I Can’t Fall Behind!

I receive several Dirty Dozen pictures every day and if I don’t post them right away, I kind of forget where I am in my media library which needs to be resized, uploaded, put into the library and positioned right sides up. It’s a lot of maneuvering so I don’t want to get behind.
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The last two photos are Connie’s #5’s made from a jelly roll. Do you remember when we made those 16 patch quilts with a jelly roll? After pairing up two strips, that unit will make 2 – 16 patch blocks. Maybe we should revisit that quilt. Anybody wanting to make that again? With a jellyroll?
I’ll be emailing the winner of the book tonite and if you didn’t win that one, how about this one? Red and White Quilts – another duplicate purchase. In fact this one has my sticker in it.
You can enter this drawing by telling me if you’ve ever made a red and white quilt. Every home, no matter the decor, can display a red and white quilt at Christmas time. And should! If your name is picked as a winner, I’ll be sending you an email to ask for your mailing address.
And did you recognize this quilt named First Lessons from our book A Country’s Call in the quilts shown above? Vickie R. helped her granddaughters sew strips to make a quilt. I think it’s a great idea!

A new case of books arrived today so we can start shipping again. If you are thinking of ordering an autographed book, you might want to do it now because we aren’t likely to order another case since the book is now available in your local quilt shop. Just FYI.
I’m walking with just my cane and sometimes without anything. I think I’m done taking the pain pills on an overlapping basis. I can’t believe how well I can walk! I haven’t walked this straight for several years! Ha! I love it!

218 thoughts on “I Can’t Fall Behind!

  1. Christina

    So glad you’re walking ! Red is my favorite color and I have made several red and white quilts. I also have fabric for about 5 more !

    1. Cathy Haney

      No red and white quilt unless my embroidered penny square quilt could be considered one…but I’m all ready for another one, have my fabric and everything!!
      Glad you’re doing better, Mary!

    2. kathy wilkie

      Mary I am so happy for you, I know that you have gone through heck with your leg and the pain. God is taking good care of you. All the quilts are wonderful and I love the photos of your farm. I have been there a long time ago when it was a quilt shop. There was a group of us going to visit Lynette Jensen before both of you retired. We had such a good time!
      Thank you again.

  2. Sandy Allen

    I love red and white quilts but have not made one – yet! 😉

    Glad to hear you are walking so well!

    1. Lori Murphy

      I’ve made 2 red and white quilts. I love putting the queen size one on my bed in December. I leave in on through February.

  3. Diane and Squeak

    Great to hear how well you are walking! Yes, I made a red and white quilt about 6 or 7 years ago. I love it. Those are some neat # 7’s😃. It is getting colder here in Central Ohio.

    1. Karla T

      I’ve wanted a red white quilt for ages and finally made one 2 yrs ago as a quilt along on a blog like yours. So glad you are improving so well!

  4. Meri in SoVA

    I made a lap sized red and white quilt but I want to make a blue and white one now!
    I’m so glad you’re moving around well now! I had a total knee replacement October 2017 and I am amazed how much it improved my life afterwards!

  5. Eleanor from RI

    So happy for you and that you are doing so well. My husband will be having knee surgery 12/4 and I am so hoping that he does as well as you, Mary.

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt but I did make a red and beige quilt and received a 3rd place ribbon.
    Someday, red and white quilt and then a blue and white quilt.

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt but I’ve been Thinking about ordering the Bunny Hill Redwork fabric, which would be perfect. Right now I’m working on a blue and white, but it’s two Pam Buda fabrics, a dark blue with a tiny yellow blossom, and a cream fabric with a darker cream geometric. So it does not read as crisp as a true blue and white quilt. But I love it.

  7. Nancy Broers

    I have made a couple red and white quilts. I gave one to my friend in OK who lost all her Christmas things in a tornado a few years ago.

  8. Cathy McCool

    Yes, I made a red and white quilt with red work antique embroidered squares,I loved it . I donated it for a fundraiser at our church. It was a hit! Glad to hear you are feeling so much bettet!

  9. Terri S.

    I started a sampler red and white quilt just after Christmas last year. Now that you brought it up I better pick it up and get going so it s ready for this Christmas!

  10. Marilyn

    Glad to hear you are doing well.. Step by step. I did recognize the two quilts as being in the book.
    Thank you for keeping up to date.

  11. SW Iowa Jan

    Congrats on the healing…and liberation! It is exhilarating, isn’t it?!! I would LOVE to have the red& white quilt book. I have made one, a Triple Irish Chain for a wedding present to my daughter & son-in-law. I need to make myself one now! Thank you for your wonderful inspiration!

  12. Linda

    So glad you’re doing so good.
    I just ordered a jelly roll, so would like to do the 2 quilts.
    Love reading your post.
    Quilty hugs,

  13. Jeanine W

    Yes, I just made a red and white lap quilt this year. I don’t know why it took me so long to make one because red is my favorite color. I have mine on a chair in the living room all the time. So happy to hear that you are walking without a cane, and doing so well. I’m wondering how those 15 babies are doing by themselves. One of my hens hatched two eggs the end of August, and she still watches over them, but I’m sure 15 would be a big responsibility. My two are almost as big as their mother now. Love all the # 7’s and always enjoy reading your blog.

  14. Sunflower from Michigan

    I’d love to try making a red and white quilt! I am so pleased your recovery is continuing and you are doing well! Keep up the good work on your rehab. I’m in northern Michigan for a few days and today we got a few inches of snow. None at home yet, thank goodness!

  15. Judy

    I have yet to made a red and white quilt. Although I do have red and neutral squares sewn together in four patches as the start of a quilt. They sure look nice in the box! I have plans to make a quilt similar to the First Lessons pattern with the end I have left over when cutting strips. I have been sewing the ends together for a while. One of these days….

  16. Jesse

    I’m so happy to hear that your healing well! It’s a long road but every step forward is great:) I’ve had three knee surgeries, I can empathize. My very first completed quilt is still one of my favorites and was a red and white large patchwork, very simple, 14 different fabrics alternating through the 100″ x 100″quilt. Red is my favorite color too, so I end up with more Reds in my stash than other colors. Healing vibes! Thanks for the great blog!!

    1. Lisa Boles

      I love red and white quilts but haven’t made one. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  17. Lynn Lahr

    I have not made a red and white quilt. On my bucket list I guess. I always have so many quilts in the works. Maybe this winter will be time to start one.

    So glad your recovery is going so well.

  18. Brenda C

    I made Gay Boomers red and white quilt. Can’t remember the name but it was 100 blocks and took a year to piece. I love it

  19. Maureen Fry

    No, I haven’t made a red and white quilt yet. But it is on my list. Glad you are getting around better.

  20. patti leal

    i saw the ‘first lesson’ and thought that is what i can do with some of my scraps. i do like her fabrics as alternates. of course i love the alternate you ladies used in your ‘first lesson.’ i’d be up for a jelly roll 16 patch. i had bought a packet of brown/tan strips to equal jelly roll from a store in texas the last time i was home. have paired some strips but not sewn anything. isn’t it great to be walking so well again?! patti in florida

  21. Suzanne Golden

    Glad you are doing so much better. I have made a couple of red and white quilts. Plan on making one like I saw in the red and white quilt exhibition.

  22. Donna Ondler

    Mary it’s ironic you mention a red & white quilt. I started one long are, a nine patch, and lost it in my crowded sewing room. I recently ran across it and took it with me on Friday when I went on a mini retreat for 3 nights. So I sewed and sewed on it. I have no pattern, just sewing patches of red and white. I made several blocks but got bored so went onto other projects.
    It’s not great fabric but if I never finish it won’t be a big waste of money.
    Anyway, maybe if I win I can find a pattern to use my blocks in. I need to go find my #4 ufo to see what I have to look forward to.
    I’m happy you’re feeling better and getting around. You had lots of friends cheering for you. Keep up the good work.
    Donna O

  23. Jane from Blaine, MN

    So glad to hear your recovery is coming along and the pain is decreasing. Yay!! I agree that we should all have a red and white quilt in our home. Unfortunately, our home is still lacking one but hope springs eternal!

    I would also enjoy making a jelly roll 16-patch quilt! Thank you for posting more “photo finishes.”

  24. Barb K

    I have not made an only red and white quilt, but I would like to–they are beautiful!! Hoping to win a book some time. Glad you are progressing with your walking!!

  25. debby

    I have two quilt tops in the final stages that are red and white, and have plans for another one. So glad you’re recovering quickly.

  26. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary! I am glad you are doing so well – and especially glad that you are feeling much better! All in less than 2 weeks!! We had a great time at Ironwood last weekend. It is so much fun to get together with others and spend a few days sewing. And yes – I have made a red and white quilt, the red and white snowball quilt that you either did a demo or quilt along….it’s a favorite!

  27. Sandy O

    Have not made a Red and White quilt. it is on my to do list. Would love to have the book. Great to hear you are able to walk with your cane now. Amazing how fast you were able to do this. Thanks for doing this

  28. Terri

    Yes I have serval red and white quilts. They are addictive. You make one and then you see another. Lol. The great pleasure of being quilter. Glad you feeling better.

  29. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Glad you are doing so well! I have never made a red and white quilt but it’s definitely on my bucket list! Also blue and white one.

  30. Jessica in Florida

    So very happy to hear how well you are walking! Isn’t it amazing? My husband said he wants to kick himself for waiting so long to get his done.

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt, but I did make a red and white hockey themed wall hanging of my husband’s favorite team (Montreal Canadiens). My seams were crooked, the ruler apparently shifted as I was cutting the border so one end is the correct width and the other is not and the binding gave me fits — and yet, my husband smiled ear to ear when he saw it and hung it immediately. We just say the errors add character! HA

  31. Carla J

    Red and white, yes, makes a great quilt. Mine is a small table topper for the holidays.
    Connie, glad to hear you are doing so well. It is a wonderful feeling to walk straight. Since having knees done a few years ago I know what you mean.
    Love all the quilts everyone is able to share.

  32. Penny C Maryland

    I have red in a lot of my quilts, but have not made a red and white yet! I knew you would be glad you had the surgery.

  33. Debbie G

    Yes, I have a red and cream quilt. It was a mystery I did with my local guild. I think I should maybe make a new one!!! And I would love to do the jelly roll piece like Connie’s. I have jelly rolls that don’t have a home! Happy to hear you are getting around with a bit more ease! Pretty soon you will be dancing your way to the barn!!!

  34. Jan davis

    I have a very small red and white quilt that I made, and a wonderful red and white antique quilt. I enjoy displaying both of them over the holidays.

  35. Vickie Lemonds

    I have not made a red and white quilt, although the thought passes through my consciousness often that I should. I have an ongoing list, similar to Santa’s wish list, so I will add it to the bottom. I am familiar with the book and have sister friends who use it often in classes that they teach. It is a lovely book filled w many beautiful quilts.

    1. Peggy S

      I made a red ‘n white quilt for my grandaughter several years ago. She is 27 now & still uses it,
      Glad you are up & about already! Hang in there girl!!

  36. R

    Yes, I have made several red and white quilts . Red is my favorite color . I would love to win that book.

    Take care and I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  37. Linda in So Cal

    I have never made a red & white quilt…maybe now is the time to start! The 16 patch quilt made from jelly roll is outstanding. Go Connie…. it would be great if you repeat the directions in an upcoming blog. How’s the Tribe? Congrats…you have graduated to a cane. Be careful.

  38. laurie a

    I love red & white quilts! As a child I slept under a red and white quilt with embroidered blocks, I loved that quilt. Red is my favorite color to this day. I found the quilt when cleaning out my parent’s home and it is such a sad mess. I think it must have been used by the dogs. It is filthy dirty and falling apart. I breaks my heart. I think I need to make a new one.

  39. Danna Saeugling

    I have a red and white quilt that is very special to me. My mom embroidered the red work on the blocks. It is one of my favorites.

    Love the blog and the new book!! Looks like so many fun projects.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. I sometimes think we don’t give ourselves enough credit to just letting our bodies heal. We are too impatient. Have a great day.

  40. Becki

    I made a red and white quilt by bunny hill. I agree everyone should have a red and white quilt .

  41. Teresa

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I bought fabric a few years ago to make a red and white quilt from Lisa Bo gean’s Blog, and never followed through. 🙁

    Good to hear you’re becoming more mobile, Mary. Be sure you’re not over doing it!

    1. Teresa

      P.S. I’d like to do the nine-patch quilt using jelly rolls. I have a small collection of them and really need to use them up.

  42. Kathy Hanson

    I am so happy to hear how well you are walking – and without the pain meds too! Congratulations! The result must be worth what you went through after all. Not to make light of all you had to go through to get where you are now but fantastic!
    I made the red and white table runner in the last few months and gave it to one of our granddaughters for her kitchen. She is loving it. Loved seeing the pictures, recognize the one from your new book. I keep looking at the book and thinking of the several I want to make from it! Working on #4

  43. Janet D

    I have made one red and white quilt that I gifted my friend for her birthday, I would love to make more red and white quilts. Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better.

  44. Kim J LeMere

    So glad you are doing better, time can be a great healer. I have a large collection of red and white fabrics but I have not cut into them as of yet. I think I just enjoy looking at them, lol

  45. Pamela in Missouri

    I made a red work quilt several years ago and it’s one of my favorite quilts. Also, I recently bought a red and white antique quilt at an auction. Hand pieced and quilted. Oh so pretty.

  46. Margie from ohio

    So glad you are feeling better! I made 12 blocks thru a block a month progtam, but have the completed blocks to my daughter as red is her favorite color. Someday I want to make a blue and white quilt. Please don’t enter me in this drawing, let someone win who wants to make a red and white quilt win. Thanks for always thinking of your readers.

  47. Christine M

    I have never made a red and white quilt but would like to. But I worry about the red bleeding into the white when I wash it. I’d have to prewash the fabric… Happy to hear you are getting more mobile!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, prewash but most high quality fabrics made today are not likely to “run”. I wouldn’t vouch for fabrics purchased at Walmart or Joanns but fabric from a quilt shop is not likely to run or fade.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Don’t forget to use the dye magnets with questionable fabric. I even like to throw in a piece of white cotton fabric, too, just to see if it turns color.

  48. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you sound so much better! Glad you’re walking with and without assistance. Hooray for you.
    I picked up a red and tan kit in Houston, I was planning a simple 4 or 9 patch, maybe a book will have great pattern. If not, I’m sure A Country’s Call will have the perfect inspiration.
    I made a red and tan quilt many years ago.

  49. Carmen Montmarquet

    So glad you are doing so much better! Can’t wait till you are able to get around the farm again and send us
    more pics of all your fur babies! Love those!!
    I started a red and cream one about a year ago, not sure why i didn’t get that finished, guess i should dig it out. Love red and white and blue and white quilts! The Red and White quilt book you are offering looks awesome, thanks for a chance to win!

  50. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I’ve always admired red and white quilts but haven’t made one yet. You are doing remarkable with your walking. Just don’t over do it and take steps backward.

  51. Judy J

    I have never made a red and white quilt but hope to make one some day. I’m glad you are getting better each day,

  52. Judy Knorr

    I have made two red and white quilts. My favorite is a double nine patch that I quilted using my great grandmothers cardboard stencil.

  53. Annette F.

    I have made several red and white doll size quilts and a twin size red and white quilt made w/yoyos. Having had a rt. knee replacement 6 yrs. ago, I am impressed with your progress. You go girl!
    …..and I want to again thank you for your most enjoyable blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank you, Annette! I really am feeling better each day – baby steps but I’ll get there!

  54. Ann D

    I have not made a red and white quilt. I guess it would be too much of one color. I suppose I could make it scrappy, huh.

  55. Donna Sproston

    My red and white quilt is a scrappy log cabin from a Country Threads kit! Today I made six candle mats in red and white for Christmas giving. I also made some more daal horse mats with red prints. You can never miss with red!

    First Lessons might be the one my grandson choose a for his second quilt.

  56. Jennie

    Almost bought that book the other day. But decided to wait. Really want to make a red and white quilt. The operation is so worth it. Blessing Jennie

  57. the other Angie

    Mary! Great to hear about your progress . That must be so exciting and encouraging!
    I have not made a red and white quilt – and I absolutely love them. I read the comments and, maybe I am the only one, but I have tried to start one many times, but I struggle trying to find just the right red fabric … sounds like a crummy excuse! I think this may prompt me to just do it!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The Other Angie – I know what your problem is and I couldn’t pick just one red fabric either so is use multiple red fabrics which gives a lot if interest and depth to your quilt. Maybe we’ll have to do a post on this?

      1. Diane and Squeak

        Mary, I was thinking the same thing. Those of us who have made a red and white quilt could share our pictures with you if they wouldn’t crash the site again. We don’t want that!!

  58. Carol T

    I believe, as Freddie Moran said, red is a neutral! I love red and have ALWAYS wanted to make a red and white quilt!

    Don’t overdo, Mary….take care and do what your p t says!

  59. Carolyn Boutilier

    Glad to hear how well you are doing with your new knee. I have never made a Red & White quilt but would love to make one for Christmas. Red is my favorite color.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  60. JudyE

    I have not made a red and white quilt but, would love to someday.
    Mary, you are doing so well after your surgery! Please be careful on the icy surfaces this winter.
    Thanks for all your creative photos and writings on the blog. I love to read about your animals and what others are quilting around the country.

  61. Gingerbread

    Love the cats as extras! Hope Hazel is not itching anymore! I think I could stitch some strips together! Glad your knee is like new! Love reading your notes! I have knitted a red and white scarf! Did I win?

  62. Jeanie S

    Red and white quilts are wonderful and almost timeless. I love all the quilts in A Country’s Call, but I guess my favorite would be Well Remembered.
    Mary, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. It is amazing to have progressed so far in such a short time. You really are a trooper!

  63. Jill F

    Hi Mary! Now aren’t you glad you had surgery! So glad it’s going well for you.
    I have never made a red and white quilt- in fact, I have never made a quilt period! I have made red and white dresses! Cousin Jill

  64. Linda

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt, but am very fortunate to have the one from my childhood that I hang out during the Christmas season.

  65. Cheryl K.

    I’ve made a lot of quilts and a few runners, etc. but strictly red/white? I’ve made a black and red quilt (back of Red Wagon Collection Two). The only one that comes close to red/white is a Country Threads Father Christmas (?) banner. I used Marcus Brothers awesome red with paisleys. My favorite fabric of all!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl K – did you send me a card? There was no return a address that I could read and I just couldn’t remember a Cheryl K.

  66. Mary

    I made a red, whit, and black quilt bit not just red and white. So glad your knee is healing well. PT is amazing but painful.

  67. Connie R.

    I have not made a red and white quilt, which is surprising because red is my favorite color. I did see a red and white snowball quilt recently that I was planning on trying.

  68. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary,

    It’s good to hear you are improving!

    I have not made a red and white quilt, yet.
    I admire them so much but fear the colors would run. Do you think one of those “color catcher” cloths would prevent the red bleeding into the white?

  69. Diane Bauer

    So glad to hear you are up and walking! Amazing, isn’t it, what hard work it is to walk when you’ve been doing it all your life? Keep moving!!

    I have never actually completed a red and white quilt, though red is my favorite color! I have the start of a Friendship Wreath in red and white, but I think I just have three blocks completed (maybe only two?????). I need to decide on a setting for it. Then I’ll compete more blocks. Each block has something like 90 pieces in it!

  70. Gloria B.

    Mary, you are doing great. Glad to hear it.

    Does making red and white blocks and not getting them sewn into a quilt count? Lol.

  71. Diane from TN

    I have never made a red and white quilt. Would love to try it one day. Glad you are walking without the walker. Everyday gets better.

  72. Debbie Miller

    Knew you could do it-do the PT and it keeps getting better and better! I started a Dear Jane many years ago as a red and white only quilt. It’s here somewhere as a major UFO! Love the First Lessons! It would be a great project for me to try to find my “sewing mojo” it has been missing most of the year.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debbie – why have you lost your sewing mojo? What was the last quilt you made? Do you have a jellyroll laying around because I’m going to do that jellyroll 16 patch again – maybe you could join us and it would inspire you to keep sewing.

  73. Ann Gupton

    My grandmother always made red and white quilts.
    I’ve made one. I like to use reds in all my quilts. Probably
    because of grandma.

  74. Vicki in Seattle

    This summer I made “Plus Marks the Spot”
    from Lissa Alexander’s Book “Oh Scrap” in
    all reds and white. I love it!❤️

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I know exactly which quilt you’re referring to because I LOVE that quilt – maybe you could send me a picture of your quilt?

  75. Betty Klosterman

    Only 12 days and you are walking and it feels good. What wonderful news. Actually you are entitled to a meltdown any time you want. Just don’t get too fancy yet and fall. Your recovery is doing great, especially that you can get back to the normal things of life like church, critters, quilts–just everything. We know you are an over achiever and it shows. Good deal.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – I have to always be aware of doing too much. I still have pain but nothing like that meltdown day! Thank goodness! It always feels to me like every morning should be LOTS better than the day before but it’s just small baby steps of improvement. I knew it would never be fast enough for me!

  76. Donna W.

    I have not made a red and white quilt yet but I plan to since I love the look. Glad to hear your healing is progressing nicely.

  77. Margaret Jessen

    So glad to hear of your wonderful progress, Have not made a red and white quilt but would love to have one.

  78. Caryn Goulden

    Many of my quilts have red in them, but I’ve never made a red and white quilt. I m trying to finish some red on cream embroidery projects that have red and cream patchwork borders, but they are only 12” square. Seems like a great idea to start a red and white quilt now! I have some jelly rolls that need to be sewn up. A 16 patch sounds like a good way to use them. So glad you’re walking better and the pain is subsiding. I knew you’d be glad you had the surgery after you passed the rough time.

  79. Sheila S

    I checked my stack of finished quilts and I found one red and white one-a small Civil War type quilt called “Jingle all the Way” by Renee Plains, finished in 2009. I am always drawn to the color red as it was my mom’s favorite color and she had a red winter coat and she ALWAYS wore red lipstick to match! I have so many happy memories of her.

  80. Marsha from Kansas

    One of my Dirty dozen is Edyta Sitar’s Sew in Love which is a red and white quilt and on of the two books I own of hers. I purchased a copy of this Red and White book so please pick somebody who will treasure it. I hope to make one or more some day from that book. I saw that Martindale will have a blue and white book in December. One of my fellow Prairie Quilt Guild members had a blue and white quilt included in the display in Houston last week!! So glad your hard work with PT is paying off with your recovery from surgery!!

  81. Vicki from West Des Moines

    Sounds like you’re make fantastic progress following your surgery! I haven’t made a red and white quilt yet, but it’s on my list.

  82. Cindy Karas

    Mary, It sounds like you are past the horrible, awful stage of surgery!! So happy for you, I know you’ll still have rough patches-but it seems like you are on the mend. I don’t have a red and white quilt at this time. I haven’t been quilting long enough to keep a quilt for myself, which is sad as red is my favorite color. I have more than enough red fabric to make more than one quilt, Thanks for the chance to win that book!! Cindy K from Wi.

  83. Beryl in Owatonna

    So happy your knee is doing so well. Still be careful. I have made a red and white quilt….it was a belated wedding gift. I would like to do another one someday.

  84. Saundra jones

    I’ve made one red and white quilt and have started another one that’s on my list to finish this coming year. From Machesney Park, I’ll.

  85. Sandy

    I made a red and white quilt several years ago, nine patch with a vine and hearts border for a young girl,l love piecing and applique together on a quilt!

  86. Charlotte S

    So glad you are doing well, Mary! When I found out that my daughter-in-law was expecting twins, I made 2 red and white basket quilts. Red is her favorite color. Each basket was a different red print. It took a long time to find the prints since I didn’t have much of a stash back then. That was 15 years ago. I’d like to make another red and white quilt.

  87. Sharon Ray

    I have made one bed sized snowball quilt in reds and creams. Then one little wall hanging of red houses which I keep up all year. I have material for a solid red and white quilt but haven’t decided on the pattern yet. I guess that is kind of backwards! Glad to see you are doing better.

  88. Kate Schloemer

    I’ve never made a red and white quilt. I’ve always thought they are a beautiful and stunning quilts though. I would love to win this book.

  89. Sarah

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt although red is one of my favorite colors.
    I’ve always wanted to make one, too busy making quilts for others 😃.
    So glad to hear that you are walking, and getting around.
    Love your blog and all the pics, so inspiring.Getting colder here in Arkansas, starting to build a fire in the fireplace everyday.

  90. Carol Pifer

    No red and white quilt, yet; but use red a LOT in my quilts. Glad you’re much more mobike. Blessings.

  91. Paula Philpot

    After seeing the large display of red quilts years ago, I decided I needed red/white quilts for Christmas, Valentine, 4th of July, etc. Last year I made 3 red/white quilts and this year I have made two red/white quilts. Red is also my favorite color! Paula in KY

  92. Jean

    I made Hunter String Star by Bonnie Hunter in red and white. Love it!
    Mary-sounds like you are doing better every day. I’m so glad for you!

  93. Sandy in Indiana

    so happy to hear that you are doing so well 🙂
    love the kitties on the quilts!

  94. Sharlyn

    Yes..red an white quilt..made several an basically for Valentine’s Day..love using red an I guess I would say is one of my favorite colors…keep having those healing days..

  95. Deb

    Red and white quilts are my favorite and I have made just one. It was for a challenge for a small quilt group I belong to. I have another on my to do list but not sure what pattern so this book could give me the pattern!

  96. Sue H

    So happy to hear you’re up & about and feeling so good! I’ve never made a red & white quilt but it has been on my bucket list. I’ve already collected quite a stash of reds!

  97. Pat Smith

    Years ago I made a red and white quilt with about 8 or 10 hand embroidered winter scenes (cabins, fir trees etc.) to sell at our church Christmas bazar in Vermont. Sadly it didn’t sell, perhaps priced too high at $30 if you can believe it, so I bought it back and hang it every Christmas. I get so much pleasure at seeing it each year that I’m glad it didn’t sell.
    So glad you’re doing well, Mary. The beginning was really rough, but I’m glad that time and a lot of perseverance has paid off!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat – the beginning was rough – I remember – but I’m feeling so much better now! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks!

  98. Sandy

    I’m so glad to hear you are walking better! It’s great news. When I first started quilting I made a red and white Irish chain for my daughter’s room. Of course she’s been out of the house for years and we no longer have any twin beds in the house, so it gets very little use. I should pass it on to one of my grandsons, but which one?

    Keep getting better every day.

  99. Carol Garner

    Oh yes, Red is my FAVORITE color! I made a machine embroidered red and white quilt, white blocks with red, and red blocks embroidered with white, and won best of show at our county fair! I was blown away. So glad you are walking better, keep up the therapy!

  100. Dale Williams

    I have never done a Red and White quilt but really want to….So glad you are doing well, I so enjoy your posts…Please keep them coming…


  101. Alice

    I’ve made a table topper in red & white & have a red & white block exchange quilt partly out together. Need to finish that in time for Christmas! Would love to win the book! So happy your recovery is coming along so well! Take care & don’t over do!

  102. Diana Schumacher

    I have never made a red and white quilt but it is on my bucket list for sure. Red is such a lively color and would be especially pretty at Christmas time!

  103. Anne Thate

    So happy you are on the mend Mary!
    I have made one big and red quilt, the Magic of Christmas, a sew along with Lisa Bonjean.
    And several small ones. Would love this book.

  104. Kim Jovanelly

    My two quilting partners and I had a quilt challenge every year. A few years back it was a red and white quilt. I did a log cabin which goes on my bed every year for the holidays. One of my partners died a couple of years later. The quilt is a great reminder of all the great time we had together.

  105. Rosalie

    I made a red white and black quilt a few years ago and I have a red and white sampler about halfway. Any block that I think I might like is made into a red and white sample block. No idea when it will be finished and how I will put it together!

  106. Wanda Playter

    I have always loved the red & white quilts, but after seeing pictures of the blue & white quilts at market I may need to make both!
    Mary, it is so good to see you mending.

  107. Judy P.

    I have not made a red and white quilt. But my favorite red and white quilt is a red and white blazing star design made by my grandmother in the 1940s. I hang it every year at Christmas time and it makes me smile remembering her and her love for me, her first granddaughter.

  108. Ellie

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt unless you count red work. I would like to do one someday because I love red! So glad to hear you may have turned the corner with your knee! It seemed impossible when you first got home but those of us who’ve been there knew you you could do it! Congratulations!

  109. Lori

    I have made a two color red for my husband several years ago. I use it at Christmas.

    So glad you are doing better.

  110. Debra in MN

    I have made two red and white quilts, red being a favorite color of mine. I leave one draped on a wicker chair in our sunroom year round. I would love to win the red and white book. Count me in for doing a jelly roll quilt along and I love getting my dirty dozen put together and finished. I’m glad you are so far down the road of recovery. I have had both knees replaced and am so glad,I can walk again! You can too, without pain!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I am really looking forward to walking upright again and without pain.

  111. Kris in Naperville

    I’m so happy you’re up and about and feeling sooooo much better. Thanks for taking the time to post all these pictures… it really makes me inspired! I have not made a red and white quilt, but I did make a blue and white quilt for my 15 yo son… he designed the block and helped me chose the fabric. Have a wonderful day Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey, Kris – are you the same Kris with the kids and the dogs from years ago?

  112. Diana W

    I love to make miniature quilts. The last red and white was made with log cabins and a small redwork sunbonnet sue given to me by a friend. So cute.
    I would love to do the 16 patch again if you are so inclined.
    So glad you are doing well. My hubby had both knees replaced and I am convinced women handle surgery much better. He still complains about how much it hurt 4 years later!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You’re right! I’m up walking using a cane weeks before Rick was when he had a knee done – but if you ask him, he doesn’t remember it quite like I do! Haha!

  113. Peggy

    Mary you are doing so good. Keep up the good work. I made one red and white quilt which I donated for a raffle.

  114. Deb G. in VA

    I’ve never made a red and white quilt, but have wanted to make one for several years.
    So glad you are progressing quickly, you’ll be running around in no time!

  115. Elizabeth

    I have never made a red & white quilt, but they are so beautiful that I’m going to have to get busy and make one! And this book looks WONDERFUL!! Love your posts & photos.

  116. Linda H

    I have made several red and white quilts! They are my favorite! Can’t get enough red & white!! This book looks like a “must have”!
    Hope you continue to gain strength daily! Praying for you!

  117. Pam Milbrandt

    I am so glad you are progressing daily but do not overdue. It is easy to do when you are feeling good. I have not made a red and white quilt. Would love to! The quilts on the cover are darling. Thank you for your blog and your generosity! I have shared Country Call wherever I go and everyone loves it.
    Pam from Iowa

  118. Mary Says Sew!

    Yes, I’ve made a red and white quilt, using many reds and many white, off-white, creams, etc. I thought about Mary Ellen Hopkins’ advice that “all reds clash well” often while making the quilt.

  119. Becky in WA

    Hi Mary.
    My red and white hanging is a valentines one though.
    Glad to hear your on the mend and doing well.
    God is good.

  120. Patti in W Barnstable

    Hi Mary! I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well. I could hear the excitement in your post. I hope you’re sleeping better. I’d love to do the 16 patch with a jellyroll.

  121. Sue in Oregon

    Although I love to use reds in quilts, I have yet to make a just red and white quilt. I need to do that.
    I am amazed at your progress and love that you are walking so well. Hurray for you!
    The dirty dozen quilts are all great.

  122. Carolyn in Alberta

    I remember the pictures in your blog last Christmas – I loved your red and white decorating theme! Since then I’ve been immersed in civil war fabrics and quilts. Maybe I should step back and make a red and white one. But I also have a beautiful jelly roll I’ve been wondering what to do with so if you start a jelly roll quilt I know I’ll be tempted by that as well. I have too many quilts floating around in my head!

  123. Li

    I sewed and quilted two of three red quilts on my domestic sewing machine. They are a great choice for a quick gift.

  124. Karen D Martin

    I’ve made a few red and white quilts and love them. Hope you are back to 100 percent ASAP!

  125. MartyCae

    So glad to hear you are moving better!
    Red and white quilts are my favorite! I have made several and have an antique basket quilt that is made up of red and white. But …….. I also love blue and white quilts. I have not made any but have enough fabric to do so!

  126. Lynn Haines

    Good news so glad you are able to walk around with less pain. Yes I have made a red and white quilt. I love a 2 color quilt. I hand quilt and find 2 color quilts a challenge as they get boring. Made myself finish a red and white flying geese quilt this summer. Now that it is done it’s a favorite.

  127. Katie hernandez

    Hola Mary, Hope today is a Better DAY for U💐
    Thank for sharing the projects, I enjoy looking at them..and it helps me to get into my projects..
    Katie in Gilbert, AZ.

  128. Connie Heffner

    I have the fabric for a red and white quilt and for some reason it never got started. I too worry about the red bleeding and will wash it first. Glad your doing so well from your surgery. You will be in tip top shape when spring rolls around next year.

  129. Dianna Zimmerman

    Hi Mary,

    Hope the recovery progress is going well. I remember my mother- in -law picking beans after her knee replacement. She was out in the garden with a walker and a long tongs! Can’t keep a farm women down, too much to do! Loved her so much.

    I’m working on a pineapple red and white, used all red and white scraps, hope I can finish it for Christmas.

    Continue to get well, best wishes from Wisconsin,


  130. Carolyn Rector

    I have never made a red a nd white quilt, but I love them, so nice for the holidays, always love your posts of your decoration and quilt displays, Glad to hear you are up and walking. My PT is walking in a big box store for up to 30 minutes at a time and 3 batches of excercises at home with 20 reps, still hoping it’s doing it’s thing, can walk without walker or cane, all this since Oct 2nd when I literally was scared to death. Go to see my doctor again next week, may go back to work Dec 2nd if possible. Overwhelmed at work sometimes.

  131. Linda Baker

    Guess I have to join the “I have never made a red and white quilt” group. But they are eye-catching, aren’t they? I will have to put one on my “someday” list.
    Glad to hear you’re getting mobile again, keep working at it, it will all be worth it.

  132. Tina in Oregon

    Was so happy to hear you’re doing better. All progress is good!
    I made the red and white “buzzsaw” quilt after seeing yours on your blog. It’s one of my favorites. I also have a few other red and white quilts I’ve made and will start a r/w pineapple quilt in January.
    All of the dirty dozen #7’s are wonderful!

  133. Diane B

    Mary, I am thrilled to hear you’re getting around so well already. Keep up the great work!

  134. Diane B

    Wow! I was so excited about your progress, I didn’t think to comment about the Red and White Quilts. No, sadly I have not made one yet. However, I do have a red and white block of the month kit I purchased a long time ago. Does that count?! LOL!!

  135. Mary Kannas

    Sounds like you are recovering from you knee surgery very well. Good to hear you are getting around easier as each day goes by.

    I’ve sure admired red and white quilts but have never made one. Maybe now is the time to plan one!

  136. Polly Perkins

    I have made a couple red and white quilts. Love doing red and white or blue and white. They are classic.

  137. Sue franke

    Congratulations on walking so well and being able to cut back on pain meds. I Have never made a red and white quilt but it is on my list. In the last few months I have been buying half yard cuts of various red fabrics to get myself ready to start. This book and its patterns would be the perfect motivation to get me moving forward. Thanks for making this blog available and for all the information and great photos you share

  138. Jeri Niksich

    I haven’t made a Red and White quilt yet but it’s on my radar for sure! Red is my favorite color! This year I’ve been working on my 12 UFO’s, so I haven’t been able to get to the so many tops I want to make but next year I’m going to “set myself free” to do what I want. I’m so happy hour doing well in your recovery I know you miss getting around your beautiful home and land. God speed!
    Jeri in Texas

  139. Peggy Thompson

    My red & white quilt is a small one called chubby churn dash. It comes out at Christmas & stays out until after Valentines Day. ❤️ Sure hope to make more red & white quilts some day!

  140. Julie D.

    Great news about your walking!! Keep that going! I would like to do the jelly roll quilt as I have a few jelly rolls to use up in my fabric closet! I have not made a red and white quilt-but I think they are very striking and would go well in any place in my house!! Not enjoying the snow this afternoon! A good day maybe to be in my sewing room after I get supper made and in the oven!!!

  141. Marsha Ransom

    I have not made a red and white quilt yet. But I’d like to and the one you have in this blog post is really pretty.

  142. LizA

    I love red & white quilts!!! I would have love to have gone to NYC for Infinite Variety – 3 Centuries of Red & White Quilts show. The photos from the show were breathtaking. I have made 2 r/w quilts and have an antique r/w quilt top of my great grandmothers waiting to be hand quilted.

    There are a couple of jelly rolls waiting to grow up and become quilts at my house, too. The 16 patch jelly roll quilt looks like a good project.

  143. Kate

    I made a redwork quilt years ago, but I’ve always wanted to made a red and white Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. Not sure I spelled that right, but I’m sure you know what pattern that is. Would love the book if I should be so blessed to win it. Glad you are doing so well. I’m doing great with my new pacemaker I got this Fall. Sometimes we wait too long to get what needs to be fixed, fixed. My knees are telling me it may soon be time to be replaced.

  144. Deborah F Smith

    My first big quilt was a red and white one . The pattern was called Burgoing Surrounded and I’m sure I didn’t spell that right! But i did enter it in a show. That was fun but no prize for me. That was OK as i love the quilt in all lt’s red and white wonder.

  145. Jill of N.E. Iowa

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. No – have not made a red and white quilt yet. I want to because they are so beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for filling our lives with joy.

  146. Joyce from NY

    Love all the #7’s, they keep me motivated! I’m so happy to hear your pain has lessened & that you are getting around so well, so quickly. I have never made a red & white quilt, I have Duty & Honor in your new book “A Country’s Call”, but would love to win your red & white quilt book, thanks for the chance.

  147. Janet Orr

    I’ve made several red and white quilts – my favorite. Two I really like are a red/white churn dash one that my friends and I exchanged blocks to make. We also exchanged schoolhouse blocks and I asked that mine be red/white. That one still needs a border and quilted.

    You “sound” better – glad you are feeling better each day. Take care of yourself!

  148. Dot

    I have never made a red and white quilt, but I do own one, which my dear mother-in-law rescued from a neighbor’s trash! There were two quilts folded up, on top of the trash can. It’s a simple quilt with heart blocks, but I’m glad to give it a home.

  149. Beverly in Texas

    Hi, Mary! So glad that you are off the pain meds & progressing nicely!
    I made a red & white triple Irish chain about 10 years ago. It is my go to Christmas quilt and this last year my two youngest grand babies( ages 4 months & 20 months) had their pictures made for the family Christmas card on my beautiful quilt – wish I could attach a picture!
    Prayers for your continued recovery & thank you for sharing your life on the farm with this long-time fan!

  150. Doris G

    A red and white quilt is on my bucket list! So glad your knee is healing well. Really enjoy your blog! I close as many ads as i can!!!

  151. Mary Evans

    Mary, I made a red and tan quilt from strips that my forum members swapped with each other. We swapped 4″ x w.o.f. strips with each other. I forget how many were in it, but I have quite a haul of these strips. I need to get that out and send to show you.
    M ary Evans in Oregon

  152. Carol Collier

    I have not made a red and white quilt, but one is on my bucket list!! So glad you are doing well, and can really see a difference in you walking!! Glad the pain is better!!

  153. Gayle Shumaker

    I’ve never made a red and white quilt but it’s on my list of quilts I plan on making. I love seeing the grandkids quilts from A Country’s Call.

  154. Shirley

    I made a log cabin red and white quilt from a kit from you. I use it at Christmas. Hang in there with your knee!

  155. Judy

    Glad that you healing well and able to get around! Yes, I have made a red and white quilt. I started it in 2013 to give to my mother for Christmas as red was her favorite color. Well I didn’t get it done in time to give it to her for Christmas but in January I just knew I had to get it done so another year wouldn’t pass before I gave it to her. At the end of January 2014 I gave it to her and she really loved it. Sometime in March she became ill and passed away the middle of April. I was so glad that I had felt the urgency to get the quilt done even though she didn’t have it for too long. The quilt came back to me and my daughter asked if she could have it so it is now at her house.

  156. Sharon Geiger

    It’s so good to read that you are improving daily. Yay! I have never made a red and white quilt but I do like the look of them.

  157. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,
    So glad you are walking better. That’s real good news. That means it was a success.
    There are some beautiful #7. It so amazing how many different talented quilters in this country.
    I loved the one in oranges outside you posted the other day.
    Connie’s Tula Pink is beautiful to. It looks hard. I did a quilt called Butterfly with Tula Pink fabric, when I got the kit in I though wow that’s the ugliest fabric but when it was finished it was beautiful.
    I have started collecting reds for a red and white quilt. I’ve never made just a 2 color quilt. Would love the book.
    Just get better each day, before long you will be better than ever. Just be careful when that snow comes and don’t slip and fall.
    I love your blog you do a wonderful job with it. I so enjoy seeing your post in my in box.

  158. Rita In Iowa

    Just got back from a New England cruise and going through a 100o plus emails. Have not made a Red and White quilt but would love to do so.
    So glad your doing well with your knee.

  159. Wendy T.

    I can hear the elation in your post about being able to walk. Yay – so glad you are noticing much improvement so quickly. As for the red and white quilt – I have a framed section of a very old red and white quilt that is a permanent hanging in my living room that I just love. But after your post I am thinking hmmm – why don’t I have a red and white quilt I can use for holiday decorating and coziness? Good idea – thanks!

  160. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    I made a red and white quilt years ago that has woven baskets embroidered in red. I have it hanging on my library wall.

  161. Marian Stever

    I haven’t made a red and white quilt but I’m ready! I love the idea of having one displayed December to February!
    Progress, Mary, you are doing it day by day! The critters in the barns will be so happy to see you! It’s a very chilly day in Minnesota it the SUN is shining.

  162. Paula In Texas

    Oh Mary, I am most excited about knowing that YOU believe that you are walking better!!! Knee replacement is in my future and I want to know that life will be better after surgery.

    Making a red and white quilt is on my bucket list. As a child my “play quilt ” , one that I could drag anywhere, was a red and white quilt. It was MINE and it was wonderful. I guess at some point, my Mother tossed that ragged but much loved quilt, I did not find it when we moved things out of her home after she was gone. She had Alzheimer’s, and some things were thrown out because she recognized they were ragged but she had forgotten that they were cherished. So yes, I need to make a red and white quilt!

    We are having a drab wet winter day in my part of Texas today…..so I am reorganizing my sewing room. I am also mailing four quilts to the quilter that will be Christmas gifts. I see that your weather is very cold today, but sunshiny……enjoy the Brightness today! 🌞😎

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula in Texas – oh, I can walk better without a doubt. I can’t believe how straight my leg is after it had gotten so deformed and crooked from walking on it so long. It’s almost unbelievable! I can’t wait for spring!

  163. Rikki

    Never made a red and white quilt yet. That is on to do list tho Thanks for the nice pictures of the finishes.

  164. Sharlyn

    Don’t know why I’m getting all comments one at a time…???
    Love your postings
    But don’t need all comments in my email, this never happened before…

  165. Kim

    I have not made a red and white quilt, but did do a red and cream/beige one, and am working on a green and beige one. With antiques in my home, I feel creams/beiges fit in better than stark white.
    I am so glad you are recovering from your surgery and getting around better.
    Was at your shop 3 times over the years, twice shopping, and once to take a class… we did an Autumn quilt design by Jan Patek with pumpkins…still love that quilt! We all wore orange shirts to the class. A fun adventure from Wisconsin. Glad you continue to do the blog, and write a book here and there. Have seen many of your patterns over the years. So fun!

  166. Susan Boyd

    I absolutely love red and have only made one red and white quilt — it’s a small quilt with patchwork hearts for Valentine’s Day. I have plenty of red fabric in my stash. Maybe that will be one of my next projects, particularly if I win the book!
    I am so glad you’re recovering so well from surgery. I’m going to have my left knee done in January (not scheduled yet, but hopefully will be soon as soon as I see the doctor again). It’s something I’ve put off for several years and now it’s to the point that I really can’t put it off any longer.
    I too, would like to do the 16-patch quilt along. I have some jelly rolls that need to be used!
    Thanks for keeping up with this blog through everything. I love visiting with you every day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan – I , like many others, have survived knee replacement surgery and I will do my right knee after Christmas. I haven’t walked correctly for many years and I’m looking forward to that!

  167. Brenda Archambault

    Mary, i just caught up with your recent posts. It sure if it’s my computer, or what! Love red and white quilts and, after seeing the show in New York, on my computer, was inspired to make a few more r/w quilts. And I have many more to go! So happy to hear that you’re improving on a daily basis. Just take it easy.

  168. Earlene

    I’ve made lots of red, white and blue quilts as I am a member of Quilts of Valor but I’ve never made a red and white quilt so I really really need this book! Hugs and happy Stitching from Earlene in Arizona

  169. Sally J.

    I have made two red and white quilts! One is a Valentine heart wall hanging and the other is a king size quilt with red stars on white background. I love them both.
    So happy that your feeling better and only using your cane.

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