A Fun Day! 7-3-23

I’ve had so much fun reading all your birthday greetings and comments about the book! Thank you, Everybody!

I have wanted to do this for so long! I don’t know if I ever told you that I got scammed by a bogus online “publisher” to the tune of almost $2000. Hard lesson learned.

I had my local printer work up this book and I never intended this to be a money maker. I paid over $13.00 per book just because I wanted to do it and your purchase is going to keep me at cost which was all I ever intended. The envelope and postage makes up the rest.

If you’re ordering a book I would so appreciate an address label if possible. If not it’s no problem – I can address your envelope.

It’s been a warm day – Becky brought lunch, I mowed the pasture, moved a flat rack and enjoyed a beer on the porch. Rick is doing well and is more comfortable with his walker.

Reader quilts and pets

And I’m caught up with reader photos – if you haven’t seen yours please let me know via email.

And that’s the end of my 75th birthday! It’s been great!

47 thoughts on “A Fun Day! 7-3-23

  1. Nancy Finch

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday today. We share the day but I have 10 years on you. Haha.
    I would really love to order your book when you finalize the cost.
    I have gotten hooked on a farm in Scotland that I think you would really enjoy too with their goats, sheep, chicken, and more. It is called Dalscone Farms. It runs on Facebook. Check it out.

  2. Bonny

    Happy birthday….and congratulations on publication of book! Rick’s progress news is good to hear, and as always, reader’s quilts and pets are inspiring and fun. Really chuckled at black dog mid-air photo….caught perfectly!

  3. Cheryl Regan

    I enjoy your blog…hope you never have technical issues ever again. Best birthday wishes!

  4. Sandra

    Happy happy birthday!
    Can’t wait to get your book.
    I was just telling my grandkids the story.

  5. Mary Howland

    So glad your birthday was a happy one. What a great way to celebrate you and your love of animals. Have a happy and safe 4th!

  6. Heidi

    Happy Birthday Mary, I enjoy your blog it keeps me in touch with my Iowa roots. I turn 81 this August. I pray our good Lord Will give you and your husband good health and energy to live the good life on your beautiful little farmstead. I still garden only a little different in the Pacific NW. Never loose the feeling of working in the soil.


    Hello! I sent cash today for 5 books…but mailed it today…so I’m throwing another envelope in the mail with address label…
    I am looking forward to the books…thank you again, the story looks wonderful!

    PS I had the extra envelope from a pen that didn’t cooperate—so sending another envelope saves me wasting one—glad to hear your day was great!

  8. Cindy Nelson

    Happy Belated Birthday
    Thank you for all you do!
    Loved the pets and quilts.

  9. Alice

    Wishing you a late “Happy Birthday”, Mary! My dear friend celebrated his 90th birthday on 7/2! We are good friends & neighbors & both lost our mates almost 3 yrs ago.
    So happy to hear about your book & I must have a copy! Very happy Rick is doing well!

  10. Sue in Oregon

    I am so glad you had a nice birthday. Looks like you had great weather, too. Nice!!

    Rita…I love your quilts. All of today’s quilts and dogs are great.

    1. Rita In Iowa

      Thanks Sue. Just trying to work on UFOs .
      The Quadrille is currently a Mystery Quilt still going on at From My Carolina Home. The directions are still available on her blog.

  11. Debbie Miller

    Sounds like you enjoyed your birthday-that’s great! Happy Birthday a little late as it is after midnight here in SC!

  12. Robin in washington

    It’s still your birthday In Washington so happy birthday to you. I’m glad your day was good. I so enjoy your blog. Can’t wait until I cans get to it to read

  13. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Glad you had a good birthday Mary. Enjoy July 4th too! The 4th is my mother’s birthday. July is a good month!

  14. Sandy McPherson

    Hi Mary, pleased to hear Rick is doing well, all thepets and quilts are fabulous as usual! I like the one using dyed fabrics, might have to look into that ,! Looking after the cats for a few days as family are showing Katrina’s parents some of the country, kinky and welly have a fancy water fountain and liter box in a house, it automatically empties itself when needed!take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – Kinky and Welly are pretty special, aren’t they?

  15. Rina Scholtz

    Thank you for sharing your day with us..I admire how busy you are and stil find time to do more!

  16. Cathie

    So glad your birthday was a happy one and that Rick is getting better. Loved the quilts!! And
    the pets!
    Thanks so much for brightening the day each morning!

    Happy Day today!

  17. Mary H

    Happy 75!! And congrats on your book. Check that off the bucket list. Yay! Enjoy the 4th. Glad Rick is making progress.
    We are @ family reunion. Gonna be a hot parade.

  18. Elle in AL

    Happy Birthday Mary🎈

    Thank you for continuing with the DD. Although I do not finish everything, it does encourage me to keep plugging along. I’m very happy with the ones I have completed.

    Congratulations on you fabulous book!

  19. Kathy in western NY

    What a good sister Becky is to bring you lunch on your birthday. I bet it was nice out on your porch talking and eating.
    The quilt show is so fun with all the designs and colors your readers share with us all. And I recognize Mrs. Goodneedles new puppy dog from her blog. He’s so sweet as are all the pets. What a lovely post.
    Stay safe everyone on the Independence Day. I will sit outside in the sunshine later and finish hand quilting a small red white and blue wall hanging and grill out hot dogs but first need to make a potato salad.

  20. Mrs. Goodneedle

    So glad your birthday was a happy one, you’ll always remember this one as the Susannah “ launch”! Happy 4th today 🇺🇸. Sending best wishes for Rick’s continued healing and forward progress. Enjoy this holiday, God bless America! 🇺🇸💥💥

  21. Janet S

    All the quilts today are made with such happy colors. Rita in Iowa, you have a special talent for fun quilts. Would you share the name of the black/white and yellow table runner. It’s adorable.
    Mary, with as big as your heart is you deserve a two day birthday so once again – happy birthday.
    It sure is wonderful that Rick is doing so well.
    Have a great 4th everyone no matter what you do.

    1. Rita In Iowa

      Thanks Sue. Just trying to work on UFOs .
      The Quadrille is currently a Mystery Quilt still going on at From My Carolina Home. The directions are still available on her blog.

      Sue forgot to respond on the table runner. It was a pattern that a friend designed for a retreat we hosted together , maybe 2003. Will check with her to see if it is okay to share. Send your email to rascott_5567@hotmail.com

    2. Rita in Iowa

      Thanks Janet, Just trying to work on UFOs .
      The Quadrille is currently a Mystery Quilt still going on at From My Carolina Home. The directions are still available on her blog.

      Janet, forgot to respond on the table runner. It was a pattern that a friend designed for a retreat we hosted together , maybe 2003. Will check with her to see if it is okay to share. Send your email to rascott_5567@hotmail.com

  22. Sue in Marion, IN

    So glad you had a great birthday! Three quilt friends of mine had birthdays this weekend—including Jean who hosts a hand sewing group at her house twice a month and turned 94 yesterday!

    Love the dachshund with the quilt! When I was a kid growing up in Gas City, Indiana (it was founded as Harrisburg but they changed it during the natural gas boom in the late 1800’s) our neighbors had a black-and-tan dachshund named Cindy. We loved that dog! She would chase a ball, but her very favorite thing was for you to throw her a rock, not kidding! She loved to fetch rounded rocks—something about the size of a tennis ball was perfect and she never tired of that game. Sweet doggie. My cats won’t fetch anything…😆

  23. Gail in Ohio

    Happy birthday (a day late – sorry!!!)!!!
    Great photos, the book looks like fun, and glad to hear things are going well with Rick!!

  24. Kathy Hanson

    So glad you had a wonderful day — a wonderful lady should have a wonderful birthday! I think of you so often want to get over to see you , your farm is so much fun and you are such a wonderful woman, so I am going to try! Glad you had such a wonderful day! Glad to hear that Rick is doing well too! Hugs to you both!

  25. Jan

    Belated Happy Birthday, Mary! I hope you have a blessed year ahead.

    Jan in Minnesota

  26. Ann in Virginia

    My book order is in the mail–can’t wait!!

    Sweet, sweet pet pics.
    HAPPY 4TH!!

  27. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

    HAPPY 4th everyone! The pets and quilts are super today. The big kitty looks a little like our Buddy. I love the Dachshund with his/her very own quilt🐶. Mary, it sounds like you had a very happy 75th. Enjoy today, too. Heck, celebrate the whole week; you deserve it.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Diane and gang, the cat is mine and his name is Buddy too! He is a 14 yr old stray and just walked in one cold night in November when I had to let out to poddy our elderly dog. I took him the next day to our vet for a chip and the vet told me if I didn’t want him, he would take him cause he had the personality of an office cat. We kept him after checking around area for any owners and he loves to be in my sewing room. I have to lift him up and put him back down as he wants to be next to my machine but he’s getting older and less agile.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Hi Kathy, He is a very handsome cat who sounds and looks a lot like Buddy. I will send another picture of him soon. He came to our porch in Jan. of 2021, but was very skittish and would not let me too close. It took 8 months, but he is fixed and a real lover. He will be 5 this month. He has taken over Squeak’s pillow lined basket in the sewing room window. Spoiled cats😹😹

  28. Tina W in Oregon

    Happy Independence Day! And happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you had a great day. Congrats on publishing your Susannah book! The quilts and animal pictures were great as usual. I always look forward to reading “about nothing”!!

  29. Diane in WI

    Happy Birthday- a day late! I’m glad you had a wonderful day. Congratulations on Oh Susannah. She was so special. Happy 4th of July everyone.

  30. Dianna in Wisconsin

    Happy belated birthday 🎂
    I was traveling yesterday so I didn’t send my wishes, glad you had a great day.
    We enjoyed a weekend with our son and family and today travel to our daughter’s for a 4th BBQ.
    Enjoying a salad from the garden, amazing how wonderful fresh greens are.

    Rain is expected tomorrow, keeping our fingers crossed that we get it.

  31. San

    In the early 1990’s I lived in Riverdale, Georgia while working in down town Atlanta. That’s when I received your wonderful Goat Gazette. How I enjoyed hearing all of the news of life on the farm. Sadly I gave away my copies prior to moving. Always loved seeing the pictures of your animals in the gazette and in your books.

    San / Gypsy Quilter Designs / Murphy, NC

  32. Margaret in North Texas

    Happy Birthday, Mary. Congratulations on the book as well!!

  33. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Happy Belated Birthday Mary. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Congratulations on the book. What an accomplishment! Happy 4th of July. Enjoy the day.

  34. Linda from Georgia

    A belated Happy Birthday, Mary! My 75th is approaching way too fast! I am glad that you published your book. We should have have goals in life and do our best to achieve them. One of mine is to enjoy your blog and to get my UFO’s completed. Thanks for assisting in this endeavor! Last year I didn’t do so great but the year before I completed them all. Oh, well, I have some left for this year. Happy 4th of July, my favorite holiday.

  35. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so glad you got your book published…you’ve worked so hard in it.
    The pet parade today was a hoot.
    Quilts are great.

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