A good day to be inside


Another rainy day in North Iowa and as you can see everyone is adjusting to the inclement weather. Maybe our drought is ending?
Rick is recuperating after an infection scare and a reaction to his pain meds. My daily routine is coffee, meals, pills, stockings, pillows, afghans, water, ice, to name a few of my chores. Then add in the carpenters, 5 dogs, 13 cats, the barn chores, the grocery shopping and all the household errands. Because I am overwhelmed for many weeks, I will ask your permission to combine the spring and summer issues of the remaining Goat Gazette. I just don’t see how I can get it done right now and continue to work at the same time. I promise to write on the blog very often and ask for your understanding regarding the final issues of the Goat Gazette, which, like many of you, I will miss in the big scheme of things but not all the actual work to write it.
Mary E.

15 thoughts on “A good day to be inside

  1. Diane

    HI Mary–As a caregiver through many, many surgeries in my family, the MOST important thing is to take care of YOU!!! The caregiver is very important. Don’t worry about the Goat Gazette, your readers will be fine. 🙂 Take care, Diane

  2. Connie

    Mary – as Diane said above – you need to take care of yourself in the process of all those chores you listed (and I’m sure that’s not near all of them). Yes, we will miss the Goat Gazette – but it’s going to end anyway so one issue earlier is no biggie. We’ll just ‘hang’ on your blogs!!! :*)

  3. Donna Booth

    I understand your situation completely and it is fine with me! Take care of yourself!!!!!!!!! You have WAY too much on board right now!!!! Thanks for all that you do!!!!! Hugs, Donna

  4. Dee

    Your people and animals are what matters – don’t worry about the Gazette. Thinking of you.

  5. Shiralyn Yates

    Yes we will miss it, but there are only 24 hours in a day, and we aren’t getting any younger, so I totally understand. I am amazed at how much you do get done. Hope Hubby is well and on his feet soon.

  6. Leslie

    Whew! You are always so busy I get tired thinking of what you normally do. Take care of Rick and your animal family. The Goat Gazette will wait. I echo everyone else-take care of yourself too!

  7. Beryl

    Don’t worry about it…you have enough on your plate! Will keep you in prayer. Don’t over do…you will end up in bed too. I’m thinking the rain doesn’t help the mud situation either! The sun is still up there…it is shining in our part of MT today!

    Have a good day…take time for you too

  8. Julie DeBower

    I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures Mary!!! Don’t worry about the newsletter right now—take care of your husband AND yourself!!!

  9. mary hulick

    Mary hope all goes well with your dh and you can get some rest you really have your hands full
    take care
    mary E. Hulick

  10. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, I will miss the Goat Gazette but you need to think about yourself and Rick, and your family of animals right now. I’m glad it’s raining too, but do we have to get all of it at one times? Ha ha! Hope you find some time to relax! Love to you and Rick.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey, Moe — loved your rat story! Had to even throw out the couch-ha!
      Charlotte-I’ll bet you miss your cats! Connie and I are heading out to Portland for market and staying at The Benson which reminds me of the time we spent together 5 years ago.
      Lael – hope you find some good stuff at the estate sale-my favorite kind of sale.

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