My doctor won’t given me anything but Tylenol and ibuprofen for the pain and I could sure use something.  Last night I had a real meltdown.  My leg had one charleyhorse after another and finally I took my TED hose off and they went away.


Someone asked if they’d given me the sock aid at the hospital and I said “yes” but I use that term loosely.  Look at all these fun cards I got yesterday – and cat pictures!

Every time I lay down to use the ice machine or do the exercises, this is what happens!  They want to come with me!

And now for some Dirty Dozen finishes!  These look great!

This is what greeted us this morning – snow!

83 thoughts on “OUCH!!!!

  1. Diane and Squeak

    Hi Mary, I hope your PT continues to go well. My husband was exhausted afterwards, but it helped
    immensely. I have not been receiving Chicken Scratch. I put my email in again on Monday and then again today (Friday) so I hope it starts coming to my email. You suggested I unsubscribe and then re-enter my email, but I can’t find where to unsubscribe so I’m hoping this works:)
    Hang in there!!

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I don’t think I would have been able to have back surgery without pain pills. To me good pain management is crucial for healing. Bill sometimes takes Aleve and Tylenol together I think when he has bad back pain. Hope your pain level improves. Hugs.

  3. ChristieB

    I see your leg is dressed and all ready for Halloween! (Ha ha) take care and hopefully you recovery quickly and get rid of the pain! Will be praying for your healing. HUGS… and stitches

  4. Ann in Virginia

    Poor Baby, that is a dreadful incision. You are a trooper. Hope you are
    starting to feel better. Much sympathy to you!

  5. Marilyn

    Aleeve is a good alternative for pain as recommended by my knee doctor. Keep the ice on your leg as long as you can and take it off only to warm up. A friend got chilled and took it off and did not ice the leg again and two years later is experiencing problems. Keep leg elevated as much as possible…the first two weeks I did not feel like doing anything but lying down with leg elevated…only got up for bathroom and therapy…also I slept most of the first 2 weeks. Fortunately, I had a husband who stayed by my side during that time; worth a fortune! As soon as I could move without him, he was off to his jobs and checking on me every hour or two. Keep the faith…a friend told me, “this too will pass” and you have too much drive to let this get you down for long.

  6. Kate Schloemer

    I pray you have fast healing. The first week is the worse. I went to swing bed and stayed for a week but I live alone. I was given pain meds when I came home. Tylenol and Ibuprofen just isn’t enough. Praying you heal fast.

  7. Donna McCormack

    Mary I’m not going to give you medical advice but wanted to tell you something I do know. Your loving animals know you are not feeling well so they are sympathizing. Animals always know when people need them most. That is why they want to be close to you. They love you. I hope you are feeling better.

  8. Charlotte S

    Oh Mary, so sorry you were in such pain. Hope you are feeling better today. Prayers for fast healing. The #7s are beautiful.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    I expected that your leg would look like that but the charlyhorses must have been excruciating!! So glad you told the stocking off and that helped. Tylenol alternated with ibuprofen usually does work well but I hope that continues to do the trick. It will get better but…. in the meantime I hope that what you found to work today will continue. So good that your “best friends” (furry, of course) want to stay with you and make you feel loved! How wonderful! Hoping that you will be able to get to your sewing room tomorrow as that will help you feel better! Love and prayers!! The Dirty Dozen projects are so beautiful – you and Connie had a great idea!!!

  10. Pam W.

    Mary, I recommend you contact another doctor to get some pain medication. NOBODY should be in pain! I had both knees replaced at the same time about 6 1/2 years ago. I was in rehab for a week. I had a spinal block for the surgery, which unfortunately didn’t last. But the drugs did work. Now I fell on my basement steps and shattered my femur and broke my fibula. I had surgery with 11 screws and a metal plate. I was in the hospital for 5 days (didn’t have surgery for 2 days–my choice because I wanted a surgeon I was confident in), rehab for 9 days, because they didn’t do PT on weekends. I felt like I was managing my pain medications, instead of the medical “professionals”. I was not informed of changes in the meds and at times did not get the medication I needed. Now my PC doc. doesn’t want me to have any prescription pain meds, but another dr. gave me a script for tramadol. I no longer feel like I need Narco, which he would have given to me if I asked. But tylenol just doesn’t cut it! I’m a firm believer that a person won’t get “hooked” on pain meds if you only take them when in pain. Over the years, I’ve had almost all of them, and stopped taking them when I didn’t need them! Good luck. I know it’s tough. I’m hoping that I can start to put weight on my leg next month. Originally, I was told it would be 3 months before I could put weight on it. Looks like you have good company!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Pam!!!! You fell and all this happened? So much hospital time, therapy, pain and you sound like you’re in control. I lost it last night but tonight I’m so much better – pain is under control and tomorrow is pt again. I did have tramadol but I’ve never had good luck with it. Today I alternated the ibuprofen and Tylenol and I felt lots better. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt the steps down to my sewing room! O happy day! Good luck, Pam – I feel bad for you! Do you have someone to help you?

  11. Cinds

    Your incision looks great. I had partial knee replacement and the pain was bad for about a week yhen I could take Tylenol. I wish I had insurance like to Katherine Gourley, spwonderful post-op care. I get Charlie Horses in the night, will try e pills, and perhaps a further detail explanation on the Dove diaper please. Get well soon Mary, in no he you will be your active self again.

  12. Tammy from Neillsville,WI

    Mary, it’s a good thing you aren’t a whimp. There is no way my husband could have done PT without the drugs. As for the charlie horses, my hubby gets them all the time and what works for him is a spoonful of yellow mustard, it is instantly gone. Hope you find something that helps!

  13. KathyG

    When my husband had charley horses a lot he was told to drink Gatorade. Apparently a combo of hydration and the electrolytes helps keep the charley horses away. It worked for him post surgery.

    It’s too bad they just didn’t give you a 5 day supply of oxycodone, the stuff relaxes you enough to help you heal faster. The opioid rules are ridiculous and physicians are just too scared.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  14. Jan from TNj

    Oh Mary, I feel so bad for you. 😥 The huge drug problem in this country has made it illegal for DOCTORS to prescribe real pain pills to surgical patients! Acetametophin, Ibuprofen & Naproxen just don’t cut severe pain at all! It is such a shame that all the addicts in this country have made us come to this point. 🤬 It’s tragic really. Were you able to go to physical therapy today?
    The PA in my doctor’s office is also a Physical Therapist. When my shoulder was really starting to bother me & interfere with some daily activities (not so much with machine piecing, thank goodness)). she told me to start with 1 Tylenol-type pill & 1 Advil-type pill every 4-6 hours, around the clock. If it didn’t help increase to 2 of each, etc. But, no more than x # of doses a day. I know for a fact that prescription strength Ibuprofen (Advil) is 800 mg, so you could technically take 4 Ibuprofen at a time. Unless it causes you stomach discomfort or you already know you’re sensitive to it.
    I wish you well. But terribly sorry you have to be in such pain during recovery. 😥 Hugs-🤗

  15. Katherine Gourley

    Oh Mary, your doctor is an idiot. My husband had both of his knees done 6 months apart and had no bruising or pain like you have. The surgeon performed a nerve block in his knee that lasted about three or 4 days followed by norco every 6 hours for 1 week to ensure he could effectively do physical therapy. Within 3 hours of surgery the physical therapist had him climbing 5 stairs. He had zero pain with the nerve block. He was discharged 2 days after surgery (blood clots, if they are going to form, usually occur within 48 hours, so they keep patients a full 48 hours before discharge). He had physical therapy 3 times a day in the hospital. He was discharged on an anticoagulant and a home health nurse and physical therapist came 5 days a week for 6 weeks. He was totally able to resume all activities of daily living (including climbing 15 stairs to the 2nd floor within 9 days). He never wore teds and used a stationary bike for 30 min 3 times a day. His prostheses allow his knees to move side to side and he can kneel on them (with a pad). He does everything normally since the surgeries over 2 years ago. At all of his check ups the physician has been delighted with his knees. Medicare and our supplemental paid 100%.

  16. Louise K.

    I’m sorry you’re in pain. My husband filled a pain-killer prescription a few years ago for surgery on his ankle, that he never used. I thought of giving them to the Sheriff’s drug take-back program, but maybe I should hoard them???!!
    Hang in there, and thanks for sharing the “finish” photos!

  17. Deb Harrison

    Mary, I am sorry you are experiencing charliehorses and pain! I had not heard of the Charlie’s as my mother didn’t experience those when I was with her. We did ice her a lot as it takes down the inflammation. Maybe some natural potassium like bananas or orange juice for the Charlie’s?

    My biggest complaint is: doesn’t the surgeon KNOW WHO YOU ARE? Where were the surgeons who can do quilting and buttonhole stitches? Where did they get their education? What were they thinking? Did they know you know a great stitch when you see one? They should have had Connie close that top layer!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Deb, you’re hilarious! Surely he could have used a blind hem stitch, right? Sent your book out today and included a note with the amount I made your check out for. Thank you!

  18. Sue in Oregon

    Oh, Mary…Looking at your incision makes my stomach flip flop. Others are saying it looks good, but Oh, Yikes, it looks so awful.
    I am getting lots of good info from some of the others here. I am even writing it down. I hope you are reading about some of the ideas here and that you find something that works for relief and sleep. From one that has never had a knee surgery. …. I DON”T WANT ONE!!
    Take care, dear friend. Hopefully, you will be on the mend very, very soon.

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Ouch is right! I think any incision healing involving the skin hurts. But you had much more inside to heal too so guess time will tell. I certainly would call the doctor soon for something stronger if you can’t sleep cause your rest is needed. It’s not like you are an addict searching for drugs and the doctor would know that from your past visits. Pets have to be loving you sitting for longer times so they can cuddle. Thanks for touching base with us.

  20. Ellie

    I’m so sorry you’re having so much pain. It will get better, just stick with the ice and exercise. They are your friends.

  21. Paula Philpot

    A lot above for you to read today. Glad you are home for the snow. Where can we get the Santa pattern. I need that bad for a door. ….thinking and prayers for you. Paula in KY

  22. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, the surgical stockings. Frank got mad trying to put them on with the “aid,” really yanked on it and ripped the $50 stockings! In the meantime, I’d put the darn things on him. We’d giggle, groan and laugh, especially on the long ones. I got pretty good with the knee high ones and could get them on him in about 5 minutes, but I was pooped. Didn’t need to do the arm exercises then.

    1. Sandra Corrigan

      I am so happy that you are home,but so sorry for the pain. I have your recovery in my prayers.Cats can be a wonderful comfort.They seem to know when someone is ill.My cat is very happy to spend the day in bed with me when I have an arthritis flare-up.Heal quickly so you can get back to trips (I call it my cultural experience,trips to antique,Wallmart,quilt store,and so on). Thank you for letting us know about your recovery.Take care.

  23. Dawn Jordan

    I had both of mine done. Make sure you do all of the exercises they give you to do. It’s a tough surgery and healing process. I’m still working on mine, that I had done June 27th.

  24. Sharon Geiger

    Awwww, your fur babies missed you! Plus, cats being cats, they go to where something has changed. Lol Glad to know that you are home. Before long you will be getting around without a cane or walker. Keep doing your exercises and icing.

  25. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I folded an old towel in half, sewed pockets from the folded side that would hold the freezer ice pack. Put the freezer packs in the pockets , fold the extra part over and wrap around your knee with clothes pins, etc to hold it in place. The freezer packs mold to the body, too. Pretty low tech, but it helps. How much Tylenol do you take? My doctor says that really works about as good as the opiods. They told me to take Tylenol after my hernia surgery and it worked pretty good. Think Ionly took it about once. Actually walking did the most good. I know that wasn’t as huge as your knee, but it is a place to start. Cold really does help numb the pain. BUT look the 1st of the first 2 weeks is almost half over! The leg cramps are nasty. Take care. We are all on your side. Might try watching a funny movie?? Laughter can’t hurt, much. Betty

    I’ll have to tell you about a neighbor. Her grandkids were moving her yard when she somehow pinched her hand. It really hurt so she came over to our house so she could cuss! I got an ice pack out of the freezer and it felt so good it went home with her. Some people have food in their freezers?
    It will get better.

    1. Nicole Hanson

      Tylenol with codine? Just plain Tylenol is useless. Another good ice pack is a one gallon
      plastic zip close bag filled with bottle of isophercol alcohol and water. About a fifty-fifty- mixture. Freeze. Becomes slushy and is moldable to area where ice pack is needed.
      Hope that helps with relief from the pain, but hang in there, time is the cure!

  26. Barbara Vest

    Mary, I’m sorry your going through all that pain, but your a trooper for pushing ahead and still working on orders. Your photos of the cats on the bed made me laugh out loud, and that’s a good break from all the chaos and power outages we are having out here in California. I love your newsletters and photos of farm life, having grown up on a farm myself in Northern California. Keep up the good work, your patterns are beautiful, and fun!

  27. Launa

    Mary, my doctor said I could safely take 500 mg Tylenol ..6 tablets in 24 hours for arthritis pain! Depends on weather, but this morning it was -5 degrees up here. Sunny all day after snowing so much yesterday. Glad sun has melted it off the trees.
    Praying you get pain relief!

  28. Ruth

    That incision photo is rather startling! Good Luck with the recovery! Please keep Denise on retainer for your blog problems! Tonight is the first time in over a month that I have been able to access your blog via firefox and see all the blogposts the way they used to be. All in a line, all correctly showing up. Yippee!!

  29. Debbie

    Wow. I hope your pain settles down soon. My husband had knee replacement surgery last week. His incision looks like yours but his post surgery treatment sure sounds different.

  30. Pat Book

    I feel your pain. I took Tylenol and ibuprofen together in order to get any relief. Depending on your doctor if you call and beg for something a little stronger, I found that it helped, especially when you can’t sleep. I am glad that they don’t let you have the good stuff, because I think I could have easily gotten hooked on it. It definitely isn’t a picnic to go through.

  31. Mary R.

    I can’t believe the doctor didn’t give you anything stronger. When I had my knee replacement, the doctor had me on Celebrex and Gabapentin along with a very strong pain killer. According to him, this is a very painful surgery and takes approximately 1-1/2 years to heal. Make sure you continue to do therapy so you don’t develop scar tissue. I hope the pain gets better and you start to feel better.

  32. SW Iowa Jan

    I’m sorry that your pain isn’t being managed. How on earth can you do PT??? You aren’t doing too much? I’m pretty sure I never I saw my surgical incision until a lot later. 14 years, orthopedic surgeon & hospital make for differences!! Take care.

  33. Nikki M in Tx

    So sorry for pain..am sure I am preaching to the choir but let doctor know about pain.. also PT tech. It does/should get better each day…prayers are with you. We each heal on our own time table. But the knee/ incision does look good and infection free.

  34. Cheryl

    I think it’s cruel not to have pain meds. I used them for two weeks and was slowing down use by then. Then I went to Tylenol and ibuprofen. Keep up the exercising and move as much as you can. Listen to your physical therapist as they can help you so much. Find a different dr for your next knee replacement. Maybe your general physician will help you out with pain meds.

  35. Carol T

    I’m so sorry they won’t give you something stronger for your pain……I bet they would want something stronger if they were in your situation! I know how much it hurts Mary….call the office and tell them you need a break from pain. Take care and don’t push too hard….you will get through this.

  36. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! That looks painful.
    I’ve always heard Tylenol and beer, or any liquor is not a good mix. Ask your dr.
    I’m goina try the soap trick and the mustard, like she said…can’t hurt. Anything is better than those awful cramps.

    1. Nicole Hanson

      No mixing of ANY meds with alcohol! Baaaad for the liver! Pickle juice works. I’ve tried that. Also magnesium and zinc, taken daily.

  37. Donna di Natale

    I had the same surgery and got good pain medications. Your doctor isn’t practicing good medicine by withholding stronger drugs from you. You need to be moving your knee, but that isn’t possible without something to kill the pain. Be sure you are icing the incision often.

  38. Nicole Hanson

    Poor Mary! I think people forget, like childbirth!, all the pain that is involved with these surgeries. Use to be they’d at least give you ten pain pills. Now they want you to take Tylenol, Advil, nsaids. Might as well flush the money down the toilet for all the good they do! At least the kitties know when they have a “captive audience”! Hope their attention gives you comfort. Try not to hurry the healing, it’ll take as long as it takes. Be sure to keep up with the exercises so you don’t build up scar tissue! God Bless. You are a trooper and a survivor!

  39. Alison

    Opioids will not stop leg cramps. Rosalie is correct that magnesium will prevent them over the long run but when you are in the middle of a cramp, you need immediate relief! Get the Hylands Leg Cramp pills. They are homeopathic and they really work. I suffered for years until I found them.

  40. Marilyn KSB

    Oh Mary, I am so sorry about the pain. In past year I have had both shoulders replaced. Second time I told the surgeon that if I was going to get addicted to pain killers I would have done it a long time ago, since I was in such excruciating pain. (NO cartilage left in either shoulder and bone spurs – talk about hard headed) told him further that if I could not sleep then I would not heal. At 68 I deserved the right to be pampered with a mild pain killer for a couple of nights. He finally gave me some Tramadol I only took one an evening for 2-3 nights then I was fine with Tylenol. It’s funny how much worse the pain is when it gets dark outside and you are trying to sleep. I swear the whole world is crazy. I understand the pain killer crisis but 1-2 nights of decent sleep make all the difference in the world. I will tell you to Hang in there it IS all worth it after the first two weeks. I can use my arms now and I don’t have the pain I had before. Hang in there it will be worth it.

  41. Penny C Maryland

    Oh Mary I can’t believe he gave you nothing else for pain. You are a trooper, you’ve got this girl. I know soon you will be saying, why did I wait so long. Keep up the work with the exercises.

  42. Karen Gaither

    Your incision looks great. Part of the issue now is the nerves are coming back to life. You have the compression sock that goes to your thigh? I have rechargeable battery compression sleeves that I wear instead of the stocking they have helped with cramping if calves. I will text you a picture of the box, they are amazing! I also have rechargeable battery tinge devise that sits above the incision.

  43. mylo sanders

    Hi Mary,so pleased to see you are post-op.The pain stinks the first couple of weeks ,but will improve.
    For your charleyhorses which l think you mean cramps can l suggest tonic water known to have quinine in it and eat a banana for potassium. Wear shoes not slippers. shoes give more support ,in 6 weeks you will be soooooooooo glad you had it done PROMISE
    Mylo ( a UK peeper)

  44. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    Wow! That is awful that you don’t get any pain meds. When my son had to have his knee cap placed back into the correct position (it was half way up his thigh when he ripped all the tendons holding it into place while playing college football) he was given a lot of pain meds. I don’t think that 21 year old would have made managed without them little lone people of our age. Hope for a speedy recovery. Keep icing and keep moving to avoid blood clots.

  45. Carla

    Oh, Mary, I know it hurts. Been there twice in 5 months. Do what your doc says, he knows but ask lots of questions. I took notes so I would remember what he said and repeated things back to him as I understood what he was telling me.
    Love the quilts you shared, fantastic to see everyone’s hard work. It’s like going to quilt bee and chatting about them.

  46. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    So your leg cramps might not be like mine…unless you used to frequently get them, not only with surgery.
    I get such severe leg cramps, they could be Charley horses, or hot stabbing cramps in my thigh or in my feet, in my toes…it’s always an unpleasant surprise when and where I get them, but it’s generally when I’m ready to relax or in the middle of the night. So here are my remedies:
    Tonic water, it has a bit of quinine and in the war, doctors discovered that patients with malaria were well rid of leg cramps as a result of ingesting quinine. There’s not much in tonic water, but works for me.
    Gatorade, restores electrolytes.
    Tonic water and Gatorade together!
    Hylands Night Time Leg Cramp relief tablets, a homeopathic treatment that works for me, unless I have multiple severe cramps all night, then I’m dosing with everything I’ve got. But for a Charley horse, one or two Hylands and I’m good.
    Mustard, a teaspoon of mustard works quickly. Wash it down with tonic water., just an ounce or so of tonic, a few sips.
    A bar of soap in your bed, don’t laugh, it’s a cheap miracle. It cuts down on the cramps significantly. I use dove.
    I hope you sleep better tonight. Take your mustard jar and a spoon to bed!

  47. helen freese

    I have no kind words for the as**** who now cause us to endure pain on just Tylenol. They have ruined it for everyone. I’ve had knee, hips, 2 back fusion, shoulder surgery and all I wanted was pain killers for less than a week before I could go on Tylenol. I knew when to stop the “drugs” and never had a problem. Mary, I pray you will have relief soon–maybe the Tylenol PM will allow you to get some pain-free rest at nite. When the dr. allows–keep moving!

  48. Angie from Baltimore

    That is so wrong not to give you a few days pills to get you over the edge. Bet if they had it done they would be fortified.
    Hope you recovery is quick.

  49. Terri

    that knee will look better and feel better before you know it. I had mine done 1 1/2 years ago. It was so nice not to have the pain. Hope your better soon. Read some good books and rest your in everyone’s prayers.

  50. Cathy Davis

    The cats know you are hurting and are trying to comfort you – I’m glad you have them , and they you. Sending prayers for healing your way!

  51. mary

    Seems a bit criminal to have such a major surgery with no pain pills. Hope they gave you a good reason. Ouch is right. I hope each day gets better. whew.

  52. Rhoda Ebersole

    Yes we all care and keep thinking how great it will feel in a few weeks with no pain!!!
    Hang in there

  53. LuAnn Dekker

    Looks like my husbands knee 12 years ago. He had both knees replaced 7 months apart. He still says though, that is was the best thing he did. Besides marrying me of course.

  54. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    So sorry that you’ve had so much pain, unfortunately due to the opioid crisis the Dr’s really can’t prescribe anything stronger anymore. The government makes them account for every Rx. You really need some Vicodin! Hope tonight is better. Keeping you in my prayers. My husband is having ankle surgery tomorrow so he’ll probably be having a meltdown in a few days too. Thanks for posting. No snow here, but last night was 8 degrees so winter is on its way.

  55. Ruth Cozad

    Having had knee replacement myself, I’d say it looks pretty good but know that looks have nothing to do with what you feel. I’m always amazed when someone has little pain as I was miserable for days but it does get better and that is what you have to look forward to. Take care and tylenol . Rehab is so important! Good luck and know that you have many people who care.

  56. Donna Sproston

    My PT told me that my leg cramps are a sign that I need to drink morecwater. Of course, he is young and probably does not already get up twice a night to use the toilet.

    Those cats are like quilts…warm and comforting!

    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  57. Amy M

    No pain meds! That is crazy. I believe you can take 4 Tylenol to be hospital strength. Don’t rely on me but maybe someone reading is a nurse.

    For those asking about the sock aid, yes you can easily buy them at drug stores with a home health section or amazon. I have 4 because I can’t put on a sock due to a hip replacement. I keep one packed in my overnight bag, one in the sock drawer, one spare and one in with my shoes sometimes I have to use it to help glide by foot into a slip on shoe or boot like a shoe horn.


  58. the other Angie

    Wow! Your knee!! Mary!! Everyday will bring more healing and improvement – at least, that’s what they say! Your physical therapist will be a huge help. Go easy.
    I hope tonight will be more restful and that tomorrow will be much better.

  59. Mary

    The incision looks very normal. I had both knees done and am absolutely glad I did. It just takes awhile to heal but keep doing exercises. Reading quilt books and quilting in your mind helps pass time. Love all your companions

    1. Judy in MO

      I found the ice machine really did more good than anything. It just hurts! My doctor prescribed Tramadol, but I couldn’t see much relief from it until after the first couple of weeks. Icing is the best.

      1. Robin in southwest Washington

        Omg. I took tramadol also and I almost died. My husband cam home to check on me and he could not wake me up. ER
        doc said if he hadn’t come home then to check on me I would have been gone when got home after work. I’ve since read it’s not good for seniors to take this. With my first knee. injury just took Tylenol I think they are rethinking the past n meds after his surgery because if you don’t feel any part n you might harm yourself by doing to much

  60. Kathy Warren

    Larry had his done 5 years ago. He took himself off Norco as soon as he could. He loved the ice machine – it wrapped around his knee like a sleeve and the machine ran ice water through it. Do the PT faithfully. Once this part is over, you should notice a huge difference. Larry also had a bending machine that moved his leg back and forth for what seemed like hours! Kathy Warren

  61. Sydney Silva

    My doctor advised that the combination of one Tylenol and one Advil taken together gives the relief of one prescription dose. Try it, hope it helps you. It did me. Maybe you can teach the doctor something LOL. This, too, shall pass and then you have the knee of a 30-year-old!

  62. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m sorry you are hurting. The crackdown on doctors prescribing opioids has had a negative impact on people after surgery. I’m paying attention to what goes on with you because my doc tells me I’ll need a knee replacement in 2-3 years.

  63. Chris H. in Washington

    Oh my goodness! That looks painful. It surprises me that they didn’t give you anything stronger for at least the first few days. That’s major surgery and a serious incision. I hope that the exercises and icing will help keep the swelling down and relieve the pain. Hugs and prayers being sent your way. 💕

  64. Robin

    WHY wont they give you anything for pain… I know people who go to the doctor for stupid things… and they get pain killers.. The system is broken.. Sorry to hear you are in pain!! omg that thing looks horrible
    god bless you!!

  65. Diane Bauer

    Oh, Mary!! I’m sorry you’re in such pain! Glad taking the TED hose off at least made the charlehorses go away.

    We are in the midst of Round 2 of this week’s “Arctic Blast” snow events. More snow with this one. I’ve already shoveled my back patio twice. Will have to do the walks and driveway when I get home tonight. It’s supposed to keep snowing until 3 am tomorrow and then we can start thinking about Round 3. Ugh. Looks to be a loooonnnng winter this year!

    I need to get busy sewing or my #7 won’t be fine quite on time. I put it aside to do something more fun late last week and haven’t picked it up again (there’s a reason it was on the UFO list!!! Love everyone else’s finishes!!

  66. Rosalie

    I take magnesium for leg cramps- usually one a day but sometimes have to double up for a few days if they get bad. You might check with doctor office and see if they are ok with that.

  67. Carolyn

    It will get better! I had both my knees done at the same time, June 14, 2011! You’ve got this!

  68. Diane B

    Bless your heart. They should have given you something more for the first few days! That is unless there are other meds or complications that impact their decision. I found if it hurt just keep doing light stretching exercises. Keep it moving, keep icing. It will help in the long run.

    1. Patricia

      Oh brother Mary, I can’t believe they are not giving you something a little stronger. Pain is my big fear and if you are in so much pain you can’t rest or sleep that is not good. I’m not a fan of most medications as they either make me sick to my stomach or feel really weird. But when you are in that kind of discomfort all you want is relief. So I am wondering how your PT went today? Prayers continue and maybe you can enjoy the World Series tonight. Pat in Md

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