Thursday Night Homework

Denise and I are working hard on the blog site – trying to make it easier for me to post.

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Here’s Denise hard at work with cats to help.

Tomorrow is PT again – this is a very bad picture of me with Kirsten.

Blog seems to be working good right now – hopefully all Denises’s work and guidance will continue.

Winners have been selected for the book giveaway and have been notified by email. Thanks for playing along – more to come.

Thanks for clicking ads – we appreciate your support.

I am walking without my cane and as soon as I quit the pain pills, I’ll be driving again! Yahoo!

32 thoughts on “Thursday Night Homework

  1. Peggy S

    Anything to make the job easier. . . This can be so frustrating for you. I would probably have given up a long time ago!! Bless you for hanging in there for all of us!!

    Peggy S

  2. Jan from TN

    Wow! 👍You’re getting back to normal so quickly! Keep up the good work & you’ll be walking a mile or more in a heartbeat! 😉
    I was able to close SIX ads tonight!
    Take care, Mary!

  3. Pat Smith

    Great to see you on your feet again and moving forward. If I ever have to have that surgery, you’ve set a great example of how far one can go in two weeks. We all appreciate you and helpers keeping this blog going as we all enjoy it so much.

  4. Joyce from NY

    I bet you will be happy to be able to drive again. Your recovery is going so well. Your blog seems to be coming through ok on my end.

  5. Nikki M in Tx

    Congratulations to the lucky winners!
    While you may not like the photo of you at PT it is good to see with a smile on your face.
    4 inches of rain overnight & high today only 49..34 most of day. Built a fire in stove & MsMaci & I have been snug.
    Got one more rabbit block sewn.
    UPS is on my naughty list… left 2 packages at gate sometime yesterday& wound up saturated….I have provided them with my gate code more than once & my old driver always brought packages to house….grrrr

  6. Beryl in Owatonna

    So happy to see how well you are healing!! The swelling looks like it has gone way down!! Be careful when out in the yard with all the little friends out there, don’t trip on anybody, especially Hazel!
    I have a number of ads tonight, none can be closed, no x’s
    We got about 4″ of snow night before last. It took my brother 4 hours to get to work yesterday. He works in St. Paul, it usually takes an hour and a half! He said it was a sheet of ice one he hit the suburbs. Way better today. Did you get any snow? I think I read northern Iowa was to get some too. We had 6 this morning and 40 is predicted for Saturday. Crazy!
    Thanks to Denise and her help!!
    Keep up the good work, you will be running soon!

    1. Beryl in Owatonna

      After I posted my response and scrolled up, I could close 2 ads and 2 would not close.

  7. Caryn Goulden

    So glad to hear how well you’re doing. It won’t be long until you’re better than new! Thanks to you and Denise for keeping the blog going. I enjoy it so much. Closed 7 ads today.

  8. Diane Bauer

    You look GREAT, Mary!!! So glad your recovery is going so well!!
    And yes, many, mamythanks for your perseverance in keeping the blog going!! I so appreciate having your news to look forward to!!
    Congrats to the book winners!!

  9. Julie D.

    So glad Denise is assisting you! Will make your blog life a lot easier!! I love nice techy people–my daughter and son-in-law are my go-to’s!!! And so glad to see your lovely PT lady! What a blessing good medical professionals are to our lives to get healthy again!!

  10. Chris Harrington in Washington

    Wow Mary! You are doing remarkably well. Good for you. I was able to close 6 ads.😁

  11. Kathy Hanson

    WOW! you looked just great in the picture, just like nothing had ever changed! Except, thankfully, your ability to walk without all the pain! Congratulations!!! So happy for you
    There have been a lot of ads to close, so great. Sometimes if I go back and look at the blog again I am able to close the ads again. So happy that you are doing so very well…keep up the great work, I know it has been hard but I’m sure well worth it!!

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    You look beautiful! And sounding better every post.
    Hooray for Denise, good help is hard to find.
    Loretta is going for a makeover tomorrow, I’m glad it has warmed up a bit. Last week it was -4!
    She doesn’t like to ride, so it’s a double whammy for her, 2 rides an a bath. Poor thing😟😮lol

  13. Patty Turner in Illinois

    You are an inspiration for those of us who know this surgery is in our future!

  14. Sandy in Indiana

    Happy news! You are doing so well……thanks for all your hard work on the blog
    able to close 4 ads 🙂

  15. Paula Philpot

    It sounds like you have really done good with you knee. So glad for you and you will be able to get back with the barn animals. Paula in KY

  16. Kathy in western NY

    It was so good to see you smiling Mary for all you have been through. I am glad you feel progress in walking. Rick probably enjoys being the driver taking you to PT so it’s nice being chauffeured around for the time being. A big thank you to Denise for being very helpful in making your blog easier for you. We appreciate her for giving her time so we can continue to be a part of your life.

  17. Anonymous

    Bless Denise for her efforts for all Mary,s followers. So pleased to see your progress keep up the great work. Last week I bought two quilt tops at an antique mall. One was 7.50 and the other was 8.00 dollars. They were half price which was cheap to start with. I like both so will finish them.

  18. Teresa

    Wow, that’s awesome you’re walking without the cane already! Can’t keep a good woman down!! But you be careful out on the snow and ice.

    Congratulations to the book winners!

    Denise, thank you for the work you do on the website to keep this blog chugging along. 😊

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ice will be my biggest problem this winter – I will be extra careful!

  19. ChristieB

    God puts earthly angels in our lives when we especially need them! You are blessed with Denise and Kirsten! The blog came thru with flying colors today! But, no ads to click on. Glad all is going well now both blog-wise and health-wise. HUGS… and stitches

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