Relaxing Sunday

Four dogs went home, Rick left for work, two more dogs arrived and I got a 2 hr. nap on the porch.  What a great Sunday!  I continue to think about the garden tour and am surprised that I haven’t let that gardening bug really bite me.  My front space would be such a lovely garden – maybe some day.  I can’t tell you how much I admired the gardeners we visited.

This is Connie’s shrub that no one can name.  It is such a beautiful color.  
Here is a sweet potato vine – same beautiful color but a very different plant.

Does anyone know the name of Connie’s  shrub? 

Some comments:

The goslings, part of the gaggle of geese, are growing and are actually being shared by several different surrogate moms.   Gray Mama Goose is always right there but there is lots of goose “discussion” – much honking and flapping of wings among the adults.  I imagine they are arguing about whose turn it is to babysit.

I still do not have the Gypsy Wife Pinterest board set up – patience, please.

The needle nose pliers suggestion was a big hit – glad I could help.

Our weather has been beautiful – in the 70’s and low 80’s, just about perfect for anything including porch sitting.

Emma says “hey”.

Moses decided to be a lap dog – ha!


25 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday

  1. Carol

    Oops maybe that tuxedo is really a small pup…I guess they don’t all come in extra large!

  2. Carol

    My kitty is about the size of your lap dog’s head! And do I see part of a tuxedo at the tail end of the pup? Probably waiting for your lap to free up! Mine’s on my lap as I type! Take care of yourself, there, that leg looks like it hurts!

  3. Claudia Voorhees

    Hey back to Emma !! She is so cute !!! Always have to love a lap dog.

  4. Bonnie

    When I read my favorite blogs, I always save yours for last because I know I will end my reading with a smile or a laugh due to the great animal pictures. Emma and Moses did the trick again today. Thanks.

  5. Carole

    What a lovely lap robe you have! Sure hope it wasn’t too hot a day. Has Moses put in a request for a little padding for the chair arm? So wonderful that you have a wide armed Adirondack chair … just for him. Do any of your dogs get jealous when the visitors love you up too much?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, Carole, all of them vie for my attention and sometimes I almost feel sorry for Telly and Faye who are constantly having to share their home and their people.

  6. Holly

    What a fun post today! I especially loved the picture of Moses sitting on your lap. What a great look on his face–like he knows he doesn’t really fit, but he’s doing his best to get away with it and hoping he isn’t going to be told to get down.

  7. Penny

    I love your lap dog!

    Recently, we rescued a wood duck, all by himself……..
    Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota 2530 Dale Street N.
    Roseville 651-486-9453

    Seems these ducks have a way of surviving!

  8. teresa

    It may be an aralia cordata ‘sun king’. Try this link

  9. Becky Rose

    I’m LOL here at the picture of Moses sitting on your lap, Mary!! Wish you had a LIKE button!

  10. Peggy

    Moses looks pretty comfy there on your lap! Some dogs refuse to grow up, like some humans I know!! Ha! However, your leg doesn’t look so good in this picture!! Take care of it my dear!!

  11. Diane

    Mary, you need a bigger lap or a smaller dog!! Connie’s shrub? No clue. If it isn’t a rose or a tulip, I can’t help–black thumbs!! Gorgeous today in Central Ohio–73:).

  12. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Perhaps Moses thought you’d done enough outside work for the day? It’s been too hot and a bit humid to sit outside here for a few days….the drought continues. Your plants look so healthy.

  13. Linda Hanley

    Moses looks very comfortable on your lap and arm of the chair. You are a WONDERFUL animal lover – I wish you lived closer to watch our blind dog. She would love, love you. Linda

  14. Karla Thompson

    I think Connie’s shrub looks like some kind of euonymous—- it resembles my dwarf burning bush in the way that the leaves are situated in pairs across from each other…. does it get berries on it in fall? does it turn red or some other pretty color in fall?

    Moses looks like a sweetheart. 😉

  15. Ann Barlament

    Connie’ s shrub looks like my mom’s Ninebark shrub.

    Moses still thinks of himself as a puppy! Lol

  16. Angie Rowland

    I guess if you have an ambition to be a lap dog, be one, just don’t look in the mirror and ruin the image. When someone says,” I want, I want,” I say, “yea I want to be 5’9″ and 120 pounds but that ain’t happening, so GET over it” I guess Moses hasn’t been told that or he has and figures he is at your house and if they didn’t warn you, he is going to try to be the lap dog he was at an early age. Bless him

  17. Jill Holmes

    I so enjoy your words and pictures! Always so down to earth…a joy to read! I have never sent a comment before although I have thought of it many times! When I saw Moses on your lap, I couldn’t resist! What a wonderful dog! I have a fat, old 93 pound dog…his name is Frank although he has many other aliases…some not fit to print I might add! Frank is half Bassett hound and half lab. He has the beautiful face of a lab perched on the body of a Bassett hound. Being in northern Wisconsin , he has been called a 90 pound bratwurst! He really does resemble one! Frank the tank was rescued by our son who promptly left for college and couldn’t take the dog…that was eleven years ago. Pain in the butt to have him but can’t imagine life without him!

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