A Few Clarifications

This is not on Facebook – look at the top of the blog home page. Click on SHOP. And read the comments for more info as readers ask questions.

If you are on mobile, there are three lines in the upper right-hand corner. Click that first, and then click shop.

If all else fails, here is a direct link.

26 thoughts on “A Few Clarifications

    1. Sheila in WI

      I clicked on menu at the top of the blog. Shop was in the drop down menu. Hope this is helpful.

    2. Amy M

      Jean, if you are on a computer it is at the top of the page above the Country Threads logo. If you are on a mobile device, there are three lines in the upper right-hand corner. Click that first, and then click shop. Hope this helps.

  1. Jean

    Just purchased a pattern. SO easy! Great job on the blog! Can’t wait to see whats next.

  2. Robin Boggan

    It’s working great! Thanks for all the hard work from Kayla and you!! Have a great day! 🌞

    1. Amy M

      If you are on a mobile device try looking about the Country Threads logo and remember there might be an ad above the logo and you might have to look above the ad.

    2. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

      Jean, there is no menu button, as you describe – look for HOMEPAGE, there should be a SHOP option to click on near that. I understand your frustration, I struggle wading through all those advertisements to get to real content. It’s very frustrating. Under FREE TUTORIALS you get blog posts. So that can be a bit confusing as well.

      As a retired webmaster, the problem is that there are so many different platforms (android, IOS – mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc) that I would not want to be an IT tech today!

  3. Kaye

    When will the download be available after purchase has been completed? Thanks much.

      1. Kaye Kingsbury

        I did indeed receive an email with the download. Thanx! I do not see an option to create an account. I thought that I had an account from previous orders but my email is not recognized. I hope the day has been wildly successful. In a time when brick and mortar shops are disappearing, your online shop is a welcome relief.

  4. Jean

    Amy. I see the 3 dots at the top right of my mobile device screen. None of the options are SHOP.
    Turning my device sideways does nothing.

    1. Amy M

      When I open my email from the blog, I click on the bottom See All Comments so it opens into an internet browser. Once I am there I see the word Menu in a box about the Country Threads logo at the top of the blog page. If you touch that Menu button, there are different options and SHOP is one of them. Or as Mary posted at the top you can always type in the direct shop page link until you have time to play around a little more.

    2. Sheila in WI

      Were you able to find it with Amy’s help?
      If you see the three dots in the top right corner of the email you were sent, click on there and select your internet browser. It should open to the blog and the word menu should be at the top.
      Or do as Amy suggested and click on comments at the bottom of the email you received and that should open it to the blog and the word menu.
      Hope you find it. Let us know if you do or if you need more help.

  5. Launa

    Thanks Mary, my friend…
    Got right into the SHOP!
    Good luck to you @ Connie and all of us who want to shop @ your store.

  6. Gayle Shumaker

    Patterns ordered, paid for and downloaded all without problem. Thank you Mary and Connie! I have some of your patterns and books from when I first learned to quilt in the mid 90’s.

  7. Charlotte Shira

    Got it. Very easy from my computer. Thank you Mary, Connie and Kayla!

  8. Jean

    Sheila in WI I was able type in entire address and got in that way. So darn frustrating. Thanks for the support!

  9. Janice Hebert

    Worked with the Menu button, yay! I’ll be ordering soon. Jan in MA

  10. quilting sister

    Hi Mary … I haven’t tried getting into the Shop yet, but wanted to throw in my 2-cents on a pattern I’d really like to buy. I don’t know the name of it, but you said it’s hanging above your couch … and your dog collection was sitting below it. I LOVE that quilt!! Am hoping to learn its name and see the pattern in your new Shop. Thanks!

    PS – I just ran across the photo I’d saved from a few weeks ago of Hazel laying in “her kiddie pool” … so cute!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Quilting sister – when was it hanging above my couch? I change that quilt often so I have no idea which one you’re referring to.

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