All About Caitlin, 2-16-24

I wore my Caitlin sweatshirt today and everywhere I went the only conversation anywhere was about Caitlin. I had an appointment at the clinic this morning at 7:10 (!) and even my doctor talked about it. So fun! I finally gave in and went for a shot in my hip for the bursitis. The last one I had was June 2023 and I waited as long as I could even though I could have had one in October. Snow and ice covered the roads south of us and my dr. was delayed – everybody in the waiting room was talking about the game! Haha!

This afternoon I delivered Harvey to Concord Care Center and stayed to visit several new residents that I know.

I have read all the comments about Peacock streaming service and I said this several times in the comments but here it is again. I subscribed to Peacock very early in the season because I looked ahead in the schedule and saw all those upcoming games that I wouldn’t get to see and I was so mad. It really is not fair – our taxes help support the U of IA yet the Big Ten sold out the games to Peacock. So unfair. It’s all about the money. BUT – we don’t ever go anywhere, have never been on vacation, don’t go out to eat, no entertainment at all except TELEVISION!!! Yes, we could go to the bar to watch but we’d spend money there on food and drinks every time there was a game and we’d have to leave our dogs. We could just listen on the radio for free. But last night, out of the goodness of my heart, I took my Ipad to the kitchen island so Rick could watch the game, too. He, like so many others, refuses to pay for Peacock on the tv he watches. Me? I want to see the games and really the price is a bargain compared to the price of game tickets. Tickets to last nights game topped $10,000. Good heavens!!

Remember this quilt I showed last night? So many of you loved it and it is advertised in the current issue of American Patchwork and Quilting #187.

It really is a wonderful quilt!

I am looking forward to going to bed for the first time in months – because I can lay on my right hip!

I just really don’t want to miss watching Caitlyn on tv.

Guilty for paying for Peacock.

60 thoughts on “All About Caitlin, 2-16-24

  1. Jeanne in Co.

    Love your sweatshirt. Caitlin is truly amazing, both as a team player and as an individual. We were afraid that we wouldn’t get the game on TV Thursday evening because we don’t have a Peacock subscription, but we did get it. With all of the State Farm Insurance ads shown on that channel that night, we were wondering if they sponsored the game so that Iowans could all see her break the scoring record. It was awesome. Just think, she’s got several more games to go yet this season, so the number of points will go even higher. It will take a long time for someone else to top her.
    Harvey is adorable. The care center patients will love it. I have the pattern but have never made it. Guess it’s time to get at it – maybe after I complete one more unfinished quilt project…… I dare not cut out another new project before finishing an unfinished old one
    Have a blessed weekend everyone, Jeanne in Co.

  2. Karen

    Mary, Caitlyn fever is everywhere! Peacock is worth what I pay for it because of many of the same reasons you listed. Don’t drink, smoke, or go out to eat much. I watched the Tour de France last summer, available only on Peacock. Ii got hooked on the channel though not because of sports but because of another show I fell for, Escape to the Chateau. Check it out, I’ve rewatched episodes through many sewing marathons! Go Caitlyn.

    1. Kathy in NY

      I too watched Escape to the Chateau but we luckily could see it thru PBS. Every part of the country picks up different shows I learned as my cousin in NYC had some nice British ones on her PBS that we didn’t get. This particular show enlightened me how rebuilding in other countries is so different than here where we have so much equipment and supplies. Their challenges were so unique and they had great attitudes going into their project.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – I must watch that – Tom and Becky watch it, I think, on PBS.

  3. Arrowhead Gramma

    Never have guilt for something that you really enjoy having – Peacock to watch your games. Just like we should never have guilt buying more fabric. JMHO

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Arrowhead Gramma – Buying fabric is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine, too! Haha!

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l watch Disney and Netflix, the regular TV channels have too many ads and programs l don’t like. Not really a sport fan either, good movies or older TV series, murders,police or hospital ones usually! Some are so immature now, perhaps l am getting old!
    On Monday I am going to see my sister, she is on a cruise around New Zealand at present, we will have to plan our sightseeing tours for the Australian cruise in june, looking forward to that! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – a cruise in June to look forward to – how fun! Will it be warm then?

  5. Suzanne in Massachusetts

    I’ve made the Star Silhouette quilt top. Diane Harris who designed it is going to be my guilds guest Zoom speaker next week. So excited. I followed the pattern but used my Easy Angle ruler to cut the parts…not a fan of drawing diagonal lines on squares and wasting the cut off parts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Suzanne – excellent idea to use the Easy Angle!!! Enjoy your Zoom meeting!

  6. Sandi

    I love some of the pay channels and I pay for several. I don’t pay for cable because that has gotten so expensive. I love to watch tv so for me I don’t mind paying what I do. Hugs,

  7. Erin

    I am so disgusted with college sports now, with them forcing us to pay an extra premium for watching games (when we are already subjected to countless sponsor ads), for having a transfer portal that allows kids to move anywhere and leave the college that gave them a chance, and allowing kids to make tons of money through advertising before going pro. Ticket prices are out of reach for nearly all of us. My only interest in sports is basketball, and only college basketball. The games are so corrupted by money now. Are high school sports next? My husband has always loved football, but he gave up on pro football because it’s become so politicized, and the money is crazy. Now we’ve lost college ball. Hubby always so enjoyed sports because of the lessons they can teach. What are they teaching now?
    Forgive the rant. So glad you’re feeling more comfortable.

  8. Janet S

    You would think these colleges would want to promote sports and have them available to everyone including kids who will eventually participate.
    Youtube had the highlights and interviews so I had to settle for that. Caitlin needed the 8 points to achieve her goal but she earned 49 points during the game. If she earns another 69 (I think) points, she will then surpass the men’s all time high score. It was so wonderful to hear that everyone on the Michigan team sent Caitlin notes of congratulations. The interview with coach Bluder was another class act. Her brothers couldn’t have been kinder and more proud of Caitlin. This entire situation left me with a warm cozy feeling after watching a supreme achievement by a gifted young woman. All is good.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – yes, she will pass up Pistol Pete and from then on she is above and beyond what anyone could have expected. I agree that colleges should be promoting women’s sports especially – so many little girls in the crowd who idolize Caitlyn – we’ll be watching them one day, won’t we? Coach Bluder is also a class act. The MI team also gave her a bracelet with the date engraved – another class act! I loved it and would like to send my thanks to them- maybe Facebook?

  9. Laura VS

    Mary, if paying for a streaming service gives you the pleasure of watching what you want, go for it!
    I agree about going to a bar to watch a game, it’s just not as comfortable in your own home. I’m not paying $10.00 or more for a cocktail (I mean tea!) when I can make one at home for pennies.
    Glad you got your shot, hope it gives you relief.

  10. Carol Reents

    We, too, decided to subscribe to Peacock to watch the games we wanted to watch. We do vacation, we do go out to eat but we don’t smoke or drink so we rationalized the cost that way. We are Hoosier fans and we rationalized the cost. We are on vacation in South Carolina so being able to watch it on my iPad was a plus.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – Iowa plays IN next Thursday night – it’s bound to be a barn burner. Who can forget the game last year that Caitlin’s buzzer beater took them into the finals?????

  11. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    My guilty pleasure is watching The Office – extended versions which is only available on Peacock. I’ve had the streaming service for a year and a half now so I guess it’s a bonus that I get the big 10 games, haha. I have to say that I only pay $21 per year for it so it’s really quite a bargain compared to the other streaming services. I’ve paid more for quilt patterns that I’ve never used.
    My husband is a Michigan Wolverine fan so we’re hooked to the big 10 as well. He talks about Caitlin all the time. She’s not just an Iowa thing, that’s for sure.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy G – I don’t think I got Peacock that cheap even tho it was a special. I, too, watch The Office and several more things. I also have Hulu because I wanted to watch Justified. And then there’s Prime where I watch Suits – ha! I’m covered!

  12. Linda

    Mary, we are much like you don’t go out often to eat etc. our only entertainment since my husband shattered his hip has been to watch sports on tv we grew up in Iowa but live in Missouri if it weren’t for Peacock we wouldn’t be able to watch any of Kaitlyn’s games! The KC Chiefs games are broadcast on local tv except for the really big games which are only on Peacock. So for us even though we grumble about having to pay all is good.

  13. Angie from Baltimore

    Don’t feel guilty. Cigarettes are 70 a carton here in MD. AND you don’t smoke. So a few guilty pleasures are forgiven besides how much do they charge for “iced tea” if you went out to watch. Enjoy!!!!
    I pay for Britbox and watch it a lot. If I go out to a simple lunch it costs a lot more than my subscription. So I enjoy!
    Here in Baltimore we got one of those Camelot snows on the grass and trees but because of pretreatment our roads are just wet. So I am enjoying staying in and staying safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Angie – Becky and I were talking about Macdonalds last night – for the 2 of them it’s $22! At Macdonalds!!!! But, like us, they don’t go much of anywhere so you pick which overpriced entertainment you want to pay for. Haha!!!

      1. Kathy L

        22. wow for one meal at mc D’s here in new england it is 17.
        that’s why we no longer go out to often and if we do it’s not there.

  14. Donna Jo

    Mary that was so generous of you to let Rick watch the game on your iPad! ☺️ I think you were smart to subscribe to Peacock early in the season so you wouldn’t miss any games. It is expensive to watch at the bar plus it’s so noisy! Your Harvey is so cute. I see you added the buttons on the cuffs.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I did remember the cuff buttons! I do hope they enjoy Harvey. I switch out quilts at Concord every season or holiday. The woman I went to see is in Mom’s room – I like that connection but Becky is horrified at the thought.

  15. LesaM

    Peacock – we held off subscribing as well until we saw the Big10 schedule. FYI – if you have DirectTV you a subscribe to Peacock through them at a discount. Whether we like it or not, streaming is where things are headed. I’m just thankful we finally have an internet option that supports it.

  16. Connie R. in Wis

    I totally understand why you decided to subscribe to Peacock in order to watch Caitlin. I live in a very rural area where basically only Directv is available. The popular programs that we used to get have now moved to their own channel where you have to pay extra. I pay enough for their basic services that, I don’t want to add more to the bill. Much less try and deal with Directv customer service. I’d be happy to go back to the 4 basic channels that were free with antenna TV but, unfortunately, that is no longer an option.

    Love how your Harvey turned out. What a bright spot for the residents.

  17. Diana in Des Moines

    We stream YouTube, Peacock and Netflix. Much cheaper than cable and suits our needs.

    Caitlin is simply amazing! Best thing going on in Iowa right now.

    My 30 stars is coming along. Stars for the star border are done, but not on. Taking it slow.

    Making receiving blankets right now. An elder in our church takes them to Uganda 3 times a year. I have at least 25 here to go, on top of the 35 I sent in December. Quick, easy and flannel is usually on sale at Joann’s.

    Looking forward to sewing with friends today. Our menu today is brunch. What fun!!

    Enjoy the warmth headed our way!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – that’s a lot of baby blankets! Well done! How’s your mom?

      1. Diana in Des Moines

        She’s much better. Her Dr ordered palliative care to come in. Just a step below Hospice. She is just asking for comfort care, no heroic measures. She will be 90 on the 4th of March and I agree with her. Let her live her days in peace. Thank you for asking.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diana – I think your mom is smart to request comfort care and not life saving heroics. She’s lucky to have you. You realize that, don’t you?

          1. Diana in Des Moines

            Thank you for that. Funny how I’m the parent now and she’s the child. She loves that she can just relax and be taken care of. If I can do that for her, then I’m the lucky one.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    You don’t have to justify spending on anything you enjoy watching to me Mary. I am all for whatever makes YOU happiest in your own home is what is best. My family tells me why do I spend money on cable tv to watch movies I like to sit down and relax with. Most of my friends and family won’t give the cable companies or networks money and prefer some sticks or other means they use for streaming services and they have a pile of remotes. Me once I retired I said I didn’t want to tax my brain relearning passwords and systems as I was done feeling frustrated, including not buying another computerized sewing machine that I didn’t use three fourths of the functions. And I love your sweatshirt!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I think you understand my reasoning – paying for Peacock is nothing compared to vacations other people go on. I don’t even want to go on vacation! I’d rather stay here and watch Caitlin. And Saturday is a great college basketball day. Going to the store to figure out something for supper and then sewing.

  19. Patty Brenner

    Caitlin is incredible and a wonderful role model!! I look forward to seeing where she goes in life in her future <3 We pay for a few streaming services and look at it like you do: we don't spend much money on most things, so we splurge on our home entertainment. By the way, we have one peacock subscription and can watch it on multiple tvs – if Rick's tv is a smart tv you should be able to download the Peacock app and log in with your info to watch it there. I split my time between our Texas (my job) and Arizona (husband's job) homes and we use the one account in both locations. Harvey is adorable 🙂 Stay safe and warm!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty – if I knew how to get it on Rick’s tv, I would! Do I use the Peacock app on my IPad or do I have to locate it on his tv? Why don’t I know a kid to help me???

      1. Kathy in NY

        I shouldn’t be laughing but I am Mary. I’m eating my lunch and did start chuckling cause this exactly the same questions I’d be asking my grandkids! How do I do what??? I just want simple. We couldn’t even place a catering order for a death at our church. No one answers the phone – it’s all through an app none of us had and then we were trying to even find the pans to order that became even more complicated. Then it timed out before we could put in a credit card so it bumped the time up to 15 more minutes later than we wanted so by the end of placing an order we were even more exhausted than if we fixed food for the large crowd.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy in NY – yup! I still have my old rotary phone on the wall. You should see kids try to dial it – I died reading your catering story. That’s what would have happened to me! Did you know food is cheaper at Macdonalds if you order online and get in line to pick up? I think that’s how I understood it. No more “all drinks $1”. $1.29 at the drive thru. And remember what I’ve said before – old people don’t mind dying because life gets too hard! That’s gonna be me.

          1. Kathy in NY

            Mary, i wish you could have seen three white hair old ladies looking at one persons phone trying to figure out how to order. It took our young pastor to do it and she even had us laughing. I heard that about McD’s too but the last time I did a drive thru, I asked and they said no, you just get perks given to you so signing up for the app gives them access to text you offers is what I was told. Well I’m not doing that either I said. But it’s still the first question coming from the squawk box….” Did you place your order on the app?”. ahh no I reply and then I wait patiently for them to say “ what can I get for you” as they should be asking from the beginning.
            I don’t stop near as much as I use to when working so I’m weaned off those yummy French Fries. It’s usually a coffee now and I’m hoping shamrock shakes are there soon.

  20. Carrolyn V

    The wealthy are always the ones that force us to line their pockets….horrid that they take from the average people who actually keep America what it is. Boo boo boo to peacock!

  21. Lynette in Orlando

    My humble opinion is do not feel guilty about Peacock!!!! It’s what you enjoy and life is too short. I love British shows and I subscribe to Acorn, Britbox and PBS Passport. I find cable exceeding frustrating as there were a million channels and nothing to watch, I too have been frustrated by my team “selling out” to how I can watch. It’s sad that the world seems to all come down to $$$.

    Love the photo of you and Harvey!!!! I recently bought the pattern from you and my goal today is to dig through my stash and find fabrics to make him. It’s a gloomy rainy day — ie SEW DAY!!!!! It’s so easy to just run to the LQS, but I’m really trying to sew some of the stash. AQS is here this coming week and I will be SO tempted!!! LOL. But it’s so fun to see new things from other shops, etc. and to meet up with my quilty friends.

  22. Sharon F

    Mary, I really don’t think you need to apologize for subscribing to a streaming service, or for anything else. Everyone gets to choose for themselves how to prioritize their spending for entertainment and other things. If it lets you watch something you’re very interested in and enjoy, then just go for it. No need to justify it to your readers.

  23. Teresa in Indiana

    Love your shirt and Harvey! We got about 6 ” of snow yesterday with temps back in the teens. I guess winter is still rearing its ugly head. State safe & warm everyone.

  24. Cindy K

    I think it’s great that you get peacock to watch Caitlin. I get cable, Netflix and the quilt show. I enjoy watching all of them while I sew. You should be able to stream peacock on your Tv-you just have to put the peacock app on your tv. It may already be there. Then you would just have to sign in and you’ll be set to watch it on your tv. I can get cable and Netflix on both my tv and computer. A friend once told me that she thought it was ridiculous that I got Netflix and the quilt show because she watches free movies on YouTube when she sews. And I told her that we don’t vacation, rarely eat out and never go to bars so in my opinion I think it’s worth it and it’s what I enjoy. She, on the other hand, vacations several times a year and eats out often. And that’s none of my business anymore than what I do is any of hers.
    It’s so nice that you make quilts for the nursing home. I’m sure the residents and staff really enjoy them.

  25. Jill Klop

    I understand the frustration of having to pay for something that we never used to have to pay for…my new car has more features that if I want to use, you have to pay. My last vehicle wasn’t like that. Same with TV. I’m now paying $3 or so a month to keep watching Amazon Prime without commercials. That’s new. But, I think that the money is worth it. I usually compare the cost of streaming to going to a movie in the theater. There aren’t any movies that I want to see badly enough to pay that price, let alone getting a drink and popcorn! If I pay for a streaming channel, I get way more for my money.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill K – I don’t want a new car either. I drive a 2015 van that has many features I’ve never figured out. How would I manage a new one?

  26. Marcia Petree

    I, too, have had hip bursitis for quite a while. Had shots, and physical therapy, and was discussing another shot with my doctor when she asked if I’d considered acupuncture. No, I had not. But I gave 4 sessions a try last summer, and it did help for quite awhile. (In SD insurance doesn’t cover acupuncture, but maybe Iowa does.) Just a suggestion for when your shot wears off.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marcia – do you know why bursitis happens? I don’t. I’ve had it off and on for years and when it gets so bad I can’t sleep I have to get the shot. I’ve had acupuncture for other things – when my shot wears off I might try again. I hate going to PT.

  27. Jeanne Fee

    A person should not feel guilty about spending their money on something they truly enjoy! You have had such happy moments watching your sports! So it was worth every penny and don’t apologize or explain to anyone what you have peacock!
    I don’t comment on here much, but some days your post is my bright time of the day. When I get to Clear Lake this summer I really want to meet you. We were supposed to last summer but I couldn’t make it. Which I was really upset about. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Another Country Girl At Heart

  28. patti

    don’t you have to have a smart tv for streaming. we don’t have one. my dh doesn’t want streaming cuz then we have to watch things on their schedule. with cable we know when things will be on. cable has gotten so expensive. i remember something my dad used to say. nobody has the right to tell me how to spend my money or question how i spend my money. that is my business. i agree completely. no one should have to justify how they spend their money to others. i don’t ask others for $$ so they can butt out. dh and i ate out as our entertainment. it is what we enjoyed. now it is too $$ and we don’t do it as often. our entertainment is on tv. my other entertainment is my quilting/sewing. i don’t apologize for it either. hugs to all, patti in florida

  29. Dena

    Is your new little TV that you got at Target a smart TV? It should be able to get Peacock. Since you have an iPad, you have WIFI and the new TVs can connect to WIFI so one Peacock account can be used on every Smart TV that you own. Farmer Tim might be able to tell you if your TV gets WIFI.

  30. Kris in WI

    As far as Peacock goes, I don’t feel anyone needs to explain why they chose a NOT guilty pleasure! At the same time, wouldn’t it be fun to get a bunch of old lady Clarkie’s together and invade a sports bar for a game! Complete with an original cheer. Any ideas? LOL. Kris

    PS: Your Harvey is sure to bring smiles to the residents; at least he did to me! K

  31. Marcia-Ohio

    I am so conflicted w/ the cost of cable and streaming too, We live rurally so our choices are limited. We finally were able to get high speed internet so that enabled more choices. We hooked up Starlink, dropped Dish, switched to You Tube tv, get Prime, subscribed to Netflix through gift cards that I buy at Krogers w/ 4X fuel points. . I apply the cards to my Netflix account. I had subscribed to Disneyplus for a few months on a special. Granddaughters aren’t here much and they have it so I cancelled it. By dropping Dish, I will save ~$1200 in a year,
    I have antennas on 2 TVs so we can get local channels when Dish and local tv stations were negotiating. There was 1 OSU football game on peacock so I listened to it on the radio. I watch enough tv w/o adding more stations. If you enjoy it, go for it. We don’t smoke, nor drink much alcohol or even soda or dine out much. We travel some and I enjoy my quilting so those are my vices. If I thought we would watch it, I would get it too.
    My neighbor girl doesn’t watch tv and she is a very productive after work. She has horses & chores. I know several of your readers don’t have tv & I applaud them.
    I too have right hip bursitis and get shots. I think it is hereditary as my mom had the same issue. Maybe one of your readers who has a medical background could give us some insight.
    Went to my 8th grade granddaughter’s show choir competition today. We were on the road at 5;15 AM. The roads were not in good shape. We had to be there at 7 AM. We made it but didn’t have much time to spare. I so enjoy seeing these kids-singing and dancing & doing a phenomenal job.

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