Just Shocking!!! 5-25-22

I stepped out of the barn tonight after closing it up for the night and there was Rat #50 dead on the ground! Fifty!!!!! Hazel got this rat sometime today and I honestly do not k ow when exactly.

The last couple days have been a blur and numbers 48 and 49 happened then. You cannot imagine how shocked I am – to have discovered 50 dead rats after living here for over 43 years. Our friend Jo from Wyoming sent me a homemade rat remedy which I mixed up today and hope it works.

Remember this tiny special needs kitten?

She was born with twisted back legs and I posted her picture here on the blog to see if I could help find her a home. A reader contacted me almost immediately when I said I would consider paying to have her euthanized. The reader named Cyndy F. said she’d pick up the deformed kitten and her sibling, an orange tabby boy, on Monday.

Mark and Cyndy to the rescue
Mark, Cyndy and Heather

Now for the shocking detail – MARK AND CYNDY LIVE IN CALIFORNIA!!

Yes, they drove 26 hours to pick up these lucky kittens. They are now on their way home to California with the two luckiest kittens in the entire world. Please help me extend my thanks and gratitude to Mark and Cyndy!

I am thrilled to write this rescue story – it’s what I do best! And while I’m writing I’m also watching the American Rescue Dog Show.

More farm news tomorrow!

57 thoughts on “Just Shocking!!! 5-25-22

  1. Tina in Oregon

    That’s an amazing story! How wonderful for the kittens and what a wonderful couple.

  2. Kathy Handon

    Wow! What commitment! What wonderful people! What lucky kittens! Congratulations to them and to you Mary!!!

  3. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    They are kitty rescue angels😇😇 for sure. Did they drive straight through or stop on the way? Bless you Mark and Candy. Good luck with the kitties.

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, what wonderful people they are,l hope they keep us up to date with progress! Can’t believe 50 rats! Cold, drizzling day in New Zealand, Bella is buried under quilt on my bed, she likes her creature comforts. Take care every,best wishes from Sandy

  5. Susie

    Thanks to Mark and Cindy for their rescue of the kittens-proving there is a lot of good in the world.What lucky kittens!

  6. Shirley from Oregon

    How wonderful. My neighbor has a cat with that problem. Her name is Angela, Angel for short.

  7. Jody from Central Ohio

    Glad to hear the kitty found a good home. Was wondering if the rats eat the poison you’ve placed in barn will it harm your dogs if they catch before the poison works? Was just a thought I had when you said Hazel caught another rat. So hoping as I’m sure you are there will be a light at the end of that tunnel soon for you!

  8. Susie Kepley

    Hey I know those two crazy people!! They also bought a house unseen in Missouri. Can’t wait to meet those kitties someday soon.

  9. Cathy D

    God Bless Cyndy and Mark and their huge loving hearts!! Wow!! Angel’s are sent when we need them most.

  10. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    How wonderful the special needs kitten has been rescued and will be raised with a sibling. What a lovely story! Thanks to Mark and Cindy.

  11. Diane from Colorado

    Thank you, Mark and Candy!! You are angels!!
    I love rescue tales!!

  12. Mary Jane

    After hearing such devastating news yesterday of the horrible story out of Texas where 19 little children were killed at their School, we read this wonderful, delightful, giving story of two people who cared so much about 2 sweet little kitties they drove over a day to get them and take them home as theirs. Makes one believe in hope and love again. Thank you to Mark and Cyndy for making 2 little kitties so important. With that kind of love and care they will both grow older and sweeter. This made my day…Thank to you also Mary for finding them a safe home.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Jane – and it was 26 actual driving hours over 2-1/2 days each way!!

  13. Montana Kathy

    What a happy outcome for those kitties! Thanks Mary for letting us know. And thanks to Mark and Cindy – what wonderful, caring people!

  14. Gloria from CC

    Thank you Mark and Cindy! It warms my heart that there are still caring people in this world of unrest. Safe travels back to California. God bless you.

  15. Kelli

    Kudos to Mark and Cyndy!! Amazing they drove that far – true animal lovers and what a heart! Thanks for reaching out to your readers on everything. Good Job

  16. Jean

    God bless Mark and Candy! What wonderful people they must be. Is there some way we could help with deferring the cost of that trip? Gas prices are outrageous! And they drive a a truck!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – what a sweet offer! I will ask CYNDY if I can pass on her phone number to you and you can make any arrangements with her. Thank you for your offer!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – CYNDY asked for your email and she will contact you when they get home. I asked for permission to give you her phone number and she avoided the question. She feels awkward accepting such a gift. So what do I do now?

  17. Connie R

    My gosh, 50 RATS! You may have to check into hiring a Pied Piper like in the fairytale.

  18. Pat Smith

    What a wonderful ending to the story in a world with such sad endings this week. Thanks for the uplift and for letting us know about Mark and Cyndy. Those lucky little kittens will have good life thanks to them.

  19. Pattie from PA

    People who do rescue are amazing people. I am involved with Carolina Poodle Rescue in South Carolina for over 5 now. I’ve adopted 4 poodles so far(driven from Pa to SC), 3 of which I still have. They are my fur children and my family since my husband Roger passed last month.
    I volunteer weekly from home doing vet checks. This involves calling the vets on the applications we’ve been assigned and checking on care of the pets owned by the applicants. Then we assign a rating of excellent, good, or fail and enter all the information in a data base. Some of these can be quite involved but it is very rewarding helping dogs find their new forever homes.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      It was good news to read of your activities with the rescue as it’s helped you I am sure keep busy after the death of your husband not too long ago. It’s good to keep our minds sharp with the data that is needed to follow up on their care and helps your day I am sure focus on life rather than the sadness you felt for so long watching his decline. Thank you for sharing your update as I often wonder how people on this blog are doing when a set back happens in their lives and moving on. Mary provides our connection so thank you for letting us know how you are doing.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie from PA – wow! I love your involvement with the poodle rescue! I am feeling the urge to foster another dog but hoping I can find one that Hazel likes and doesn’t feel displaced when I bring home another dog.
      I’m so sorry your husband is gone – all the vet checks must keep you very busy and I do know how much dogs bring to your life – Hazel IS my life and I can’t imagine life without her.
      Keep me updated on your rescue work – it so interesting to me!

  20. Sandra Goddard

    Thank you Mark and Cyndy for your big heart in taking these two amazing kittens. Thank you Mary for doing what you do. Just the story we all need right now. God bless you all.

  21. Jackie in NY

    Wow Mary! What a great ending to the kitty story!! And 50 rats – I can’t even believe it!!

  22. Kathy in western NY

    I strive to be on that piece of Heaven with you and Mark and Cyndy and all the other people who do such good in this world to make it a better place for all. Thank you all for stepping up to the plate to answer prayers for the lives these kitties will have with such loving people.

  23. Cathie

    It’s so nice to read about such good people. Puts faith in humanity back in perspective.
    So much bad news we hear every day but these kittens finding a home in !!California
    is just great!!
    Keep up the good work, Mary!

  24. Lynette in Orlando

    Warms my heart to see what Mark and Cyndy have done!!! Such good people in the world. LOVE it!!!!!

    Mary, the rat count is amazing……… holy cow! They’ve made quite a home at your place. Looks like the rat B&B is closed! Whoo hoo!!!

  25. Sue

    It’s wonderful to know of the kindness and love of others. Cindy and Mark have shown overwhelming and love. Thank you!

  26. Kathy L

    Thank you to Mark and Cindy for rescuing those two beautiful little kittens. Another reason why I am part of this blog is to see animals treated so well

  27. Barbk

    I’d be interested in the rat repellent formula you got from a reader. I have trouble with goundhogs and raccoons in my flowerbeds and was wondering if it would work for them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barb – I will forward the article from Jo in Wyoming. The guy in the video explains that the reason the baking soda and muffin mix works in rats is because they can’t belch or fart and they crawl back into their hole and die. It is not a repellent – it’s equal parts corn muffin mix which is sweet and attracts the rats and the soda is what kills them. I’m not sure it will work for your problem.

  28. Darlynn Venne in Illinois

    First, God bless you, Mary for putting the word out that some kittens needed rescuing. Second, a Huge!!! round of love and thanksgiving for people like Mark, Cyndy and Heather! Does anyone realize not only the time and energy, but the cost of gas for a truck to travel from CA to IA is crazy right now!!! Mary, if you have their address or email address, I would love to send them a little something as a thank you.

  29. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Such a heartwarming story that we so need to hear. A big thank you to Mark, Cyndy and you Mary for rescuing this kitty! Bless you all !

  30. Sharon Lowy

    So happy for the kittens…that is so wonderful. So she limps, My Peachie lost a leg before he died of cancer. I am not sure I would put another beloved pet through what he suffered but I got to keep him for an additional 10 months. He had a seizure and almost died in my arms. I took him to my vet and had him put to sleep. He died in my arms with his pay on my face. He was trying to dry my tears. I had told him after his surgery, he would never have to endure another examination. I kept my promise. I miss him terribly but have rescued 2 sweet cats..probably crazy for an 80 year old widow but they make my house a home.

    Kepp up killing rats!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon Lowy – I know the feeling – I had a golden retriever put down rather than put her through another ruptured cruciate ligament surgery. It’s still hurts today but I think I did the right thing for her – not for me but for HER and euthanasia is the hardest most loving act you can do for your beloved pet.

  31. Joy in NW Iowa

    Wow wow! 50 rats! And a hear so big to drive from California to get two kitties! I think the kitties will be happy!

  32. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    It did my heart good to find out the kitty with bad legs got a home. So so so happy to read this. You made my week!!!!!
    God bless you always
    Bea knight in Boca Raton

  33. Kristine F.

    Wow – what great compassionate cat people. What a beautiful story – it takes all kinds of people to make this world go round. I have a friend that has a three legged cat that was born around Christmas time – they named him Tiny Tim after the lad in A Christmas Carole.
    Gods blessings to all.

  34. Jan Hebert

    So happy to read this! Thank you Mark and Cyndy! Lucky little kittens, so sweet. Would love to know more about their purchase of a house in Missouri, lots of people moving to that state! I am shocked, but not really surprised that there have been so many rats killed – that’s a big barn with lots of places to nest, lots of hidey holes. Really nice weather here in MA this last few days. Cool, sunny, we’ve been getting some gardening in – hope to have most planted by the end of the Memorial Day weekend. Jan in MA

  35. Margaret in North Texas

    What a story–I hope these two little kittens bring Mark & Cyndy much joy!

  36. Donna J from Southcentral KS

    What lucky people to have two adorable kittens! Bless their hearts. 💕💕
    And bless that little Hazel. Rat patrol is one of her many jobs.
    And God bless you, Mary. I love your blog. God has given you many talents and the desire to use them to serve others both human and animal with kindness and love.
    Take care!

  37. Linda in Michigan

    There are good people in the world. For us animal lovers, these people are heroes!

  38. Sue

    Mark & Cyndi – Congrats on your two new babies. Please keep us posted on how they are adjusting to their new home in California.

  39. Patty McDonald in Southern California

    Bless you Mark and Cindy. So good to read about good people and from California! There are good people everywhere.

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