July 3 – Book Give Away Day

Since today is my birthday, I’m giving away 3 books for the third of July.

Here’s the first one- Christmas at Buttermilk Basin by Stacy West.

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I love wool appliqué and used to do lots of it but it just feels too slow for me these days. Stacy is a friend of ours and I’ll never forget the day years ago when her girls were little that she stopped here at Country Threads. It happened to be sweet corn season and I sent a bag home with her. It’s Christmas in July if you win this book!

The next give away book is Stitched From the Heart by Keri Turner-Goodhart. The book is filled with inspirational stitchers combined with patchwork.

These small projects are meant to give away to a friend with a message included. This is a very sweet book!

And last but not least a copy of our book Civil War Remembered which is not new but has many favorite patterns inside.

Here is the cover quilt block made into a small brighter version. This is called Devil’s Claw.

Remember this picture I took? It’s one of my favorites!

So how do YOU win a book? Leave a comment with your name and an identifying mark of some kind so I can post a definite winner. Such as mary71 – instead of just Mary. Thanks! Tomorrow on the 4th of July, we’ll pick 3 winners and then I’ll need the winners to email their mailing address to me at marye @ncn.net.

I caught up on my rug last night while I enjoyed the breeze on the porch. My goal is 2 rows a day. Here’s my rug today.

We have sent out lots of rug books and on July 15 I’ll start a rug from the beginning and anyone can follow along with me. Please look through the book before July 15.

Anybody remember this quilt by Linda Brannock? I think it’s called America. When Rick and I got married on June 14, Flag Day, 1997, the staff made this quilt for us and it’s one of my favorites of all times! I’m enjoying it in the porch table this 4th of July!

And I close with a sweet picture of JB!

430 thoughts on “July 3 – Book Give Away Day

  1. Sharon Geiger

    Happy birthday, Mary!! Happy 4th of July! I so love your blog and I hope I am not too late to enter your give away.

    Sharon G from NE INDIANA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Geiger – if you had read this morning’s post you’d have seen that I listed the winners.

  2. Danna Saeugling

    Love, love, love your flag quilt!! Happy belated birthday! And thanks again for posting inspiration.

  3. Nancy C Hillman

    Hi Mary! July 3 is my birthday too! I always felt that it took 2 days to celebrate. I love keeping up with Country Threads on your blog. You are very prolific in your posting!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy C Hillman – Happy Belated Birthday! That’s true – it does take 2 days to celebrate! Ha!

  4. Nancy Marsh

    Happy Birthday! You are so inspiring! Your love for quilting is so contagious! 😀🎂🎉🎈

  5. Lorri

    Happy Birthday Mary- Love reading your blog. I had visited your shop many years ago. Enjoy your day and sewpiecefully

  6. Moe Baly

    Happy Birthday Mary! I know you are enjoying your beautiful summer days. Let’s hope they continue well into the Fall. Love, Moe Baly

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Moe Baly – thanks so much! Since we got such a late start on summer I’m trying to enjoy every moment on the porch!

  7. Ann 3811

    Happy Birthday Mary! Happy July 4th! Love reading your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Linda Rowe

    Happy Birthday Mary and Happy 4th of July. I have fond memories of visiting your shop and now keeping those memories alive through your blog posts.
    Have a great day! Linda R White Sand Lake

  9. Brenda in Iowa

    Happy Birthday to you. I spent July 3rd quilting with some of my quilting friends. It was one of their BD’s too. JB looks so very sweet sleeping. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Marcia Livingston

    Happy Birthday & July 4. Love your pics & yes the flag quilt is stellar♥️♥️ Marcia from Xenia

  11. sandy

    Happy Birthday Mary (sorry its a day late-Hope it was a very happy day!)
    Love the pic of JB….so sweet!
    the flag quilt is just lovely 🙂
    Have a wonderful 4th!

  12. Cindy Cigrand

    Happy Birthday Mary. Happy 4 th. Add my name to the jar. Cindy C from Dubuque

  13. Joann E.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I enjoy reading your posts about life.
    Joann E 60

  14. Joann E.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I enjoy reading your posts about life.

  15. Kate Schloemer

    Happy birthday !!!! Enjoy your day..
    The project I am working on is a blouse. I’m going to be tearing apart sleeves today as they are way to tight… gurrr

  16. Judy1522

    Happy Birthday! Catching up on my e-mails as our desktop computer died and so for now I purchased a laptop and since I haven’t used one much there is a bit of a learning curve. I did want to mention that the picture of Reed with Hazel licking his ear was so adorable in your previous post. I hope you have a great 4th of July also,

  17. Joyce in Brandon SD

    The Best Birthday Wishes to you Mary!! Sometime could you tell us how you and Connie met and started your love of quilting..!!?? Maybe I missed it already 😊

  18. Sandy M

    Happy Birthday and Happy 4th of July tomorrow. Thank you for your commitment to all of your readers. We love that you so freely share your time and talents with us. You keep it real.🦅🇺🇸🗽

  19. Tammy J Marty

    Happy Birthday Mary! I look forward to reading your blog and visiting with everyone, you can feel the kindness. Thanks for bringing us all together!
    Tammy Jo

  20. mary jane

    I am finally here at the comment space. Had to get thru ALOT of well wisher for you Mary…I would like to add mine also..,,,,,.HAPPY BIRTHDAY,,,,,,, I hope it was a lovely one…

    I would like to add my name to the drawing of the books, if I am not to late … it is 11:15 pm now…

    Thanks again Mary … Mary Jane 85

  21. Linda

    Happy Birthday Mary! I always read your blog and enjoy reading about your life. Linda W.

  22. Susan K - aka aloe lady

    Happy Birthday Mary! My birthday is the 29th of July. I call July my birthday month as I like to celebrate all month long. I think everyone should celebrate their presence on this earth more than one day!
    I love the picture of JB. He reminds me of my orange and white kitty named Cocoa. He was very special to me as we had him for 14 years. He helped me through my sons growing up and moving away. He’s been gone now for two years and I miss him still.

      1. Susan K

        Oh I have two black cats. A house isn’t a home without a cat! Their names are Magnus and Klaus. They’re brothers but as different as can be. Magnus is bigger at around 17 pounds and is quiet and shy. Klaus is around 11 pounds and is my ADHD cat. He climbs trees, catches lizards, loves kitty treats and any visitors to the house. I taught them to come when I whistle which of course they only come when they want to. They don’t get to stay outside without me as we have bobcats roaming around. They are my constant companions. Cocoa was just a very special quilt kitty.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Susan K – I’m so glad you have 2 other cats! But I know how hard it is to lose a favorite!

          1. Susan K

            I’ve been a cat person since I was little so I’m not ever without a cat for very long!

  23. Norma

    Happy Birthday Mary!
    The books sound great but even more exciting would be your and Jolyn’ s memories. Please share!
    Farm girl Norma

  24. Kathy Boice

    Happy Birthday!! Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and busy! My fiftieth wedding anniversary is coming up July 19th and I realize after all those years, my main stress reliever was sewing and crafting. Suppose that is why we made it to fifty years? LOL

  25. Annette F.

    Happy Birthday Mary! I believe you share a birthday with another quilting pioneer, Eleanor Burns. (that is meant to be a compliment) Your blog is the best, always look forward to your posts. Enjoy your 4th as well.
    Annette in Temecula

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Annette F – oh my gosh! I didn’t know Eleanor Burns and I shared our birthday! Thanks for that info!

  26. Christi

    Happy Birthday enjoy the day. Don’t we all love books? Jmikebalou (at) aol (dot) com

  27. Debra

    I made a Bullseye quilt in January. I’m working on my #8. I ordered a loom and am going to make a rug!! You inspire me! Thank you Mary. Happy Birthday

  28. Jeri in CC Texas

    Happy Birthday Mary I sure hope it’s one for the books! As in a most memorable one lol. I seen you and Connie’s new book advertised at the Fat Quarter shop’s email today, looks like another good book to own! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.
    Jeri in CC Texas

  29. Barb K

    Happy Birthday, Mary!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book–I would be thrilled to win your book, “Civil War Remembered”!
    Barb NE

  30. Cyndy Frey

    Happy Birthday wishes! I hope you have an especially wonderful birthday.

    I am on my way to watch fireworks for your birthday in Colfax, CA!!! How did they know?

    Much love,

  31. Dianne M

    Happy Birthday Mary. Hope you had a great day.
    Thanks for your blog! I read it everyday.
    Dianne M In Colorado

  32. Paula Nordt

    I hope you had a great birthday! I really love the flag quilt your staff made for you! It would also be great to be picked to win Civil War Remembered. My husband is a big history buff, especially military history, and this is one of his favorite time periods.

  33. Becki55

    Happy happy birthday🎉🎂. I would enjoy the buttermilk basin book as I am in the early stages of learning how to do wool work. The cover has fun projects.

  34. Carol Garner

    Happy, happy birthday, Mary. I so enjoy reading your posts, seeing your quilts, animals and adventures with that dear, sweet Reed. You two are so fortunate to have each other. I so wanted to come visit your shop but with raising a family it just never happened. This is the next best thing. Wishing many more birthdays! carolg51

  35. Vicki from Seattle

    Mary, hope you have had a Wonderful Birthday!💕🎂💕💐

    Love your blog and beautiful photos. Thank you.

    Happy 4th of July!🇺🇸

  36. Sue franke

    Happy birthday. I would love any of these great books. Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Kay A Price

    Kay from Indiana 1968 I would love to win the the Civil War Remembered. Happy Birthday Mary

  38. patti leal

    happy birthday mary. what a great celebration for you. my first granddaughter was born on july 4th. i would be interested in the books. i already own yours and connie’s book. i’ll be spending my time getting my things ready for july 15th. patti in florida

  39. Carol C in ID

    Happy Birthday!! I love the flag quilt — it is a treasure!! Thanks for giving us gifts on your birthday!!
    AND Happy 4th of July!!

  40. Jennie Cruzan

    Happy Birthday to you Mary. Would love to win any of the books but especially yours. Sennding my money in for the rug book. Have a Blessed week. Jennie 1953

  41. Jennie 1953

    Happy Birthday to you Mary. you have quite a few replies. Would love to win any of the books but especially your book. Sending my money for your rug book. PC will build a frame for me. Have a blessed week. Jennie 1953

  42. Pat

    Hope this is rather best birtttthday yet. Always look forward to your posts. Would be awesome to win one of the books. Pat53

  43. Carolyn Meadows

    You should have been a writer. I used to love your newspaper. I so glad you are writing this blog. I was afraid I would lose your wonderful personality when you closed the shop. The books sound wonderful.

  44. Jeanine

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I really like the flag quilt on your table. Anything patriotic always gets my attention. Thanks for the opportunity to win. And Happy 4th of July!
    Jeanine W. 64

  45. CarolAnn18

    Happy birthday, Mary. I just love your flag wedding quilt. And the critters. I love all your critters❤️

  46. Janet Orr

    I’d love to win any of the 3 books – all fabulous. But my favorite has to be your Civil War Remembered.

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day has been fabulous and fun! Continue celebrating!!!

    I’ll use my high school nickname for the ID – Goobie

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  47. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Hope it’s filled with as much joy as you give your many readers. Love the picture of the flag quilt and JB. Always loved orange kitties

  48. Mary Neitzel

    Happy Birthday Mary! I hope you are having a wonderful day, and that all your wishes come true! I enjoy reading your blog every day, seeing your photos, and hearing about all your projects and pets. Keep it coming!

  49. Agatha B

    Happy Birthday hope you get some cake!! Always love to read your blog.

  50. Jan

    Hi Mary! A very special, happy birthday to you! Can’t wait to see how you celebrated!
    Jan P in Tennessee

  51. Justliz

    Happy birthday! I spent the day cleaning my quilt shed, getting ready to start on my #8. My #8 is a quilt top that has been ready to quilt for over 2 years. I have 6 tops on my list that are ready to quilt…..I have no idea why I work to complete a quilt top and fail to finish!!!!

  52. Felicia Hamlin

    A Happy, Happy Birthday, Mary! I can see why you are such a firecracker, you are so young at heart too. Hope you had a big celebration. Love the picture of JB, cats can sleep in such narrow places. My ID for the give away is Felicia 24. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  53. LynetteW

    Hope your birthday was wonderful! Today is my son’s birthday as well! All three are wonderful books!

    Lynette W 1956

  54. Linda

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you had a wonderful day! I read your blog regularly and love it. Thanks for the chance to win one of these books. Linda Rae in PA

  55. DK 27

    You do such amazing work; you’re truly an inspiration! Happy Birthday!

  56. Madelyn Norville

    Wow, lots of comments! We all like to win a free book 😁
    I don’t comment too much but I read you your blog daily. Keep it up.
    Madelyn from Texas

  57. Carmen

    Happy birthday, you little fire cracker. Hope you had a wonderful day! I would any of those books. YTS Mom

  58. Donna O (Henry 🐱)

    That pic of JB is just precious ❤️ I love your America quilt & the one you did from your book.
    It’s your birthday and you’re giving gifts. We’re supposed to give “you” gifts.
    I hope you’re enjoying your birthday Mary.

  59. Karen Hickman

    Happy Birthday Mary ! Hope you have a great day and do something special
    Have a nice 4th of July – love your blog

  60. Pat ON 75

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday🎂 Hope you celebrate as you really deserve it!! I would love to win any of the books! I love looking at patterns but really love looking at all your examples!!
    Enjoy the 4th!!!

  61. Candy

    Mary, there’s no ‘almost’ about it … you are a firecracker! Happy Birthday today and Happy 4th tomorrow! Thanks for the chance to win one of those great looking books. Have a great day, if you can ever get through all these comments … LOL! You are loved!

  62. Nancy J Finch

    Today is your birthday. No way. It is my birthday!
    Ha ha. No wonder I have been a fan of yours for years. Happy Birthday and a wish for many more.
    I will post my name as Nancy 7/3 Illinois to try to stand out. Ha.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy J Finch – Happy Birthday to you! You’re another “almost a firecracker”, aren’t you? It’s a fun day for a birthday – Everybody is in a holiday mood!

      1. Nancy J Finch

        I was almost the 4th but couldn’t wait. Ha. I was the only red headed baby out of 28 in the nursery according to mom . Doctor said I would be a firecracker and mom said how true it was!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Nancy Finch – Mom told a very similar story except that my hair was black!

  63. Paula Philpot

    Happy Birthday u r such a patriotic gal. Ready for book give away. Paula in KY also known as farmhousequilter

  64. Sue Jacobson

    Oh my word!!! How many responses did you receive today?? Well deserved… so many birthday wishes. I also wish you a Happy Birthday! Discovered today another stitcher in our sewing group follows your blog!
    Love the books. I have yours.
    Happy Fourth!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue Jacobson – yes, so many comments/responses and I read every one of them – you can imagine I’ve been pretty busy today! Ha!

  65. Marsha from Kansas

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Wishing you a wonderful day! I have your book and I’m not sure I would get anything finished from the other two books, so please give them to somebody who would really enjoy them and finish a project!

  66. Kathy N in GA

    Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you get lots of Hazel kisses. The picture of her kissing Reed made me smile.

  67. Alice

    Happy birthday, Mary! Enjoy your special day! Would love to receive any of the books! Thank you for taking the time to write your blog daily. So enjoy reading about your busy life!

  68. Pat Bernstein

    Happy Birthday Mary. I love the picture of your orange kitty – mine is a black beauty who loves to cuddle – at 15 lbs she is a lapful. Read your blog everyday as I grew up a farm girl in MN. Thank you for your posts.


  69. Kay Nuckolls

    Happy Birthday hope you have had a awesome day!!!

    Kay from Claremore, Oklahoma​

  70. Sharon Lowy

    Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you have a very special day.

    Sharon from Yorkville

  71. Nikki M in Tx

    Happiest of Birthdays Mary !!!!! & A Happy Fourth of July !

    You are so generous, thank you for the chance to win the books.
    What a day, purchased peach’s a farmers market Saturday and decided to can some of them. Had 8 quarts of pickled peaches in pressure canner & lost electric power for 4 hours…. to say I am not a happy camper is an understatement.

  72. Jeanie Stufflebeam

    Great quilt pictures, Mary. Cats do make sleeping an art form; love the picture of J.B!! Thanks for the quilt book opportunity.

  73. Kate

    Loved all the quilts you showed today, especially the flag one. Now I know you are a firecracker being born so close to the 4th of July. Happy Birthday. And my indentifying name is Snicklefritz. My daddy always called me that.

  74. ChristieB

    Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you are having a wonderful day! HUGS… and stitches

  75. Liz Schrader

    Happy Birthday Mary!🎂🍰☕ My brothers birthday is today also and my dear husbands was July 5. So sweet of you to give the books away on “your” day! I would love to win one of your books. I have some of your books I purchased when I lived in Garner. I have my “Bullseye” quilt done and on my bed. Will try to send a photo. Have a great holiday!
    Liz 6quilter

  76. Catherina from Kansas

    My granddaughter was supposed to be born today 4 years ago, but the hospital was too busy and they sent my daughter back home! And so she was born the next day, the Fourth of July! Happy birthday, keep celebrating!

  77. Susan McC

    Happy Birthday Mary – my oldest granddaughter turns 7 tomorrow!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of those 3 books, I’d love to have any one of them!!

    Susan McC (NY)

  78. Kathy Teske

    Happy birthday Mary! Those all look like wonderful books.

  79. Beverly Lockmiller

    Happy Birthday Mary. Love the book giveaway. Lots of followers you have. I have the civil war remembers book and love it.

  80. Holly Woodyatt

    Have a very Happy Birthday Mary. I would love a book
    Homespun Holly

  81. Paula from Texas

    Happy Birthday to YOU! Winning a book will be a great “firecracker” surprise! Enjoy your Birthday and the 4th of July!

  82. Sharon

    Happy Birthday 🎂 Mary! Thanks for the chance to win one of the books.
    Graham Cracker Sharon.

  83. Linda B

    Birthday blessings Mary! It’s also my mother-in-laws birthday and she turned 91 today! We took her to the butterfly house in Sioux Falls and she oohed and aahed over all the beautiful butterflies! I’d love any f the books and I love to do wool appliqué as it goes so fast for me! Enjoy your special day!
    Linda B in Blue Earth

  84. Ohio Sharon

    Happy Birthday! Am new to your blog, but am really enjoying everything from animals to quikts to tackling unfinished projects. It is inspiring to know there are others like me out there. Thanks!

  85. Carolyn Rector of Southwestern OH

    Everyone reading the blog is commenting today. Love to win a chance at a book, that’s so generous. Haven’t read any great books lately, and I only have on UFO, it’s just in the cut out stage. Maybe I’ll try to get to the sewing, but I’m not making any promises. I like the quilt books for the eye candy. LOL

  86. Carol Pifer

    Happy birthday Mary, and many more. July 4th is my mother’s 89th birthday.
    Carol from Guthrie

  87. Pat. Howell, MI

    Mary, Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day and do the things that make YOU happy 😊. I have your book Civil War Remembered. I appreciate your generous offer of the books. Thank you for all you do and enjoy your day.

  88. Lisa K

    Happy Mary E Day from Lisa Kogan! #willsmom

    Today Mary Harwood pass 3 years ago. Now your bday and her day of glory will forever be remembered!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa K – I remember this day 3 years ago and how shocked we both were since we had just seen a picture of Mary riding her horse shortly before. What a sweet gal! We will never forget her! Hope she’s reading the blog!

  89. Debbie Bartell

    Happy,Happy Birthday Mary! Enjoy your day with friends and family, and a little stitching and reading wouldn’t be so bad either!! Debbie 329

  90. Sharlyn

    Good afternoon. So is today July 3 your birthday…reading the post I take it must be..
    Today is also my birthday…so have a great Iowa Birthday..
    Me 6957

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon – Happy Birthday to you! Always fun to share a birthday!

  91. Donna L Petersen

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Mary…hope it has been a wonderful day
    Donna 51 in Wis

  92. Diane in WI

    Happy Birthday and Happy July 4th, Mary! Enjoy a cold one and a good book on your porch. Thanks for the chance to win one of the books; they all look interesting. Diane Meyer423

  93. Caryn Goulden

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing day.
    I love the America quilt. What a wonderful keepsake! I’m just gathering fabric and scraps for a Devil’s Claw quilt, but I might switch gears and look for brighter fabric like yours. Sweet JB napping with his chicken made me smile.
    If my name gets picked for a book please give it to someone else. I got a copy of Beyond the Battlefield from you, and I have the other two as digital copies.

  94. Linda Groth

    Happy Birthday..and many more..

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these awesome books.

  95. Joanne Veracka

    Happy Happy Birthday🎈🎉🎂🍻 I have the same flag Quilt but mine is all faded from the sun. Your Quilt looks brand new. The sun does a job on quilts . joanne56

  96. Coleen 1950

    So many comments today! I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday. 😊

  97. Linda Groth

    Happy Birthday..have a special day.

    All the books are.awesome. Thanks for the chance to win


  98. Jane Busby

    Happy Birthday!🎂🎂🎂🎂
    Would LOVE civil war remembered!!
    Jane from palm bay Florida

  99. Judy (JCE)

    A very happy and blessed birthday to
    you Mary. Enjoy your day celebrating you!
    When my mother was alive I always gave her flowers on my birthday. Miss doing that!
    Just came back from a road trip to a couple of quilt shops new in the area. It is sad to say I have more fabric than they did! Unusual for me but, didn’t buy a thing.
    Please enter me in the book drawings. Thank you so much!

  100. Mary from Gillette, WY

    Happy Birthday Mary, Enjoy you’re post…you are family

  101. Rebecca Anakkala

    Happy Birthday Mary! My friend and her twin daughters all celebrate their birthdays the week of the 4th…they call it Queen Week at their house 😂. Hope you have a lovely day!
    Rebecca 1972

  102. Margaret11

    Happy Birthday, Mary. Would love any book in the giveaway , what a gift.. Wow! Always a fan of Linda Brannock. Just finished one of she and Jan Patek quilts from Miss Jump. It has garden ladies on it and each one represents my 5 granddaughters.. .. Thx for giveaway.. Will make someone’s day..

  103. Deb44

    I’m so tempted to make a rug…but since I’m not retired yet, it’d take time away from my quilting! Drat, 2-3 years yet!

  104. Jane from Blaine MN

    Hi Mary – Happy Birthday to you! Your blog is such a treat to read, so thank you. We need to mow our lawn also but unless we can do it later today when it might be cooler, it just ain’t gonna happen. There is also mulch to put down but all the weeding that needs to happen first just isn’t getting done either. Glad I’m not the only one… Happy Independence Day!!

  105. Judy Gnade

    Happy birthday, Mary. I’d love a book just like a boatload of people who already replied to wish you a special day! Blessings, JudyBee63

  106. Donna C in Kentucky

    Happy Birthday Mary. You share the same day as my mother, July 3rd. Would love to win any of the books. Love your flag quilt!

  107. Marylou Krish

    Happy Birthday Mary! My birthday is Friday and I’ll be 75! Yikes! I do find that hard to believe! The picture of JB is so and warmed my heart. You can tell he’s having a good nap! I use to have Stitched From The Heart but somehow, when we moved last September, it must have gotten lost. I have looked but it is gone. I do hope today has been very special for you. Marylou- VA- 7/5- BD

  108. Kandy Kuhr

    Any of these books would be a great start for Christmas gifts and what better time to start than July… enjoy your birthday… Kandy from Fremont WI

  109. Sharyn Resvick

    I just had surgery today and winning a book from you would absolutely make my day. Love keeping up with Iowa farm life. I grew up in a small community in ND and can so relate to many of your stories.

  110. Sandra H 1434

    Happy Birthday! What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! As we get more years under our belt we tend to look at things differently. Instead of thinking your going to get presents, give one to someone else on your birthday! That way they can enjoy your day too! Stay cool on these warm humid days.

  111. Darlene from Texas

    Happy birthday Mary 71 from a 72. I know I would enjoy any of the 3 books. Since you are giving 3 lucky people a gift of a book, what is on your wish list?

    I love the photo of JB. Reminds me of a cat I had as a child, same coloration and size.

  112. Jilly-bean

    Happy Birthday Mary! July 3rd is a special day for me too — it was the day I received my first kiss from my husband 30 years ago… I enjoy your blog – seeing your pictures and reading — you are very inspirational — thank you for sharing so much with all of us! Enjoy your day and Have a Happy 4th of July too!

  113. Earlene Springs

    Happy Birthday Mary! I’m working away on #8. Bullseye. Of course I have to mKe it 8×8 so I did 64 blocks. I’d love a book but I love your blog.
    Many happy returns
    Earlene in Arizona

  114. gayle

    Independent Mary 71— wishing you the best New Year ever! Anyone of the three books would be a delight to win— thank you, gayle69

  115. Linda Rosieq

    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin; doesn’t that just sound down home wonderful. However any would be nice! I miss your shop and the barn and all the animals. They were so much fun to go see…not sure if I stopped to see the goats, hens, and whatever or the fabric! I’ve not grown past the love of just barn cats and kits. I must remember to hunt for my rug book and loom….

    I came back to say Happy Birthday and find my note just resting, waiting….Happy Birthday!

  116. Polly Perkins

    Happy happy birthday Mary! Have a wonderful day. I do not have 2 of the 3 books you showed for the giveaway. I would love to be able to look at them while I wait to get my neck brace off.

  117. Linda Rosieq

    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin; doesn’t that just sound down home wonderful. However any would be nice! I miss your shop and the barn and all the animals. They were so much fun to go see…not sure if I stopped to see the goats, hens, and whatever or the fabric! I’ve not grown past the love of just barn cats and kits. I must remember to hunt for my rug book and loom….

  118. Karen miller

    Happy birthday Sweet Lady. I enjoys reading
    your posts each day. I would love to receive any one of the quilt books that you are so generously giving away. Be blessed. KarenLM

  119. Dorothy Sharlow

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you are enjoying your special day!

  120. Priscilla C

    Love the flag table cloth! Lucky you…
    thanks for the chance to win a book..

  121. Kathy Hanson

    Happy, happy birthday, Mary! Hope your day is stellar!! I would like to win a book – looks like you will have lots of us to choose from. Finishing a baby quilt today then back to finishing #8! Again, Happy Birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎁

  122. Deb Harrison

    Happy birthday, Mary. May your new year be filled with love, beauty, joy and great new memories!

  123. Beverly

    The colors in these quilts are what attract me. They are so calming. A while ago, I bought several different reproduction fabrics and the Civil War book is definitely going to help me determine what to do with those.

  124. Jennifer in N.H.

    Happy Birthday! I’ve just recently started following your blog and enjoy it so much.

    Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a book.

  125. Celene aka Mamaw

    Happy, happy birthday! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts and would love any of the books. That’s an awfully nice thing to do on your birthday! Celene aka Mamaw

  126. Jenn

    Happy Birthday Mary! Enjoy your day. I love the devil claw’s quilt.
    Jenn 60

  127. Nancy 1541

    Happy Birthday Mary, I love reading about your farm animals, quilts etc. . I share the month with you as mine is the 13 th. I would love to win a book. Thanks for the opportunity. Nancy

  128. Karen D Martin

    Happy Birthday Mary–have a special day!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  129. Susan Sundermeyer

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope it has been a beautiful birthday day for you! 💗

  130. Joan from QH

    Happy Birthday Mary! Love the way JB is relaxing next to a wonderful hen, would make a great folk art picture.

  131. Nancy firecracker

    Mary, Happy Birthday!! Mine is tomorrow, Fourth of July. Isn’t it fun to have everyone celebrating our birthdays with firework, picnics, parades, and cook outs?! I love your quilts. I would enjoy any of your books. Have a wonderful day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy Firecracker – July 3rd birthdays are always “almost a firecracker”! Haha! Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  132. Annie Collett

    Holey Moley, look at all the comments!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a marvelous day and that your upcoming year is full of joy, love, wonders and good adventures!
    Country Threads has certainly brought me much joy through the years and was a favorite “stop & take a break” while visiting relatives on the way north to my hometown. Many of my quilts and good reading are thanks to Country Threads.
    I love that you are helping Reed develop a passion for quilting and…he is amazing! His log cabin is delightful and better than my efforts! Keep it up!

    Thank you for offering a chance at some wonderful books! Annie ( aCequilter)

  133. Karen Graham

    Happy Birthday Mary! I love reading your posts. Enjoy the 4th of July holiday.

    Karen Graham $$$

  134. Sue in Oregon

    That flag quilt is gorgeous. Perfect for the 4th of July and for the 3rd as well. Happy Birthday, Mary!
    The picture of JB is magazine worthy.
    Hope I win one of the books and THANKS for the opportunity.
    Sue in Oregon

  135. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Happy Birthday Mary! Many happy returns of the day!
    Also wishing you a great 4th of July tomorrow: that is my mother’s birthday: she will be 80.

  136. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Happy, happy birthday and all the best wishes for many more! I would love to win one of the books, thank you for sharing your celebration with all of us. I just love that flag quilt that you have on your porch table, it is positively wonderful and such a treasured one for you!

  137. Melody Lenart

    Happy birthday Mary and many more happy and healthy years.

    I would love to have your new book.

  138. Mary Ann

    Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day. For reasons I cannot put down in writing, I would love the book with the inspirational verses. I am fortunate to already have your book. Good luck to everyone. MaryCc

  139. MarianStever

    More Birthday Wishes, Mary! So fun to be a part of your book giveaway on your birthday! More rain coming which brings more sewing and reading. Love the picture of your kitty! Enjoy your day.

  140. Sue Stringfellow

    Happy Birthday! I remember years ago, a journalist for our local newspaper had the Third of July Birthday club- it’s amazing how many members there were from our area!

  141. Brenda archambault

    Dear Mary, happy birthday.
    July seems to be loaded with firecracker 🧨 babies. My gg Hazel will be 8 on Saturday, my grandson will be 35 on Sunday, and my husband will be 86 on the 23rd.
    The Civil War quilt book reminds me of my g grandfather who enlisted and lied about his young age. He shook president Lincoln’s hand in union station, was later interred in Libby prison and, when the war was over, walked home to (CT) and married his sweetheart.
    Would love to win any of the books but moreso, want to reiterate my wishes for your celebration of a very happy day.
    Brenda A in Arizona where it will be 110 today.

  142. Barb Peterson

    Best birthday wishes! I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for giving gifts to others on your day!
    Barb P in Pocatello

  143. Marsha Ransom

    Hi, Mary,
    Hope your birthday is happy times 3!

    All the books look like they would be wonderful to own.

    We share some interests – cats, quilting, and piano playing. Love the photo on the grand piano and the kitty one is so sweet. The flag quilt resonates with me, every day, not just during Independence Day. I always have some flag items around my house, all through the year.

    Marsha in Michigan 49090

  144. Linda Baker

    Happy Birthday, Mary. Have a couple of cold beers on your special day.
    In this heat, I feel about as ambitious as JB looks in that picture.
    Would love to win any of those three books, thanks for letting me enter the fun.

  145. MARY HAWK

    Happy Birthday Mary! And thanks for the chance to win. Hope you are sewing or doing something fun today. another hot humid one.

  146. Jan from Tennessee

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I look forward to reading your blog, and enjoy being part of your very extended family.

  147. Sherry Whalen

    Happy Birthday Mary! How nice of you to give away presents on your birthday!! It is very hot today and I see we have a (so far) little storm heading our way. Great – more rain. I am going to try and rescue a couple of my plants, yesterday I thought my jade plant looked funny but was too busy to really check it out. This morning I caught a teen-aged rabbit – EATING it. He and probably several bunny siblings have devoured it and upon inspection several other plants. I think the resident chipmunks have also been involved. That’s the nice version of my story…in person at the time it wasn’t as civil lol. Grrr.

    Have a wonderful day! Sherry W

  148. Linda West

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog and envy your country life. I grew up on a farm but now live in the city.
    Linda in Columbus

  149. Christina in AK

    Happy birthday Mary ! I have your civil war book and LOVE it 😍 Some lucky winner will certainly be pleased ! Happy 4th of July to everyone 🇺🇸

  150. Paula Jo, Missouri

    Happy Birthday, Mary. All of the books look neat, but I’m especially find of Civil War reproduction prints. Someone in my weaving group demonstrated your rug twining method from your book, she had made some gorgeous rugs.

  151. Sue Engstran

    I especially love the civil war quilts, so glad to have them together in one book

  152. Pamela from Missouri

    Happy, happy birthday Mary. What a present God has given you.
    I started reading “The Reckoning” yesterday afternoon and just now finished it. I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I organize my sewing the same way Reed does. I love seeing all those pretty stacks of fabric.
    I bought “Civil War Remembered” when it came out and immediately pulled fabric from my stash to make Devils Claw. It’s not one of my Dirty Dozen so I’m just going to have to squeeze it in somewhere.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela from Missouri – you are a fast reader! Glad you liked it because so did I and now I’m reading another Kristen Hannah book, True Colors.

      1. Pamela from Missouri

        I read through “The Reckoning” quickly because all I did was read and sleep! Got absolutely nothing else done. It’s so nice to be able to do that at this stage of my life.

  153. Jackie Baumhauer

    Happy Birthday!!
    I’m working on the Girl Gang wall hanging ( the first one). I still have some quilting to do and need to bind. I’m truly enjoying it.

  154. Jane lamborn

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Thanks for sharing your love of quilting and your lie! Jane 17

  155. Peggy Thompson

    Happiest Birthday wishes to you!! 🎉🎂🎉 I love your delightful posts about the journey of everyday life. Each one is a blessing!! From Peggy in rural Missouri!!

  156. Becky Turner

    My Aunt had a July 3rd birthday and for years growing up thought all the fire works where for her

  157. B. J. Berlo

    Happy Birthdat, Mary – and many more! I’ve been a fan of Country Threads for a good many years. I’d love to win a new book! From B. J. 0510

  158. Jennifer B.

    Happiest of Birthdays Mary! Would love to win one of the books you are giving away. JennieB89

  159. Connie

    Happy birthday, Mary! I enjoy your posts, and always check out your reading lists. I’d love to win your Civil War Remembered book. Connie627.

  160. Jill Norenberg

    Happiest of Birthday’s Mary!
    I appreciate how generous you are and would be grateful to have my number (?) selected.
    I so appreciate your blog as well…


  161. Paula in MT

    Have a wonderful birthday Mary! You brighten all of our days with your stories and pictures!

  162. Susan55

    Happy Birthday! The whole country is celebrating you! In our area there are many fireworks being put off tonight. I would love any one of those books. Thanks for doing this. Susan55

  163. MaryWI

    Happy birthday Mary. I just participated in a snail mail card shower for a friends 80th b-day but this way is quicker. Thank you for the news of your world. It’s an inspiration for me.

  164. Crystal Knight

    Happy Birthday! Today is my 19th wedding anniversary! Love all the books and I would love to win. Thank you! Crystals51

  165. Beth T. in Oregon

    Wishing you a happy birthday! That picture of JB is too darned sweet!

  166. Ida Mae

    Happy birthday and may you have many more happy years. I love the idea of a give away. Thank you for being so sweet.

  167. Gayle Shumaker

    Happy Birthday 🎂. Do you still have any rug books? We left on vacation and I forgot to send in my request and payment.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – yes, we still have plenty of rug books!

  168. Jill

    Happy Birthday Mary!! It’s sweet of you to offer gifts to us on YOUR birthday!! I hope you get cake today!! I’m not a lucky person who ever wins these things, but just in case, you can call me jbk65.

  169. Mary Sniezek

    Happy birthday, Mary. Have a good day celebrating. Would love to win a book. A Garner resident. Mary Sniezek

  170. Debra Lindeman

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I love the America quilt photo and sweet JB. I have enjoyed your shop so many times in the past and look forward to your daily blog. Thank you for the giveaways, always so exciting!


  171. Charlotte S.

    Happy Birthday Mary!! Have an awesome day. I’m so glad I found your blog. I look forward to reading it every day. I’m starting my #8 today. I’d better get busy.
    Charlotte S in CA

  172. Linette Stewart

    Happy birthday Mary!!!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉🎉 I love the America quilt!!! Have a happy Fourth!!!!

    Linette Stewart

  173. Sandy O

    HI Mary, Happy Birthday and enjoy your day. Thanks for a great Blog just love reading it everyday. Thanks for the give away too. Always nice to win a book. All 3 look like great books. Sandy O

  174. Kelli Heldreth

    Love Civil War quilts ❤️ your new book would be lovely! Thank you for doing a give away and Happy Birthday! KelliOH

  175. Judith Ann Jaques

    I would love to win anything!. The rug is looking good. I have made rugs for years. Toothbrush, window frame,rag. I was giving a demonstration for the window frame rug,didn’t know at the time that is what it was called I saw it in a book and made a frame, anyway an older man came up and said to me”my dad taught me how to do that same thing using a window frame. Polyester makes great rugs and last forever. judy —Alden

  176. Kristie M Michalowski

    Have a great birthday ;o)
    I love your blog with your animals, weather, goings on, and that sweet Reed …love his organization of the quilt from another post…a guy after my OCD heart ;o)

  177. Cathy Haney

    Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday, Mary!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a book, especially a book by you and Connie…
    Mostly, thanks for sharing your life (and adventures) with all of us! 😘

  178. Donna Sproston

    Happy birthday!

    Love the Devil’s Claw pattern, and the bright version with straight line stitching is now on my to do list.

  179. Geri

    Oh my gosh! Such a nice give away! I love to work with wool, and love the buttermilk basin projects! But I also love your.books too! Thanks for doing this and GeriHappy Birthday! Geri55

  180. Mary Cooper

    In the early years of our marriage we always had a VW Bug. I would love to win Stacy West’s book to make the VW pillow.

  181. Jane

    Happy Birthday hope your day is filled with love…laughter…and wonderful friendship. Jane in Michigan

  182. Nancy

    Happy Birthday to you, Mary! I hope you have a wonderful day and some sweet surprises. Maybe there will be fireworks?
    Love your Civil War quilt and L.B.’s flags quilt.
    Nancy M.

  183. Linda in So Cal

    Happy birthday, Mary. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day.
    The lawn can wait… so sorry to hear about Buckwheats passing.

    1. Nancy Tiede

      Happy Birthday! Hope you have a special day. Love to win a book. Finishing the appliqué and borders on my great granddaughter’s unicorn quilt. Then to start #8. Lucky it is just a small hanging.

  184. Eileen Maher

    Enjoy your birthday, do everything you want to do today!!
    Eileen in Spain

  185. Diane, Squeak's Mom

    When I was very little and my mom told me it was my birthday, I said, “OH Happy Day!” so OH HAPPY DAY to you, Mary:) Enjoy. I love seeing JB sleeping with the chicken or bird?

    I am hoping to warp my frame now that the 49 1/2 anniv. and our nephew’s 40th parties are over. Fun times!

    Thanks for letting us have a chance at the neat books.

  186. Donna N

    Happy Birthday from the Squirrel Lady!!
    Would love to win yours and Connie’s book!!

  187. Janet Wolf

    Happy Birthday Mary. I love your posts and learn so much from you. I use to visit Country Threads for my birthday treat in April. Some years it was your sale in the barn.

    Janet W 0419.

  188. Darla Hunt

    Happy Birthday, Mary!

    I have been reading back through your blog from the beginning. Such delightful reading!

    Sometime, if you don’t mind telling the story, I’d like to hear more about your farm house…any history of the place and how you came to live there, why you chose it to be your home.
    Your special touches and decorating have made it such a welcoming and cozy seeming place to live.
    I can see why your home tours were so popular when you used to have the “Events” at your shop.

  189. Patti in W Barnstable

    Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have some fun. I love, love the flag quilt on your porch!

  190. Holly in Two Harbors

    Happy birthday, Mary! How nice of you to give presents on your special day!

  191. Chris H 52

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope your day is blessed.♥️

    Would love to receive one of these books although I already own your Civil War Remembered.

  192. Helen Jane (TX)

    Happy Birthday Mary! “Almost a 🔥 cracker”…appreciate your blog…I agree your pictures deserve a Fair entry… yesterday was a drive to the peach 🍑 orchard for us. A box is $30. but well worth it. I like everything flag in your display. Thanks!

  193. Barbara Firesheets

    Happy Birthday to a fellow July baby (mine is on the 15th)! Thank you for a chance to win one of these great books. Have a wonderful 4th. Barbara0715

  194. Donna Giddens

    Happy happy birthday Mary. Have a great day & a cold one tonight! Anyone of these books is a winner.
    Donna G

  195. Diane from TN

    Happy birthday Mary. There are many July 4th birthdays in my family (my sister in law, her daughter, and a great Nephew from another niece… and I can’t forget one of my best work friends. July is a great birthday month. Enjoy your special day!

  196. Bonnie McKee

    Happy Birthday Mary!
    I love your blog and look forward to it every day! Any of the books would be a sweet Independence Day treat!

    1. Nancy Tiede

      Happy Birthday to you! Busy finishing the appliqué and borders on my great granddaughter’s unicorn quilt. Next is #8 to do. Lucked out that it is just a wall hanging for Xmas. Love to win a book! Have a great day!

  197. Vicki Ibarra

    Happy birthday. Celebrate heartily in whatever way pleases you most! Vicki Stitching

  198. Jan 54

    Happy Birthday. Hope its full of fireworks, great friends and good food!
    Love all three of the books and the rug loom. I’ve made the place mat size which are good as a trivet for hot 9X13 pans.

  199. Mary Evans

    Hi Mary, and a Happy Birthday to you! Wow, time marches on.
    I will turn 82 this July 24…..and still quilting. LOL
    I would love to win that C.T. book.
    Mary E. in Oregon

  200. Janny Schoneveld

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, This is Dutch for
    Happy birthday
    Greetings from the sunny Netherlands
    Janny Schoneveld

  201. DeborahJ33

    I hope you have a very happy birthday! (My sister’s birthday is today as well). The flag quilt is beautiful. Is there a pattern? I am so tempted to try making a rug but …oh my…I have so many projects on the go!

  202. Dona47

    Hi Mary. love your farm pictures, blog, goats, etc.
    now, for the heck it I would love a book.

  203. Mary Lund

    Happy Birthday Mary. You bring such joy with your posts. My #8 is RWB Woolie. Great timing. Thanks, Mary to 58

  204. Susan Woods

    Happy Birthday Mary,
    Wishing you the very best!
    The books look so interesting and I would love to win any one of them!

  205. Terry Johnson

    Happy Birthday, Mary! I have several friends who share the same day. Thank you for the wonderful book give away on your special day. I am QuiltCrazie so would love winning any of them. Enjoy the 4th and be safe.

  206. Norma Gebhardt

    Wishing you many more happy, healthy birthdays. I also love having a summer birthday. Your blog is a wonderful blessing that we should not take for granted. Norma 7-23

  207. Dot Howard

    Happy happy birthday. You and America are related, maybe twins. No America is much older.

  208. Candee

    Oh how fun! Thank you for the chance to win and Happy Birthday!
    Candee Abraham

  209. Judi Leventhal

    A very happy happy birthday to you, dear Mary. It is also my granddaughter’s birthday. She has hit the “double digit” mark. I would be thrilled to be the recipient of any of the three books you are offering. I made the Linda Brannock flag quilt many years ago from a class. It was fun to do and very forgiving. I hope you get to eat lots of cake and ice cream! Judi L., Humble, TX

  210. Diane Bauer

    So very much, yes. I drove down a country road yesterday and saw a gorgeous Palomino and had a fleeting thought of wondering if he might be for sale, but we can never replace Pete, so it’s best to be looking at something other than Palominos!! And we have Patch and he’s getting lots and lots of love and attention these days!!

  211. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Aren’t you good to GIVE gifts when you should be receiving???

    I gave my artsy preteen nephew your rug book, CD and a frame for Christmas. I’ll tell him to join the blog and ignore all of us Quilters and just follow along with you! I already put in an order for a navy and grey and cream rug!

    So even though # 8 is staring me down, I had to cut out a NEW project today… what???? I’m going to Sisters Oregon next week and am taking TWO classes, oh no! Two new projects! And silly me, I shopped incorrectly fabric wise and you know there is not one blessed thing that goes with my new fabrics, so I must head out Friday for one fat quarter of something that will read correctly. Not a scrappy quilt, bummer!

    Happy red, white and blue to you… may she wave ever proud even when she becomes a symbol of …. whatever people may want to claim this week.
    Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

  212. Montana Kathy

    Have a wonderful day, Mary! Will be thinking of you. Hope someone’s baked you a birthday cake!

  213. Debra Miller

    Happy Birthday! Love today’s pictures especially Linda Brannock’s flag quilt and JB! If there is a photography contest at the fair or in a “country” magazine you need to enter JB’s picture. Sunny and HOT in SC!

  214. Tanya T.

    Happy Birthday! Just checked the bookcases and I don’t have a copy of Civil War Remembered. Maybe I loaned it out. How have I lived without it?? 🙂 I would love to win a copy if my name is drawn. Thanks and have a wonderful day! Hope that there is lemonade on the porch and some birthday cake! Tanya T. in Houston

  215. Vickie Lemonds

    I’m working on my #8 today. Hubby playing golf! Sweet freedom! A group of 11 of us are accepting your challenge and will have a photo “Show and Tell” on July 31. Most of the group is from Davidson, NC, , but another member from Roanoke, Va, another from Miami and two from Asheville.
    Love your blog and we look forward to it daily. I read it aloud to my husband, who is very attached to Hazel. I just love all the animals! Thank you!

  216. Terri Mulinix

    Happy Birthday, I hope today is a great one. I so love to read your bog and look forward to it. I’m working on my #8. I need to get all of these dirt dozen done. Sew many projects and Sew little time. T.

  217. Launa

    Happy Birthday 🎈🎂🎉Mary…many more to you!
    Last month I sent a flag mug rug to a very close cousin along with a medium size quilt as her birthday is tomorrow.
    Somewhere I have a stack of finished Devil Claw blocks that aren’t unpacked yet. Your pictures reminded me! Am enjoying our visiting 5 year old girl. I asked where she got her pretty blue eyes and she thought a minute and replied…WAL MART! 😃

  218. Pam Nichols

    Happy Birthday, Mary. May all your wishes come true!
    I’d love to win one of the books you are giving away. I do have Civil War Remembered. I have all your books, and page through each one many times, looking for the project that calls my name. You and Connie have added so much to the quilting world and inspired so many people. Keep up the good work!

    Pam 70 from Waterloo

  219. Mary Stivers

    Have a very wonderful birthday! Summer birthdays are the best!!!
    Mary Stivers

  220. Bobbie Casey

    Happy Birthday, Mary! That flag quilt on your porch table is beautiful. Hope you have a fun filled day!

  221. Beryl Hoff

    Happy 71st Birthday, Mary!! Have a wonderful day. Relax!
    I would love to win a book, I do have the Civil War one already hope to have time to make a couple of them after I move. I also want to make a rug when I get settled.
    We have had a couple of beautiful days in Montana. It is still cool but that is better than the heat! Everything is so green right now. I looked out this morning and there stood a Doe and her little fawn. The grass is so tall where they were, I could hardly see the fawn, then a bunny ran across the drive way. I love the wild life here. I don’t remember if I mentioned the fox that was right under my window a few days ago, chasing a chipmunk…he missed his breakfast and went down the driveway!
    Beryl in Montana

  222. Lynn

    Wishing you extra blessings on your birthday.

    Lynn in (hotsdale) Scottsdale, AZ

  223. Linda H in SE MN

    Happy Birthday Mary! I have to say – July is a great month for a birthday… Thanks for the birthday gifts to us!! Only two ads on the post today – and neither one has an “x” for closing.

  224. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    Happy Happy Day to you, Mary! Eat lots of cake!! I’ve enjoyed reading the farm dailies and how much work it takes to make it all come together sew nicely. I especially enjoyed the story of Susanne, the house goat. That would make a great book – consider writing it for those beyond childhood as it’s a lovely story and would be a best seller! Remember ROBERT, THE QUAIL?

  225. Bobbie Knight

    Happy Birthday Mary! I love the flag quilt! I am also amazed at all you are able to accomplish each day!

  226. Jane Winton

    Happy birthday! And thanks for giving presents on your special day…….Jane OK

  227. Jean Fuder

    Happy Birthday Mary! Have a great day. I have been to your shop many times and drug my family with too. Sure do miss you gals!
    I would love any of the three books that you are giving away.
    Have an awesome 4th😎

  228. Jody Randall

    Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you have a beautiful day in Iowa to enjoy your day. I have your Civil War Remember book and love it!

  229. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Happy birthday!!🎉🎂🎼💐
    I had forgotten to send my money and info for rug book so I’ll get it in the mail this afternoon. Have a great day Mary!

  230. Kris in Naperville

    Happy Birthday Mary! Hope your day is filled with all good things! Love the flag quilt, so cute! JB is adorable too. Thanks for your generosity with the time you spend posting and all that eye candy you include and giving away books. I’ve been clicking on the ads! KrisG 58

  231. Kerry Coburn

    I sew enjoy your blog posts. I recently ran across your book “quilts from aunt Amy” at a thrift sale and quickly and discreetly purchased it before anyone else could say “Mine”. I do love a good bullseye and one day will start mine. Thank you for the opportunity to win a book. Sew much fun!

  232. LaNan Eldridge

    The books would be a nice addition to summer stitching. What a nice gift! I really like your flag quilt!

  233. Gail Maslan

    Happy Birthday, Mary!! Hope you have a fun quilt-y day. I’m joining your Dirty Dozen UFO challenge. The hardest part is picking only 12 UFO’s because as you know, we all have WAY more than 12 UFO’s lurking in our sewing rooms!!

    Gail Celeste, in IL.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail Masan – so glad you’re joining the Dirty Dozen Game – I know it’s hard to narrow it down to 12! Haha!

  234. Diane Bauer

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Another successful trip around the sun–congrats!!

    My niece, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother all have/had birthdays on July 4th, so we think July is a GREAT month for birthdays!!

    I would love any of the books, but am particularly interested in Civil War Remembered! And I’m so glad you included info on the America quilt–I was admiring it in the pictures of the books and was wondering. That’s one I will have to try to find! I have my Flag Houses quilt out for the 4th–along with Uncle Sam–but am always up to make another patriotic quilt!

    I made great progress on my #8 yesterday so am excited about that! More stitching today and tomorrow as I will be home keeping puppies calm with the fireworks going on all around. Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

    Diane, Pete’s Mom

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – I love that you signed your name Pete’s Mom! Bet you’re missing him!

      1. Diane Bauer

        So very much, yes. I drove down a country road yesterday and saw a gorgeous Palomino and had a fleeting thought of wondering if he might be for sale, but we can never replace Pete, so it’s best to be looking at something other than Palominos!! And we have Patch and he’s getting lots and lots of love and attention these days!!

  235. Sandra McKell

    Always room for one more great book. And have a very happy birthday.

  236. Tina W.

    🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 🎉 I hope you get some stitching in today.
    I purchased your book but would love to have Stacy’s. I took a class from her a couple years ago in Portland. Such a talented and nice person.
    Tina W in Oregon

  237. Jane E Davidsaver

    Happy birthday, Mary!
    I am wishing you a day filled with whatever makes you the happiest.
    Jane in Nevada

  238. Lori C 7/4/2019

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! and Happy 4th of July!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  239. Ruth

    Happy Birthday Mary ! Have a good one! Love that flag Quilt .Wonder if I have that pattern, will have to look when I head up to the sewing room in just a little while. Love the picture of JB.Ruth 63

  240. Barbara Brukner26

    Happy Birthday!

    Your JB looks just like our Harry. Sadly he is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for my husband and I. He passed last August after 17 years. But in Jan., we adopted a 2 yr. old mom and her 1 yr. old son from the Humane Society. And they are a lot of fun.

    Thanks for your blog.

  241. Sue in PA 712

    Happy Birthday Mary! I would love to win any of those books, but especially your Civil War book. I love your blog and look forward to hearing about the animals and Reed every day. Have a fun day!

  242. Janet Bland

    Happy birthday, Mary. The books look great. I love your Flag Day quilt. JB looks like a sweetie.

  243. Jean75

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY mary! I would like to be considered for civil war remembered.

    1. Jean75

      Happy birthday mary! I would like to be considered for civil war remembered. Thanks!

  244. Connie M

    Happy Birthday! I love all three of the books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. Jeanne Serven

    Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you have a great day! All 3 books would be great to win! I hope I am lucky. Jeanne7131974

  246. Ruth Cozad

    Along with many others we wish you a very happy birthday. I’d also like any of the books shown but would especially love the Civil War one. Thank you

  247. Beth Gardner

    Happy Birthday Mary!

    I so enjoy reading about all of your adventures

    The wedding quilt is beautiful – such a classic

    BethG – Wisconsin

  248. Elizabeth Evans

    Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy the day as much as I do your books!

    1. Peggy s

      Well, Happy Birthday girl!! For all the work you do, you deserve to celebrate big time. Have a good one!! Would love a book!!
      Peggy S 1122

  249. Lisa

    Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your special day! I would love to win a book! Lisa/a grandma to be, finally!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lisa – I know several gals in their 60’s+ that hope to be grandmas some day but it’s not looking very promising!.

  250. Annette Austin

    I would love to win a book. Love books on the Civil War
    Happy Fourth of July tomorrow.

  251. Beth Gardner

    Happy Birthday Mary! I so enjoy following all of your adventures 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your birthday with us 🙂

    BethG – Wisconsin

  252. Robin Boggan

    Happy Birthday Mary! 🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy 4th ! 🇺🇸
    Thanks for the chance to win a book!
    Robin B from Spokane

  253. Rita28

    Love your pictures so much. What a great giveaway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MARY! And yes it’s a shout out there. I too have a July birthday on the 28th and my husband and I just celebrated our 47th anniversary on July 1st. Yes I married young, what was I thinking? Lol. Rita28

  254. Barbara Forde

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Hope the next year is as full of adventures for you as this year was.

  255. Paula Buzzell

    Happy Birthday, Mary. Love following your blog. And loved visiting your shop yrs ago. All the books are fantastic. How nice of you.
    Paula B

  256. Betty

    I am relatively new to your blog and have read all past postings. I love and admire your lifestyle with all the animals and “outdoor” work–but still time for quilting. We are close in age and you are an inspiration for when I retire at the end of this year. I especially enjoy seeing what Reid is up to–he is really talented at such a young age. I would love to receive any of the books–especially Stitched From the Heart.

    So from bobush68—have a wonderful Fourth of July!

  257. Judy

    Happy birthday Mary. Today is also my granddaughter’s birthday. I loved that as a preschooler she assumed our local 4th of July fireworks show was in honor of her birthday.
    Enjoy your day. All the books look great.
    Judy from Pillager

  258. Linda in Oconomowoc

    Happy birthday Mary!
    Love your blog
    Would love Buttermilk Basin book, I already have the other two.
    Thanks for the book drawing.

  259. Cheryl

    Happy Birthday Mary! I hope it is a blessed day in every way! My favorite quilts are civil war quilts. I hope they never go out of style.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita M in CT – and is your daughter always called “almost a firecracker”?

      1. Rita M in CT

        She celebrates for two days. My sister’s is the 1st and my niece is the 2nd, very busy week. Enjoy your day you deserve it, you bring such joy to others.

  260. Pam W.

    Happy Birthday, Mary! Love, love, love your posts–the photos, the topics, the stories, the energy, and the creativity!!!! I’m inspired and uplifted every time. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us! Pam in Nebraska

  261. Bobbie

    Happy Happy Birthday Mary, hope your day is wonderful! Yesterday July 2, was my birthday I was 74.
    I love your rug it will be beautiful.
    Have a great and safe July 4 th.
    Bobbie only 2 dogs Penny and Ginger.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hugs to Penny and Ginger!

  262. Darlynn Venne

    Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you will have some time to enjoy a cold one this evening 🙂


  263. Chere

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  265. Marilyn Magelitz

    Wishing you many Birthday Blessings, Mary! Love the way your rug is looking, also the cute pic of JB!

  266. Karen Juergens

    I just put up one of your 4th of July quilts, “Hometown USA”, that I made years ago-still my favorite quilt. What’s not to like? Flags and log cabins! Thank you for so many years of sharing your creativity!

    Karen Juergens

  267. Gloria loves moose

    Happy Birthday Mary! Relax and enjoy a day full of what you love.

    Great books! Thanks for offering us a chance to own.

    Happy 4th to all.

  268. Diane in Maryland

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  270. Barb Onnen

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    It is like a visit with a good friend/neighbor. Your Civil War Remembered book
    would be more than welcome in my collection.

  271. Diane in Maryland

    Happy Birthday, Mary! We all wish you happiness and good health in the year ahead! We love you 😘

  272. Marie McDonald

    HAppy Birthday Mary!! Thanks for posting the Flag quilt again! I have all your books and a pile of old Giat Gazette. I have been a follower for many years.

    I just attended a lecture with Stacey West in Shipshewana in June. She was fantastic!!! Highlight of whole event. I would really be thrilled to win her book,!! Or any of others, but yours. Give that to someone else who doesn’t have a copy of it alreAdy. My copy has been well used!

    Have a wonderful Fourth of July!! I was so lucky to be able to visit your shop with my sister who lives in Colo, IA, when I was visiting from Michigan.


  273. Joyce from NY

    Happy Happy Birthday Mary, enjoy your day! I would love any of these books, thank you for the chance to win.

    Joyce Bennett

  274. Mary from Moline

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  275. Carol Wilkie

    What a great idea giving gifts on your birthday. I’d love to win and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  276. Sue in PA 712

    I forgot to say Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a fun day! Mine is next week. When I was a kid I did not like having a July birthday because all of my friends were away on vacation or at camp. Now I am just happy to be having another birthday!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in PA 712 – as a kid I never got a BD party because we’d be joining relatives the next day for a picnic and as my mom would say, “we’ll celebrate your birthday then” – grrrr…..

  277. Marilyn Lewis

    Happy Birthday, Mary!! Today is my mother’s 96th birthday. We will be celebrating this afternoon! Have a great day in the Lord!! Love all the books!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marilyn Lewis – please wish your mom Happy Birthday from me, always called “almost a firecracker “! Haha! I’m sure she’s heard the same thing all her life.

  278. Betty Keene

    Have a wonderful birthday. Love reading all your everyday happenings.

  279. Mary Elen 1206

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  280. Pam in NC

    Mary, I don’t know how you get everything done that you do!! And to share it all with us is a gift indeed! I’m just now getting my bullseye quilt blocks sewn back together! HA! I love your flag quilt-what a great memorable gift. I have five grandkids here for the summer-the two from Iowa call NC their “happy place” and second home. I hope you and your buddy Reed are having a fun summer-it looks like it-summer warm weather was a long time coming for Iowa this year. Blessings to you.

  281. Sandy Allen

    Happy birthday! It’s my birthday, too! Hope you have a grand day and don’t work too hard. 🙂

    Sandy A

  282. Vicki from West Des Moines

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a relaxing (?) day! Since I’m partial to anything civil war, would love to win that one. Also recently started doing wool appliqué so that would also be great to win.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Have a great day!

  283. Dianna Z.

    Happy Birthday 🎂

    You are giving us gifts with a drawing. Thanks for you generosity. I’ll keep my fingers crossed
    I’m going to look for the Civil war remembered book. I have been collecting fabrics for awhile and I think it would be perfect.

    Grandkids arrive tomorrow for the 4th so it is Christmas in July for me!


  284. Maureen Fry

    Happy Birthday, mine is next week! I would love to have any of these books. Thank you.

  285. Carmen Montmarquet

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    I am crazy about that flag quilt you received for your wedding, i am going to try and see if i can find the pattern, thanks for sharing!
    Also thanks for a chance to win any of the books being offered!
    Carmen 03

  286. Susan Burger

    Happy happy birthday, Mary. All of the books look lovely but my heart goes out to Civil War Remembered. Susan47

  287. Donna Jean

    A very happy day for you today! And a Happy July Fourth!
    And I would love a book, too!
    We lived in Iowa for 111/2 years and I loved it!
    Donna Jean from Derby, KS

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    Happy Birthday! I have just recently found your blog and it’s great! Call me Susan9509.

  289. Louverna Tomer

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    Have a blessed day!
    Louverna T.

  290. Cathy in California

    Happy,Happy! I enjoy your posts as it keeps me filled with memories of when we visited my relatives in Garner many summers ago. I visited the quilt shop during every visit.

  291. marie

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  292. Ali

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    I have the America Quilt made by friends from Derby,KS as a moving back to IA for me, 18 years ago.
    Happy Birthday Mary and have fun day!
    Am looking forward to starting a rag rug in the future.
    Marie from Storm Lake,IA

  296. Linda Matsumoto

    Happy Birthday Mary! Glad you are continuing publishing books but I really miss your shop!
    Linda M. 1955

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    What wonderful books, I would love to win one!

    Paula Ziegler
    Danville, IL

  298. Patricia Sparks

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  299. Linda in North Carolina

    All tree books look wonderful. You are so seeet to do this. Happy Birthday! Love the quilt on your table. Have a happy Independence Day too! From Linda74.

  300. Janet Snyder

    You and my middle grandson, David, share a Birthday. Hope yours is a happy one. Janet Huntington Beach, CA

  301. Kathy S

    Happiest of Birthdays Mary! Thank you for having a give away on your big day. And thank you for all the work you put into your blog – I always enjoy reading it. Kathy from Door County

  302. Margie Braaksma

    Happy birthday, Mary! What fun to have a birthday so close to the 4th
    Would love any one of those books. I like to have small projects going the same time as a large one. My #8 is a strip quilt I made up with scraps so I could practice machine quilting. Margie B

    1. Carol Reents

      I really enjoy my daily email from you. I have learned so much.

      Carol 0869

    1. Peggy S. Simpson

      Happy happy birthday Mary !!!
      I would be thrilled to win any of the books you are offering. Thanks for offering a chance to win one.

  303. Susan Dietz

    Happy birthday! Wow, almost a firecracker.

    I’d love to win a book.

    Sue, Tennessee

    1. Julie Burkhardt

      Happy birthday, Mary…so nice of you to give gifts on your birthday! JB and I share the same initials, and I feel the same as he does today!

  304. Liz Greenwald

    I’d love any of the quilt books listed!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Liz, NC

    1. Naomi Duval

      Happy Birthday! Thank you for the lovely posts and inspiration. I’m enjoying Country Threads so much — and I have fond memories of visiting you in Garner! I will never forget the look on my old dog’s face when he saw goats for the very first time.

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jolyn Olson – JOLYN! How are you! I didn’t know you were a blog reader – if they all just knew it’s thanks to YOU that Country Threads even got off the ground. Thank you again and again! You could send me your picture and I’d tell the story of how we got started – want to do that?

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