick it up and finish it! I will be so happy to have a finished pile by next year. I’ll ask for photos at the end of the month – you will not be able to post them in the comments section. I don’t know about you but I have looked forward to July 1 and the start of the Dirty Dozen because I really do want to finish these projects. Some of you only have some binding to do which is where I get held up each time I want hand stitched binding.

Good Luck to all of you as you work on Number 8! And thank you for all the condolences on Buckwheat- I was not sad to see him go to join Alfalfa because he was lost without him. They even slept together, always touching and now they’re together again!

61 thoughts on “Working On Number 8

  1. Marie Fibelstad

    Enjoyed the news about the pretty chicken sitting on all those eggs. How did she get all those eggs
    for herself?
    I just finished reading an older book, Heiress by Janet Dailey. Good reading.
    Been choosing some material for my rag rug when the directions come. Marie

  2. Nikki M in Tx

    If only I were as organized as Reed!!!
    Did get the binding sewn by machine onto the one of three quilts that did not have the bond on. While watch TV last evening hand sewed little more than half way around…and I survived! Can you tell…binding is not my favorite part of quilting?
    Got outbid on the acreage, have mixed emotions. At my age did not need the land or debt, but I wanted it. Keep telling myself if it was meant to be it would be. Maybe I will convince myself . Need to sulk for a day or so.
    This weekend Ms Maci and I along with a friend are road tripping to Pahuska Ok, plan on visiting Ree Drummond’s Merc. & other ventures. Of course will hit every quilt shop, antique shop & thrift store we can find.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – oh, how I wish I were going with you on your trip – you’re stopping at all my favorite places! And Ms. Maci gets to go along! What a lucky little girl!
      I think you should take the attitude that if God meant for you to have that property, you’d have it. BUT feel free to sulk a bit – I would, too. And I hate binding, too, but I didn’t even put those UFO’s on my Dirty Dozen.

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Since you have shown us framed needle work of different kinds from thrift shops I’m on the look out for them and have found some treasures. Several counted cross stitch that are beautifully done will hang in my office and several others will hand in my sewing room. One needlepoint is big enough to cover a footstool which needed recovering. Thanks for sharing the search idea.

    Always interested in the chickens with the baby chicks. Will look forward to seeing them.

  4. Donna Sproston

    Reed could teach me a thing or two! I love his 1930s choices and have some of them in my stash. Hazel has good taste. Our trees have never been so lush and green after all the rain, but the gnats and mosquitoes are here as well. Some corn will be head high by the Fourth but some will only be knee high. It will be a long and late harvest, but most farmers were able to finally plant. Most of my UFOs were never started so I am at the cutting stage or picking out the pattern stage. That does not count but at least you motivated me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Sproston – I’m not the Quilt Police but I’m glad you feel motivated to start! Think you can get it done in a month?

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I think I missed the Buckwheat post, I hope he and Alfalfa are having a wonderful life over the rainbow bridge. I also never commented on the raccoons, which were as cute as buttons, but noticeably clawed! They’ll have a raucous time in the woods and fields soon enough!
    My #8 is a small piece requiring quilting and binding only, which I’m glad for because… I’m headed to Sisters, Oregon for a couple of classes and the outdoor quilt show. I’m already down ten days this month, as it’s a cross country trip for me, staying with a quilting friend, and two classes equals two new projects! Plus, I did nothing in the past two days. Month’s half accounted for already!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at Pin Oak – I think we all envy you going to Sisters!

  6. Janine

    My #8 is finishing a Jan Patek book cover that I started umpteen years ago at Country Threads – Karen and I drove to the farm from Dallas for a workshop with Jan. It was a fun time! Worked on several projects and I never finished the cover, so here goes. Thank goodness July has 31 days because I will need every single one 🙂 I love the pattern cover on Connie’s project – “Quick. Easy. Fun. Done.” Hope that’s not false advertising!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janine – we’ll see what Connie has to say about her #8. I remember that workshop and I actually did finish the book cover!

  7. Sue H

    My number 8 is a Snowman Quilt. I bought the kit years ago and pieced it up at a retreat. I will be layering it up and quilting it this month. At least that’s the plan! I hope this isn’t cheating but my #8 & #12 are the same. I only picked out 11 UFO projects because I knew whatever project was the first one, I’d never get it done in the month due to vacation followed by wrist surgery. I hope to get as much done this month as possible and then truly finish it up whenever #12 is selected. I’ll be glad to get the surgery over with and also glad to get this adorable quilt finished. Thanks for organizing this Dirty Dozen – or Eleven!

    1. Brenda Archambault

      Have you had your wrist surgery yet? I’m recovering from wrist surgery and the addition of a titanium plate to hold me together but not quite there yet. Trying to do quilting and needlework and fighting through some pain occasionally. Quite a bit yesterday and not sure what I was doing wrong so have had to slow down but still trying to work on my dirty dozen. Good luck to you with your surgery.

  8. Terri S.

    I just love Reed! I bet he makes his parents proud. He will make an excellent. husband someday!So sorry to hear about Alfalfa. They are like one of the children! How do you get those hens to lay inside???

  9. Donna (Henry)

    This morning I pulled out my#8 project to see where I left off. I know I have at least one border and some corners to do. Can’t remember what they look like as my instructions weren’t with my project. Hopefully I can find without tearing apart my place. I “think” I know where they are. I store loose patterns 8 1/2 x 12 size in sheet protectors and then they go in a 3 ring binder.
    Is there anything we need to do to get into tomorrow’s drawing? Love the pics of Hazel, especially with Reed. ❤️
    My Henry is at vet as he’s plugged up so you know what they means 😮 plus he’s running a fever. Poor guy will be happy to have me gone back to get him.

  10. Sherry Whalen

    Good morning! Books. I am working my way thru Sue Grafton’s alphabet books on audio. I just started ‘R is for Ricochet’ I have decided that enjoying audio books has a lot to do with the person who is reading the text, I enjoyed the first ones a lot. With a new reader I have to really pay attention, they are good, I am just having more trouble staying engaged. And I just finished listening to the 4th Harry Potter book. I am going to have to decide if I want to listen to another. To me they are eh… perhaps just not my cup of tea.

    My #8 – I am quilting a smaller quilt – the parts were given to me as the woman who started it could no longer sew. As they were removing her sewing stuff someone took this partially finished kit and gave it to me. That’s right. I probably have 30 UFOs of my own at my house and I have people giving me more UFOs…. It was short of blocks and fabric, but miraculously I found enough fabric to complete 48 blocks and used all the scraps in the backing. I will be glad to have it done. It is cute enough, but not something I would have chosen to buy, again – not my cup of tea!

  11. Sue

    Your pile and Reeds pile made me laugh. Mine would be more like yours, I think. He really is organized!
    The books I have read since the last report are:
    The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan. I really loved this book. It was fascinating.
    American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. This one was what Mary calls a snooze. It took a while to read it because it put me to sleep so often. Yet…in its own way it was good. I think it could have been done in half the pages though.
    China Lake by Meg Gardiner. A thriller diller that kind of missed the mark with me.

    3 Give aways. Oh, Boy!! Put me on the list, please.

    I plan to work on my #8 as soon as our 4th of July Quilt Show is over. Now I must get going to take mine to be added to the pile of entries. My Bullseye is one of them.

  12. Charlotte S.

    My #8 is a wall hanging kit (Comfort of Psalms) I bought at a quilt shop in Pella, Iowa on a cross-country trip in 2007. Wow! Things do get buried in my sewing room. I’m so glad you started this Dirty Dozen. It will feel so good to get these UFOs done and start on the next dozen.

  13. Lisa C in Dallas

    I don’t have a #8 because I don’t keep a lot WIPs (yes, I am a quilter) but I did recently go to a 2 day (day only) retreat and have two tops to baste and quilt. I’m putting the binding on the third quilt tonight. So I’ll be basting the next one in line soon.

  14. Polly Perkins

    So sad to hear about Buckwheat. They are become so special to us don’t they. I have had a tough couple weeks = first recovering from surgery but second and worst is this very bad cat flu has been passed on one at time to all 5 of my indoor cats. I do not know where it came from but they have been very sick. Trips to vet, medicine and shots. I thought I was going to lose my 12 year old Lucky Saturday. Luckily on Sunday he began eating some boiled chicken and drinking the broth after 5 days. He was already down to 8 pounds. Today he is eating cat food! hurray

    I cannot wait until July 17 when I go to see surgeon and hopefully be released to do things like sewing. I will have to work fast to get my number 8 done.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Polly Perkins- I do not know about this cat flu! How is it passed? And how did your cats get it originally? I’ll bet you’re ready to fly out of that neck brace! I’m not good recuperating from anything.

      1. Polly Perkins

        I have no clue how they got this. I feed the “feral”/tamed outside cats and none of them are sick. Took the last two to the vet today for a second round of shots. She said this viral thing may reappear if they get stressed. Good gosh I sure do not want to go through this again.
        I cannot wait to get the all clear and get out of this collar/brace. I want to see so bad today …. am very bored. I am not a good one for sitting around but feel obligated to be good because I have someone’s donor tissue! Bob has been good to me but has never done cleaning in fifty years and there is no hope to start him now. Oh the things that must be done including cleaning all the windows of sneezes! Actually I am not fond of cleaning but am looking forward to some of it … after I sew some. Happily I am hosting a quilt retreat the week after I get the all clear. Yahoo even if I cannot do much I will be with friends.

        1. Polly Perkins

          I want to sew not see! But yes see things that are not just straight on!

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Polly Perkins – it must be miserable to be in that brace for weeks and weeks. Do you enjoy Audible Books? You can only sleep so much!

  15. Linda Baker

    Looking at my list from 2018, #8 would be to cut and kit up a Yellow Brick Road quilt. Maybe I can actually do that, as I have the fabric for it-just need to find it, ha ha! For those of you who hate binding, that is my favorite part of quilting. Hate cutting , which many of you love. Wouldn’t it be great if the binding lovers could do just that, and the cutting lovers could cut? Bet we all would get a lot of finished UFO’s that way.

  16. Diane Bauer

    I adore the relationship Reed and Hazel have!! So sweet!!

    Interesting that you found the hen with so many eggs!! I wonder, too, how she managed to gather so many for herself! You will have some fun photos to share when they all hatch!

    I will have to sew quickly or creatively to finish my #8 with trips to Montana and Minnesota filling up much of the month of July. It will be so fun to see what everyone is able to finish in a month’s time–and all different projects! I’m so glad Connie suggested the Dirty Dozen–will be glad to get so many projects done in a year!!

  17. Mrs. Goodneedle

    That mama hen has quite a brood. Stay cool in the\is summer heat! Reed does such a nice job, organized and focused too; how old is he? Is he a relative? It’s always so satisfying to see the next generation interested in making things and learning to sew!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – Reed is 11-1/2 and is a neighbor who also goes to my church. Jus want you to know I’m still on the lookout for the Debbie Mumm book with the sewing machine pattern.

      1. Mrs. Goodneedle

        You’re the best, Mary!! Thank you for all your efforts. Reed is just precious, what a blessing this shared inter-generational time is for both of you.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Mrs. Goodneedle – you might be familiar with Diane in Colorado who was Pete’s mom. Pete was the old horse who had a stroke and I talked about it here. Diane has a copy of the book you’re looking for – I told her she could probably make a copy of the sewing machine pattern since the book is out of print. If you’ll send your reply to my email and include your address, I will pass it on to Diane, Pete’s mom. I’m still keeping my eyes open for my copy of the book. This is the next best thing!

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Mrs. Goodneedle – I’ll forward your address to Diane today!

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Mrs. Goodneedle – your sewing machine pattern is going out in the mail today!

          3. Mrs. Goodneedle

            You’re the best! Thank you!! I am humbled by your kindness and your hand in making this connection happen— know how very grateful I am. ❤️

  18. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    Love the 1930’s reproduction fabrics Reed is using. I also love the Civil Ware reproduction fabrics that you and Connie use so often. Most of my stash is these 2 types of fabrics. I’m not doing the Dirty Dozen because I just had a Finishing Year where I finished all UFO’s through out the year. I was amazed with how many I had. I also embroidery so I had some of those projects to finish as well. Everyone have a great 4th of July!!!

  19. Anne Thate

    I am reading “America’s first daughter “ by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. I am not done as it is 587 pages. But it is very good. I have to finish it by tomorrow before my 2 year old grandson and his parents arrive:)

  20. Lori

    I almost didn’t see the hen!
    I really like your #8, and want that on my list.

  21. Diane, Squeak's mom

    Awww. Reed is getting Hazel kisses:) They are cute together. It’s neat to see the hen on her eggs. I have the top to my #8 finished. I am going to shift over to the table runner so I can take it to our daughter on Thursday–I hope. Then, I’ll layer, quilt, and bind the “other” #8. HOT here in Central Ohio.

  22. Chris H.

    Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris
    The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by
    Kim Michelle Richardson
    The Clockmakers Daughter by Kate Morton

  23. Margaret W

    Oh, that hen is beautiful .. Reed is so blessed to have you as a mentor and what a good quilter he is. He is so organized, I tried to teach my 5 granddaughters ti quilt but not interested , they all made a doll quilt tho’. They ar all very artistic and the youngest is a blooming young artist. Pottery, woodworking many medias and loves it all. I have been finishing a few UFOs and hope to get to make that bullseye someday. Best laid plans😑… Thank for your blog, love reading it everyday you post. If I was lots younger, I would try to have chickens, but too old now. 😔

  24. patti leal

    as linda baker says,, wouldn’t it be great if the people who like to cut could cut and the people who like to bind can bind. in the charity group i helped establish, that is how we work. people who machine quilt do that. people who don’t usually finish the bindings. we meet monthly and most meetings involve basting quilts.. every 3-4 months we have a quilt-a-thon where we all get together to quilt and bind. it’s amazing how much we get done.
    books: i just finished ‘the never game’ by jeffrey deaver. fantastic thriller. new character he is adding and i can’t wait for the next one. i also read ‘celtic empire’ by clive cusser – a dirk pitt book. always wonderful in my opinion. this one covered three continents. i also finished ‘the 8th sister’ by robert dugoni – great mystery. now i’m reading ‘the reckoning’ by john grisham based on mary’s review. great book so far.
    over the weekend my dh built me a rug frame. so later this week i’ll be getting strips ready to go for the rug-along. that frame is pretty large. :)) patti in florida

  25. Debbie

    “Where the Crawdads Sing”
    by Delia Owens

    “Someone Knows”
    Lisa Scottoline

  26. Diane in WI

    The picture of Reed and Hazel is a keeper. It should be framed. That is a beautiful chicken laying on all of those eggs. She’ll be busy when the eggs hatch. I’m trying to keep cool; the outside temp in the car read 91. I should be doing weeding and such. Have a good day.

  27. Rhoda Ebersole

    Just finished ‘The Rainbow Comes and Goes’ by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper
    Am reading ‘After You’ by Jojo Moyes
    And reading ‘China RX’ by Gibson and Singh.

    Glad Buckwheat is with Alfalfa again.
    Good luck with baby chicks.

  28. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Wow, Reed is really organized! What a sweet young man. Cute with Hazel.
    We have been without power 11 hours Thursday and 8 on Sunday. What a waste of good time! I didn’t really have any handwork organized.
    Storming again now. Knock on wood it doesn’t go out today. It’s 93 outside and humid. I hate this weather!

    I would love a chance to win a book.

  29. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I love the colors of the brooding chicken, I wonder how many eggs she is sitting on. I guess we’ll have to wait. Reed’s fabrics are very pretty. Today it got hot and humid again, but I know is good for the corn and the beans. Have fun with your project, Felicia

  30. Linda

    Fun that Hazel has so many friends…I can’t wait to see what Reed is making….love the colors of your quilt…..Gosh…Oh wonder how many chicks you will get????? I would love to win a book….

  31. Diane from TN

    Hi Mary. You stay so busy. How do you do it? Love seeing all of the projects. Can’t wait to get started on my #8 projects as soon as I get back from a few days at the beach.

  32. Kathy in western NY

    Hazel just cracks me up loving the attention of someone coming to the house.
    I have one of the Sweet and Simple patterns of yours called Puss in the Corner. I keep it propped in my charm pack basket to remember I have it to use some day.

  33. Linda in North Carolina

    Love the blog today. I have a UFO similar to yours but not my #8. Mine is a table runner to finish quilting and binding. Started it 6 plus years ago so will be glad to get it finished. Am also repairing a crocheted afghan for my daughter so I can return it to her when we go to NH for our summer visit. It’s done in squares and some have separated where sewn together. I made it for her bridal shower 22 years ago. Hope I get these finished in the next two weeks!
    My Book is The Pioneers by David McCullough – The heroic story of the settlers who brought the American Ideal west. Should be required reading in every school!

  34. Debbie. R.

    Please enter me in the drawing for one of the books!! Debbie R. From Dallas Center, IA

  35. Tina W.

    I cut the pieces for #8 yesterday and when I started to sew today, I found three errors in the cutting instructions!! Argghhh! I broke my own rule about cutting and making one block so you know if everything is correct before you cut the rest. Luckily there was enough extra fabric to re-cut the pieces needed. I bought the pattern with fat quarters three years ago in Bend, OR. It’s a real cute puppy dog quilt with floppy ears.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tina W – yup, just when you least expect it, an error in the cutting recipe! So sorry – too bad! Glad you had enough fabric!

  36. Kate Schloemer

    I hope I can win a book. But not a very lucky person so won’t get my hopes up!!! Lol
    I’m working on a pillow case so my neighbor… she came and picked out fabric from my stash. She was shocked at all the fabric!!! Lol

  37. Lee

    would love to win something for the first time….:)
    I didn’t join the finish up group! Too busy to commit, but I do get into my mess periodically and purge.
    It feels good to give away fabric. I gave away a project not long ago. I do not feel guilt because someone else has it. She doesn’t feel guilt because she didn’t buy it . If it gets finished great but if it just sits in her stash ….the ball is in her court! Soon I forget I ever bought it. lol
    Happy Birthday USA. Lee

  38. Susan Moore

    I read 3 very good books this month they are The Rainbow comes and goes about Gloria Vanderbilt,
    Americas First Daughter about Thomas Jefferson’s daughter, and The Husbands Secret a Thriller.
    I started a whole cloth baby quilt for my #8 I love doing them, the kits are hard to find.

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