We Begin….Again! 7-24-2020

As I wait for the tree service to arrive, I want to say a huge thank you to Jo who reminisced about our years of friendship. She showed some of the Country Threads quilts she has made over the years. And oh, what a story she will tell about how we met – in another post.

This scene of beauty is about to disappear.

That old mulberry tree is going to be cut down – lots of it is dead and I’m afraid it will fall on the fence, posing a bigger problem than fixing the grass after the deed is done. I know the tree crew has to be on the lawn but this is my. Ire from the porch and I just hate to wreck the grass I’ve worked so hard on.

The other tree is a dead cottonwood by the barn that might come down on the fence or the barn roof.

See that tall dead tree?

So my night was worrying about this whole big job happening today. I k ow it has to be done but it’s so messy!!!!

Thanks for visiting the new store – Jo gives us way too much credit in regards to color. Connie is the one who does have the touch of putting color together. I remember when she used rust and red together and I was shocked. Now it’s what I do, too. I have learned from her.

This is the day the Lord hath made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! It’s a big day for Country Threads!

49 thoughts on “We Begin….Again! 7-24-2020

  1. Sharon Eshlaman

    I enjoy your daily posts so much and love your pictures. It’s makes my day to see your fur babies. Thank you so much.

  2. Jean

    So happy that you are bringing back some patterns. I have most all of your books, and I am going to dig them out and make some things from them. Congrats!!!!

  3. Debbie G

    I look forward to your posts and enjoy reading about life in Iowa on the farm! so excited for your new chapter here.

  4. Diane Bauer

    It’s a VERY big day for Country Threads!!! Congrats on the new online store adventure!!

    Your view will definitely be different tomorrow, but beautiful in a new way! Remember the devastating fires in Yellowstone in 1988? We grieved the loss of so many hundreds of acres of trees. Then we realized how the fires had opened up views we’d never seen before and we celebrated that! My hope is you will learn to love your new view as well over time!

  5. Beth Laverty

    A few years ago my husbNd was in his workshop when he heard what he thought was a rifle shot. NO…it was a huge old Mulberry Tree cracking and falling. The deer feasted on the mulberries for days until he could get it cleared.

  6. Trish

    Dear Mary. I’m always happy to read your news. I also had the mimosa tree cut down because it was dead. Sad. Looking forward to hearing from you. Big kiss from Patricia. Buenos Aires.

  7. Joyce

    Oh how I hate the sound of chainsaws!! Our little town grew to where now they’ve decided we all need sidewalks. I live in the core of old downtown.. hundreds of beautiful old trees have been taken down to the point of looking like a tornado has gone through. So hard to watch! My front lawn no longer exists til they’re done. Thankfully we’ve quarantined at our cabin at the lake. We’ve decided that it’s time to build and move permanently to the lake… so I feel your pain. Congratulations on moving forward to PDF patterns! I’m hoping that it’s a huge success for you two 😊💗

  8. Pat Smith

    There’s been only one mulberry tree in my past, and I remember it dropping mulberries all over the sidewalk that we got on our shoes and tracked into the house to my mother’s chagrin. I’m surprised she didn’t chop it down herself. That grass under yours is beautiful and will be again. I’m excited about your new venture. I seem stuck on buying patterns and fabric, get a quilt cutout, and then stall at sitting behind the sewing machine for hours. (Days?) I need to be more disciplined for sure. I will be ordering the goat quilt pattern when you are ready!

  9. Paula Nordt

    For some reason I can’t access your shop from my iPad. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll try a “real” computer later, even though I don’t like them!😂 I really want to buy the goat pattern when available.

    1. Rhonda in Urbandale, IA

      Paula, I am using an iPad and can get to the patterns by touching “SHOP” at the very top of the page. Hope that works for you.

    2. Amy M

      Paula, your comment post is at 8:36am so I think you were just a little too early before the shop opened at 10. You will have to try again on your ipad now that the SHOP is open. You don’t have to actually check out. But I think it will show you that it will work. Good Luck.

      1. Paula Nordt

        Thank you, Amy! It didn’t even cross my mind about the time! Yes, I can access the patterns now, and have already bought Louise and Friends.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    That is a beautiful site. With your green thumb it will be again shortly. If they leave a good size stump, you could have a carver cut something out of it. My friend ground her stump down about 10” in the middle and planted petunias in it. It’s so cute! Very unexpected splash of color.
    I’m anxious to hear how opening day went. Let us know.

  11. Loei

    I have several of your patterns and a few of your books, but never tire of looking at them. I have actually made several of your quilts, they are classics. I see the “shop” button on the top of the page, but when I click on it, there isn’t anything, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Sue in PA

      I ordered a pattern, Civil Unrest, and had no trouble at all. Some people who commented were trying too early in the day before the shop was open. You had said it would open at 10:00 (your time), 11:00 my time. It was quite easy to go to the blog, go up to the very top and click on Shop and the patterns came right up. You don’t have to go to Facebook. So glad you are using PayPal. It made it so easy for me. Best wishes for this new endeavor. I hope it goes well for you and Connie.

  12. Patricia Cash

    Enjoy your posts and patterns. I get really sad when we have to cut down a tree.

  13. Kay Crandall

    Hopefully they won’t do too much damage to your lawn – we had a gorgeous maple tree struck by lightening last Sunday and it missed the house by a foot and a half. Funny thing was that we were sitting in view of the tree, heard the lightening/thunder, but didn’t see the tree fall. Saw it on the ground about an hour later when I walked back into the room and looked outside. The tree company came and did a great job cleaning up, ground the stump and planted a grass plug where the tree was. We really can’t even tell where it was now so you might be surprised and they won’t mess up your grass too much. That really is a beautiful lawn you have, and it is always sad to lose a tree.

  14. Linda in So Cal

    What’s the web site for the new online store? I would like to order several patterns. Love your green lawn! Peter Rabbit has destroyed my lawn. It’s a losing battle.

  15. Helen G

    2 questions: Can we access the patterns without going to facebook? I am not a facebook participant. Also, will these be real patterns or only a zerox copy with pencil markings on strips of fabric like your dd#5 was? Will they have fabric requirements, actual size measurements and directions? Thank you.

    1. Sue in PA

      I just purchased Civil Unrest and it is a beautiful, professional pattern with fabric requirements, cutting directions, general directions, a layout diagram, everything you need to successfully make this quilt. You can access the shop at the top of the blog.

      1. Helen G

        Thank you Sue in PA. good to know. I don’t like the zeroxed one I have. Appreciate the info! have a good day!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Helen G – what did you pay for your xeroxed pattern, Helen?

          1. Helen G

            I paid $5 plus a sase. It is so hard to read. I was not aware that it would be basically a “hand-made” pattern. Was a surprise that it didn’t have directions and measurements. My mistake for not inquiring before ordering. That’s why I did inquire about these. Thank you for your responses.

  16. Kim J LeMere

    Congratulations on your new adventure, I so love the goat quilt and will have to buy it when I’m back home and hooked to my printer. I hope your yard survives the day ahead, chopping down trees is painful but sometime necessary.

  17. Roxanne

    We had two big mulberries in our yard when I was a child–oh my our feet were purple in the summer! Ordered a pattern with no problem and am very excited for your new venture!

  18. Linda in So Cal

    I’m not a Facebook participant either. Will we still be able to order patterns directly from you with a check & SASE? We have lots of goats in the neighborhood this week. Live in a high fire danger area. The goats are able to clean areas inaccessible to man & machine. It’s great living in the foothills but has it’s drawbacks such as fire, coyotes & Bobcats. Have a great day!

    1. Amy M

      Linda, the SHOP is not on Facebook it is here on the blog. Scroll to the top of the page. Happy shopping!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in So Cal – these patterns are not connected to FB – look at the top of the blog home page and click on SHOP. If you’re commenting on the blog, you have to be able to see the home page. No, they will not be available at the shop anymore.

  19. Helen G

    Once again, is this a real paper pattern or a zeroxed copy? Are there fabric requirements, directions, measurements etc? Thanks!

    1. Amy M

      Helen G., I think Sue in PA answered your question above but if you go into the shop and click on one of the patterns you will see that it has the pattern picture front and the back listing the fabric requirements etc. By “paper” pattern you mean typeset versus a “zeroxed” pattern that is handwritten? I am almost positive these are the patterns that were sold in the quilt shop that are typeset and have been scanned to be pdf versions. We can wait for another reader or Mary to confirm but if you will clarify your question that will help us get you the answer you are seeking.

    2. Sue in PA

      Helen, these patterns will not be sent out in the mail. They are only available as digital downloads. You will need to be able to print them off on a printer. They can be printed in color or black and white- you choose when you print according to the settings for your printer. I used my IPad to order and print but you can use a computer. I hope that helps.

      1. Helen G

        I know they are digital but wondered exactly how they looked. As I said, the one I ordered earlier I expected to have a little more information. I can do a lot of creating of patterns and am able to figure out amounts for fabrics etc. but not the best at putting together in proper order. I am also a visual person and do much better with a few pictures. I have Mary’s book Country’s Call but right now I cannot find it. That’s frustrating! ll! Thanks, Sue. Take care and stay well!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Helen G – I will be happy to refund your money for the pattern you received, Helen. Just send me your mailing address.

          1. Helen G

            Oh it’s not the money at all. I would not want you to do that. I will make the pattern as I believe I printed out a picture of your quilt or saved it to my favs so I can refer to it for placement etc. I am a visual person and need a little more in the way of direction as to fabric selections and placement, etc. I think I will figure it out however.
            I was just making sure these patterns now contain more information and if they are the original paper patterns that you sold then that would be fine for me. I am sorry to cause any confusion. Just my ignorance I guess. Good luck with the shop. I have your book Country’s Call but seem to have misplaced it. I really wanted to make one from it. Love Civil war repro projects. i do enjoy your blog and hope you continue to keep us updated on Life on the Farm. My best regards and thank you again.

  20. Linda Schaefer

    LOVE that we will be able to purchase more of your great patterns. Visited your shop a couple times and was in awe! Loved the time I got to carry a baby Betsy around the shop so she would stay off the cutting table. 😂😂
    ❤️Linda Schaefer
    Wildomar, CA

    1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

      Hi Mary (and Connie), congratulations with the newest chapter in the story of Country Threads. The shop looks great! I already have all the current patterns, otherwise I would be buying away already. I like the subtle tweaks you have given to the header and the layout. Jo has done you both proud!
      Enjoy and good luck with the tree works. Are you going to plant a replacement or two?

  21. Amy M

    Very sad that tree has to come down but you are right, damaging the fence would be worse. Getting rid of the dead cottonwood tree will just improve that view so not a win win but better than nothing. Looking forward to the “after” pictures. It looks like rain, I hope they get the job done.

  22. Amy M

    Kayla and Mary,
    No one has mentioned it but I will….thank you for the Search function now at the top of the blog (mine appears above the picture of Connie and Mary). I typed in “Harvey” just for fun and it found the different posts that had talked about the Harvey pattern. Such a great addition to the blog. Now when we want to go back and find something, we can use the Search function. Thank you!!!

    1. Sue in PA

      Amy, you are so right! I didn’t notice the search feature but I am so happy it is there!

  23. Sandy

    Hi Mary, good luck with the new shop! When I was 10 till 14 we lived in Sydney Australia and loved climbing up the back fence and eating mulberries, trying not to get them on our clothes.Do you not eat them in the states? Lovely sunny winters day today,best wishes from sandy

  24. Pat in Michigan

    What a momentous day for Country Threads. We couldn’t be any prouder of you and Connie and your love of all things quilting. Today I baked a chocolate zucchini cake and two loaves of zucchini bread. While waiting for the baking to be done, I was looking through some older quilting books. This is what I came across “Cracker Crumbs”. It has some good recipes and even better quilt patterns. (2001) Thanks for all you do for us. And congrats on your new project.

  25. Rita in Iowa

    Mary and Connie congratulations on the new store. And a thank you to Jo for all your help and expertise.
    I sure this will make it easier for us quilters to get you patterns instantly and no handling of mail or sheets of paper.
    Mary you at least will decide when and how the trees are to come down.
    Thanks for all you ave done and for hanging in there.
    Stay safe.

  26. Kathy Hanson

    It is so wonderful for Kayla to get this set up for you – it should make it easier for you and great for all of us who want to order patterns as well. So sorry that you will have to have the tree cut down, we need all the trees we can keep but if they will lead to damage they do need to come down. I know you will miss them though. What a wonderful new adventure you are starting on – I am sure is will be great for you and Connie!!

  27. Margie Braaksma

    My friend had a bad tree by their property, on city’s property and the city waited too long to take it down. Last Friday it fell on her husband’s pickup breaking the windshield and lots of front end damage. Worst of all barely missing their 9 year old son who was really frazzled by it. Good you’re avoiding a future problem!

  28. Debbie B

    Congratulations on your new shop feature. In the end, I would think this will be much less work for you. Thanks to you, Connie and Kayla for all your hard work. My Grandparents had a huge mulberry tree in their farm yard and it was a nightmare trying to keep all the little cousins out of the berries on the ground. One of my brothers always expected Grandma to make him a mulberry pie. It was his favorite.

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