Yikes! It’s Number 8!

Last night at 10 when we went outside to pee before going to bed, Hazel, the possum hunter, found another one! This is the 8th one this season and he was scrounging under the bird feeder for a snack. Telly and Hazel pulled him out into the yard where he played “possum” and I was able to shovel him into the live trap and slam the door.

I had to close the dog door so Hazel would go to bed – she wanted to continue barking at and harassing the poor trapped possum, of course.

This morning we went to the wildlife refuge – about 10 miles from here and turned him loose.

He was a really big possum – maybe the daddy? I can only hope Hazel doesn’t find any more but I’ve got the catching and trapping part down in case she does.

As Becky always says – never a dull moment here on the farm but I can’t continue to talk about trapping and releasing possums!

Does anyone read Bee Haven’s blog? This morning’s post was sad – it could have been me writing the post. She saw a livestock trailer along her road and it was filled with pigs going to slaughter. Since she has two pet pigs she knows how smart and sociable they are and as she looked at the trailer full of pigs, one stared back at her. Normally she averts her eyes when seeing one of these trailers but today she looked. I, too, am a meat eater but I prefer to purchase our pork from a neighbor who raises them humanely. I realize this can be a controversial subject but if I had to raise my own meat, I’d easily be a vegetarian. I just can’t eat someone I know and have raised. Check out Bee Haven – you’ll enjoy her blog!

And I read the sad news that Nancy Zieman died yesterday. We started in business shortly after she did. Cancer is so heartbreaking, isn’t it?

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  1. Diane

    Perhaps, you and Hazel could hire yourselves out as “mighty” hunters and trappers? On a sad note, the quilting/sewing world has lost a gem. Although, I did not know her personally, she seemed to have such grace and dignity. Cancer is a rotten disease. I’m with you, I sure couldn’t eat Squeak!!

  2. Karen L Chaudoin

    This was a sad post. I hate that we need to eat meat or want to rather. The pig trucks are deplorable to see but I am ashamed I avert my eyes as if I am not guilty. And cancer is rotten. But so is death. I miss so many people that are gone. But your possum dealings is bringing a smile to me today and I thank you for that!

  3. Cindie - WI

    I too was shocked to hear about Nancy Zieman. I have been to her store over the years and watched her on TV. Gone too soon at 64. She was amazing.
    Not crazy about possums. Hazel is a good trackers.
    Rainy and very dreary here in Wisconsin. A good day for me to purge my fabric stash and bag it up for my friend.
    Enjoy your day and God bless,


  4. Marsha Ransom

    Ewww, possums are creepy! Glad you’re moving them on . . . haven’t seen any with marked tails back again, have you?

    The quilting community is saddened by the loss of such a strong, spunky and talented quilter and person. I never had the privilege to meet her, but thankful for what I have learned from her books, DVDs and online videos.

  5. Susan Sundermeyer

    Mary, we are going to have to start calling you the “Possum Whisperer!” I worker with a man who used to raise rabbits for their meat and had to quit because it would break his young daughters heart when he slaughtered them. Cancer is just wicked. I don’t think there is a person out there that doesn’t know someone who has been touched by this awful affliction.

  6. Sue

    They say possums are good to eat…..JUST KIDDING!!! I would never to it.

    I read on my FB page that Nancy Zieman passed away. That made me very sad. She seemed like a wonderful person. Loved her TV shows and ordered many times from her catalog. I guess she sold the store, though, awhile back.
    RIP Nancy. You will be missed.

  7. Kate

    I raise chickens and we drove behind a big truck full of chickens one time and the feathers were flying and they were all scrunched in together. It just made me sad even though I do like to eat chicken. Why can’t the people who raise our food at least give the animals a good life before they kill them?
    So sad about Nancy. I use to watch her show quite often. And I just got an ad from her business yesterday.

  8. Launa

    Sad to lose our quilting friends like Nancy Zieman. She touched many of us thru the years.
    My dad raised chickens one year and managed to gift them from the freezer to friends . We never ate one!

  9. Pat Smith

    I had to give up eating beef and pork because I felt so sad seeing the stock trucks. I’m still eating chicken, but seeing your chickens makes me wonder why. I could easily be a vegetarian, but am married to a meat eater (sigh). So, chicken it will remain at our house.

  10. Ann Barlament

    Mary’s Opie Relocation Program. Do you also relocate Rocky and Stinky?? Just checked out if possums, raccoons and skunks hibernate? Nope! And they love to hang out underneath bird feeders!! Guess you are in business, whether you want to be or not!

    One of my cousins, from Iowa, rescues bee hives. He also rents out hives to local farmers and reaps the benefits of the honey in the fall. Not certain I could be a Bee Hive Harvester!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – interesting about the bee hives! I pray Hazel doesn’t find a skunk!

  11. Miriam

    Oh, Mary! It’s the story of our farm, too. We have three dogs that found us after owners had dropped them out in the country–“farmers always can use another dog.” I have a Jack Russell mix, a beagle/rat terrier mix, and a 50# of Heinz 57 variety. They love chasing and catching mammals and rodents that are not welcome on the farm. Skunks require midnight “skunk baths”. We have several live traps for relocations. I have cows and calves; and this year I’ve fed and raised four orphan or abandoned twin bottle calves. I used to have chickens. I do not eat any animal from my farm because I have personal relationships with each and every one of them, and most have names. That’s akin to cannibalism as far as I’m concerned. My husband doesn’t understand, but he goes along with it. When I worked and followed the cattle and pig trailers to where they turned off to the stock market, I’d be in tears by the time I arrived at the office. I just couldn’t eat meat for weeks after. I’m pretty close to vegetarian and will fix my husband meat while I eat veggies.
    I love your farm stories and Hazel–so much is exactly what I go through daily, too. My Jack Russell was also a handful (he has settled down and the two terriers are working through their differences), and I have a feeling I know why all of the adoptees were dumped, but I love them dearly and they are home with me.
    Such sad news about Nancy Zieman, but she’s no longer ill. I truly hope that there will be breakthroughs in cancer research for cures and eventually obliteration of the disease.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Miriam – I loved hearing about your farm life and dogs. I love my goats and chickens but the day will come when I can no longer handle the chores. It will be a sad day.

  12. Amy

    Today driving to work there was a long line of cars stopped in both directions on a road that is fairly busy but only two lane 35 mph. I couldn’t tell what was going on but it took quite awhile for it to get cleared up and traffic to get moving again. The first car going the opposite direction of me was a landscape crew and I saw the gentlemen get back in their truck right before the traffic got moving so I thought maybe they had some equipment fall off their trailer. When I finally got up to the area of the “commotion” there was a turtle about 10″ round in the grass crawling back towards the creek. It must have been in the road and they stopped to move it over to the grass. Not sure why it took so long other he was quite big and might have been a snapper. Not farm problems but we do have city animal issues also I thought you might get a kick out of! Nancy Zieman passing is very sad. The contributions one person can make to our passion, whether hobby or business, is truly incredible. RIP.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – it warms my heart to think traffic came to a standstill for a turtle!!!

  13. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…a few months back I read “Seams Unlikely” by Nancy Zieman. Her life story is very interesting. Nancy grew up on a dairy farm. She was very inspiring with her talent (s). My condolences along with many more. It is amazing how many lives she touched. Even not knowing her, we felt a connection. Always enjoy your farm stories!

  14. Vickie Devore

    Thank you for posting about Nancy Zieman; she will be very missed. And especially living on a farm, love your information about daily life (stories is wrong word). Sure sounds a lot like my life on a farm here in Indiana.

  15. Debbie Zimmerman

    We have had a very small possum on our front porch for about a week. If he sees us he runs, but comes back right after that. I am in Buffalo NY. Must be a problem everywhere.

  16. Julianna

    I’ll bet there’s not one person on your blog who HASN’T been touched by cancer – that’s just TOO MUCH! I pray we find a cure, and soon!

  17. Pam Wakeman

    So very sorry to hear about Nancy Zieman, I’d read a letter from her that was published on the Quilt Show web site about her retirement and health. I enjoyed her book a lot. I had the good fortune to hear her speak at an NET sponsored event. She said that she was often asked about the clothes she wore and what the pattern company and number were. When she said that her blouse was store-bought, often the inquirers were shocked. Nancy would reply: “Even Julia Child eats out once in awhile”. Such a talented and gracious woman.

  18. Colleen

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog post. Nancy will be missed, but I hope she will be remembered fondly for a very very long time.
    Eating the animals you raise that is hard. My grandparents raised rabbits and they were cute I knew we ate then so I’d ask my grandpa to please not have us eat a specific rabbit and he would say okay. There were always rabbits so I really had no clue that a certain rabbit was spared or not. Of course all the meat for dinner came from the freeze as is was a bit removed from the warm breathing live animal.
    They always raised a steer also but I was young and never put it together that the beef we ate was the steer that wasn’t there any longer. Chickens were in a pen and I was not allowed in the pin I know they must have sold eggs just too many chickens not to. I know we ate those chickens also. They bought the chicks and the mailman delivered them. Great memories.

  19. Paula S.

    I enjoy reading about all of your activities. We are in the country too and my husband traps possums and raccoons in humane traps and then takes them for a ride even further into the country where there are no farm houses. The raccoons are cute, but they eat up all the seed we put out for birds and wild turkeys we have here and they have torn up things out here. We’ve caught them on the trail cams! We have a terrier although he’s gone blind now so is no threat to any other animals. In his young days though, it was a different story.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula S. – country living has many challenges, doesn’t it? How old is your Terrier?

  20. Carol Shaw

    I look forward to your posts so much! I will look up Bee Haven. My daughter became a vegetarian at age 8 and a few years ago she became vegan. I confess to eating meat on occasion, though rarely, and dairy. But I also just wince when passing trucks filled with animals going to slaughter, it breaks my heart.

  21. Bea knight

    Hi I was a vegetarian for 14 years for this reason. I’ve seen in Georgia the trucks loaded with chickens and it breaks my heart. I wish I felt full with vegetarian food. I just feel better when I eat some animal protein…

  22. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, it must be the year of the possums, you certainly have had your share. I am always afraid Zena might find something small enough and go after it and get in trouble. She goes acter the deer and they kind of ignore her barking. Almost like they don’t see her, but when she gets close they do run away.

    Very sad news about Nancy, I didn’t watch her too often, but she knew her stuff. May she rest in peace.

  23. Cynthia Sabinske

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Have not gotten any new posts so wishing you a great Thanksgiving time.

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