Wrong title – 5-26-22

My post yesterday had the two stories reversed – the shocking rat story should have been a postscript to the kitten rescue! How could I have reversed them? The rats are on my mind 24/7 and I just hate that they’re in my barn – I always loved going to the barn and now I’m almost afraid to step in the door. Ugh.

Short post – just wanted to thank everyone for sending thanks to Mark and Cyndy! Compared to the news it’s a pleasure to read about these lucky kittens, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Wrong title – 5-26-22

  1. Lynda

    We did cemeteries yesterday. Going to SD to our granddaughter’s graduation and 2 baseball games- it’s supposed to be nice. Have a great weekend!

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Those rats keep the corner of my eyes busy too. I keep looking for crawling things.
    I know I kinda odd, but , the Milky Way has always freaking me out!?! I’m deathly afraid of aliens. 👽

    I’m so thankful you can find good people in this world. The radio station I listen to in the morning has a “good news” segment. It’s fun.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      I’m always seeing “moving things” out of the corner of my eye, too, but usually they are floaters. Sometimes flies, spiders, etc. Betty

  3. Betty Klosterman

    There is so much good in this world, but the bad stuff always gets the headlines. Guess we just have to do what we can to make things better and do what we can to hold up our little corner in this world? I just don’t understand how somebody can kill complete strangers.
    My imagination is awful sometimes, but I just thought about the 50 dead rats. Do you bury them, burn them or just throw them into the shelter belt trees? They would make quite a pile? Or you could skin them…….You said the poison dose was very small. How many rats would it take to kill a dog-sized scavenger? In the meantime, I’m headed to buy flowers to plant. After the outside stuff, it is back to my quilt. Then it will be ready to be quilted and donated. That will leave 1 less project in the living room—probably to be replaced by 3 more projects….. Just don’t anybody mix up my piles!!!
    Oh, well, it does keep me happy and out of mischief?
    Everybody take care and have a nice Memorial Day. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty K – we have garbage pickup that empties at the landfill so I put the dead rats in the garbage can and they’re picked up once a week. Thank goodness I don’t have to bury all of them. I think maybe I threw a couple of them in Tim’s ditch across the road.
      Do you remember when Connie and I taught at the Black Hills quilt retreat? It was probably 30+ years ago. We had a guest pastor at our church two weeks ago and the pastor’s wife came up to the piano after church and told me she had taken a class from me at that retreat! It just blew me away that she’d remember my name and then see my name in our bulletin as the pianist! Another small world incident!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Mary, you may not realize it, but to a great many quilters you and Connie are VERY WELL KNOWN. And even more after being featured in the first Quilt Shop Magazine. And it is a very small world.
        I haven’t ever gone to any of the Retreats. I know I’d like them, but didn’t go. And now, I don’t leave Rapid City, only driving on the city streets. The world is much better off without me on the highways and Interstate! The garbage can is the best place for the dead rats. Betty

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Betty K – you’re very sweet to say that, Betty! Staying right in Rapid City sounds good to me – almost as good as staying right here on the farm! Ha!

  4. Jean

    Oh Mary I am so sorry about those rats that you have to deal with. I think pretty soon I would ask orkin for my money back!

  5. Carmen Montmarquet

    How wonderful that this amazing couple stepped forward to adopt this helpless kitten and her sibling! And to come all the way from California to pick her up is just amazing! Goes to show there still are very good people out there! I hope your rat population goes down very soon! How awful for you to have to worry about this every time you enter your wonderful barn! Thank goodness you have Hazel!

  6. Alice

    How amazing that these wonderful folks came all the way from CA to get two little kittens! My kind of people! Those babies will have a wonderful home! 50 rats is totally amazing! Who would have thought there would be that many? You’re making really good progress getting rid of them. Having professionals guide you though this was a smart move, Mary!!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Yes it is Mary. Good decent people are among us.
    If it’s any consolation to you, I will not walk in the spot in the yard if I have seen a garden snake there before. It’s silly, I know, but I see it in my mind just as you see the ugly rats. Hang in there, soon it will be behind you, I hope.

  8. Kathy Hanson

    The people coming from California for the kittens was so amazing! And wonderful and we were happy that your post left us with this amazing story!
    As for the rat story, I would be so traumatized by all those rats, you
    Are coping much, much better than I would!! I wouldn’t want to set foot into the barn either but your love for your animals gets you through!! I know they reproduce fast but… 50??! You are amazing and will, hopefully, get to the end very soon!! Hang in there!!😊❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I got THE SWEETEST LETTER from your Sarah about the Dear Jane basket – I will cherish her card and keep it safe.

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