You guys are the best!

Our readers are the absolute BEST!!!  You identified Connie’s mystery plant as Aralia cordata Sun King!  Here it is again:

I can’t wait to buy one!  Even the Master Gardeners on the tour didn’t know what it was but now you do.  Thanks so much to all of you who wrote in.

And for those wondering about my injured leg, here it is 2 weeks later.  I think it’s probably going to be dis colored all summer.

I was taking a picture of the kennel this morning when Biscuit and Sassy ran by so this is an action shot – ha!

That’s all, folks!

7 thoughts on “You guys are the best!

  1. MartyCae

    Your leg is ready for the 4th of July. All red, white and blue!!! So sorry this had to happen.

  2. Dorothy

    I just saw this in the latest Wayside Garden catalog. They say it is a shade perennial 3-6′ H 3-6″ W
    $19.95 for 1

  3. Beth L.

    Now I have to find that plant at a local nursery. I have just the spot for one! Thanks to all those that correctly identified it and for you, Mary, for showing and sharing.

  4. Karen

    I love the barn quilts too, Mary, especially the Iowa Corn one!
    Am happy you and many others enjoy gardening/growing things so much. You’d think I would down hee in FL — not! Bugs and critters eat up everything, including me! Best repellent I’ve found is the Avon one with Picardin in it …. nothing else works. It lasts as long as I can pick from my blueberry bushes for about an hour.
    Else we have to have stuff that grows in sand, can withstand humidity and heat, doesn’t need much upkeep … azaleas are about it for us. And they are not as much fun as REAL gardens and flowerbeds!
    So, enjoy every bit you can …

  5. Becky

    Your leg looks so much better… the action shot…my dog run crazy like that when my husband comes home….

  6. Nancy

    I have been a subscriber to your posts but recently have not been getting them. I tried to resubscribe but it says I am already a subscriber. Please help. I do so enjoy hearing about everything at the farm. Thanks

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