Garden Tour

The garden tour last night was simply wonderful and I was so inspired that I dreamt of gardens in my sleep.  There was one huge organic vegetable garden that looked impossible to me – who can weed that much?  I was more interested in this dog.

After I saw all those clean gardens I decided I could not avoid cleaning up my front garden space which looked like this when I started – all kinds of little weeds, maple helicopters and helicopters that were already growing as little trees.  Those Master Gardeners put me to shame!

With the help of this little needle nosed pliers, I cleaned out this tub of weeds and helicopters.


I moved all the plants back in and breathed a sigh of relief that it was done.  I will never make it to Master Gardener – I just hate weeding.

The goslings have joined the flock and are able to keep up.  It’s hard to get a good picture.

And here are my weekend boarders:





On Country Threads’ Pinterest page, I created a Gypsy Wife board for you to post your blocks.  I hope you’ll do it because I really want to see what everybody’s using.

Haven’t been sewing – weeding, mowing and taking care of 6 dogs instead.

18 thoughts on “Garden Tour

  1. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary,

    Love to look at the garden pictures. What a great idea – using needle-nose pliers to pull weeds in areas with stones. I have a similar area in front of my front porch, where this will be the perfect weeding tool. I hate weeding, too. Anything that helps me get that job done faster is wonderful.

  2. Ann Barlament

    I’m not all that excited about pulling weeds either. In fact I was thrilled when wild Violets showed up under my trees. Not only did the rabbits enjoy eating the leaves, but I only mowed them a couple times during the summer.

    Always enjoy seeing the variety of pupperoos at your place…I would be right outside playing with them.

  3. Linda

    Your yard is always absolutely perfect—the plants–how you arrange found things….I always so loved seeing it—-a place so many of us dream of—as for those “copters”—wow–I am cleaning up and cleaning them up still—-there were about four times the normal amount of them ….what happened????

  4. K

    I can’t find the Gypsy Wife pinterest board. Help!! Love the puppies and the gardens.

  5. Marilyn Morley

    Hi Mary – love the pictures as usual and like the idea of the needle nose plyers – may let me get my nails cleaner ! Someone may have already said this, but I think the chartuse plant is a Sweet Potato vine?? That is what I have know it as at least. M

  6. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Enjoyed your posting and pictures. You’ve a busy weekend with all the four legged critters enjoying their visiting. Nice to see the goslings keeping up with their “elders”.

  7. Noël

    Needle nose pliers for the weeds? How have I never thought of that!?! You’re a genius!

  8. Heather K

    Both your and Connie’s yards look great and the puppy is a cutie too! I love that you used Liberty fabric in your block- I may have to copy you

  9. Carol

    Your gardens are lovely. My philosophy is…if my plantings are bigger than my weeds, all is well! I lime the idea of the needle nose pliers…it’s not in my toolbox of gardening implements but a quick trip to my husband’s workroom will remedy that omission!
    Your pup photos are lovely …. And your owners should be watching your blog so they can rest assured everyone is content!
    I will be working on Gypsy’s Wife a few months down the road…but I am enjoying the posts, and would live to share when I get to that project.

  10. Holly

    What a job to pick all those helicopters out of the rocks! The finished product looks wonderful. I couldn’t believe how fabulous Connie’s gardens look. They certainly do belong in a magazine. I feel the same about weeding, though I don’t get weeds as much as tall grass–the kind with those long roots that shoot a foot underground and sprout somewhere else. And I have trouble with things I’ve planted that have turned into garden thugs. There are four or five things I’ve put in that have become chronic problems, and I think mint could take over the world if you gave it half a chance. Your visiting dogs are so cute!

  11. Diane Deibler

    Mary,your place always looks beautiful whether you’re a master Gardener or not. Really,although I am,it only means I know WHERE where to go to ask a question about plants!!! I have found that Preen thrown in the rocks really helps with weed control. It does not work on weeds that are already up but prevents the seeds from germinating. Okay, I never thought about the needle nose pliers for pulling weeds I will definitely try it! Thanks for the tip!!!

  12. Nancy

    You did an excellent job of weeding! The garden is lovely! Thanks for the great pics! I’m still waiting for my Gypsy Wife pattern to arrive! Can hardly wait to get started!

  13. Rose Mikulski

    I just checked Country Threads Pinterest Board and didn’t see the Gypsy Wife Board. I saw it on your Pinterest page.

  14. Rose Mikulski

    I love seeing the little goslings joining the flock or is it a gaggle? Anyways, are they still under Mama Brown Goose’s wings or it that wicked goose interfering again. Does the farm drama continue?
    Love that little Linus. Four dogs came to visit our four dogs today, all little, but they only stayed a couple of hours. I have some needle nose pliers, never thought of using them for weeding. Hope you get some sewing time soon.

  15. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi, I really enjoy your posts with the quilts, dogs, cats and gardening. My favorite gardening tool is a pair of needle nose pliers. Great for pulling weeds.

    thank you for your posts. you make my day.
    Carolyn B

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