A New Day

What a difference a day makes! Monday night was when I had the meltdown but the next day I felt so much better. Today is even better than yesterday – or it would be if not for physical therapy this morning. I am exhausted!
A New Day

I appreciate all the information so many have given here in the comments. I have adjusted my ibuprofen and Tylenol, kept up with the exercises and icing and generally walked as much as possible around the house and out to the shop.
I just returned from physical therapy and will move to my chair for a rest. My goal today is attempting the steps that go down to my sewing room.

I enjoyed the World Series game last night and will be thinking of all the people going to Preview Night at Quilt Festival which is held at the George Brown Convention Center next door to the stadium. Now that’s going to be congestion!

I hope Tanya, Jo, and any other readers take pictures for me of what they find interesting at the show. Wish I were there!

Tim combined the corn across the road yesterday which gave me some entertainment although I can’t move fast enough to get a good picture – ha!

It’s such a pretty yellow before they start ripping the ground and I wish it could stay that way but sadly, it can’t if they expect a crop next season.

I wish I could go to the barn to see the chickens but it will have to wait. All I can manage right now is my chair – haha! Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Peggy

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep on trucking. Keep up with more of the same. Be careful with the stairs.

  2. SW Iowa Jan

    I had to move a twin bed down to the living room because my stairs up are so steep & narrow. (Those Swedes trying to save money 100 yes. ago!) Take care! You’re tired because you did have major surgery & are working hard in therapy! Time to read!!

  3. Helen

    Glad you are doing better today. That third day is the worse after any physical event I think. Be careful moving around…..don’t overdo it! God bless!

  4. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary — I felt so bad for you yesterday that I allowed my self to go on a diatribe about how my husband had none of that pain you were experiencing. I am sorry for going on and on. When I hear about others who have so much pain from knee replacement surgery, I makes me sad. Do you have a cooling machine? It was very helpful to prevent post-surgical swelling. My mother-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law and hubby used it and it was great.

    Sorry again for my ramblings yesterday.

    1. Cinders

      Sounds like you are progressing! Great news! Wish I would have had a cooling machine three years ago, will know about it if I ever have to have knee surgery again. Take care and rest and do your exercises in between therapy sessions, makes recovery faster!! It was 17 degrees here in Ghent today, all our annuals are now at the compost location in town now. Just a few more leaves to go on our Maples so raking has not ended yet.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh my goodness, no problem! This blog allows any of us to say what’s on our mind pretty much. I’m a tough Iowan – I think I can handle this even though it would certainly be easier if I had some pain meds.

  5. Amy M

    Yeah! Glad to hear you are feeling better! So excited you are moving around! In Kansas City today it is spitting sleet and rain with snow expected tonight. I’m guessing you will get some also!! One more piece of advice if your PT hasn’t told you, most falls happen because we shuffle our feet instead of picking them up. So please be careful as you move around!!

  6. Cheryl

    Rest often and nap. It takes about five months before all your energy returns. Stay on the knee straightening, but that takes a while too. Be good to yourself. Pt should show you how to do steps. I sleep upstairs so did stairs from the beginning. Pain control is really important in those first two weeks so stay ahead of that. Glad your blog posts are working.

  7. Robin Boggan

    So glad that you are doing better! We all forget that it takes time and we are all in a hurry to get back to are every day life. Take care of yourself! 🎃

  8. Debbie Miller

    You’ve got this Mary and it does get so much better! As a double knee replacement survivor myself (surgeries 5 years apart) a small tip for stairs. UP with the good and DOWN with the bad! My PT told me that 17 years ago and I still follow that advice. Sometimes you have to think about it, but it puts less pressure on anything that hurts!

  9. MartyCae

    So glad to hear you are making progress! Falling apart is not easy is it!!!!! I starting noticing aches and pains when I turned 60 darn it!

  10. Montana Kathy

    Mary, thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. Don’t overdo it. And keep on top of the pain. Enjoy the quiet time with Hazel and the kitties.

  11. Sue in Oregon

    Whew….You sound so much better and that makes me happy to begin my day. Keep up the good work managing your pain and progress, Mary. You are the best!

  12. Rhoda Ebersole

    Sending mire healing thoughts and sounds like you are doing really well. One day at a time and you will be your old self with a new knee soon.
    I started “The Girl with Seven Names” by Hyeonseo Lee about a woman from North Korea. It is a true story and just fascinating. About a life we in the USA cannot imagine. It came from a friend’s suggestion. He only reads true stories now.

  13. Lois Ann Johnson

    The news and post-op report from your house sounds much better today! I am glad your pain level is more manageable now; I am certain you are, too! Keep up the good work with your physical therapy and positive attitude. You can do this! Your “public” is rooting for you and a speedy recovery!

  14. Beth

    Please don’t rush things. It takes awhile for the tendons inside to heal. Elevate and ice are very important for the healing process. Keeping you in my prayers for continued recovery.

  15. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    There was so much great advice yesterday about the pain and leg cramps that I’ll save that in case I or my family needs it. So good to hear you are doing well. So many of us know what you are going thru but I’m sure I had the serious pain pills. If you have the other knee done maybe you can find “real” pain pills ahead of time.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    We’re all so glad today is better. See, quilts have magic medicine.
    We are leaving for Houston in the morning, I’m so excited and a bit overwhelmed. I haven’t flown in about 25 years, much has changed.
    We will take lots of pictures for you, wish you were going to be there.
    Hello to Connie and Denise, Hazel and Telle, and all the other furries and feathers.

  17. Ellie

    So glad today is a better day. You will find there are more good days than bad although you may have some setbacks when you try to do too much. Ice and elevate when there’s pain and try to stay ahead of it with the Tylenol and ibuprofen. That’s very important

  18. Helen Jane

    Hi Mary…so good to know your day is better…yesterday was alarming to realize you were in such pain. I have no experience with this. I did find all the help suggestions interesting to keep. Today is wet/damp/cold/overcast:( with more cold on the way…brrrr here in Texas.

  19. Kim J LeMere

    So glad to read that today is a better day than yesterday. Soon you will be able to go see the chicken, take it easy for now.

  20. Kay Crandall

    So glad you’re feeling better today! When I had my knee replaced a couple years ago I had a 72 hour pain block and was a “rock star” in the hospital because I felt no pain. Once I got home and the block wore off it was a totally different story! Every day was better tho, and after a couple weeks of doing the PT faithfully, I didn’t even need a cane. I know you’ll recover beautifully and wonder why you didn’t have it done sooner.

  21. Launa

    Mary when my younger son broke his knee cap in three places he had screws and wire putting it back together, but his thoughtful surgeon prescribed a nerve block in that leg. Worked wonders for no pain when needed. When all was healed and the metal work removed he had intense pain and was so bad about it the different surgeon allowed a nerve block, too. Just can’t understand why these aren’t used more rather than opioids?
    Am so relieved you are feeling better this morning. Rest, ice and take a nap if you can.
    I closed 5 ads!

  22. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Thank goodness you’re feeling improved, one day at a time. I haven’t had your surgery so I don’t have a Pin inkling of how bad your days and nights have been, but the incision is a pretty big clue that is wicked painful. Here’s to a good night’s Sleep tonight.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – I hope you see this because I’ve messaged you three times now – I want you to take a picture of your cute mom in her Mr. Peanut costume!!!!!

  23. Julie D.

    Slow and steady wins the race as they say. Each day is going to get a little better! You can do it Mary!!

  24. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Glad you are feeling a bit better about life today! One of the many adds I closed was for a ‘knee aid’! Google must be reading along with the comments!!!

    Good luck with the therapy and hang in there.

  25. Brenda archambault

    Mary, I finally managed to pull up your recent blogs which had been hiding in computer heaven, or in your case, computer hell. Reading 3 or 4 days worth, all at once was like a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. So very happy that your post today was so positive …. it sounds like you’re on the upward swing. Regarding leg cramps, I haven’t had them since taking a “medicinal” dose of gin and tonic on a daily basis when I’m not drugged up. And I’ve managed to save up a small stash of tramadol, when no one was looking! Better to be prepared than sorry. Get better soon.

  26. Tanya in Houston

    Definitely thinking of you as I prepare to head downtown Houston for the quilt preview night! With Rockets game at Toyota and Astros at Minute Maid, I am just hoping for a parking place! Going early so maybe that will help! Rest up and rest assured we will send photos for you to enjoy!

  27. Gloria Y

    Glad to read that you are having a better day. Watch those steps! PT should work with you on the steps.

  28. Sharon Lowy

    So glad to hear you are better today. It really is a day at a time and you will be out checking the chickens soon.💕👍

  29. Jackie Baumhauer

    I’m so glad you are better. I like how all the animals come to comfort you. That is the best medicine!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      And get this – Jackie came to the house and never went back to the shop! She must want to be part of the comfort team – sweet!

  30. Kathy in western NY

    Sooo happy to read you feel better today. We worry about you! Take one day at a time and whine to us if you need to vent. None of this is easy when you have the large household to care for like you do. I had a gin and tonic last night stitching and watching tv and slept wonderful with no leg pains so once you are off the meds, cut up those limes and have one to see if it works for you too!

  31. Diane in WI

    Glad you are feeling better. The whole thing is a long process. Every day will get a bit better. Your animal friends know you need some love and tender care. They are special. Have the therapists told you to keep your leg as straight as possible? I also massaged my leg, and it made it feel so good. I still do that to mine. We may get 2-5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. We had about two inches yesterday. How many days to spring? Take care.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      No, I don’t think they say to keep it straight – working on bending it to a 90 degree angle is what she talks about mostly. She says my straight is good. Today I crossed my leg to put my shoe on and when I looked up to ask her if I could do that she laughed and said “ you can do that?” Ha!

  32. Joyce from NY

    So glad you are feeling better today, keep it up. I was worried about you yesterday.

  33. Jan from TN

    So glad to hear your feeling better today! YAY, you!!! Good luck with those steps to your sewing room! I’m rooting for you…………
    We have horrible weather predicted for Halloween — lots of rain & strong winds & dropping temps all day. Friday night into Saturday am & the same Saturday into Sunday we may have a hard freeze. Plus we set the clocks back one hour Saturday night. I really dislike DST — makes the daylight time even short than it’s already become. So depressing………….I think I’ll look into one of those SAD lights this year.
    Take care. Think about you every day! Thanks for the updates.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I, too, hate changing the time! In 1991 it was raining on trick or treat night and then the temps started dropping. I remember that it was 29 degrees when I got home. The next morning the ice was thick and the winds high so trees, poles and power lines came down. Temps dropped to below zero and power was out for five days. My life here on the farm is divided before the ice storm or after the ice storm. I hope your weather doesn’t get as bad as that was for us.

  34. Carolyn Boutilier

    So glad your days are getting better. the worse is over and just keep up with your PT. take time to rest as it was major surgery.

  35. Carmen

    Glad for you that today went much better. Someday, I would like to get to Houston for the big show. On a side note, when I go directly to the blog, it gives me old posts. I try to go to newer posts, but it still doesn’t get to the current one. Thought you might like to know

  36. Diane

    I assume you had a total knee replacement, but I could not find that out….
    In the past three years I have had 2 total knee replacements, one total shoulder replacement and one total hip replacement. Cutting into the joint is so extremely painful. The doc had a nerve not to give you something stronger…He/she must never have had that himself. Five days of hydrocodone should be available..ugh…well it is too late for that now, looks like you are on your way. Day 3 is t he worst as the surgical meds are wearing off…each day gets better…Even with the pain…I am so grateful that I did the operations…it is a miracle…best of luck xo

  37. Pat Smith

    I felt sick reading yesterday about the pain you’re having, but was SO happy to hear that things are better today. I agree with some of the others, I don’t have leg cramps—must be the medicinal vodka tonic I have before dinner every evening. I hope things get better for you every day. I can’t offer any advice as I’ve never had a joint replaced, but so many of my friends have, and they are so much better now. I’m sure you will be too.

  38. Mary

    You need to put a media device in the barn so you can view the animals – sort of like the Ringtone ads.

  39. Jan Smith

    How amazing that recovering can move so swiftly these days. Very happy that you’re having a better day!

  40. patti leal

    mary, am so glad to hear you are feeling better. i have issues with stairs. on the few days i can make it upstairs, i’ve been known to sit down on the stairs and come down the stairs sitting down like a child. it’s safer than my trying to walk down the stairs. there are so many of us out here with difficulties. tonight i heard on the news that my area has set a new record for the hottest october in over 100 years. average temp of 90.9 degrees F. i want cooler weather to save my electric bill. tomorrow is supposed to be 92. i hope you’ve found a good book to read. quilti hugs, patti in florida

  41. Nikki M in Tx

    Glad doing better… hang in there… still sending prayers.. in Houston .. staying @ Marriott across street from convention center and 1 block stadium..traffic not as bad as expected when arrived at 4pm..update tomorrow..

  42. Caryn Goulden

    Glad to hear you are doing better. Amazing the difference one day can make. Keep going with PT, even when you don’t want to. It really makes a big difference. Rest often!

  43. Norma

    Oh my! Somehow the blog posts have been hiding since the free pattern one! I found you this morning!
    Glad you were able to get your knee done, sad that you could not have enough pain meds to help you through the first few days! My husband had his done a few years ago and had enough meds to get therapy done at first. He was worried about taking them too much but at least they were available.
    Take care. I know you’re one strong woman so you’ll be on the go in no time.

  44. Donna

    JUst hand n there Mary. You’re going to be so much better off once this heals than you were before surgery.

    I was lucky because I had very little pain after surgery and took only 1/2 of a pain pill before my first therapy. I think it was because I did stretches for about 2 moths before surgery to get my muscles stronger aroung my knee. Just hang in there it’s going to get better. Keep icing and exercising as much as you can. Don’t let it get stiff. Knee looks pretty good for this soon after surgery.

  45. Diane and Squeak, Central Ohio

    You go girl. It sounds like you have this knee replacement stuff and PT all under control:) Someone mentioned finding the blog in computer hell so I will start looking in spam etc to see if it’s hiding. I keep putting my email in so maybe it’ll take:)

    It was cold and VERY windy in Central Ohio last night for the treaters. We did have 10 hearty souls and their parents who came to our house. We live on a big hill with houses far apart so I gave them lots of treats:)

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