You are going to love these quilts!

Connie has been busy – I wish these were my quilts!

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Remember when she went to Florida last winter and made both of these quilts? They are now quilted and bound.

Love these houses!

And I have never seen this one – it’s called Hopscotch by Fig Tree and can be found on her website for $9.50. I really like it, don’t you? Wonder if she used a layer cake or yardage.

Here’s Sweet Betty on the Tula Pink quilt from the cruise. I could never think of this color way – never!

Did you notice the machine quilting? I love that, too, and it was done by Calico Hutch in Hayward, MN.

We got snow today but yesterday it was sunny and so nice in the yard – wind out of the northwest so our grove blocked it. When I let the goats out into the house yard it makes me so happy to see them wandering around. They are so bored in the same old yard by the barn! I know they’re not cold when they’re exploring the yard. If they were cold they’d stay in the barn. In fact they ate all my decorative Christmas greenery! Ha! That’s how much fun they were having!

Same goes for the chickens who have discovered they can sneak out under the door or through the cat door.

This afternoon I took Ernie to the vet. No, he’s not sick – he’s just too fat to clean his backside. He will hate me for posting this picture but…..

Hahaha! If you can’t laugh about something like this, there’s something wrong!

Life is short – laugh when you can!

47 thoughts on “You are going to love these quilts!

  1. Kathy Hanson

    You are so right – you have to laugh every day about something and I agree, Ernie’s trip to the vet is worth a good laugh!! The quilts are so gorgeous, thanks for sharing them. Loved seeing “sweet Betty” again, she is really special – like Hazel! I would love to have a cat again, but then, I have 6 llamas so I guess that’s enough pets to take care of! lol

  2. Karen Gaither

    I bet no one will tell Ernie that you posted a picture of him getting a “hair cut”.

    I do love Connie’s quilts. I bought the book after you posted a picture of the Star Quilt. I am with Connie, I could not pull fabrics for the Tula Quilt. My brain had too many years of Reproduction Fabric. I am about to make two Jen Kingwell quilts with her fabric. That is out there for me. Will finish my second Gypsy Wife Quilt this weekend at retreat. Thanks again for showing me & Janine your book! When we were there last.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Karen Gaithersburg -I’m impressed! You made TWO Gypsy Wife quilts? So did Diane E.

  3. patti leal

    the quilts are fabulous. that is some intricate quilting on the tula pink one. the houses look like the pattern that carrie nelson of moda and rosie’s quilts came out with. which book has the star quilt in it? i don’t think i’ve seen that one before. seems strange to not see snow on your property. i’m sure it will be there soon enough. my dd bought a place in new hampshire and she said she got about a foot of snow last week. i’m glad she likes it but she grew up in florida and didn’t see significant snow til she moved to boston when she was 20 or so. it was cold enough today in florida for me. woke up to 44 this a.m and is already 44 again. but i digress and need to go to bed. patti in florida

    1. Janice

      Patti Leal, my dd bought a place in New Hampshire this year also! They got a lot of snow as well this past week. They decided to forego the woodstove and buy a snow blower instead! What part of NH is your daughter? Mine is in Freedom, near Ossippee Lake. Beautiful area. And I so love these quilts, Mary! The colors are amazing, really brighten up these gloomy days. I don’t think you need to worry about those goats being cold, they look pretty “fluffy”! Jan in Topsfield, MA where it is partly sunny today and around 40ish…

      1. patti leal

        janice, my dd bought a place in weare, nh. in the middle of no where (45 min. nw of manchester in the mountains -she’s a hiker). very small town. she got 3 acres. has always had noise issues that prevent her sleep. now neighbors not even close. she got her snow blower last week before the snow and managed to learn to use before the snow. she still works in downtown boston. 1.5 hours one way. thanks for asking. patti in florida

  4. Sharon

    Mary, your blogs always make me smile.l’m a city kid so am fascinated with farm life, but it looks like a Huge amount of work.
    Sharon L.

  5. Rita Mulvey in CT

    Beautiful quilts! The Tula Pink quilt makes you want to reach for your sunglasses.
    So nice that the goats could get out before winter settles in. We have had some windy weather so the chickens have been hiding inside. It seems that the wind is able to blow through the yard with less trees to block it. We lost a lot of trees in May when the tornado came through. I need to get a new tarp for their run before we start getting snow. I attached the one intended for the roof to the side to try to provide a wind break. I have the water heaters plugged in and the heated bird baths too. We are still leaf blowing, it’s been a real challenge this year with all the rain. I should be able to finish cutting back the peonies and hostas today and plant some daffodil bulbs. No rain in the forecast but we will probably get some anyway.
    The Christmas tree is in the house ahead of any snow. I will start decorating next week if I get the yard work done.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita Mulvey – living in North Iowa I find it hard to connect finishing yard work and Christmas decorating – ha!

  6. Gail

    Thanks for all the great pics – I love the quilts. The outdoor pictures remind me of the title of the book that introduced me to you: Life in the Country. Still my favourite quilting book.
    Gail in Toronto

  7. Sharlyn

    Oh, love the quilts, do you know where to find the pattern for the first one??
    Thanks for your emails, love them..

  8. Anita Fetzer

    Connies quilts are gorgeous….love the Tula Pink. Colors are not what I would pick but want 1 just like it. Happy quilt. I really would like to do Hopscotch. Wonderful pattern.
    I’m sure Ernie will thank you 😁 in the end.
    Cold ,trace of snow on the grass rain Sat. It’s winter.

  9. Mary R.

    Love all of Connie’s quilts and the puppy. I have one just like her (Maggie) and she loves our bed also.

  10. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, love all of Connie’s quilts. I ordered the houses quilt pattern. I liked it so I could use up my scraps. Thank you for the pictures of the quilts, goats and chickens. We are very cold here in Virginia this morning.I enjoyed all. Time to finish decorating before guests arrive tomorrow.
    Carolyn B

  11. Nancy Wingo

    My daughter inherited 3 goats on her property and is learning all about them. I told her you give them pumpkins and discarded Christmas trees to eat. Looks as if you throw the pumpkins on the grown and they get smashed instead of cutting them up.
    I understand they only have lower teeth? What else can you share about this? Love your blogs and photos!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy Wingo – goats are very social so I’m glad she has more than one. They also have a definite “pecking order”. The evergreen is actually a natural wormer and much easier to administer than medication. Not sure about the pumpkins – maybe they’re just delicious and boredom busters.

  12. Diana

    Would Connie be able to share what fabric line she used for the Hopstotch quilt? – I loved that color combination

    1. Connie Tesene

      Hi. It was a kit from Fig Tree Quilts. They might still have one. I think it was basically a layer cake and a light background. Connie

  13. Kathy in western NY

    I found the fig tree quilt to be so soothing and comforting. Her lines of fabric have always had that kind of affect on me as they are subtle. Thanks for showing us some gorgeous works and sweet Betty too. Hey I am glad thought to snap a pix of Ernie cause he is part of your entire day too. You go from one thing to the next. We got about 3” of white stuff yesterday in western NY and no where near what south of Buffalo got hit with (some 2 feet!). At least this year the snow plow business, ski businesses and winter resorts should have some income so happy for them. I don’t mind looking at the winter wonderland out my windows while I stay home and sew!

  14. MartyCae Klein

    Got a laugh out of the hair raising ( I mean hair shaving) experience! Poor Ernie.
    The quilts are fabulous.

  15. Diane Bauer

    Connie’s quilts are gorgeous!!! The stars one is my favorite, but if you’d look at my piles of quilts, you’d see stars are a theme for me!! I’m trying to stretch my color palette these days, so it’s fun to see her different color combinations.
    No snow here, though it’s in the forecast and the mountains are certainly getting plenty (Fort Collins is more on the plains than in the mountains so we generally don’t get dumped on like the news would have you believe).
    I layered and basted my little throw over the weekend. May quilt it this next weekend. I’m working on Becca Bags (Lazy Girls pattern) for Christmas gifts right now—fun way to use up some of my stash!!
    Love your animals!! I should have been a farm girl. I have a horse that’s boarded about 8 miles from my house. We had fun practicing driving skills yesterday. My two Goldens keep me company at home!

  16. Marilyn Holder

    The color in your quilt pictures is great! Of course, the quilts are beautiful, too. In middle Tennessee we have had no snow yet, just 20 degree cold nights and today will be 60; Saturday will bring rain and thunder storms. Love the chickens and goats.

  17. Martha Engstler

    Your quilt pictures inspire me so much–will have to wait till after Christmas. We had two Maine Coon cats that had the same problem as Ernie. We did manage the problem ourselves but they did stand still for it. Guess they knew we were helping them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – Ernie wont stand for it ad we can’t keep him from squirming all around so I can trim!

  18. Pat Williams

    As usual, such beautiful quilts. Really like the Fig Tree quilt. Our last cat had Ernie’s problem too and at first we took her to the vet. Then we got a trimmer and were able to manage it ourselves, like Martha. She was always cooperative and seemed to know we were helping her like Martha said. Sure made things a lot more pleasant for all! Enjoying warmer temps today and some sun. Thanks for all your “news”. Always fun to see what is going at your house. Pat in Ia City

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Williams – well, that’s the problem, Ernie is not at all cooperative!

  19. Dianne M from Colorado

    Connie is very creative. Did she make the pillowcases on her bed?
    Love your animal photos.

  20. Jody Irwin

    I love all the quilts , thank you for sharing . The houses are so cool makes me want to do some .
    Your critters make me smile to see what they do , I can not imagine your cold weather .
    We get down in the 40 “s with rain and I snivel . We have had 6 inches of rain so far this month , which is low for us .

  21. Ellie

    Thanks for sharing Connie’s beautiful quilts. Love seeing the pictures of all the animals, even Ernie getting a haircut!

  22. Tina W in Oregon

    Love all the quilts but the star quilt is my favorite. I’ve been slowly getting my Christmas decorating done and have hung my red and white buzzsaw quilt like yours. Just love it!
    It’s 48 degrees right now where I am in eastern Oregon but is supposed to be getting really cold wintry weather soon. I’m currently at the tire store having my winter tires put on before the rush! I really enjoy reading your blog and hit all the x’s I find in it.
    Tina in Oregon

  23. Tanya in Houston

    Oh, Connie, you genius woman! Gorgeous quilts and so prolific! The houses’ pattern is called VILLAGE (#RQC701) from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company. The pattern line is called Jumble: A Charm Pack Mash-up!
    I ordered the pattern online somewhere when equally genius Mary posted Connie’s photo of the top several months ago. I bought a plastic scrapbook organizer box with inserts, labelled the sections with the cut sizes for each piece, and started trimming up scraps from other projects to make the villages. The best of intentions, but slow, delicious go! Maybe my hobby really is collecting and cutting and not quilting! 🙂

    1. Sheila

      Thank you very much for the quilt info. I will try to find the pattern. Or perhaps my favorite quilt shop can order it. 🙂 I LOVE the quilt!

  24. Donna Sproston

    Love the quilts! We have ten inches of snow in west central Illinois and our county basically shut down Sunday and Monday with many travelers stranded. Now we are getting a light freezing rain.

    Oh, how I love seeing the shaving! Our Persian had issues and one summer she was shorn except for her mane. The other cat did a double take when they passed each other. When she sat down out in the yard, she immediately popped back up!

  25. Gayle

    I must have missed the blog that listed the book the star quilt came from. Would you share it again? Thank you.

  26. Pat Smith

    I just love that house quilt! I went in my sewing room and looked through all the quilting books of yours I have and found a pattern for the houses. That will be my project come Jan. In looking through your quilting books I ran across that quilt of Connie’s called Connie’s Leftovers. I love that it is a bunch of homey little squares joined together in any way possible. I keep buying Kaffe Fassett books, but somehow can’t make myself try one. It’s been cold in central FL where I am but nothing like VT where I’m going next week. The ski area already has opened in Stowe for the year with 4 ft. of snow, some of it man made. I still love a winter Christmas but don’t enjoy all 7 months of it!

  27. Diane in Central Ohio

    Poor Ernie Joe! He is beautiful. The quilts are all gorgeous. I misread one of the ads today. It said Find a stud so I thought it meant a man!! Too funny. I did click on Etsy and found some neat things to order:)
    Thanks for doing your blog, Mary. Warmer today in Central Ohio and tomorrow might be 58, but 100% rain. Of course, we have the whole family coming in to celebrate a birthday and go get our trees!!

  28. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I just love the movement on that first quilt. I think that is my favorite! Then I like the neon colored one, that must be the Tula Pink. However, all of them are very pretty. My congrsts to Connie. These days I am being brave and I am making some paper pieced little blocks: 4 x 5 inches. I will send you pictures, they are so slow to make, but the results are worth the effort.

    Love seeing your goats and chickens out, we are hearing that tomorrow we will get some seriouus snow. We’ll see. Say hi to your kitty, Ernie, poor guy!

  29. Freda from Alabama

    Subjects: Ernie & Cat Clipping, My Fluffy, Love Blog, YELLOW Cardinals…

    Ernie will not care about his PIC; because, you did not show his face or privates! He will just say that was my Miss Fluffy or some other Yellow Norwegian Forrest Cat! I have to clip my Fluffy’s Bloomers.
    They are so very pretty but sometime they get “you know what” on them. Now, I know Cat Clipping is a two person job and that Fluffy needs to be standing. I use little School Scissors so that I don’t poke her. Come to think of it… any “procedure” on/with a CAT is ‘at least’ a Two Person Job !
    Love your Blog!!! It is the only one I follow! I looove your stories, trips, your friends, all the animals, chores, Plants, decorating, recipes, QUILTS, Quilt INFO & all the Pictures!!! Just everything!
    Have you heard about the YELLOW Cardinals seen in Montgomery, AL. I looked them up on “bing” last year and saw several Pictures. Yes, they are some Yellow Cardinals here in Alabama!!!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! (for you, your friends & family and all that follow your Blog!) Freda

  30. Marian Stever

    Lovely quilts! Could you tell me which book has the houses pattern! I love it, a stash buster for sure. Fun to see the goats enjoying themselves BEFORE the big storm. Sounds like rain, ice, and snow here in southern Minnesota. My cat, Phoebe, sympathizes with Ernie Joe! It’s a problem! Ha! A diet has been recommended. A good wintry weekend for some sewing/knitting/crocheting! Thanks for your stories, Mary. Always makes my day! Happy is the only way to be, friends.

  31. Janie B Lang

    Quilts are absolutely gorgeous! Love all the animal pics, including poochie getting bum cleaned…lol. Happy Holidays everyone!

  32. Colleen

    Thanks for blogging I enjoy the things you post. The goats look so happy and that cat will be so happy to have a cleaner bottom. So nice you have the neighbor boy Reed to share the chores always lightens the load to have a happy companion to work with.
    Oh and Connies quilts so so lovely and what quilting yummy loving the patterns.

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