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Sorry about the duplicate photo – I don’t know how to delete it.  Connie’s garden is just lovely and it didn’t get that way without many hours of work.  Someone commented yesterday that Country Garden Magazine should feature Connie’s garden and I’m sure you agree.  As you can probably see, Connie loves hostas.  I also asked what the yellow-green plant was and Connie does not know – sorry.


Here are Connie’s Gypsy Wife blocks – she made two because she didn’t like the first one and, as it turns out, she doesn’t like the second one either.  Ha!

And here is Connie’s Scrap Vortex in progress.  If you are not familiar with the “quilt – along”, go to Crazy Mom’s website for Steps 1-4.

Four dogs have already arrived this morning so my day has already been determined – guess I could take a lesson from Connie and pull weeds.  Ugh!

15 thoughts on “More Garden Photos

  1. PJ

    So love all the pictures you post, n wow, Connie’s yard look great but it is a huge amount of work. So thanks for sharing all of your pic…,PJ

  2. Martha C Engstler

    This is a wonderful way to start the day, love the garden, it is a real inspiration. Wish mine could look like that but my only space is in a bed behind the house. I love hostas also. Here in Pennsylvania we have a lot of deer but so far they haven’t bothered the hosta even though I understand that is one of their favorite things. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  3. brenda A in sunny AZ

    I love all the greenery and lush, gardens of the north. And I can appreciate the work involved by both you and Connie. Master Gardeners, Master Cooks, Master Quilters and loving, caring persons. You’re both beautiful people with boundless energy.
    Any attempts at greenery here in the desert are sabotaged by rabbits, but we do have all of our baby quail, emerging at this time of year. I had to stop the car yesterday and wait for mom and dad to escort their 13 new-born chicks across the street. We keep our bird bath on the ground so the birds can get a drink of water when they come through on their rounds at feeding time.

  4. Delores

    Thanks to Connie for the beautiful garden and to the photographer for sharing! Any “would-be” gardener understands the work involved and the love of enjoying.

  5. Launa

    With the severe drought here in CA……we’re fortunate to have a few flowering plants and are careful to see our trees have some slow, deep watering twice a week. Connie has such a talented “green thumb” and I appreciate seeing your pictures Mary.

  6. DorothySheldrake

    God has created such a verity of beauty. Here in Winchester, southern CA I have learned to enjoy the beauty of our boulders and the draught tolerant plants, but oh my, I so much enjoy the beauty of the lush green. Thank you Connie for all the work to create and care for your garden and thank you Mary for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  7. Diane

    I love seeing all the beautiful gardens. When Connie goes into the landscaping business, I’ll sign her up for Central Ohio. I love hearing all the news about the animals and what you’re doing, Mary. Thanks. Diane

  8. Betty Klosterman

    How do I get to Crazy Mom’s? The Scrap Vortex looks interesting.

    1. Kathy Schwartz

      I wonder if the yellow-green plant is Sweet Potato Vine. It is striking. Thanks for the garden tour. Very nice.

  9. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Love the photo’s of Connie’s garden: both of you obviously have very green fingers!
    So is Connie making version three of the Pershing block for the Gypsy Wife? Or is she going to go with no. 1 after all? I have finished my civil war reproduction of the Pershing block, which you can see here:
    And am busy selecting fabrics for block no. 3. Isn’t this fun?
    Fairly hot here at the moment, yesterday it was 87 in the shade and today looks to be hotter, but nice and sunny!

  10. Ann Barlament

    Have always loved Hostas, but found the metal garden sculpture most intriguing!!!!

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