She did it! 2-15-24

Caitlyn Clark broke the scoring record just 2 minutes into the game against Michigan tonight. I’ve been glued to the screen for over 3 hours! I’ve never enjoyed a game more!

I didn’t get a post written last night – my furnace quit in the sewing room and I had to work in the shop. The heating guys came this afternoon and fixed it, thank goodness because it was a cold day and tomorrow, too.

Reader photos

Sally J’s birthday yesterday

Isn’t this the worst scenario you can imagine? I just hate it.

Several of you readers have husbands in the hospital or suffering health issues that aren’t going to get better and I am so sorry. Once again I feel like we are a tight group facing all the same problems and issues. Just know that I’m thinking of you.

91 thoughts on “She did it! 2-15-24

  1. Bonny

    Reader’s quilts: so much to like and be inspired by! Thank you!
    Mary…I checked SPAM to see if you were misdirected!
    I’ve been venting on local NBC affiliate about coverage of games on Peacock! Some televised on network: some streamed.. I was civil but forceful in expressing my ire!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – I caved early in the season and subscribed to Peacock because I didn’t want to miss any games. I think it’s horribly unfair of the Big Ten to cut us off from the games just to make a buck. I hate the whole situation but I selfishly wanted to watch Caitlin and was willing to pay for it.

      1. Gloria from CC

        We have Direct Tv satellite so are unable to stream Peacock. You would think the home games could at least be on local channels!!! Makes me so angry.

    2. Gail in Ohio

      I totally agree – not everyone has the internet capability to stream nor the money to pay the cost of an extra “utility”!! The Big Ten should be more accommodating with the way they air games – especially since there are many state-supported schools in the conference which means that they receive tax dollars from all of us in that particular state!
      We missed a football game this year due to streaming only on Peacock – fortunately, it was not a “premiere game”. We refused to pay extra – we already pay for DirecTV because we live in an area where we cannot get cable or local channels (distance and topography make it impossible). We pay for a package that includes the Big Ten Network so we can get those broadcasts and then the conference wants us to pay again!
      Unfortunately, these decisions are made at the corporate level and money talks…… our local NBC affiliate makes sure to tell us that their office doesn’t have anything to do with the streaming.
      I’m done venting now… sorry! I should direct my comments to NBC headquarters and The Big Ten…

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Gail in Ohio – that’s exactly what we’ve said – we help support the University of Iowa through our taxes and then they decide to make more money by letting the Big Ten sell games to Peacock. It really is so unfair to all of us and I can’t believe they don’t know that we’re all upset about it. I wish we could go on a letter writing campaign but I wouldn’t know where to start, would you? By the time they get around to changing it, Caitlyn will be gone.

      2. Diane, Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        YES,YES, Gail. We hear you. Same with us. We do not have Peacock. I would have enjoyed seeing Caitlin.
        Lovely reader quilts today. I am at at a quilt retreat. I may have pictures this weekend. It is snowing a lot here! We are inside and warm😀

  2. Sally

    Amazing game! We watched all evening too! Caitlin is a phenomenal player and so gracious to her teammates and coaches. I love how close her family is. My sister and I bought t-shirts to celebrate her breaking the record! Beautiful quilts!

  3. JanetB

    Did you see the story about Caitlin on ABC National news tonight? It was a great feature on a great player. Enjoy your blog so much!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      JanetB – I think she was on every network! This was a fun evening for all Caitlyn fans.

  4. Ann in Virginia

    I wanted to see the game here in Va, but it was not carried on a local channel. So happy she broke the record!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann – it wasn’t shown here either except on Peacock which I bought just to watch her this season

  5. Doris G

    Mary, I talked to Lu yesterday and she said she and Karen together have received over 50 cards. She said they are loving it!! Thank you to everyone who has sent cards to them! When the weather gets better in Iowa I will go visit them again and get some pictures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Doris – I’m so glad they’ve enjoyed the cards!!! Please greet Lu and Karen from all of us when you talk again.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Caitlin was a feature on the national news tonight…we were all pulling for her.
    Such beautiful quilts tonight. Please add your names so we all will know your work.

    I’ve been busy trying to sell old cars with out weird-o’s coming to my house. I have a great neighbor passing the word to his friends.
    Mary, there were only 3 ads to click on tonight. I’ve noticed fewer lately, so I decided to count. Wonder what’s going on?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I have no idea what has happened to the ads but I can sure tell. Caitlin was on every network tonite, I think. The game was so much fun to watch!!!

      1. Patricia

        It was so exciting although I didn’t see Caitlin at the moment it happened as my son was buying a subscription so I could watch. I was mad because ESPN was televising the South Carolina/ Tennessee game. All about the money. She sure is delightful to watch. Sure glad women’s bb has changed since I was in high school when it was the 3 dribble rule. So many beautiful quilts and handwork displayed. The red and white quilt is striking and love all the wool pieces. We’re gearing up for snow starting tonight here in Md. Enjoy the weekend everyone. Pat

      2. Jeanine in SE Iowa

        Mary – I am still getting a lot of ads, so I always click on them, and I refresh the page several times a day to read the latest comments, and click on ads again. Usually there aren’t as many when I refresh the page, but everyone counts!
        We did not see the game last night. I listened on the radio and then this morning I watched the highlights on my computer. Caitlyn is so grateful. She says that in every interview. We are so proud of her and her teammates. It is disgusting that our local Iowa networks cannot carry the games. Like many have said it’s all about money. So sad.
        Just a dusting of snow in Oskaloosa this morning, but it is snowing yet this morning, but very fine snowflakes.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Jeanine – Thanks for clicking on any ads you see! It’s what keeps the blog humming along.

  7. Meylonie

    So glad Caitlyn broke the record at home rather than in Nebraska. Both games were joy filled for their fans. The ceremony after the game tonight for the GOAT of Iowa and all of women’s basketball was wonderful. Onward and upward to the championship. Well deserved for the entire team!

  8. Rhoda Ebersole

    Mary there is an article about Caitlin Clark in today’s Honolulu newspaper and I will send it to you. It has pictures too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – I would love that!!! Even in Hawaii they’re talking about her? Do they play women’s basketball there???

  9. DebMac

    Pretty grouping of quilts tonight. I recognize the first one from a magazine (I have no idea which one) because I cut it out for my binder.
    Jack is doing well, really enjoying being outside in the nicer weather WITHOUT the cone of shame. He loves to chase the rabbit that lives under the deck and run after the birds. He has had a couple of tiring days keeping up with the grandson yesterday and today and not taking his naps. Grandma is pretty tired too and had to take a nap today. We are only on call for tomorrow.

  10. Cindy K-Ks

    I wasn’t able to watch the basketball game due to it not being on cable. The same thing happened when the chiefs played a few weeks before the Super Bowl. I was so disgusted-they advertised the game all week-we were snowed in and looking forward to it and then learned that it was only on peacock-grrrr! And I heard that will be happening more and more-it’s a big money grab.
    Great pictures. I’ve enjoyed all of the valentine decorations. I’ve never decorated for Valentine’s Day-the photos are tempting me to start.,

  11. patti

    hi. missed you yesterday. glad it was only a heater and easily repaired. reader quilts are great today. thanks so much for sharing them. congrats on watching caitlin break the record. truly good athletes are a joy to watch. not much happening here. met with lung doc and got the ‘you aren’t eating right. you can’t eat this or that but only this.’ i don’t do well with that. the inner 3 year old rears her ugly attitude and i shut down. i’ll get over it but it really ticks me off that people (even doctors) think they can dictate your behavior. it’s that whole ‘you don’t know what you’re doing, do it my way’ tone. i was already ticked because i waited 1.5 hours to see her and that was over and above. on that note i’m going to bed. i have my angel group tomorrow so will be out and about. happy quilting to all, patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – Mr Dr asked me almost the same thing last week – was I eating right? No, I hate vegetables. She told me to go buy a supplement to replace veggies so that’s what I did. I’m 75 – can’t I eat what I want by now?

    2. Cynthia from SW MN

      Patti, give the docs suggestions a try! At least she cares enough to go out on a limb to say something! Think positively! It’s all a mindset sometimes.

      1. patti

        she had no suggestions just a demand of no empty calories, eat eggs. i told her soup didn’t help and she said to get dh to cook. hah! like that’s going to happen. he doesn’t cook. can’t afford a cook. by the time i cook a meal, i’m too tired to eat it. it was truly more her attitude. after saying she didn’t say i couldn’t have hip surgery just that i was super high risk. called her on that. she flat refused to sign the consent form, said no way, no anesthesia. even the lung surgeon said my fasting schedule was okay. it was more she knew what i should do and not me. that’s not the way to get me to do things. and no concrete suggestions except eggs. it’s okay. i’ll deal with it. it’s still raw right now. sorry. i’m like mary, i kinda know what to eat and not eat. i’ve cut out so many things to accommodate the copd. i’m 73, good grief. i’ll go away now. patti in florida who does take supplements to make up for what i don’t get in my diet.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Patti – love it!! I just got done filling my weekly pill container and my only complaint about the supplements is that they’re so BIG! I hate trying to swallow them. I am 75 years old and I want to eat what I want to eat at this age. We must stick together, Patti. Like the suggestion of substituting ice tea for beer – ha! It’s not gonna happen! I think I need one right now.

  12. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the star quilt is great, might have to do that to use out the pile of triangles l have! Glad Caitlin has done so well, she certainly has a fan club in .Iowa. Just been watching all the kids in the neighborhood on their bikes and scooters, we are at the end of a cul de sac, so a safe place to ride. Bella gets lots of pats from the kids, she loves it. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  13. Judy

    Loved the game last night. What a talented basketball player and great representative for womens sports. On another note, Molly Davis #1 is from my town, Midland Michigan. She graduated from one of our two high schools. Exciting evening!

  14. Carrolyn v

    I just wish we could get these games…sigh…but I enjoy the sports highlights later. Sigh

  15. Barbara Yarnell

    Yes, that wheelchair scenario is horrible. I lived through that so many times when I was caring for my sister. Imagine – she is in the wheelchair and I am behind pushing it and wheeling the oxygen tank. I would get the chair as close to the passenger door as I could, lock the wheels and run around the car to get in front of her, open the door and help her stand up and get in the car, try to fold the chair so I could pull the oxygen tank forward and load it in with her, etc. etc. Its a nightmare! All these people who disregard the handicapped parking lines should have to deal with that for just one day and maybe they would be more careful.
    Beautiful quilts and Valentine photos today!

  16. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the red and white quilt on the large wall display, with the decorative red accents on the shelf. Glorious color and could be used for Valentines, Flag Day/Memorial Day/July 4th, as well as Christmas. So versatile. The detail and quiilting are gorgeous.

  17. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    I wasn’t able to watch the game last night but watched several of the news clips and interviews of Caitlin Clark. Wow, what a game and what an accomplishment for her. I enjoyed following.
    Beautiful quilts and love the basket of hearts.

  18. Sandra Goddard

    For all those friends near and far with ill spouses sending you my payers and thoughts.

  19. Carla

    So many beautiful decor items in these posts! The wool hearts! I am intrigued by seeing the scraps of lace attached to that larger heart…Any time I have been “away” from the blog for a day or two I always come back to find such beautiful creations. Your readers are a creative bunch, Mary! I have just completed the okay round, hopefully, of taking my mom to testing appointments. Assuming the docs don’t find anything unexpected, the next step will be a new heart valve; within the next 3 weeks!!!! This will improve her quality of life so much, if she puts in the work at physical therapy, which I think she will. I’m really hoping she can get back to doing things she enjoys. I’m wondering, Carolyn, has there been any improvement with the neighbor situation? I apologize if it has already been covered. I don’t always have time to read the blog every day and I can’t keep up with the comments. I can catch up on the blog itself, but not always the comments.

  20. LesaM

    People are so inconsiderate when they use things ( parking spots, restroom facilities, etc) that are designated for handicap use when they don’t need it. We watched Kaitlyn quickly score those 8 points and get on with the business of the game. Even here in Southern Illinois the Kaitlyn Watch was on!

  21. Donna Jo

    What a great game! Caitlin played fantastic! Some of her 3 pointers were unbelievable!!! I hated watching the game in a bar but that was the only way to see it. I sure hope the rest of the games aren’t on peacock. Can’t wait for the next game!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna Jo – I believe next week’s game is also on Peacock as well as the Minnesota game the following week. Maddening.

      1. Donna Jo

        Mary, I guess I will become a barfly because I’m not paying for Peacock! It’s really unfair to Iowans to have to pay to watch a local girl play!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Donna Jo – Rick feels the same way but I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. I let him watch with me on my iPad last night out of the goodness of my heart – ha! I agree that it’s a crap decision by the Big Ten but they don’t care what I think.

  22. Marie C

    Wonderful blog again. The great pictures lately have inspired me to get out my seasonal decorations. I put out Valentine’s for the first time in many years and I plan on putting out Easter in the next day or two. We got a dusting of snow overnight north of Cedar Rapids Iowa

  23. Kathy in western NY

    Caitlin continues with her media coverage on CBS morning show just a bit ago so we got to see her winning point there. Nice story on her accomplishments.
    It’s so unfair with local tv networks not being able to show fans the games………same thing happened here with NFL Bills games. The buck seems more important making these decisions to be shown on Peacock.

    The pictures of your readers creations are so pretty. So many lovely things.
    It’s nice we all get a piece to read or see of what keeps us going. Keeping our hands busy is good! Either writing a card, baking or cooking and sewing, we all need to continue on.

  24. Marcia-Ohio

    The parking lot picture is a sad statement of our society and our inconsideration of others. We will all be in that situation sometimes in our lives. Both the wheel chair person and the caregiver/driver are inconvenienced.
    I try to hold doors for others and say thanks if others do the same for me. I always ask people on electric carts in stores if they need help reaching for something if I see them trying. I am not that pressed for time that I can’t help others. Done with my rant.
    Love the quilt pictures especially the red/white. There is something so striking about a 2 color quilt❤️ I seldom make them🤷🏼‍♀️
    Caitlin’s accomplishments are outstanding. My friend saw her play at the Indiana game. I have to cheer on my Lady Buckeyes but so happy for Caitlin too.

    1. Paula Nordt

      Thank you for helping others reach items at the stores. I am height challenged and it is truly a struggle to get items off of the top shelf (where what I need always seems to be 😅). Occasionally, someone blessed with more height will offer to help and I am always very appreciative! And the topic of needing a different service to watch each show or game….. that could be an entire blog post all by itself!

  25. Carolyn E Howard

    Congratulations to you, as a fan, and Caitlin Clark, as an outstanding female athlete. She had a ball doing what she does and making it so exciting for the fans.

  26. Fran

    Beautiful quilts.

    My greatgrandson age 7 knows more about Caitlin than I do! It’s very awesome!

    The handicapped parking issue infuriates me. And it infuriates me to no end that the juveniles that shot up people at the parade in Kansas City might be walking away today. And the issues that surround upset me even further.

    A little snow overnight in Carson, IA.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – if we would punish criminals, I’ll bet it would make a difference in the crime rate. That and quit selling guns to anybody and everybody. Sure, since they’re juveniles, they get to go free????? I hadn’t heard that yet but how stupid.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – a notice came came over that the two juveniles will be charged in the shooting. I hope they lock them up and throw away the key.

  27. Teresa in Indiana

    Go Caitlin! So deserving and such a wonderful teammate too. Reader quilts are beautiful today as always. The red and white is gorgeous. The scrappy star is such a good way to use those small pieces. The handicap parking is so sad. Some people are just so inconsiderate. Their day will come!

  28. Joyce from NY

    Didn’t get to see Catlin, I don’t get Peacock, but Congratulations to her!!
    My basketball basketball star, granddaughter, Charli had surgery yesterday. The week after she broke the school record she tore her ACL and MCL. She won’t be playing again for awhile, so sad! She’s young & strong, she’ll be back better than ever.
    The quilts & Valentine’s Day Displays are wonderful!!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      That is unfortunate your granddaughter needed surgery but like you said, she’ll be back better than ever. Youth prevails! I wondered how she has made out since her injury and record scoring. I too didn’t subscribe to Peacock as all these media subscriptions could nickel and dime us to the poor house. Our kids did and then cancelled after football was over.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce – OH NO!!!!! I was just telling someone about her this week- so many young athletes tear ACL’s -oh, I am so sorry to hear this. I’ll bet she is upset about it, too, isn’t she?

      1. Joyce from NY

        Yes, she was very upset when it happened. She had her surgery yesterday & seems to be handling it well. I saw her today, she is still in quite a bit of pain, they gave her some good meds but they are only for a short time! Has to keep it iced & elevated all time. Long road ahead but she’ll be okay, chasing Catlin Clark! She got MVP for the division, that made her happy 😃

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Joyce – you tell her we’ll all be cheering for her like we’re cheering for Caitlyn now.. All those little girls at the games will be her opponents who also grew up cheering for Caitlyn. I feel very sorry for her bad luck and yes, it’s painful as well as traumatic. Please let us know how she’s doing in a couple weeks – ok?

  29. Janie Lang

    I love the red and white quilt in one of the pictures. I’m curious…does everyone prewash fabrics? I don’t like prewashing fabrics but scared of reds bleeding. Or do you just use color catchers when quilt is complete? Spring is right around the corner, I hope (I’m in Wisconsin, so anything can happen!)

    1. Janet S

      Janie, Fabric has a lot of sizing that I think should be washed out. Along with that, if there is ANY chance it will bleed, I want to know before I put it in a quilt, so I wash it with a color catcher. Good luck.
      As a further note, whenever we see a selfish slob parked to hinder access to the handicap spot, why don’t we go on our own campaign by going into the store and talk to the manager and ask them to announce it over the store loud speaker to come move their car or it will be towed.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Janet S – I agree we should all speak up about handicap parking spaces being misused – these people should be ticketed.

  30. Connie R. in Wis

    Congratulations to Caitlin! What an accomplishment. I understand she is close to breaking another record that have stood for 50 years.
    I also love the amazing quilts today. What talent. I am especially drawn to red and white quilts. I studied the picture thinking it consisted of several different blocks until I realized it was just one block repeated. So striking. Anyone know the pattern?
    Sorry to hear that several readers are caring for sick husbands. I need to count my blessings.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie R – she’s within 100 points of breaking Pete Maravich’s record, too.

  31. Gail in Ohio

    I got so caught up in my rant about Big Ten games that I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the photos today! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  32. Deb

    Wow, that first photo of a reader’s star quilt is gorgeous! I’d love to know where I could find/purchase the pattern.

    1. Amy in NW Ohio

      The pattern is “Star Silhouettes” by Diane Harris and can be found in the August 2022 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting (Issue 170). You can also get it off APC’s website. It used a lot of my scraps!

  33. Alice in SW Ohio

    First, I’m seeing ads to click on, usually 4-6 each time. Love the quilts, especially the red & white one & thinking it would be so pretty in blue & white! That picture of the wheelchair is so sad! I’m always very careful when I park that I’m within my lines & wouldn’t dream of parking in a handicap space! Yesterday my friend & I stopped at our local Menard’s to pick up salt for my water softener & as we were getting ready to load it into the car a young man offered to load it for us! He was from a local plumbing co…not an employee of Menard’s! He could see we were “older”, but had no idea my friend was 90+! How nice of this young man to be so helpful! Last, so happy for Caitlin, what a remarkable young lady! How proud her parents must be! They too, have done a great job!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Alice – very considerate of that young man to offer his help!! Yes, Caitlin is an accomplished young woman and was raised Iowa NICE! It’s always nice to see her supportive parents in the stands.

  34. Janet Easley

    Go Caitlin! Go Iowa! I, too, was frustrated I couldn’t find a televised game. What are the call letters for an Iowa sports radio station that carries college games? Maybe I can tap into that somehow. This morning I watched some clips online. She is well-grounded and that’s a huge statement to her character displayed as well as her athletic talents. That’s the example which aspiring young girl athletes should see. Caitlin is gracious to answer so many questions with the heart of a team player. Okay, I’m done. 🙂

    Prayers for support, comfort and peace to those family members having difficult health issues, and to the family giving support to those they love in ill health.

    Beautiful pictures.

    I somehow missed the name of Lu’s roommate, Karen, right? Is Darlene S. still on our list for sending a card?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – yes, Karen is Lu’s roommate and they have gotten over. 50 cards!! No, we took Darlene S. off our list because she has returned to Prairie View and has recovered from her surgery.
      WHO in Des Moines usually calls the games and yes, Caitlin is a grounded young woman who gives her teammates the credit for getting her the ball so she CAN score! I do think they’re all friends – no jealousy at all – what a great team and a great coach in Lisa Bluder.

      1. Jeanine Waal

        Yes, WHO radio in Des Moines, 1040 on your dial. That’s where I listened to the game last night.

  35. Tanya T. in Houston

    Congrats to all the Iowa basketball fans! Great job!

    I LOVE the little cross stitch with hearts and nine patches. If it’s yours, please tell us who did the pattern! Thanks!

  36. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Great quilt show. I counted and had 6 ads to close. Who knows why it’s different every day.

  37. Vicki Ibarra

    I read this today: The Michigan women’s basketball team gave Caitlin Clark a gold bracelet engraved with the date of the game and each player wrote her a personal note. Pretty classy, huh?

  38. Kris in WI

    Woo Hoo! Even my husband had to tell me the news about Caitlin Clark’s new record! Then a quilting friend who follows all sorts of sports called to tell me about the great interview she saw with a women’s basketball player and what a nice person she seemed to be. That’s IOWA NICE, of course! Wouldn’t it be something to see her continue to break records?

    The ‘Star Silhouette’ quilt had me crossing my eyes trying to finally see the layout! Absolutely spellbinding. That’s a different Disappearing 9-Patch setting in the black/red quilt than I’ve used. D9P is my favorite ‘Gotta Have a Quick Quilt’ pattern. Until Connie R. in WI identified the repeating block in the Red & White quilt, I couldn’t see any clues as to the pattern! Good to know I’m still not too old to learn something new!
    Oh, I just came across a picture of a basket of embellished wool hearts in an old Gooseberry Patch book that I picked up at our local thrift store. They were in a darker “country” colorway, but the same idea as the Valentine heart basket you showed today! And everything old IS new again, and again, and again!

    Always such lovely quilts from you and your readers, Mary, plus decorating schemes to give us even more ideas to think about. Thanks, everyone! Kris

    PS: Nine ads this last time, only six earlier today. I clicked them all! Hope it helped.

  39. Carolyn Rector

    Loved Amy of NW Ohio’s quilt with all its colors and stars!!!
    So glad to read Iowa blog about Caitlin Clark. I was able to watch the game. Loved seeing the celebration at the end. What a special young lady!!
    I loved the beautiful collection of wool embroidered hearts, too. Lovely display of reader’s photographs
    Getting snow tonight in SW Ohio. Will stay in where it is warm.

  40. Susan K in Texas

    I love the red and white quilt. I’ve got 1000 red and white HST blocks made and ready to be sewn together. I just haven’t decided on a pattern.
    The scrappy quilt is a great use of colors and fabrics.
    Caitlin Clark is a true wonder on the court. It’s been wonderful to see the women’s sports start to get recognition.
    The Dallas Stars have been having stories of women hockey players from our area. They show them during the home games. My chiropractor’s daughter is showing interest in playing now.
    For those talking about not getting games because they don’t pay for Peacock, sports of all kinds have become difficult for locals to watch. We can’t see most home games without paying extra because they’re not on the cable package we have. It’s such big business and the leagues and cable companies can’t work it out.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – ok, I have to ask. What were you intending to do with 1000 red and white HST??

      1. Susan King Texas

        Mary I have a couple of designs I made in EQ8. It will be a Christmas quilt. I’m not much of a red person but the red and white quilts are really pretty. I love HST blocks as they’re so versatile and started using scraps to make them. I ran out of scraps so ordered some fat quarter bundles. With 1000 I should be able to make a queen size quilt.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan – Wow! You go girl – I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with them!

  41. Connie R.

    I think I found the pattern for the red and white quilt. It is a free pattern from Moda called Illustrations.

    1. Connie R.

      Darn spell check! The red and white quilt pattern is a free quilt pattern from Moda called ILLUSIONS

      1. Dorothy

        Thank you for finding the red and white quilt pattern. Illusion. I was trying to figure the block out
        I absolutely love this quilt 🙂 Thank you

        1. Connie R.

          Dorothy: You’re welcome. Like you, I was trying to figure out the block. Actually a simple pattern with a couple twists. I guess that’s where the name Illusion came from.

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