A Country’s Call Drawing

It’s time for a book giveaway! This “Little Handfulls of Scraps” is one of our duplicate purchases and it’s a really great book.
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Here’s how you could win – if you own a copy of A Country’s Call you’re eligible! Just tell me which quilt is your favorite. Even Becky was interested in choosing her favorite! I’ll tell you which one it is at the end of this giveaway. Since my WordPress account was updated, I now have your email address beside your comment making it easy to let you know you’re the winner.
We are still sending books out but we’re waiting for another case to arrive.
Here’s a great #7.

And don’t I wish this quilt was mine! It’s a Jen Kingwell pattern and I can’t remember the title right now but I saw it on Facebook or somewhere. I just love it and I’m thinking I could be talked into trying a small version. Connie’s working on a really fun Tula Pink Quilt – she wanted a challenge – and she got one.

Thanks for all the cards! Rick gets the mail and plops down a whole pile of them every night! Rick was a busy little housewife today – he did all the laundry, made chili, drove to town twice (once for my PT), did chores morning and night. At night chores Hazel found a possum behind a door and a Rick had to do away with it there and then. I have to count the chicks – I hope they’re all survivors. Whew, that was close!
I jot down short notes when I think of something to write about or ask you about and I’m falling behind on my list. PT drains me and I have to nap afterwards. She told me today that I could start transitioning to my cane which I used for nearly 6 months before surgery and that cane will give me lots more freedom than my walker. I still need my pain pills or I could start driving. It will be soon, very soon.

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  1. Debbie B

    So glad you are doing well. Keep up the good work. It’s tough to pick a favorite from your new book. I love the whole package. But I guess I’ll pick Courage and Valor. I’m on retreat with some ladies in Cosby, TN at the foothills of the Smokey mountains. Beautiful area! Thanks for all you do. Take care.

  2. Cindy Karas

    Well, I didn’t read all of the text before leaving a comment, I don’t have a clear favorite, but the top favorites are soldiers all around, daughters of the regiment. and the cover quilt. Cindy in Wi.

  3. Cindy Karas

    Mary, I have wanted this book for quite some time! I feel like I am not alone! So happy for who wins it. Cindy K., from wi

  4. Suzanne Vulcan

    I absolutely love this book, with so many quilts I want to make. COURAGE and VALOR is my Favorite and the first quilt I plan to make. My plan is to hang it above our stairway, in a display of honor.
    Thanks so much!
    My husband at 59 had both knees replaced at one time, the first week in January a few years back. He was back to driving school bus by February and drove from Minnesota to Arizona for our son’s wedding President’s day weekend. Keep up the therapy, each day is a small improvement!

  5. Rebecca L Williams

    My favorite is Well Remembered. That’s the first one I will make. It’s hard to choose.

  6. Sandra Mann

    My favorite from the book is Antebellum. I love the red. Even though the books says it’s somber in color, I found it cheerful!

  7. Marian Stever

    Duty and Honor is my fave! I love a two-color quilt. But, all the others in the book are fabulous!
    AND, your Rick is a Saint; definitely a keeper! Thanks to him for keeping the farm running!
    Keep healing, Mary; baby steps are fine.

  8. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I enjoyed our phone visit last night. It is good to know that you are feeling better. Did Hazel get her bath? Our dogs like to take a bath. I am glad to hear that Rich is such a good nurse/housekeeper/cook. I too had a good helper after my surgery and I didn’t go to church for five weeks! Glad to know that you will be using the cane, don’t over do it, though.

    I would love to win the book, thank you for the chance, I love the number seven project you are showing today. Hugs.

  9. Sue in Oregon

    So many great quilts, but for now and probably the first one I will make from A Country’s Call will be Noble Cause. I love it.
    The number 7 is stunning. Love those colors. Who made it. I can’t read the sign.
    Connie does have a challenge, but it will be another stunner.

  10. Polly Perkins

    Daughters of the Regiment is my favorite quilt in the book… although I like Duty and Honor and Crazy Like a Fox (was this originally the Vermont quilt ? which I finished 2 blocks at a camp and need to get back to finishing it…. perhaps it will be on my next year’s UFO list.

    Good to hear recovery is progressing. Life after all this will be so much better. I know that I feel so much better after my neck surgery.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Polly, this was the Vermont quilt and you could add it to your Dirty Dozen list. Maybe combine two smaller projects for one number and then give your Vermont project the extra number – that way you’ll for guilted into working on it – haha!

  11. Jana Biermaier

    I am an owner of your new book but can’t look at it until after my husband gives it to me for Christmas so can’t pick a favorite quilt…hope your feeling better Mary…what a “pain”! Last year at this time I was in a cast on my hand as a cut a tendon in my pinky carving a pumpkin and had to have surgery…no fun! Get well soon and thanks again for the personalized books for my sister and I..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I was tickled to see your order – and you can’t sneak a peak till Christmas? Wow! That’s what I call discipline – too bad I don’t have any. Yes, this is a real inconvenience and I talked to my dr’s nurse who said I HAD to wear the compression stockings for 4 weeks! They give my leg such pains and charliehorses but she would not give an inch!

  12. Maureen M

    I love the simplicity of Daughters of the Regiment, as well as the soft colors that are used. Hope you are getting stronger everyday Mary, take care,

  13. Brenda Archambault

    It sounds like your recovery and healing are right on track. Wonderful! As to driving, it’s a feeling of release after being so dependent on Rick for awhile, a time to celebrate, but be careful easing back into the routine of cooking, cleaning, animal care and quilting. Actually, that list should be reversed. Now, I’ll have to dig in the freezer to look for the lamb chops that my husband insists don’t exist. I told him exactly where to look, and bet I’ll find them with my eyes closed, first try. Ahhhh, MEN. Can’t live them, can’t live without them, and they mean so well! Now, off to the freezer, then to the sewing room.

      1. Brenda Archambault

        Mary, YES, I did find the lamb chops and had them for dinner last night. They were on the left side, not the right. And, I did get to my sewing room and made progress there while the chops were thawing!

  14. Julie D.

    My favorite quilt in “A Country’s Call” is Pieces of Lives! Love the bright colors that are set off by the black. It is just a striking quilt! I love so many of the quilts it is really hard to choose! So glad you are seeing progress everyday Mary! You’ll be chasing chickens in no time!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie – that quilt sorta scares me – the layout looks hard. Obviously Connie made that quilt.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Morning Mary, I have been cleaning and sorting out priorities in my sewing room for a few days and I don’t know how I have so many scraps in so many containers. I need to just make time to sew them into projects ! I do have my #7 back from the machine quilter so need to get you a pix of that and also send you an email on a cat rescue story I had yesterday. Only you appreciate how it all weighs on your mind. My favorite from your bestest book ever is Courage and Valor. I don’t cut up scraps smaller than 2” anymore due to fingers not working as well so this is just my size to use up scraps.

  16. Marsha from Kansas

    So so hard to choose just one!! Forever Free is a close second, but the symmetry and stars has Antebellum inching into first place. So glad to see you progressing on your road to recovery!! I have a couple of Edyta Sitar books and one is on my Dirty Dozen list. This book is not one that I own. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!!

  17. Janet M.

    I love many of the patterns in “A country’s Call”. My first choice right now is Forever Free. I plan to make it
    for my grand daughter who is being deployed to the Middle East in December with the Minnesota National Guard. She is a quilter ( and has probably made more quilts than I have!!) but I am still drawn to making this for her.
    I love flags and stars so this is the book for me.!!!
    Best wishes on your fast recovery. You are doing great. Yes, that ability to drive again is an important goal for us independent women!!

  18. Gloria from CC

    I love all the quilts in A Country’s Call but the one I will make first is Courage and Valor. Does Martingale give out awards for their best selling quilt books? If they do, this book will surely win!
    Gaylen called last night and told me I had received a card from you. Thank you Mary! He’ll bring it with him to WI this weekend. Sunday was tough driving to WI without my little boy laying in the seat beside me. And of course when I got here his blankets, food and dishes were still out. Meltdown! But I’ll be okay now.
    So glad you’re doing so much better! Tell Rick to keep up the good work!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria- I sent you a Rainbow Bridge card because I know how hard this trip to WI was going to be. I love that YOU signed my get well card from “Angel Pooh”! He really was and is an angel and I know how much you’re missing him!

  19. Linda in So Cal

    Rest… Lots of rest is good for you! Hazel will love you even more…quality time with Mom. Love all the quilts in A Country’s Call. If I need to choose one it would be Soldiers All Around. The pattern is elegant. Love your colors. No doubt Rick will be glad when you are back on your feet. You are very lucky to have a husband that will pitch in when needed. We’re all cheering you on….

  20. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi Mary, soooo glad you are seeing some improvement. PT is hard work, but oh so worth all the effort.
    My favorite quilt is Daughters of the Regiment, however all the Quilts are yummy. I am Lining up the fabrics to use in my head..hope I can remember the lineup when it is time to start working on them. Take care and keep Rick and Hazel on their toes to watch for varmits.

  21. Caryn Goulden

    Daughters of the Regiment is my first pick if I have to pick just one. So many quilts in this book are “calling” me. Glad to hear you are making progress. Rest when you feel you need to—don’t push too hard.

  22. Lynn Handberg

    I love all the quilts. However, I believe Whistling Dixie has really caught my eye. So that is my favorite.
    It sounds like your recovery is going well and I wish you continued healing!

  23. Tammy from Neillsville, WI

    My favorite is Memorable Times but Pieces of Lives is a close second! So many times I buy a book because I really like one or two quilts but this book has lots of really nice quilts in it! Glad to hear you are progressing well, every day will get better.

  24. Nancy S.

    Daughters of the Regiment is my very favorite. I know it is because of the quiet, tranquil coloring! Good to see you back among us with your blog. Love my signed book.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Glad you like your signed book – we thank you for purchasing it from us!

  25. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Glad you are doing well; I had both knees done and it sounds like you are right on target for the healing process. Yes, after PT, it is best to take a nap. It seemed so silly to go to PT at 9:30 am and take a nap at 10:30 until noon or so. But, that is what I did!! It is a challenge, but keep up your good work. You won’t regret it.
    Trying to choose a favorite quilt is like trying to choose which child you like best. I like “Duty and Honor” and I’m not sure why–it just speaks to me.
    We are expecting snow Tues. afternoon into Wed. morning. Just too early for all of that.

  26. Donna Sproston

    What a tough decision! Well Remembered might be first because I love the scrappy look of 16 tiny triangles in those small blocks. Noble Call is calling me too. I love the geometry of that one and like paper piecing on the diagonal.

    Once again you gals are an inspiration.

    Happy to hear you have progressed to your cane.

  27. Vicki in Seattle

    My favorite is “COURAGE AND VALOR” but all of them
    are outstanding! Thanks to you and Connie for
    sharing your talents!💙🐈💙

    I just made 2 “FIRST LESSONS” quilt tops
    with brighter colors for children. It is a great
    pattern to use up scraps.
    So glad your days are brighter and that you are
    having less pain!

  28. Jan Reliford

    Oh Mary, you and Connie have outdone yourselves with this beautiful A Country’s Call book. I absolutely LOVE EVERY SINGLE QUILT !!! And the stories…when I read them I step back in time. It’s so hard to pick a favorite so I have closed my eyes and flipped through the book and stopped on Courage and Valor. Maybe Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell being from England had something to draw me to the page seeing my relatives were from England! One never knows!!!
    Thank you for all the wonderful quilts over the years…my home is filled with Country Threads quilts. Stay on the mend and sending a big hug. Jan

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thanks so much, Jan! I put a note in your most recent order – please watch for it because I had a question about your order.

  29. Carol Garner

    Mary, sweet Mary, sounds like you are making progress, I’m sure it is hard to just sit, you are one busy gal, all the time. I am enjoying reading your new book, “A County’s Call“. It is very interesting and really hard to pick a favorite. I particularly like “Daughters of the Regiment”. It is different from many of the quilts made during that time period. I would love to win the book, would be a nice addition to my library. Take care, you will soon be running in circles, taking care of all your animals.

  30. Susan the Farm Quilter

    How to pick a favorite???!!! Difficult task, but I think Soldiers All Around or Forever Free.

  31. Diane Bauer

    Oh, my. Choosing a favorite is HARD!!!! Do I choose the quilt I like the best or the one I am most likely to make myself????? I LOVE the cover quilt, Courage and Valor. I love the stars, the flying geese, the overall pattern. I am very drawn to Forever Free. My son is an Army Captain so I am drawn to flags as a result. This is one of the quilts high on my list of those I may make. I also love Daughters of the Regiment–it’s a quiet quilt, calm in colors and overall impression. I love it but am not certain I have the necessary fabrics to make one. I also love Duty and Honor. The Cadet Code from West Point is Duty, Honor, Country. Doesn’t hurt that I love the Bear Paw block. So many quilts, so little time!!

  32. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Sounds like your knee is doing well, keep up the good work. And thanks to Rick for his help. The #7 project is a great picture with the trees & shrubs of almost the same colors. My favorite quilt from your book if I have to pick is Duty and Honor.

  33. Judy J

    I am enjoying the new book. Daughters of the Regiment is my favorite, but I can see myself making several of them. I hope you continue to progress well.

  34. Carrolyn v

    My favorite is Jen Kingwell. I’m actually trying to make it. It is called Glitter!

  35. Jo in Wyoming

    My favorite, so far, is Daughters of the Regiment.
    I’m rereading the introduction of both new books since I met Tanya.
    What a joy.
    You took great care of Rick after his reconstruction, now it’s your turn. I’m glad he is cooking.
    The #7 photograph with the same colors in the trees is just beautiful.

  36. Nancy TD

    Househusband worked very hard. Great to have someone so thoughtful. Glad to hear you are on the mend.
    Courage and Valor is my favorite. I knew I would make it and buy the book when you showed the book cover.
    Connie’s quilt is a wow! The #7 is perfect in it’s surroundings. It just is perfect fall colors.

  37. Gayle Shumaker

    It’s a toss up between Well Remembered and the cover quilt which I forgot the name of between my sewing room and the living room. Lol of course from point to point included a side trip to the bedroom for nail clippers for a broken fingernail. Seriously A Country’s Call is one of the few books I’ve seen that I want to make most of the quilts in the book.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you, Gayle! I choose books the same way – I can’t justify buying the book if there’s only one quilt I like well enough to make.

  38. Marilyn

    The quilts are all wonderful,but to have my first choice it would be “Pieces of Lives”.
    I love the color combination and pattern.
    So glad the knee is better each day and you will be able to drive very soon.
    THE quilts in the blog are lovely

  39. ada

    The Jen Kingwell is “Glitter” from her book Quilt Lovely. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery.

  40. Karen Boswell

    Don’t rush it, Mary — even this inability to get around like you used to is a Gift from God. He’s making you take a break and so just relish it! Soon you will be back on the fast track and wondering how to keep up with it all!

  41. Bonnie Glidden

    Happy to hear you’re moving ahead. You go girl. I love my new quilt book. My favorite would be Forever Free. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

    1. Mary

      Sorry to disagree, but the Jen Kingwell quilt is called Glitter. I’m working on it now, my first hand pieced quilt. But, lol, not sure how big it will be!

  42. Ellie

    So happy you seem to be getting along so well! You will be off medication soon enough. Rick is a treasure to take such good care of you and the animals.

  43. Donna O

    Mary my favorite quilt from the new book is “Daughters of The Regiment. I am loving looking thru your snd Connie’s new book. I also love the special “words to my Henry”.
    I hope each day brings you less pain and PT doesn’t wear you out so much. It sounds like you’re doing everything that’s required. From others that have had knee replacement they feel so much better. Based on your pain prior to surgery I’m guessing you’ll feel so much better soon 🤞

  44. Diane and Squeak

    The first one that caught my eye was Duty and Honor because I love red and white quilts and our daughter’s nickname is T. I like many others, too.
    It’s great to hear about your progress. Good job, Mary. Those naps after PT are essential! It sounds like Hazel is sticking close to you. Rick sounds like a super helper, too. Lots of ads😃

  45. Christi

    Glad you are doing better. I would say Forever Free would be my favorite but I like a bunch of them.

  46. Diana R, Schumacher

    My favorite from your new book Country’s Call ( which I am the proud owner of a autographed copy) is on page 53 called Memorable Times. Looks like the perfect pattern to highlight some of my favorite fabrics – but I have so many prints that I love -. may take me a little pondering to try and come up with my favorites I want to use.

  47. Margie from Ohio

    Daughter’s of the regiment i just love. Usually I work with darks so will have to start collecting light coors. Glad to hear you are getting better every day! My 96 year old mother in law fell beginning of August breaking right leg and left arm, she is still in the rehab unit at a nursing home, hopefully will be given permission this week to become full weight bearing.

  48. laurie a

    I am impressed with how quickly you are recovering from the surgery. I have been postponing the replacement surgery for many years. I had so much trouble after the arthroscopic surgery that I didn’t want anything to do with another operation.
    Is there a way to enter the contest if I haven’t ordered my copy of the book yet? I planned to order it as a birthday treat to myself this month. 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No, I’m sorry. If you don’t have the book in hand you won’t be eligible to win.

  49. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Crazy Like a Fox… my grandpa used to call me his Foxy Lady when I was a little girl, my dad had a pet fox when he was young… foxes are quite the motif in fabric right now… I don’t know, all these things foxy make me remember so much love.

  50. Cheryl in St. Paul

    What a joy to hear an encouraging update on your recuperation. God bless you and Rick!

  51. Susan Dangelser

    Oh so many. Hmm I would say Forever Free. Love it.
    Hope the recuperation is going well.
    Stay warm

  52. Kathy Hanson

    It isn’t easy to decide which quilt is my favorite but Courage and Valor has to be my very favorite!!
    Sounds like you are recuperating nicely. It always takes longer that we would like but sound like you are right on track. Keep up the good work, Mary!

  53. Nikki M in Tx

    Not fair to have to pick just one quilt from A Country’s Call as I like every quilt in the book (which is a rarity).
    However I will pick Forever Free as I am a sucker for patriotic quilts, they pull at my heart strings.

  54. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: Did they finally let you have something stronger than Tylenol? It sounds as if you are coming along nicely and on schedule with your recuperation. Sorry to hear about the possum behind the door. How scary for everyone. Rick sounds like an angel to be such a good helper while you are down. Keep on healing and soon you will be “tap dancing” all over the place!

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