A Finished Quilt

Finally I have something finished to show you.  It’s my 16 patch blocks shown here in progress.

Pam helped me as you can see.  Here are several shots of the finished quilt made from a jellyroll called Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell, the Gypsy Wife designer from Australia (who now lives in Abu Dabbi, I think).


Each fabric, on its own, was really quite homely but I love how they all play well together.  I don’t think there was even one out of the 40 that I would have chosen myself but that’s what’s fun about using a jellyroll.  It makes me work outside my comfort zone.

Does anybody know if a “like” button can be added to a blog?

More mowing today – that’s what happens when you get an inch of rain every week.  Everything is very lush and green….and growing!

34 thoughts on “A Finished Quilt

  1. Louise

    Love the piece you have shown us this morning from the Gardenvale jelly roll. My sister is using it as well and said the same thing you did about all the pieces playing well together. What fun you are having and thanks for sharing!

  2. Beth L.

    I have been trying to come up with fun ways to use up my stash. This is definitely one to consider. Beautiful.

  3. Patricia Cash

    I love the quilt. I have several jelly rolls that just did not work for what I wanted and this would be a good way to use them Thanks

  4. Carol

    Very nice, Bonnie Hunter says if your ugly fabric is still ugly after you cut it down, cut it smaller! I love your quilt!

  5. Launa

    Mary, Thanks for showing your Gardenvale blocks and the lovely “end result”. All colors seem to look nice when shown with “greens”. Wish we’d receive a weekly inch of rain! Not looking forward to 104 this late afternoon, but the humidity has subsided.

  6. Christina Mejer

    Your quilt is stunning! And I love how Pam helped you:) thanks for your posts and pictures, I look forward to them!

  7. Sharon Ernst

    Mary — your blocks and quilt are so lovely!! I bought that jelly roll too! Now I know what to make with it!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Mary C.

    I just ordered a jelly roll of this line to start putting together fabrics for my Gypsy Wife, and I agree-I’d probably never buy any of these fabrics individually. But all together they look great and are a far cry from the Reproductions that I usually choose. This is going to be interesting!! Your quilt looks fantastic!

  9. Jane

    It”s a wonderful quilt. I’m working on a jelly roll quilt but it’s not as nice as yours.

  10. Rose Mikulski

    Love the quilt and the quilting. I do like the Gardenvale fabrics, it’s like 30’s reproduction fabric on LSD. When I read your blog, there is a “pin” sign over the photos which I click and then it goes to the board I designate. I just did it on this quilt.

  11. Judy Beck

    Wow, that was fast. Love the quilt. I am also having fun with Gardenvale, using it to make The Aunt’s Quilt. All prints cut and pieced together makes a very vintage, cozy looking quilt. Love your sixteen patch, you are one very productive lady!

  12. Karen

    OHHHHHHHHHH! I wanna roll up in this quilt! The 16 patch pattern did justice to the fabrics you used! Were they all from the Gardenvale Jellyroll? Looks like a 40’s or 50’s Scrapbag Beauty!

  13. Dee Winter

    One of the other blogs I read has a Thumbs up symbol. Makingscrapquiltsfromstash is the name. Maybe she could assist you. I love it on her blog, lets me just touch base. Love the new quilt.

  14. Nikki Mahaffey

    Interesting……….definitely out of my comfort zone………but I do like it. Someone, don’t remember who once said in a scrap quilt it all goes together like it belongs together..

  15. Holly

    I love the quilt and the picture with Pam is my favorite–such a cute kitty!

  16. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Yes it is possible to have a like button on your blog, it then appears at the bottom of each post, and if a reader clicks on it then their avatar image or symbol appears in a little image beside the button. I have the like button on my blog, and that is also a word-press blog, so I think it will be somewhere in your settings. I’ll check my dashboard tomorrow and let you know where it is located, if I can find it!

  17. Diane

    It’s a “Happy Quilt”!!! Love it. Nice Pam could “help”. They always do:). I spent the day in Amish Country, Berlin, Ohio. Fun.

  18. Bronwyn

    Mary. I love this quilt. So bright. Makes me want to do one and I have that very jelly roll at hand. Bronwyn

  19. Kristen

    I have a like button on my blog, but I put it on there so long ago, I can’t remember how it did it. 🙂 I definitely “like” your quilt…which I think I should say love, those fabrics haven’t done anything for me yet, until I saw this!

  20. Cynthia

    Love your new quilt! 🙂 What is the name of the tall grass you have growing by the walkway railing (in the picture with your new quilt)? I am thinking of planting some decorative grass in my garden and I am just trying to get some ideas. Also, I love your blog! Happy 4th of July!! (It’s also my birthday!) 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington

      The grass is called Carl Foerster grass – it does well in Zone 4.

  21. Eileen Falcon

    Cute quilt. It reminds me of one used for holiday gatherings on the 4th with
    friends and family resting on it waiting for the public display of
    fireworks in the evening sky to begin. This quilt can hold years of family memories.

  22. Linda

    I am so impressed with how these fabrics worked in such a simple design. My fat quarter bundle now has a destination. Thank you for posting.

  23. Donna O

    I love the gardenvalle jelly roll. It’s so cute once put together. I know it’s 16 squares so were they cut 2.5×2.5? I suppose this is a dumb question but just want to make sure. How many total 16 block blocks did the jelly roll get you? I just ordered the jelly roll. I’ve said to my friends you must rise at 4:00 am and turn out your bed light at midnight. You accomplish so much in your day. A huge farm and pets and farm animals besides.

  24. Judy

    Gardenvale is beginning to sound like a best seller! Using it for my Aunt’s Quilt and now I know what I will do with all the leftovers.

  25. Moe Baly

    Oh Mary! Quite lovely! Love all your posts! A like button would be cool. Hope your birthday was great!

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