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I worked 90 minutes outside today as I started to clean off the lily garden. The leaves are so thick, I thought it best if I removed a layer at a time. The wind is cold from the north today so I wasn’t tempted to keep working.
Had a comment regarding the fabrics in the Goat Sampler kit. Chris H. asked if the fabrics would be the same in the kit as in the picture. The answer is yes, the fabrics are identical while our supply lasts. The minute we run out of anything, we will be forced to make substitutions so if you like what you see, I would encourage you to order early before the fabric is gone.
Don’t forget the 100 bolt sale going on until the 15th when we will pick another hundred current bolts to sell for $7.00 per yard. Yes, current and newly arrived fabric for $7.00/yard to be purchased in 1/2 yd. increments.

Which brings me to my next thought. I believe I mentioned we worked with a fabric salesman yesterday who announced that the price of fabric is going up again. We simply can’t believe it and told him so. Who can afford $12.00 / yard fabric? The fabric companies are making it nearly impossible to stay in business. Our pattern sales have taken a dive as well since the fabric companies started making their patterns available to shop owners FREE. These are patterns created within the fabric companies by their designers to be made available with the purchase of the fabric.
That’s the end of my whining for today!

16 thoughts on “Yard Work, Etc

  1. Lee

    So sad….more expensive fabric! Part of the modern quilt movement is centered around solid fabrics. ….huge parts of solid fabric on bed size quilts. Everyone knows that solid fabric is cheaper. I guess the fabric people are easing us into the price increase by making solid fabrics popular. What do you guys think?

  2. Launa

    I’d read that cotton bales were snapped up last year at the local gins and shipped to various places…Korea, China to name a few. Then the bolts are shipped back and transported again for distribution. I haven’t a clue how much cotton is being planted this season. We’re in a draught here in CA…..ranchers and farmers have no idea how much water is going to be allowed for their crops, but add in cost of fertilizer, fuel, (gas is $4 a gallon)and labor; it all adds up. There’s talk of water rationing for home use and cities with low water tables. Some quilt shops have closed, dairies are going under; fruit and nut trees are being plowed over due to lack of water allotment, cattle feed and hay are sky high.

    I’m relying more on my stash fabrics and add in a few new now and then at sales.

  3. Diane

    HI Mary–My local quilt shop (Ohio) is having the same problem.
    They have worked very hard to keep the prices down, but just can’t when it keeps increasing. They told me their long arm business kept them going when the recession hit in 2006. I am more careful, but I do still buy. Can’t live without my flannel:)

  4. Catherine Beck

    I hate to see the price of fabric going up. Its ridiculous. I am using more from my stash now and thankful that I have it but, it makes me more prudent when shopping at our lqs. It had me thinking I can’t be the only one tightening the belt so how are small businesses supposed to stay in business? It’s just crazy how much cotton fabric cost now a days. So sad.

  5. Mary Evans

    I do not like to hear about the price of fabric going up. We all have to be more careful, I guess, in what we buy and how we use it.

    If I remember rightly the last time the price took an upward jump, the reps said it was because of the cost of freight. Sorry, but I didn’t believe it then, and don’t believe it now. Excuse me, but it does not cost $2 per yard (and more) to get the bolt across the ocean. That is about $40. per bolt and more! Give me a break!!

    Maybe it is being driven by the people who are producing organic cottons. Frankly, I can live without organic anything, if they are going to price it out of our reach. Being a senior on a fixed income requires belt tightening for sure.

    So what did the rep SAY was the reason this time?

    Thanks for allowing me to rant! And thanks to the great ladies at Country Threads for designing such delicious small quilts for us to make! Love your patterns.

  6. Ann Barlament

    Doubtful that I will ever run out of “stash” ~ but that also doesn’t stop me from purchasing more. When making a quilt, I always purchase more than I need – which usually gets turned into a couple of pillow cases to go with the quilt.

    Who knows – there may be a time, like my ancestors, when I quilt with something beside cotton. Like corduroy, wool, silk, etc.

  7. Ellie

    With the price of fabric going up again we will all be buying less and quilting more from our stash. Scrap quilting will become more popular than ever because we won’t be able to afford to buy the fabrics the designers make their patterns for. Really sad but I won’t give up my quilting. I have plenty of stash and maybe I will just dig a bit deeper into it.

  8. Ginny

    I stopped buying stained glass because the price got prohibitive, I use the glass I have on hand if someone wants a piece done. Now it looks like I will have really think about fabric purchases but I won’t give up quilting.

  9. Claire

    very sad for seniors on limited income who love to buy and quilt. will have to think seriously about buying. grrrrrr
    I am using my leftovers now for the B OM

  10. Diana W

    Thanks for whining for us! Apparently they do not listen to us, but maybe they will listen to you, the shop owners.

    Nevertheless, I will continue to buy fabric, maybe just not as randomly or just because I like it without a project in mind.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The thing about fabric prices going up is we can’t afford it either because everybody is using their stash so we, in turn, will need to stop ordering new fabric. So sad for everybody.

  11. Betty Klosterman

    One more thing: the really small scraps go into pet beds for the animal shelter.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    I don’t know about other ladies my age, but my mother and grandmother taught me to be very careful how I cut fabric not to waste an inch. Old habits don’t go away… and I cut up the small scraps to use in more quilts. Guess that is why I like to make scrap quilts? I can hear my grandmother saying “don’t waste any” and I cringe when somebody throws food or fabric away.

  13. Gwen Herbert

    Most shop owners will take advantage of this price hike & use it to the max! Sew sad! So many are having no choice but use WalMart fabrics. I can’t live without my quilting addiction! Someday…. Your lily garden will be green!!

  14. MartyCae

    Sad to hear the price of fabric is going up. I will just have to more careful measuring and be more prudent while cutting. I love quilting and if all I can afford is wall hangings then so be it! Thanks for carrying such a good variety of fabrics – you have something for everyone.

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